*Cue American Ver. Tamers opening*

"The Digimon I created: GUILMON!"

Digital Plain_ _ _| D-World side_ _ _|

The little creampuff loveing digimon ran as fast as she could, little Culumon was being chased by a bug old meannie digimon named Unimon.

{UNIMON: Ultimate level: Special attack: Ariel Blaster}

"GET BACK HERE!" Unimon yelled as he fired off his "Ariel Blaster" attack at Culumon.

"CULUUU!" Culumon screamed as she jumped into the air, nearly avoiding the blast. "And all I wanted was a sandwhich!"

"ARIEL BLAS-!" Unimon is cut off by a red dinosaur blocking his path, and protecting Culumon.

"That Digimon is MINE!"

"Tyrannomon, I should've know you would have come to take me of my kill!" Unimon sneared. "Only a weakling steals others kills!"

{Tyrannomon: Champion level: Special attack: Dino Flames}

"Weakling!" Trannomon roared at the flying Digimon, who only responeded by diving into him.

"Tyrannomon! It's time you said goodbye! ARIEL BLASTER!" Unimon launched an attack point blank range, causing a massive explosion.

Poor Culumon was sent flying by the blast, only able to watch as the Tyrannomon glowed with the light of evolution.


"Game over!"
Culumon cried out as she was pushed out of the Digital Plane between the multiverse.

Dinosaur Playground_ _ _| Accross the street from Shinjuku Elementary_ _ _| Wednesday Morning_ _ _|

"Tyrannomon Digivolves into MetalTyrannomon and uses his 'Metal Dino Flames' attack to vaporize your Unimon!" a brown haired, crimson eyed, boy named Takato Matsuki cheered in delight as he slashes the "Evolution" Card through his card reader, thereby winning the current round of Digimon Card Battle over his best friend, wearing a favorite "Crest of Reliability" T-shirt, brown shorts, blue trimmed visor.

"What! How'd you manage to pull that off?" Hirokazu "Kazu" Shiota asks in anoyance.

"Luck?" Takato offered as he shuffled his cards back into their box.

"That was a great move, Takato." The blue haired, glasses wearing, boy, Kenta Kitagawa, complimented.

"Thanks." Takato grinned.

"Well, I guess that means it's time to head to class." Kazu sighed as he shoved his cards into his backpack. "Miss Asagi'll kill us if we're late for class!"

"Just wait a minute!" Takato rolled his eyes as his two friends exited the stone dinosaur they were inside. "I've got to put my cards up!"

It was fate that would have the box turn over onto its side, seemingly of it's own accord, spilling out the contents of cards and card reader to the ground.

"Oh come on!" Takato winced and went to resort them back into the box.

...As he did so, however, he spotted a mysterious Blue card lying on the top of the pile.

"Huh? I don't remember buying this..." He picked it up, and turned it over, gasping in awe as the card's front picture of a Dragon and a digitized D seemed to vanish. "A hologram card...!"

Curriosity got the better of him, and Takato went to swipe the card through his card reader. "I Wonder what it does..."


Suddenly, the second the card entered the slot, a bolt of electricity shot out of the device! Takato dropped the device in shock, and watched in awe as the card continued to work its way through the reader of it's own accord.

The light show on it's own was impressive. But the fact that the screen was now displaying random text was disheartening.

"Did I break it?" Takato asked.

Unfortunately, his only answer was a ringing bell.

"AHH! I'm late!" Takato winced as he hurriedly resuffled his cards, hid the box, and raced off towards the school yard.

Classroom 5-A_ _ _|

Takato sighed.

"You're late again Takato." Miss Asagi, his school teacher, scolded from inside the classroom. "You know the rules."

"Yes ma'am..." Takato sighed again. "I wait outside thinking about my actions."

Takato stood there for a good five minutes before he got bored, and sat down, pulling out a small sketch pad and markers from his pocket.

"Hmm..." he turned to the notes on a custom digimon he had been working on. It was a Dragon type digimon, with ears that looked like they were from Patamon. "Now what should his color be... Black? Nah... Too Dull." Musing over the Dragon type digimon he'd seen over the course of the Five year Anime series, he settled on a certain musician. "Shoutmon was red, and so was Agnimon! I'll go with red!"

As he colored in his sketch, he reviewed the stats he'd come up with. "Same type as Agumon, Dragon type, but much stronger. Maybe Champion level?

"And what is that, Takato? A halloween costume?" A voice started from above him.

Takato flinched at the mistaken identity. "No, it's a Digimon..." Then he looked up.

"You're not thinking about what you did wrong." Miss Asagi remarked.

"Erm, I didn't-" Takato stood up suddenly. "I mean I am- But I mean-"

"Takato." His teacher sighed.

Somewhere in Shinjuku_ _ _|

Culumon stared up at the humans walking along the sidewalk on their daily commutes to work.

