A/N: I think this is too much like A Lifetime of Kisses. Er...

He will catch her as she falls, always, rushing forward to catch her...

The first time he ever kissed her was when she was attempting to make breakfast. By the time they stopped, the pancakes were black rocks at the bottom of the pan.

Their first date wasn't exactly private, what with a nosy Eames trailing behind with a camera. Later, back at the warehouse, Ariadne sees Cobb and Eames snickering over something in the corner, and when Arthur has to forcibly take it, she sees them kissing. She's never appriciated the colour of her shoes more.

She likes seeing Arthur messed up- not neat, not in control of the situation, his hair ruffled and his tie loose and crooked. She makes it her mission to make sure that she'll see him like that at least once a day.

He always calls her beautiful- not just in one language, but hermosa, belle, and another language that sounds suspiciously like Russian.

He's steady- calm, efficient. If he says he'll be there, then he'll be there, and she adds it to her million page list of things she loves about him. (loveslovesloveslovesloves)

His eyes are beautiful and dark, seeming like a portal to a pure and content soul, a soul that Ariadne fears will leave her someday. He promises that he won't. She believes him. She trusts him.

He loves her.

Their wedding wasn't exactly in order, not with Ariadne running back and forth trying to get things under control. Arthur's dissapeared with Eames, Cobb, and Yusuf someplace, and Ariadne is nearly ten minutes late to her own wedding (she tries her hardest to ignore the laughing, red faced form that is Eames). "I'll smash your face in," she promises him as she passes him, smiling. "No doubt you won't, darling, but would you want to do that to your best man?" "Don't doubt me. I've killed my sister's cat," she retorts.

She's pleased to see he doesn't have an answer.

When the priest says "You may kiss the bride," Arthur kisses her in such an unholy way that Ariadne feels that she is poisoning the preist. She can't wait for their honeymoon.

Their honeymoon is in the Bahamas, a place that Cobb suggested. "It was where Mal and I went," he confessed. "It's too hot there," Eames complained. "They'll die of heat stroke. I mean, you can't just add more heat to a place that's already burning-"

Ariadne didn't get the joke, even after Cobb swung at Eames, grinning, and Arthur's notebook clocked him in the nose with neat prescion.

Now she does get the joke, here in this secluded hut. She grins. "What are you grinning about?" Arthur asks. "I finally get Eames' joke," she says, and he smiles back before kissing her again. She doen't feel hot. Or even cold. Just happy.

He will catch her as she falls, always, rushing forward to catch her...

Seventy years later, he can't catch her when she leaves him for a different place, higher and different, almost as if she's slipping into the hospital hallway. But he won't find her there, not on the earth. He can hear the words she's left behind in the cold hospital room, loud and insistant, bursting at his ears -iloveyouiloveyouiloveyou- and he'll never forget her.

He loves her.