To: Lynn Knight

Here it is.


Throttle hadn't been joking when he said that they would start their plan bright and early, the jerk sat up all night simply for the sake of putting their plan to seduce Honey in action. Modo and Vinny knew this because their bro was still up when they rolled out of bed and started their morning routine.

As usual Honey was the last one up, but only because they let her sleep in until after their morning exercises.

However once she was awake Modo and Vinny noticed a subtle change in Throttle's personality as Honey started to shuffle towards the bathroom. He glanced at them, his scarlet eyes glowing softly in the light filtering through the window as he got up and walked up behind her in two long strides.

And wrapped an arm around around her slender waist while he used his other hand to hook his fingers in the collar of her shirt and without a single word of permission latched onto the side of her neck with his mouth while crossing his arms around her chest to grip her shoulders tightly in his hands, and crushed her smaller body against his own.

Honey squirmed in his grasp, her body trembling slightly as she felt his teeth scrape against the tender skin of her throat before she felt him suckle the skin hard forcing a soft cry from her throat before he released her, and lifted his head enough to see wheather or not the marking he'd made would stand out enough. He'd made sure that it was well above her shirt collar, just below her ear by several inches.

And the marking itself was a nice reddish color and stood out in stark contrast against Honey's usually flawless skin.

Lifting his left hand, he brused his fingertips over the marking and felt Honey's pulse fluttering under his touch as she turned her head slowly and looked at him over her shoulder. Her face was flushed and unreadable, though her body language told him that he may have just gotten himself stuck in the dog house.

"Uh... Sorry, but I couldn't wait to do that. And with the inmates asking about you the other day we felt it best to at least make it appear as if you were taken." She narrowed her eyes at him, then glanced at Modo and Vinny behind him. They looked tense. Which meant either Throttle was acting because they felt something might go down soon and they were worried she'd get hurt.

Or he was flat out lying to her.

Either way she hadn't exactly apprieciated Throttle giving her a hickey like that.

Still... If he and the others thought that something may be going down soon, then she had no real choice but to try and be understanding. But if he laid his hands on her again without permission from her first, she was going to tie his tail in a knot the likes of which that he would never manage to get out again.

"I understand Throttle, but you should have warned me first. A girl could get the wrong impression, ya know." Throttle cringed a bit at her words but nodded his head in understanding as he pushed her long dark hair back from her face and kissed her cheek before she looked over at Modo and Vinny again and asked, "Anybody else gonna grab me and do weird stuff?"

Modo automatically put his hands in the air and shook his head no. "No ma'am. Never. Nada."

Honey looked over at Vinny whom had been strangely quiet the whole time and caught sight of pink eyes staring at her hard before he said, "Not without permission. I refuse to cross the line."

"Great, so you two jerks are just going to make me look bad in front of the lady."



"I'm hating you both right now, just so you know." Throttle growled as his tail flicked in irritation as Honey continued her trek to the bathroom without another word and closed the door behind her.