Then: Last Week

"I just can't fathom wanting to play video games all day, Finn." Kurt, curled up in the center of the L-shaped couch, nudged Finn's feet out of the way. "I mean, I can hold my own in Rock Band with the best of them, but honestly, what are you getting out of pushing two buttons with your thumbs all afternoon?"

Finn moved his feet back into Kurt's lap and poked him in the belly, inspiring some very unladylike snorts from Kurt, while maintaining his focus on the TV screen. "It's not about pushing buttons, Kurt," he said. "It's about being in an alternate world, telling a story. Like in creative writing."

"I hate creative writing," Kurt said icily. He picked up Finn's feet and pointedly dropped them off the edge of the couch.

"Yeah, but you said that's because Mr. Burton has terrible taste in clothes."

"Well, he does!"

"Plus video games are good for hand-eye coordination," he pointed out. This time he dug his feet beneath Kurt's thigh. Kurt glared at Finn's toes buried under his butt, but didn't comment or push him away.

"Do you even know what hand-eye coordination is?" Kurt asked, caustically. Finn didn't bother to answer that.

"Kids who play video games are less violent. I read a study on Facebook."

"Which is such a paragon of educational veracity," Kurt smirked.

"Now, that, I didn't understand," Finn said solemnly, and wiggled his toes under Kurt's behind. Kurt shifted, glancing up through his lashes at Finn, and turned a page in his book.

"Wouldn't school be better if it were more like video games?" he pressed. "What if we could play video games to make us smarter? Like, one world for each class. One for math, one for American history…"

"I guess Glee could be like Rock Band," Kurt said, setting his book down again. "But wouldn't it be lonely without seeing everybody?"

"We could stay home and sit on the couch together all day," Finn said, and suddenly he was right there next to Kurt, the video game forgotten, and his hands were under Kurt's shirt, stroking his smooth chest. Kurt sighed and let Finn take his shirt off.

"I guess I can see the advantage in that," Kurt said, his head rolling back on the cushion as Finn licked his left nipple. He moaned a little and shifted his hips, and Finn obliged by moving to the right nipple. When he slipped a hand under Kurt's waistband and rubbed the small of his back, Kurt gasped and drew Finn up to his mouth for a kiss.

"All the kids I know who were homeschooled are a little unusual, though," Kurt said. "Are you sure that would agree with you?"

Finn considered this. "I think it would be worth it if I could play video games all day," he decided. He scooped Kurt up, causing him to yelp, and plopped him down in his lap. Kurt rested his head on Finn's shoulder and sighed contentedly. "Plus?" Finn planted a kiss on Kurt's nose. "Unusual can be pretty good, sometimes."

Now: After School

Kurt waited by his locker for an extra minute, checking his hair and packing and repacking and re-repacking his bag, before sighing and slamming the locker door shut.

"What's up, Hummel?"

Kurt spun to see Puck leaning on the locker wall beside him. "Noah," he said, nodding. "I got your text. Absolution. Pretty cryptic."

Puck shrugged, then smiled, looking at his shoes. "I kind of guessed you'd figure it out, with your powers of intuition."

"So I take it Mr. Hudson forgave you the last indiscretion?"

"Better." Puck's eyes gleamed. "He made it all right."

Puck arched an eyebrow at Puck. "And just how did he do that?"

"I don't think it's something I should talk about at school," Puck muttered, looking around the hall at passing witnesses to their conversation. Kurt rolled his eyes and pulled Puck into the men's room. He checked each stall, then pulled out his stolen master key and locked the door.

"Okay, Noah," Kurt gestured. "I've been looking for Finn all day and he hasn't been around, so I'm resorting to you for details. Go on, dish."

"Finn didn't come to school?" Puck grinned. "I think I wore him out." Kurt's eyes got round, and Puck relented. "I told him about Quinn and the baby right away. Well, right after I told him about you. He –"

"You told him what about me?" Kurt interrupted.

"That some guys beat you up."

"You didn't need to tell him that!"

Puck crossed his arms. "I thought my assignment was to be truthful, Doc. Well, I did that."

"How did he take it?" Kurt sounded only vaguely interested.

"Well, he said he needed to find some way to stop those guys, and I said –"

"Noah," Kurt said impatiently, "I'm talking about the baby. Remember? The whole reason for going over there? How did he take it?"

"He was pretty pissed off. I asked him how I could make it better, and he… well, I suggested he could… hit me."

"Oh my god," Kurt gasped. "You didn't! What did he do?"

"He didn't want to. But, you know, I think he kind of did. I think he just didn't want to be like my—I mean, he didn't want to be mean. I told him it wasn't going to hurt me, it would make it better."

Kurt opened, then closed his mouth. "Did it?"

"Oh, he didn't hit me." Puck was smug. "He kissed me. It was totally hot."

"I bet," said Kurt, sounding faint. "Um, did the – the kissing help, then?"

"You know, it wasn't exactly the kissing," Puck said, hopping up on the counter. "It was – the way Finn was. Forceful. In control. He grabbed me, told me what to do. Made me –" Puck looked at Kurt, who was staring at Puck hungrily. "Uh, Kurt? You okay?"

"Fine," Kurt said, turning red. "What did he… make you do?"

"Keep my hands above my head."

Kurt looked confused. "Like this?" he said, raising his hands in a "goal!" gesture.

"No, like this," Puck said, grabbing Kurt's wrists in one hand and forcing them above his head, back onto the cinder block wall. Kurt gasped and bit his lower lip.

"Then what?" Kurt whispered, inches from Puck's mouth.

Puck grinned, devastatingly, and raked his eyes down Kurt's body, then back up. "He jerked me off."

Kurt let out an involuntary moan. Puck let his hands go and stepped back. "It was amazing. Then, I freaked out, but he was awesome, he just made me calm right down. I've never felt so – so good, so myself."

"I'm happy for you," Kurt said softly, straightening his shirt.

"No, you're not," said Puck.

Kurt stiffened. "I don't know what you—"

"Anyone can see you're unhappy, Kurt. And I'm not just anyone. Remember? You're part of this now."

"I don't see how I could possibly be part of anything," Kurt said.

Puck nodded. "Well, I guess that's up to Finn."

Kurt wrinkled his nose. "Noah, I feel like we're having two different conversations."

"I think you should go talk to Finn," Puck said. "Tell him how you feel. Look how it worked for me!" Puck's face split in a huge, breathtaking smile. It was quite unlike him, Kurt thought, but very becoming.

"You look… incredibly happy," Kurt acknowledged. "But I really don't think it's going to end up the same way for me."

"Could it make things worse?" Puck raised an eyebrow. "Hey, how did it go when you told your dad about what happened after school yesterday?"

Kurt pressed his lips together and said nothing. Puck nodded smugly. "I thought so. You talk big, Hummel, but you're not so good at following your own advice."

Kurt still said nothing. Two fat tears made tracks down his cheeks and down to his chin. He closed his eyes and waited for Puck to leave. Instead, he felt gentle hands on his chin, wiping the tears away, and then warm, strong arms enfolding him. He began to cry.

"It's going to be all right, Kurt," Puck said. "Hang in there."

"God, why can't I stop crying?" Kurt took the toilet paper wad proffered by Puck and blew his nose. "This is totally sabotaging my moisturizing routine."

"You really don't want to talk to Finn, do you?" Kurt miserably shook his head. Puck sighed, frustrated. "Well, I don't know how to make you. I guess you'll just have to go home and eat that chocolate mousse I made for you last night."

Kurt smiled through his tears. "How did you know I didn't already eat it?"

Puck grinned. "Because you didn't tell me how awesome it was," he said.