Having survived a terrifying adventure at School, Takato seeks a new home for his partner, Guilmon, when, suddenly...

"So help me if I don't have any data to load..." Renamon's eyes narrowed. "I will kill you both!"

*cue American Digimon Tamers theme*

Renamon VS. Guilmon! Tamers Battle!


"What." Takato paled.

"DIAMOND..."Renamon brought her paws up infront.


Suddenly, a blazing sphere of fire launched out of Guilmon's mouth. Renamon's eyes widened as the sphere closed the distance and...


She flew backwards into the trees a small way.

"Guilmon!' Takato started to smile. "You're okay!"

The Digimon gave no response, and that was when Takato saw it- Guilmon's eyes were narrowed, and he was growling. It was almost like he'd gone into some sort of battle mode.


The Digimon ground his foot into the ground in preparation, and continued to growl softly.

Without a moment's notice, Renamon sprung back into view, a small black spot on one of her gloves denoting where Guilmon's attack had hit. "You will DIE for that!" she growled.

Takato stared at the Renamon. "Why are you attacking us?" He asked.

Renamon held no reply other than her sudden leap towards Guilmon. "POWER PAW!"

Guilmon dove to the side, infront of Takato, then spat out another crimson sphere. "FIRE BALL!"

Renamon's forward moment allowed her to jump over the attack. "Hah! You won't catch me by surprise again, lunch!"

"Did she just call us lunch?" Takato gulped.

"Grrr..." Guilmon nodded swiftly, his snarl intensifying.

Renamon landed on her feet, and the two Digimon began to circle.

"You won't be missed, being a fresh Tamer," Renamon smirked slightly. "You haven't used a single Modify card..."

That struck a cord.

Takato's eyes widened as it dawned on him. "You're the Renamon from my dream!"

That caught the vixen off guard. "Dream? What are you...?"

Guilmon took the slim opening to his advantage, leaping forward, claws ablaze with fire. "ROCK BREAKER!"

Renamon's eyes widened, but she quickly countered. "DIAMOND STORM!" The shiny rocks easily bounced off of Guilmon's thick hide, much to her surprise. "What?"

Guilmon's pounce attack met in full. "RAHH!"

Meanwhile, Takato quickly fumbled through his pockets for any game cards, Renamon's comment having reminded him of the Card slot on the side. Normally, he usually left his cards inside the Dinosaur Hut, and didn't carry them on hand. But for some reason...

There was a single card inside his sweatshirt pockets. A card he knew wasn't there before he left school.

Takato wasn't about to complain about his luck, but- for crying out loud!- it would have to be a lame card like "Training Grips!" What could he do with that?

'I guess we'll have to make due then...'Takato brought up the card. "Guilmon!" he called out. "back up a bit!"

The Dragon quickly jumped backwards a few feet, back towards his tamer. Renamon smirked. "Calling it quits already?"

"Not never!" Takato brought up the Digivice and the card, swiping them through the slot over his head in a grand arc. "DIGI-MODIFY!" he called out, not remembering the exact phrasing that this Renamon's tamer had used. (She wasn't there, for whatever reason, Takato noted as the card let loose a blinding flash of sparks.) "TRAINING GRIPS ACTIVATE!"

The D-Arc beeped in response as the screen flashed and a set of metallic bands appeared around Guilmon's tail.

"T-Training Grips?" Renamon scoffed. "What are you going to do with those?"

"I-" Takato flinched slightly. "I don't have a clue!" he declared. "But I'm sure I'll think of something!"

"Fine then." Renamon rolled her eyes, then launched into the air, arms crossed. "DIAMOND..."The crystals began to form enmass- a dozen, two dozen, three!- and kept on growing!

For a moment, Takato analyzed the situation. He had Training Grips, he had Guilmon's long tail, and he had Renamon in almost curled up into a sphere. Now what? If he could keep Renamon from moving, then... then...!

"That's it!" Takato grinned. "Guilmon! Fling the grips at her!"

"Rah!" Guilmon spun around, whipping his tail out towards Renamon.

The Vixen's eyes widened as the training grips transformed into energy again and sailed off of Guilmon's tail. She had collected too much energy for the Daimond Storm attack, even if she launched it now, that Training Grip attack would hit her and-


-In the few moments it took her to think those thoughts, the Training Grips modification hit her, and expanded, wrapping around her and solidifying in a single second.

