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So, Junior year was over and so were Quinn and Finn, though Finn felt awful about what he said to her after the funeral for Sue's sister. He really still wanted to be friends with her, like really bad. Quinn was a good person, and he would always love her...she was his first love.

So, it became his mission to be sure that she was okay, and to befriend her again. He really didn't want to lose her in his life, so on the first day of summer he called his recent girlfriend Rachel to enlist in her help.

"Hello, Finn." She greeted him, "you do realize it's five a.m. right?"

Finn nodded as he looked at his clock, "yeah, I couldn't sleep."

Rachel sighed, "well, I kind of figured."

Finn switched hands with the phone, "look, I need your help."

"With what?"


Sam was sitting in his hotel room at the desk, he was looking at a picture of him and Quinn when they dated. It was his favorite picture; it was his favorite because Quinn was wearing his letter jacket over the simple outfit of jeans and a t-shirt. His arm was around her shoulder staring at her beautiful face as she laughed at one of the impressions he had done for her. They were walking around the park in Lima, and some photographer decided to snap a picture of them. The best part of the picture was that it showed the real Quinn, the one with no makeup and now evil grin, or a HBIC glare, it was just her with her dorky yet sylish glasses because one of her contacts had ripped in her eye earlier on in the date.

Sam continued to stare at the picture, and then his glance changed to the hotel room phone sitting on the bedside table, he wanted so badly to call her, but he didn't want to be a rebound guy so he decided not to, after all Quinn and Finn had only broken up two weeks prior.

He set the picture on the desk and looked back over to the two beds that were in the room. His parents were fast asleep in one of them, and Stevie and Stacy were sound asleep in the other; after all it was five a.m. he himself should be asleep. So with that he walked over to the little pad on the floor that he had made for himself and laid down (he was seventeen, there was no way he was going to share a bed with his younger siblings). He closed his eyes and soon drifted off to a sound sleep.

Rachel Berry was of course a morning person, even during the summer she contined to do her morning routine starting as six in the morning, but this was just insane. There she was sitting in Finn's truck in the passenger seat at five-fifteen while he pulled out of her driveway, "may I ask where we're going?"

Finn looked at her, "I told you, I need your help with Quinn."

Rachel rolled her eyes, "why are you even bothering with her, she's too stubborn to admit that she is in need of friends, and you do realize she's trying to get over you right?"

Finn's eyes darted away from the road ahead to his girlfriend as he shrugged, "I hurt her Rach, and I already told you, I'll always care for her...Yes I realize she's trying to get over me, but you're right she does need friends, and I want to be one of them."

Rachel heaved out a heavy sigh as she nodded, "fine...where are we going?"

Finn cleared his throat, "her house."

Rachel shook her head wildly, "whoa, whoa Finn...I-I don't even have any makeup on!"

Finn raised his eyebrows at her, "so?"

Rachel whiped her head toward him, "so! So she's Quinn Fabray, she absolutely hates me, and I really don't feel the need of giving her another reason to make fun of me."

"I don't understand," Finn stated.

Rachel shrugged, "she'll see how ugly I am, or take a picture of me and post it on the school website so everyone can see me and write derogatory messages all around the message board. It'll make my life a whole hell of a lot worse."

Finn couldn't help but chuckle, "Rach, you're beautiful."

Rachel shook her head, "don't laugh at me!"

"And besides, you think after we ring the doorbell and wake her up, she'll jump out of bed put makeup on and come downstairs looking perfect?"

Rachel glared at him, "may I add that she doesn't need makeup to look perfect"

Finn shrugged, "and neither do you." He pulled into the driveway of a very, very big white house.

"Quinn lives here?" Rachel asked.

Finn nodded, "yeah, it's a pretty nice place, but once you step foot inside you kind of feel it's all fake."

Rachel had no idea what that meant.

The tall boy cut the engine off and unbuckled. Then he stepped out of the vehicle and walked over to the other side to open the door for the short diva. Rachel stepped outside and shook her head, "this is a really bad idea." She mumbled. Finn sighed and grabbed her hand as he led her down the walkway to the porch of the Fabray's house. He stepped up to the door and rang the doorbell. He had to ring it twice. And after a moment Rachel shook her head, "that's it, she's not home...let's go." she tried to turn away but Finn's long arm pulled her back, "Rach, stay." He told her. Rachel looked at him a moment before hearing the click of a lock and looking back at the brown wooden door that was being opened.

