Hello everyone!

Here is my new Biker Mice story Caged.

I just wanted to say a little something before I let you go on to read it.

First of all, flamers will not be tolerated.

If you have something to say to me about how I write my fanfic, then you should keep a civil tone with me.

Secondly of all this is a 'prison' type story and will have some details based on reality, but it is a fiction story.

And I would love any comments or criticisms that can help me write the story better.



He looked out across the fenced in yard and lifted the hundred and fifty pound weight grasped tightly in his hand as he watched the faint outline of the cars passing well over a mile away.

He brought the weight up against his chest and made a grunting sound as he mentally counted how many times he had repeated the action already as sweat ran down his face and neck. Causing his tawny colored fur to stick to the skin of his neck, chest, nape and lower back, soaking through his dark blue wife beater as he lowered the weight.

He was at six hundred and ninety four.

A new record for him. But not that impressive considering that he could go for days like this. Running on nothing but restless energy. He loosened his hold on the weight and dropped it onto the concrete covered ground with a loud 'thwack' that drew the attention of everyone in the yard.

He sighed and straitened his spine completely and stretched his arms up over his head to work out some of the kinks in his shoulders and noted that some of the other kids had moved back away from him as if they expected him to pick up a table and throw it at them like he had the first day he had come to this place.

But in his defense, he'd been rather young (sixteen yrs old) angry and stupid at the time.

He wasn't as young (he was eighteen now), or nearly as stupid. He was still angry, but the feeling had boiled down to a slightly simmering rage. But that was neither here nor there since it no longer held much influence over his life.

He dropped his arms and looked around the yard and located his bros sitting on the ground several feet away smoking and shook his head. He really needed to do something about those two's habit before they ended up killing themselves with lung cancer...


Could their species even get lung cancer? He wondered idly before shaking his head a little bit again and started walking towards them as he used his arm to wipe the sweat from his eyes and the under side of his chin. His bros noticed that he was coming, it was sort of hard not to notice him since he stood at six foot eight in height and carried close to two hundred and forty pounds of pure muscle on him.

They took one last drag of their smokes then crushed them out on the ground as he closed the last little bit of distance between them and dropped down to the ground in a fluid, graceful motion and neatly folded his long legs indian style.

"I'm done working out if one of you wants to go next." He said in a reserved manner that made him seem colder than he actually was. His bros looked at him and quickly played a round of rock, paper, scissors- His older bro, Modo, won the round and happily rubbed his hands together before jumping to his feet and running off to do his work out.

Leaving him and his younger bro, Vinny, alone to talk for a bit. "I heard a funny rumor this morning-" Vinny said after a moment or so of awkward silence. He looked at his younger bro a questioning expression on his face and Vinny smiled at him, knowing that he had his undivided attention as he continued to speak. "We're going to have a crop of new inmates coming in today."

He was quiet for a second as he mulled over what his bro had just said. New inmates meant a brawl or two since the newbies always had trouble adjusting to the fact that they had little to no power here. So it was nessicary to beat many of them down to teach them their place. Other wise some of the weaker kids in the facility would be forced into prostitution, and initiated into gangs against their will.

Some of them might even be killed by some asshole out to prove that he was tough or something.

He made a humming sound and turned his head to look towards the highway again, searching for any signs of the bus. "When will they be here?"

"Probably around an hour or so from now."

"Lunch time." He said in amusement as he thought about why the bus would be showing up while everyone was eating. He had to hand it to the guards, they certainly knew how to cut down on the fighting. After all, it would be difficult for the newbies to pick a fight if they weren't around anyone right away. And everyone else would be too distracted by their lunch that they wouldn't even notice the new guys.