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She's dressed in white. The lace cascades from waist down like waves billowing over the sea surface, with intricate flowery designs stitched ever so carefully into the soft material. Her hands are covered in silk white gloves, and her hair, instead of covered with a veil, is wreathed with yellow daisies, just the way Jace likes it. Her red curls frame her face like a heart, and her eyes dance merrily as she chats with her bridesmaids. Nothing can bring her down.

Because today is her wedding. The day she finally belongs to the man she loves with all her heart. The day when he'll swing her into his arms as they exit the church after been declared husband and wife.

The organ starts playing, and as Isabelle and Maia exit in their sweeping gowns, Clary begins feeling nervous. Butterflies torment her stomach – but the good type, she reassures herself.

Finally, as if in a dream, it's her turn. Hooking arms with Luke, she floats down the aisle, oblivious to the family and friends gathered all around her, eyes trained on one person only. Her husband-to-be.

But instead of looking at her, his head is down, and he has a cap on. Weird.

But she shakes off the feeling. After all, it is her wedding day. Her dream come true. She passes by Kaelie, momentarily confused, because she doesn't remember inviting Kaelie. A blond haired guy is sitting next to her, and Kaelie smirks at Clary.

Nevertheless, her eyes drift back to Jace's ducked head as Luke gives her away, and the preacher exclaims, "I now proclaim you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Jace finally looks up, and he leans –

It's Simon.

Flashbacks of Kaelie's smirk zaps through her mind. Her mouth opens in a soundless scream.

"Wake up, Clary!"

She's shaken awake by rough hands. Jace is holding her, her face pressed against his chest, and Clary realizes that she's crying.

"It was just a bad dream," Jace murmurs. "I'm here for you Clary. I'll always be here for you."

Familiar arms wrap around her under the covers, rubbing warm circles on her abdomen. Not Simon, but Jace. Always Jace. Will always be Jace.

"Getting the jitters for tomorrow?" Jace buries his face in her hair, inhaling deeply.

"What's tomorrow?"

Jace lightly slaps her butt, and as she makes a noise of irritation, tangles his legs with hers. "Our wedding. I'm kinda glad we decided on a regular wedding – the mortal way."

Her fingers trace over light scars on his back from his last fight with a demon. So close to death, but she'd been there, guarding his back. "Our love runs deeper than the Shadowhunter marriage runes," Clary replies.

Our love lasts forever.

"You may now kiss the bride."

They take the baby out to the porch, seating him comfortably between them as they swing gently on their sofa-swing. The sun is just setting, and the sky is lit in a swirl of purple and orange. There's a little wind that ruffles the baby's fine, blond hair.

He has his daddy's golden boy looks, but his bright, green eyes definitely come from his mom. His name, stitched on his blue rib, spells Jonathan. Above his head, his parents kiss.

"Jonathan's almost one now," the man murmurs to his wife, ruffling Jonathan's hair affectionately.

"Time flies," she sighs, tracing her fingers over the black runes on his skin. "Everything flies – people, demons, lives – even Valentine and his horrors. Everything feels like it's slipping away from me, but you. I feel like I've known you forever."

He pulls her in for another kiss, his golden eyes meeting her green ones. "Since the beginning of time, baby," he says against her lips. "Since the beginning of time."

Short, I know. But did you notice? The baby's name is Jonathan, and in the Wild West, the baby they never had was going to be named Jonathan.

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