Quinn stood there with her hair a mess and in a simple white tank top and pajama pants with Garfield on them, she had her glasses covering her eyes. She stared at them with a blank expression before stating, "yes, I know you two are together now, there's no need to rub it in my face." She stepped back and tried to shut the door, but Finn stopped her. The blonde girl looked at him, this time the hurt was clearly written on her face, "what do you want?"

Rachel had to admit, she actually felt sorry for the HBIC, she looked so lost, and hurt. "Quinn, we just wanted to stop by and extend our hands in friendship. We realize that you feel alone right now, and you've already clearly made it visible to me that all you think you're capable of is being popular in high school but..."

"It's not true Quinn, you're so much more than that," the brunette boy interrupted.

Quinn glanced at him, "you don't get to talk to me," she looked at Rachel, "neither of you do."

Rachel shook her head, "Quinn, we're sorry...but come on, why did you start dating Finn in the first place? You started to just four months away from prom, was that all it was for?"

Finn looked at Quinn expectantly, that had never even crossed his mind.

Quinn scoffed, "and there you go Berry...right after offering me friendshiip you slip right under and claim that I was only using Finn. Well for your information I wasn't the only one who cheated."

Rachel shook her head, "We already know that I cheated on him as well, I did it out of anger and it was wrong, but I didn't get pregnant."

Quinn shook her head, "I wasn't talking about you."

Finn looked between his ex and his current girlfriend.

"Then who, may I ask, were you talking about Quinn?"

Quinn looked at Finn, "him."

Finn shook his head, "whoa, I never cheated."

Quinn laughed, "not this time around...do you even know why I slept with Puck."

Finn shook his head, "no, we never really talked about it."

Quinn nodded, "that's because you never asked...Santana saw you two together in the auditorium, she told me about it."

"What?" Rachel asked bewildered.

Quinn gave her a small, but sad smirk, "and I knew that you wanted her Finn, when you started talking about Glee...you didn't ask me to join, you just said that it was great, and that you sounded great when you sang duets." She paused for a moment, there were tears threatening her eyes, but she'd be damned if she let them fall. "So I felt miserable, like I had done something wrong, like I wasn't who you wanted me to be...I found Puck at the park, well actually he found me. He called me beautiful, and at the time I felt ugly and fat, I felt horrible so we walked around the park talking, and he listened. I thought, wow maybe Puckerman's not as bad as I always thought he was, but then we got to my house and he pulled out the wine coolers. I drank one and I invited him in...you know the rest."

Finn couldn't believe his ears, "it was one kiss Quinn."

The blonde shook her head, "I think I didn't do that bad choosing my first boyfriend, you know it could have been worse."

Rachel looked at Finn then at Quinn, "I'm sorry."

Quinn glanced at Rachel, "is there a reason that this couldn't have waited until a better time, preferably sometime after five a.m."

Finn nodded, "yeah, I don't think it can wait at all, I need to know that we're okay Q."

Quinn looked at Frankenteen, "don't call me that."

And with that she stepped back again and successfully slammed the door in the couples face.

Three hours later Finn and Rachel were sitting in the driveway of the Berry's house, "you call him," Finn said giving her the phone.

Rachel shook her head, "no, it was your idea, you call him," she pushed the phone back into his hand.

"no, you do it," the phone was pushed into the small girls hands.

"no, you!" She gave it back to him.

"Rach, please, just do it," Finn pleaded giving her the phone.

Rachel sighed, "Finn, this is your problem," she dialed the number on the phone and pressed it back into his hand, "you deal with it."

Finn gave her his best death glare before putting the phone up to his ear.

"Hello?" A voice asked.

Finn nodded, "yeah, Sam?"

"No, this is Stevie."

Finn shook his head, "oh, sorry. Is Sam there?"

"Yeah," The young boy answered before Finn heard a muffled movement across the line.

"Hello?" The older Evans boy asked.

"Hey Sam, it's Finn. I got a favor to ask you."

Sam nodded, "what's up?" He really didn't want to help Finn right now, not after he worked so hard to steal Quinn away from him just to break up with her in the end.

To be continued...if you like it enough.

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