"Now, Guilmon!' Takato ordered. "Fire Ball one more time!"


The sphere of flames soared out, and impacted the forming Diamond cluster in front of her with a-


The direction and force of the explosion sent Renamon flying into the trees once more- however with one key difference this time:

She was bound by the Training Grips, and would be unable to break free to attack again any time soon.

Takato started laughing once the smoke cleared. "Haha! Yeah! We did it Guilmon!"

Guilmon blinked a few times, and then that goofy grin reappeared on his face. "Takatomon!"


Guilmon glomped his tamer once again.

"Hey...What did I say about this before...?" Takato grimaced.

"Oh, Sorry..."

As they got up, Renamon was forced to watch with disgust.

"Let's get out of here before she comes back!" Takato started.

"Un!" Guilmon nodded, and with that, they went off.

Renamon snarled. Her prey had gotten away again! What was even worse was that they'd pulled off such an embarrassing def-

Suddenly, a squeak from above her cut her thoughts off.

She glanced over with her eyes to see a squirrel carrying an acorn in it's paws. "What do you want?" She asked, annoyed.

The Squirrel hopped over, then wedged it's acorn in between her and the restraining grips around her. It squeaked in glee before scampering off.

Renamon sighed.


THAT was even more humiliating.

Takato stopped a good five to ten yards away from the tennis court to catch his breath. "Man... That was a lot of work."

"Yeah." Guilmon repeated. "Work."

Takato pulled out the modify card he'd used earliar and stared at it. "That's the second time I've found a card out of thin air like that." He noted. "That's gotta be more than a coincidence."

"No, my friend." A cold, calculating voice started from behind them. "That's Inevitability."

Takato and Guilmon froze, before turning their heads over their shoulders cautiously.

"Yeah, and That's just the best way to introduce ourselves." came the reply from a certain Bunny-dog Digimon. "Nearly scaring the socks off of the Tamer who just fought his way out of a paper bag!"

The blue haired boy (wearing a long, orange vest that went over over the black T-shirt and tan kahki pants) sighed, dropping the 'cool' attitude. "Terriermon."

"Momentai, Henry!" Terriermon laughed. "This is the guy I was telling you about earlier!"

"H-Henry?" Takato blinked. "As in Henry Wong? From Class C-8?"

"That's him alright!" Terriermon grinned.

"Terriermon!" The boy, Henry, seemed annoyed at his name being given out. "You weren't supposed to say that!"

"Oh Come on, Henry." Terriermon rolled his eyes. "You read too much into that Holic series. I mean- come On!- you even quoted that lady just now! 'Hitsuzen'? Serriously?"

"Well excuse me for quoting a series I happen to like." The boy protested.

"From the boy who came up with a CCC themed battle deck." Terriermon countered with a roll of his eyes.

As the two bantered, Takato and Guilmon watched in confusion for a few moments. "Uh...Excuse me?" Takato finally cut in just as Henry finished saying "You want to go into specifics, Terrie-hime?"

"What?" The Tamer and Digimon turned their heads towards the boy.

"I'm a bit lost here..." Takato started nervously. "So, Uh, can we start over from scratch?"

"Sure." Henry nodded. "That'd be fine." he coughed politely, then, as best as he could, put on the coldest, calculating look he could manage as he held out his hand. "Henry Wong."

"Takato." Takato held out his hand. "Takato Matsuki."

"Matsuki?" Terriermon asked. "Hey, do you happen to live in that one bakery?"

"Yeah." Takato nodded.

"Oh Man! Suzie LOVES your cream puffs!" Terriermon grinned. "She practically inhales 'em every time Jaarin brings 'em home!"

Henry sighed, losing his composure once more. "Terriermon..."

"Mo-Men-Tai!" Terriermon repeated. "Take It easy!"

"Anyways." Henry sighed. "I noticed during your battle that you didn't use modify cards until Renamon mentioned them."

"Oh, you guys saw that?" Takato asked.

"Yeah!" Terriermon grinned. "And Man! Was that a fight! I can't believe you used training grips of all things to pin her to a tree!"