"Why are they all walking the same way?" Culumon asked to no one in particular. "Why aren't they attacking eachother?"

End of the School Day_ _ _|

"Now, what'll I name him? Growlmon? No. Redragonfiremon?" Takato asked himself as he gazed out the window. "No. A thousand times no. Badbreathmon? Bleh. Guilmon! Yeah... Guilmon!" He grinned slightly.


Takato jumped to attention. "Miss Asagi! I was just going to finish my homework for the remainder of the semester! That's why I haven't been working on the appology letter yet and-"

"Ta-ka-to!" The boy blinked as a dog-like sock puppet entered his line of sight. "Ruff ruff!" The puppet barked.

Attached to said puppet was an arm, which belonged to his fellow classmate, Jeri Kato.

"Oh, Jeri, Hi!" Takato smiled.

"I forgot my flute." The brown eyed girl smiled as she hopped over to her desk. "I sware, I'm almost as forgetful as you are sometimes!"

"Eh..." Takato sighed. "No, I wouldn't say that..."

"Well..." The Puppet started to talk. "You did forget what you were supposed to be doing and ended up waiting outside of class for a good ten minutes!"

Takato sighed again. Jeri was a strange girl, that was for sure. The puppet she had was always doing the talking, saying the things Jeri didn't want to say aloud.

"Oh ssh you!" she scolded the puppet.

Case. In. Point.

"There you are." Jeri started as she dug out the Flute case from her desk.

"Bad Flute! Bad!" the puppet remarked.

With that, the girl exited the room. "Bye Takato!"

Takato could only stare at the classroom door blankly.

A second later, the puppet appeared again. "Ruff ruff! You'd better hurry up and write that appology!" Then Jeri scurried off towards the stairs.


Shady Government Building_ _ _|

"There's been a massive upsurge of Data in the system" A technician reports.

"A Wild One?" A man asks.

"Not enough data." Another technician replies.

The Park_ _ _|

A storm was comming. The wind was blowing, and the air seemed charged with Static electricity.

It was times like these that Takato was glad his cards would be safe inside their box inside a hidden cubby inside a Stone dinosaur inside a playground.

But today, he had to check out the damage that blue card had made.

Takato quickly climbed into the Dinosaur, and over turned his box of Digimon cards. "Huh?"

The Blue Card was nowhere in sight.

Suddenly, the Card Reader began glow a bright, white, light, and shaped itself into an oval Ark chaped device.

A D-Arc Digivice.

"My Card reader..." Takato blinked. "Evolved...?"

With a cautious glee, The boy picked up the device, and began cycling through the menu options.

Data-Link Manager_ _ _| Online_ _ _| 000% full_ _ _| 100% Operational_ _ _|

Card Reader_ _ _| Online_ _ _| 000% full_ _ _| 100% Operatonal_ _ _|

Partner Location_ _ _| Offline_ _ _| 000% Operational_ _ _|

D-Arc Locator_ _ _| Online_ _ _| 100% Operational_ _ _|

Bio-Emergence Locator_ _ _| Offline_ _ _| 100% Operational_ _ _|

Digivolution Core_ _ _| Offline_ _ _| 000% full_ _ _| 000% Operational_ _ _|


Elsewhere in Shinkuku_ _ _|

Culumon stared up at the crowd in sadness. "I'm in trouble...Culu..."

Matsuki Bakery_ _ _|

Takato quickly raced through the back entrance of the Kitchen to his family's bakery, card box safely stowed inside his backpack, hoping to get to his bedroom before his parents could stop him.

"Takato!" Mei Matsuki, his mother, exlaims in annoyance as he rushes past.

No Such Luck.

"Yes, mom?" Takato asks in reply, freezing on the spot.

"Slow down! You'll trip over something one of these days." She starts.

"How was school?" His father, Takehiro, calmly asks from the cash register.

"Err...You know! 2 plus 2 equals 4! Call me when dinner's ready!" Takato quickly raced up the stairs after discarding his shoes at the bottom step.

"Ugh." Mei sighed. "What ever happened to the days when kids actually talked to their parrents?"

Takato's Room_ _ _|

"My card Reader evolved." Takato states to himself as he stares at the device intently. It was shaped like an oval ended rectangle with another sideways oval protruding from one side. The device is clearly red themed, as the screen has a red circle around it; the buttons lower down on the device are also red. On the right side of the device is a slot, clearly ment for swiping cards through, and on the left side are two lines:

D-Arc Digivice: 5000 series
Owner: Takato Matsuki. Partner:

"D-Arc...?" Takato blinked. "I've never heard of a D-Arc Digivice before..." He mused. "Then again, they did have weird names in the Show, D-Scanner, 01 Digivice, Data-Link, D-3... I think the only one with out a D starting name is the Xros Loader..." he narrowed his eyes. Something about that struck a cord. "Xros Loader...Shoutmon..."

