Macbeth & Demona

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Last Time,

" What are you doing here? " Demona asked as she got up and looked down at Macbeth, who like her, was still rubbing his head.

" Well for one, ow. And two, your injured. " He replied.

" And again, why do care? Don't tell me your still in love this human form of mine. " She retorted.

When Macbeth failed to answer, Demona's eyes widen and she quickly shut the window.

' This is not happening! I swore that would never love again! Wait what am I talking about! I'm not love with that human, I'm not! ' She thought as she quickly tried to go out the back and away from Macbeth.

Chapter 5

An hour later however, they were sitting in her living-room, watching tv. Demona having control of the remote and flipping through the channels.

" Will you stop it on something already! " Macbeth shouted in annoyment.

" Will you leave already! " Demona shouted back in the same tone and stopped flipping the channels.

" I can take care of myself! " She continued, " I've been taking care of myself for all of these centuries! And I don't need anyone's help now or ever! " She finished and threw the remote at him, he didn't dodge it and let it him, knowing that she would feel the pain that he would.


" OW! " She yelled out, rubbing the side of her head.

" Now will you calm down? " He asked, rubbing his head as well.

" Why can't you just leave me alone! I want to be alone! " Demona shouted again.

" You being alone is what's making you act like you've been in all of the centuries that I've known you. You refuse to let others near you. "

" Because they do nothing but betray me! There's no use in me being good. No matter what I did, I was always betrayed. "

" Yes and no. But then the betrayed became the betrayer. " Macbeth replied.

" Only because I wanted to let them have a taste of their own medicine. " She said back, " And what do you mean ' yes and no ' ? " she continued.

" Yes you were betrayed by those that killed nearly all of your clan. And no because I didn't betray you! " He finished.

" Oh here we go again with you not betraying me! " She shouted, getting up and stare him down.

Macbeth also got up and got in her face, " Me and my family never did! The others and my father-in-law did! By the time I realized what they had done, it was too late for the other gargoyles that were with you. I feared that they had gotten you, but it turns out I was wrong when you turned your back on me! "

" Well that's not how I remember it! " Demona shouted back, getting closer in his face.

" You were too consumed by your fear and hate to stay and hear the rest of what was going on! " He got even closer to her face.

" Oh really? Then Wh-Hmmm! " Demona started in again, but was stopped when Macbeth suddenly moved and kissed her.

Demona raised her hands to push him off of her, but her hands stopped short and instead, grabbed a fist full of his coat and pressed herself against him.

Chapter 6

Macbeth pushed her up against the wall. Their kisses got more heated as he moved to her neck and she to his neck. She pushed up against him again, her hips rubbing his, he returned the push with one of his own. Demona then pushed him away from her completely. He looked down at her and she smile coyly and slipped past him, swaying her hips. He smirked and followed after, up the stairs, down the hall, and into her bedroom.

Several hours later, both Demona and Macbeth awoked by pain, it was sunset and Demona was changing back into her normal form once again.

After 10 minutes went by, they stopped screaming pain.

" How can you stand that? " Macbeth asked as he turned to her, but frowned when he saw her sitting up, her tail resting beside her thigh.

" What's wrong? " He asked.

" Why are you still here? I've changed back, why ain't you leaving? " She replied.

" What are you going on about? " He asked again.

" I'm not human anymore. So you can leave. " She answered as she got up, folded her wings around her shoulders and walked into her bathroom.

Frowning, Macbeth followed after her. He saw her leaning against the sink with her hands spread out in front of her, her head bent down.

He walked further into the bathroom and wrapped his strong arms around her.

" If you think that I fell in love with your human form. You'd being lying to yourself. I loved you as you are now. That was why I never dealt the final blow when we had our fights. " He said as he looked at her in the mirror.

" Is that so? What would've your wife and son say about that? " Demona asked and actually felt bad for bringing them up as she saw him flinch.

" They knew nothing of it. " He replied.

Demona leaned back against him and placed her hands on his. " Well it's good that we're in this time then back then. Your wife would've died from shock. " She said, joking lightly.

" Yes I suppose so. " He replied, kissing the side of her neck and tighten his grip on her stomach.

Laughing lightly, Demona turned around in his arms and kissed him again.

" Are you sure that the weird sisters have taken that spell off of you? " She asked, running her hands through his gray hair. She was amazed that he had that gray hair, but his body was that of someone in their early thirdies and a greek statue.

' Perhaps I can talk him into dying his hair and beard. ' She thought as he lead them back into her room and the bed.

Several hours later, Demona lay beside Macbeth, sound asleep. Macbeth lay awake beside her. Running his hand through her hair lazily.

' What a funny two days this has been. She steps in one of my traps, I try to help her, she runs off, we fight, and now we're in the same bed sleeping together. ' He thought as he continued to run his hand through her long red hair.

Sighing, Demona moved closer to him and settles again, her tail coming to wrap around his ankle. He smiled gently and joined her in sleep. One thought passed in his mind before he finally fell in deep sleep,

' I love you, Demona. '


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