Ignoring his partner, Henry continued. "Coupled with the fact that Terriermon saw you running around school like a mad-man, I'm guessing you only just met...uh..." Henry glanced at Guilmon, who was now chasing a squirrel around. "Whatever your digimon is...? I've never seen his type before."

"It's Guilmon." Takato smiled. "And yeah, I made him!"

There was a bit of silence (excluding Guilmon's game of tag with a random squirrel) before Henry replied.

"You did what?"

"It's a long story." Takato sighed.

Henry had led them to an abandoned tool shed/concrete bunker, on the top of a hill, accessed only by a set of stairs that had been grown over with plants and bushes. "The perfect hiding spot." Henry had remarked.

So, upon getting everyone settled inside, Takato explained about how he had found the Blue Card, transformed his card reader, made Guilmon real, and went through the process of sneaking Guilmon inside his home, out again, then the whole ordeal at school.

Henry took it in for a few moments before he nodded. "It reminds me of how I met Terriermon."

"That reminded you of meeting me?" The bunny remarked. "Geeze, I didn't think it was that entertaining..."

"My point is." Henry shook his head. "My card reader was transformed as well." he held up his Green trimmed D-Arc. "The result is the same in any case."

"Wow..." Takato stared at the Digivice. "That's so cool."

"Anyways." Henry continued. "You should check your computer out more thoroughly when you get home. Mine has improved twice as much since then just by keeping my Digivice near it at night. Maybe you could even get away with adding things on, and turning it into a super computer."

"The D-Arc...?" Takato stared at the device in his hand. "Makes things evolve?"

"Only to a certain degree though." Henry shrugged. "The progress is fast at first, but then it slows down considerably. You'd need to keep adding onto it to make it keep evolving."

Takato continued staring at his Digivice. "So...What about Renamon?" he looked up. "I Don't get why she attacked us."

"She's tamed to a girl around our age." Henry started. "She goes to a private school east of the station, so she can't keep an eye on Renamon all the time during classes. Normally Renamon doesn't stray into our territory at this time." He gestured towards Terriermon. "And we take care of any Bio-emergences then...But..."

"Renamon's like a lot of Digimon from the Digital World." Terriermon explained. "Only seeking to gain strength through loading other Digimon's data."

"Renamon's Tamer is..." Henry frowned. "The opposite."

"She doesn't like Digimon loading data." Terriermon shrugged. "I agree with her on that."

Henry seemed to disagree, but said nothing to counter it. "Usually, Renamon stays away, but on occasion, she'll come in and attack if we miss catching a Digimon. I wouldn't have a problem with that if it weren't for the fact she doesn't care about human casualties."

"Huh?" Takato blinked. "What?"

"She nearly killed Henry during our first 'encounter', if you could call it that." Terriermon started. "We were lucky her Tamer came in when she did, or else that could have gotten really messy."

Takato gulped, getting the idea. "So...Uh..."

"If Guilmon's skin wasn't so tough," Henry concluded. "Renamon would have killed you too."

"But enough of this depressing stuff!" Terriermon cut in. "The sun's going to set in a few minutes! We'll be late for dinner!"

"Dinner?" Henry glanced outside. "Huh. I didn't realize."

"You're always like this, Henry!" Terriermon rolled his eyes. "You need to be more prompt!"

Takato sighed. "I guess I need to get going too, then."

"Awww..." Guilmon's ears drooped. "We can't play now?"

"Nope." Takato smiled slightly. "Maybe tomorrow then."

"Later." Takato waved as the Tamer and Digimon set off.

"Momentai!" Terriermon grinned. "We'll be seeing you!"

"Yeah, later." Henry nonchalantly replied.

As he watched, Takato blinked. 'What's with him... I wonder...?'


"I'm Home!" Takato called out as he stepped inside the front door, box of game cards slung under one arm. He froze the moment he spotted Jeri turning away from the counter, a bag full of bread carefully held in front.

"Only just getting home?" She asked.

"Uh. Yeah." Takato paled. If she said anything about what had happened at school...!

"Give my regards to your mother." Takato's mother smiled at the girl.

"Ok!" Jeri smiled as she skipped towards the door, pausing as she passed him to whisper. "I kept quiet about you running off durring gym." With that, she waved and continued on her way.

"A..Thanks..." Takato managed as he stared after her. 'Well.' he reasoned. 'That's one disaster skipped for today.'