Then it hit him: The Partner Line was Blank.

"Guilmon..." Takato silently took his Notebook drawings from earliar in the day and places the whole notebook inside the slot on his digivice. Immediately he shut his eyes and held the device out at arms length, expecting another light show.

Nothing came.

Takato opened his eyes again, then tried pushing the note book through.


It didn't budge.

"Okay, so maybe If I try one note at a time...?" He tried pulling the notepad out.


"Argh... Don't tell me I broke it..."

"Takato! Dinner time!"His mother called from downstairs.

"Okay! I'll be right there!" Takato turned to leave, placing the D-Arc and note pad on his desk as he did so.


Suddenly, The sound of paper tearing filled the room.

Takato hesitantly turned back towards his Digivice, and watched in awe as the Card slot read each note page that had details on Guilmon on it-

Even the pages that he'd randomly doodled on that contained actual School notes.

"That..." Takato gulped as the Digivice finished scanning. "That can't be good."

He cautiously approached the Digivice, and looked at it's now pulsing screen.

A white egg with yellow spots now floated on the display.

"A Digi-egg... A real live digi-egg!" His eyes widened.


The boy jumped. "Comming!"

That Night_ _ _|

Takato lay in bed, clutching the Digivice containing his digimon partner inside. Already, his mind was at work, dreaming up an imaginary battle.

"Guilmon Digivolve to..." he muttered in his sleep as, suddenly, the dream shifted from his imaginary battle...

Intersection of Sky Steet and Walker Way_ _ _|

...To a very real one.

A Lynksmon, a firey cat Digimon that recently bio-emerged, stared around the empty street in which it had landed in.

"Hmm...Lynksmon, Armor Level, Special Attacks...'Lava Paw' and 'Fire Maine.' You look like you could be a challenge." A red haired girl, with violet eyes, states calmly while reading the stats of the opponent Digimon from her blue trimed D-Arc Digivice.

The Lynksmon turned towards her.

The wind from the bio-emergence rustled around them, making the Cat's flaming fur bristle, and the girl's trench coat flare wildly.

"Walk all over him, Renamon."

Suddenly, a yellow furred kitsune appeared in the air, arms crossed, screaming "DIAMOND STORM!" as several diamonds formed infront of her.

Takato floats in the air over the battle, Red trimed D-Arc in hand, watching the battle unintentionally.

The Digimon, name as stated by the girl to be 'Renamon,' uncrosses her arms, sending the diamonds flying towards the Lynksmon...

Who launched a fire blast from it's fur to counter the diamonds, exploding them all on contact.

The Lynksmon jumped upwards towards Renamon- Catching the vixen off guard- and pushing her into the ground below.

"Renamon." The girl states calmly as she pulls out a card from the Digimon Card Game. "Card Slash!"

Takato swore the fox smirked at those words.

"HIGH SPEED PLUG-IN B: ACTIVATE!" The girl slashed the card through her D-Arc.

Renamon suddenly vanished from underneath the Lynksmon.

"Not as fast as you thought, huh?" Renamon appeared high in the air, right next to Takato with her arms crossed, preparing another attack. For a moment, however, she glanced to her left. 'I sense something...'

From within the digvice in Takato's hand, the Digi-egg pulsed in acknowledgement.

Renamon quickly returned her attention to her growing attack, which was now several times more powerful than it would be had she not been momentairly distracted. "DIAMOND STORM!"The attack of powerful diamonds launched into the Lynksmon.

A Flash of light, and data exploded into the air.

"Not bad." The girl smirked as Renamon landed. "A little flashy, but not bad at all."

As the Digital field around them began to fade, Renamon replied. "I shall do better next time, Rika..."

The Next Morning_ _ _|

Takato's eyes snapped open, his heart pounding.

'That...That was a real Digimon battle..'

Dinosaur Hut_ _ _| Shcool Playground_ _ _| 4:45 P.m._ _ _| Shortly After School_ _ _|

"I'm telling you, Kazu! Digimon are real!" Takato protested. "There were two of them, fighting, in a Digital Field!"

"Just like in the show?" Kazu asked.

"Yes!" Takato nodded. "Just like in the show!"

"And you think this 'dream' of yours." Kazu continued. "Where a 'Renamon' fought off a 'Lynksmon' was prophetic just like in Xros Wars?"

"Yeah!" Takato nodded. "Taiki had a dream just before he went to the Digital World!"

"Yeah, and I had a Dream that I was a BlackWarGreymon." Kazu sarcasticly replied. "Realy, Takato, Two digimon duking it out on a public road?" He narrowed his eyes. "And yet nobody reports any property damage?"

"There was the gas leak at that intersection last night that closed off that one street." Kenta started.