"Did you finally part with that cardboard box?" his dad asked as he walked by.

"Uh...' Takato froze. 'Spoke too soon!'

"It's always hard to part with something." he sniffed, then turned away.

Takato paled. 'Did they think I sneaked in a cat or something...?' Then, he remembered. 'Oh, wait... Marcus used a Box to hide Agumon... Did they think that I...?' he sighed. 'I totally did that without realizing it, didn't I?'

On The Streets_ _ _|

Rika hummed to herself as her CD player continued on it's song. Most people preferred MP3 players in this day and age, but to her, nothing beat the simpleness of laser light against disk surface.

As she walked, she figured that it was more like how DJ's still used Records and needles at parties, the simple retro-ness of it.

Currently, one of the Xros Wars OST CDs was playing. 'I doubt the next series can beat Xros Wars' soundtrack.' she smirked slightly. 'It's simply the best there is.'

It was then that a shadow ontop of a nearby lamp post caught her attention- Renamon was watching- and, from what Rika could tell from their partially formed mental link, she was upset at something.

Apartment Complex_ _ _| WONG RESIDENCE_ _ _|

"Dinner time!" A chipper voice cried out in glee as a small frame bounded into his room.

Henry glanced up and over his shoulder at his sister, Suzie, who was now reaching for the frozen form of Terriermon on his bed. "I'll be right there." He started before she could reach his Digimon partner. "Just let me finish up this coding."

"Okay!" Suzie hopped away, humming a tune. "Today is Sukiyaki, Suki-Suki-Sukiyaki!"

Henry sighed as the door closed. "I wish she'd stop doing that."

"What?" Terriermon asked. "The singing or attempted play time?"

Henry stared at his partner.

"Momentai..." Terriermon sighed. "Just be glad she didn't go for the computers instead of me."

Henry took a glance over at his impressive display of computers. The original one had been upgraded by his Digivice, and, finding that adding new computers into the mix continued the upgrading, he began scavenging old computers from around the house- Mostly his dad's. Right now, he had the equivalent of what was shaping out to be a 75% completed super computer. Something that could- in theory- run five internal game servers and handle up to two real time, 3d games at once. He didn't expect it could be of any use in the future, though.

He sighed. "Yeah." The last time Suzie had gone for the computer system, it had been when he had been transfering a part over from one casing to another- the poor piece of circuit board hit the floor before he'd even known what had happened. "I'll bring back some manjuu later." With that, he sat up from his chair, and went for the door.

"Hey, Henry?" Terriermon asked suddenly.

"Yeah?" Henry glanced over at his partner.

"You gotta ease up, ya know?" Terriermon started. "I could've handled a Tea party if she dragged me to it..."

"What would you have done if she'd discovered that you were real?" Henry narrowed his eyes. "The Government would be all over you in a heart beat."

"Momentai, Henry." The digimon stated. "I don't think I've said it enough."

"I'll 'take it easy' once we've mastered Digivolving." With that, the boy left his room.

"More midnight night training, eh?" Terriermon sighed. "What ever happened to the days when kids just wanted to curl up next to the TV and stay up all night?"


Takato sighed as he hiked up the stairs to the small tool shed. "Man... Who knew stale bread weighed so much...?" With that, he pushed the gate open and went inside. "Guilmon, I brought some bre-Wha?"

The entire back wall had been tunneled away, into the earth behind the bunker, and the floor near the disturbance was just as bad, but not as deep.

"G-Guilmon...?" Takato stared, gobsmacked, at the sudden damage. "What happened...?"

Guilmon's head popped out of the ground, and came to a rest on the piled up dirt. "I dug and dug and now I'm tired..."

Takato took a few steps forward. "All this digging...!"

Guilmon started to crawl out of the hole he'd dug, murmuring. "Did you bring anything to play with...?"

Before Takato could react, Guilmon fell forwards...


...Right ontop of him.

"Ugh..." Takato sighed. "I guess a lot happened today, eh?"

The only reply was some light snoring.

"So digimon dream too, huh?" Takato smiled slightly. "Good night, Guilmon..."

He sighed. 'Now how am I going to get out without waking him up?'


"Waaah!" A certain Digimon cried out in glee. "So many people! Why are you all in such a rush, culuu?" Culumon asked as she looked up at the crowd walking past, even at that late hour. Something then caught her attention, and she hopped off. "What's that, Culuuu!"

As she stared up at the cross walk sign, she failed to notice the Tamer walking past, who was trying to ignore the remarks of a trio of boys nearby.

"Hey, check it out!" One started. "It's Akari!"

"Akari...?" Another asked. "You're kidding right? Her hair's done up all wrong!"

"Unless she's doing it on purpose..." The third mused. "But I don't see the resemblance honestly..."

"No! I never forget a face!" the first insisted. "She's the girl who was dressed up as Akari at that Cathode Tamers tournament!"

Rika raised an eyebrow at the remark.

"You don't mean...!" The second started.

"She's the Digimon Queen!" the third gasped. "The one who beat Ryo Akiyama?"

"One and the same!" The first grinned as he noticed she was looking at them. "Hey, am I right? Is it really you?"

Rika tilted her head slightly, then pointed at the ear-bud in her right ear with a "Sorry, can't hear you." look on her face.

To divert the flow of their questions at her, she turned up her CD player's volume, and tuned in to her and Renamon's mental link.

"Rika... We have a problem." Renamon started.

"Yeah? What kind of problem?" Rika asked.

"A Dragon digimon and his tamer who attacked me with no reason!" Renamon explained, anger dominant in her voice. "I Barely escaped with my life!"

Rika narrowed her eyes. Something was off about the thoughts coming from her partner. But she couldn't place what exactly.


Mid-point break.



"Option Card, 40% chance of winning!" Kazu grinned as he laid down a DeathMeramon card over a Meramon card.

Kenta sighed in defeat.

"Morning." Takato called out as he walked up. "Ah, another win?"

"Check it out!" Kazu held up the card. "Ultimate Evolution! Something you 'tamers' wouldn't understand." Only a slight twinge of bitterness was in his voice.

"It's not fair." Kenta protested as he collected his cards.

"How's what not fair?" Kazu asked. "You can't just keep sending out Digimon! That's what the option cards are for!"

"Oh yeah!" Takato pulled out the Modify card from yesterday out of his pocket, suddenly reminded of something by that comment. "I won my first battle yesterday!"

"Really?" Kenta stood up. "What happened?"

"A Renamon came out of nowhere and attacked us while we were looking for a place for Guilmon to hide durring the day." Takato explained.

"Ugh, Not this nonsense again." Kazu groaned.

"Ignoring that." Kenta noted. "So what happened? Was it the same Renamon from your dream?"

"I Used this Training Grips card on Guilmon, and had him fling them at the Renamon- Mid Attack!" Takato's grin faltered. "And, yeah... It was..."

"Oh?" Kenta asked. "Was her Tamer there?"

"No, actually." Takato shook his head. "That's why we got attacked."

"Huh?" Kenta blinked. "How's that work?"

"I met another Tamer, with a Terriermon." Takato explained. "Just after we won the battle, actually." He sighed. "They said that they'd fought Renamon once before, and it was only because Renamon's tamer showed up that they'd even survived."

"That's heavy..." Kenta replied.

"So, who's this mysterious Terriermon Tamer guy?" Kazu asked. "I'd like to meet him."

"He didn't seem to like Terriermon giving out his name so freely." Takato replied. "So I'd rather not risk his wrath if I said."

"Translation- You made it up." Kazu deduced. "Which is French for 'you made it all up'. Get with the program Takato." he glared at the Goggle boy. "Digimon don't exist beyond a few video games and TV shows. Life isn't like some Anime."

"You don't know what you're talking about!" Takato countered. "It really happened! If you don't believe me, go look at the tennis court in the park! The crumpled in fence is where Guilmon got kicked into it!"


A gaggle of shady looking Government men were examining the battle scene that had occurred several days earlier- The Fountain Area where Goblimon had evolved into Fugamon.

The blond man with his lighter stared clicking the silver object open and closed as he walked towards a small object laying on the ground. An object which became increasingly clear as he picked it up- A Digimon Card.


"In conclusion, that's why you should never mess with preset clock settings." Miss Asagi concluded. "Now, then, we have five minutes left, In which time you can..." Suddenly, the bell rang, announcing the end of class for the day. She sighed. "Why does it never go as planned for the day? Okay, Class dismissed."