"You even say that your card reader 'evolved' just like in DATS?" Kazu narrowed his eyes further.

"Yes, Kazu! It really did!" Takato continued.

"You even say your 'digivice' is just like the girl's only in red!" Kazu huffed and turned to leave. "And I haven't seen it!"

"But he did show it to you!" Kenta protested.

Takato held up the Digivice. "I've got it right here!"

"All I see is a card reader." Kazu retorts as he drops out of the

"But Kazu...!" Kenta sighed. "Sorry Takato, I'll see what's up with him..."

Takato sighed as well as he looked at his digivice. "I guess that old saying that 'Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction' holds true here."

"Yup." Kenta nods as he jumps out of the hut. "Later Takato!"

Takato sighed again.

Suddenly, a holographic compass appears in the air, over the screen of the digivice, with a line of text at the top reading: Partner Locator_ _ _| Online_ _ _| 100% Operational_ _ _|

"Huh?" He switches over to the manager screen, and frowns as all there is is a shattered egg shell. "Nuts, I missed it!" He switches back to the compass. "Guilmon!"

Wong Residence_ _ _|

"Tewwewmon Digivolve too...Ohh! Henwy, Look at the pweety light!" A young girl stands up suddenly, dropping the Terriermon doll in her arms as she stares out the window.

"Huh?" a blue haired, 12 year old boy looks up in confusion.

Then he sees it: A Glowing pillar of light emerging from a construction site not too far away.

Mean while, the green trimed D-arc on his desk beeps softly.

Random Street_ _ _|

The girl from Takato's dream looks up suddenly, the sight of a falling pillar of light catching her attention. "Another one, huh?" A smirk began to form on her face.

However, she didn't move from her spot against the wall she was leaning against.

Government Building_ _ _|

"Sir, another cluster of data is about to emerge, shall we delete it?" A Technician asked.

"No." Their boss replied. "I'm more interrested in the Realized form."

Elsewhere_ _ _|

Takato winced as he dove into a narrow alley way between two bulidings. "He'd have to choose here to hatch, wouldn't he?"

With an uncontrollable smile forming, Takato worked his way towards the location that his D-arc's compass read. The destination of course, being an abandonded construction yard in the middle of town.

Takato stared in awe at the pillar of light in the center of the pit (Where the foundation of a building were to be laid) that made up the construction yard.

As the pillar shrunk in size, Takato climbed down into the pit, getting ever closer to the hole that the light was comming out of.

Suddenly, the light dissapeared entirely as a blast of fog rushed out of the hole, up into the air, and fountaining out into a dome covvering the entire area.

"N..No Way..." Takato's eyes widened. "He Bio-emerged.. He's really Bio-emerging!" Suddenly, a thought struck him.

If this much of the TV show was true- what with a digital field forming around a realization point- what about the rest of it?

Was there really the ability to reach a level beyond Mega? Was it even possible to REACH Mega by the process they used in Adventure? Or even... Was it possible to turn into a Digimon, Like in Frontier?

In any case, it didn't matter- There were particles of light- no. Data!- flowing together right at the center of the field, emerging directly from the hole in the ground that wasn't really a hole-

There was a pair of clawed feet; powerful legs appeared next; a hunched over body; a long, dragon's tail; twiching arms, sharp claws, and then...that face...

Not quite the fierce dragon's face Takato had imagined. More... childlike... Almost...

Takato facepalmed. "Don't tell me it took my sketch literally..."

But, that wasn't quite the case.

While Takato had added a few Black lines on Guilmon's skin for decoration, there were much more of them now.

There was the Digital Hazard sign on the Digimon's chest- a chest that Takato had intentionally left blank.

"The...Hazard...?" Takato blinked. Such Digimon as Lucemon, MirageGaogamon, and even StormVmon had the Hazard sign on them somewhere, indicating a dangerous power ssealed within. Perhaps that was the only way Guilmon would be stronger than a normal Agumon?

But those thoughts were pushed out of the boy's mind as the last remenants of data applied themselves to the Digimon, finally creating the trademark red skin that Takato had finally settled on the day before.

There was a moment as the dragon digimon finally touched it's feet to the ground, and it briefly held it's own weight without any apparent cause.



Takato blinked.


Guilmon had pulled it's head back slightly, mouth starting to open...


Takato's eyes widened in surprise as a bright red glow began to form in the back of the Digimon's mouth. Was it going to...?


The freshly born Digimon spat out the attack straight ahead, the heat from the fire sphere creating such a difference in air pressure that Takato could feel the rush of wind as the sphere rushed through the air and impacted the wall not ten feet away.

The explosion caused the entire construction field to shake, focring Takato to close his eyes from the brightness of the attack.

When all was calm again, both Tamer and Digimon stared in shock and confusion at the massive crater that had once been a far wall of a foundation pit.

And then.


Guilmon sneezed.


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