As students stood up to leave, Kazu, Kenta, and Takato gathered near the back row.

"Maybe I should enter the next tournament." Kazu wished.

"Yeah, but there are so many good players." Kenta countered. "Like that Girl who was dressed up like Akari in the last torunament."

Takato's attention was brought from the his notepad to their conversation. "Huh?"

"The Digimon Queen." Kazu nodded. "She beat even Ryo Akiyama. Not an easy task, I'll say."

"Yeah..." Kenta agreed. "Doesn't she live around here somewhere?"

"The School east of the station, if I remember right?" Kazu stated.

Takato looked up. "Could it be...?"

"She goes to a private school east of the station, so she can't keep an eye on Renamon all the time..." Henry's words echoed in his head.

"I prefer Tarot cards." a voice cut him out of his thinking.

"Can't battle with Tarots." Kazu countered. "It's a game for men!"

Jeri's sock puppet came up. "Isn't that a bit discriminatory? Considering you were just talking about a girl who beat a guy in a tournament! RUFF!"

"Gah!" Kazu flinched back. "Keep that demon away from me!"

Jeri pulled the puppet back and glared at it. "That's not nice doing that!"

"Yes it is! Ruff!"

Kenta stared for a few moment. "Uh..."

"Jeri!" Thankfully, a voice from outside caught her attention.

"Miki-chan!" Jeri smiled, before turning to leave. "I'll let you be then!"

"Don't go making paradoxes! Ruff Ruff!" The puppet added.

With that stray comment, the trio of boys had no clue where to continue their conversation.


As Takato ran towards the park, he spotted a series of suspicious government trucks pulling away from the entrance. "What the...?"

It was then that a thought hit him. "Guilmon!"

With that, he took off, rushing towards the shed. 'Please be okay, please be okay...' When he reached the concrete bunker, he pushed open the gate, and peered inside.

The bags that he'd brought in the night before were torn open, and all contents missing. However, the culprit was, thankfully, still there. Takato sighed in relief as he spotted Guilmon's tail waving lazily into the air as he snored away.

"Whewf." Takato sighed in relief. "You're okay..." 'Hmm.' he wondered. 'Now how are we going to get you to the other side of the station... It's not like people see Digimon walking around every day...' An idea hit him. 'I wonder...'


Guilmon was sitting inside a large cardboard box- head and arms poking out of the top- that Takato was pushing across the train station plaza via two long skateboards underneath the box. 'This has got to be the stupidest idea ever... Using a cardboard box to move him not once, but twice! The message boards would be going crazy if I ever wrote this out as a memoir or fanfiction...'

"ne ne!" a younger boy asked as Takato walked past. "What's that Digimon!"

"Riku!" The boy's mother scolded. "You shouldn't...!" She trailed off as she spotted Guilmon inside the box, pretending to be as empty and lifeless as he could.

"It's a costume," Takato grinned, "of Guilmon!"

"I've never heard of Guilmon!" The boy protested.

"It's one I came up with!" Takato replied. "He's my very own Digimon!"

"Wow!" The boy's eyes widened in awe.

"That's very well made!" The mother smiled. "What's it for?"

"Oh! It's a prototype Mascot costume I'm making!" Takato started off the tip of his tongue. "I've gotta work on the legs a bit more though, my cousin can't walk in it very well otherwise!"

"Ah, right." She nodded, the pulled her son along. "Come on, Riku, we'll be late if we don't get going soon..."

"Guilmon, Bye bye!" The little boy waved.

"Uh..Bye..." Takato waved after the boy.

Guilmon blinked as he tried to remain as still as possible.

"Huh..." Takato glanced about. "Guess nobody really cares then..." he smiled. "And if I have to make this same route every day, then..." A sudden beep caught his attention- The D-arc!

He fished the Digivice out from underneath his shirt, and glanced at the screen, the tracking compass was pointing soundly in one direction. "What the...?" He glanced at Guilmon, who was starting to growl as a scent reached his nose, but still managing to keep still. "A digimon!"

With that, he pushed the box forward, skating it towards where the compass was directing.

Once they'd reached the entrance to a parking garage, Takato upturned the box to let Guilmon out, and the Duo rushed inside.

"I bet it's a Bio-emergence!" Takato started. "Our first real Bio-emergence!"

Guilmon didn't know what that was, but he doubted it was that. 'No.' he thought. 'Smells familiar...!'

What was inside wasn't what Takato expected, but most certainly was what Guilmon was suspecting: The girl tamer- Rika- and her partner- Renamon- were standing at the ready. Guilmon started snarling.

"It's you!" Takato started.

"Are these the ones?" Rika asked.

"Yes." Renamon replied. "They are the ones who attacked me without warning."

"Wait what?" Takato blinked. "What are you...?"

"Get ready to fight, Tamer!" Rika growled as she brought up her D-Arc, blue trimmed. "Nobody gets away with attacking my partner!"

"What!" Takato asked. "But We didn't do anything! She attacked us!" he pointed at Renamon.

"Don't lie to me!" Rika growled. "I Don't appreciate it when people lie to me!"

Renamon tensed slightly, but didn't say anything.

"But we're not...!" Takato stopped as Renamon lunged forward.


Guilmon's thick skin once again deflected the diamond attack. "That tickled!" he growled, eyes narrowing. "FIRE BALL!"

"Hmmf!" Renamon back-flipped away from the incoming fire attack.

"Your Renamon attacked us!" Takato tried to explain. "We didn't want to even fight!"

"And yet you brought her to near death?" Rika growled. "I Doubt it!"

"I don't know where you're getting your facts, but we ran away as soon as we were sure she wasn't going to follow us!" Takato narrowed his eyes in determination. "And that only happened after we used the Training Grips modify card!"

"Training grips...?" Rika asked. "Are you kidding me? That card doesn't do anything! Now Quit lying to me!" she brought up a Modify card.

*cue SLASH!*


With a flash of light, an Impact Gun formed over Renamon's left fist. "About time...!" With that, she jumped towards Guilmon, and pinned him to the ground, aiming the gun at the Dino's head.

Takato growled. "Fine then!" He pulled out a random card from his own card deck. "Two can play at that game...!" But before he could use it, Renamon powered up the Impact Gun.

"Winner." Rika decided as her partner fired...


...To opposite results. Instead of Guilmon being pushed into the ground, Renamon went flying upwards, into the ceiling of the Parking garage.

"What the?" Rika narrowed her eyes.

Guilmon shook his head as he stood up. "Bluh..."

"Guilmon!" Takato started to run towards his partner. "Are you okay?"

"Takato!" Guilmon nodded.

Renamon dropped down and roared at them. "You will DIE!" She jumped forward, ditching the impact gun for her more favored attack- "DIAMOND...!"

"CARD SLASH! TRAINING GRIPS ACTIVATE!"A new voice ordered suddenly.

And with equal surprise, two blinding streams of light flung from somewhere nearby, and reformed around Renamon (once again) into the Restraining grips.

Rika growled as her partner fell to the ground, trapped once more. "What the...?"

"Henry!" Takato sighed in relief as he saw the boy and his Digimon standing near by.

"You again?" Rika narrowed her eyes. "I thought I told you to keep out of my way!"

"And I thought you would have known better than to have chosen a fight in my own apartment building." Henry replied in the 'cool' tone he seemed to favor.

"What...?" Rika blinked.

"To top it all off, here you are attacking a tamer with the same unwarranted anger you tried to stop when your partner tried to kill me." Henry continued. "Hypocrite."

"What are you...?" Rika narrowed her eyes. "I'm not a hypocrite!"

"And Takato isn't lying when he says Renamon attacked them suddenly." Terriermon started. "We saw the whole thing. Plus, Takato's too new of a tamer to be wanting to be picking fights like this."

"Gee, thanks." Takato paled.

Suddenly, Renamon tore open the Training Grips. "Grrr... You won't beat me with the same tricks twice!"

"Renamon!" Rika started. "Did you really attack them?"

"They're LYING!" the vixen insisted.

"No we're not." Henry brought up his Green Trimmed Digivice. "And I can prove it to you."

"Prove it how?" Rika asked.

"You fight me." Henry smirked.

E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N_ _ _|

*cue EVO!*

The Digivice let loose a few pulses of Green data as it flared into life.


The Digimon's skin began to peel away, revealing the wire frame beneath. An egg of green data formed around Terriermon, then began to change his wire frame structure entirely.

Skin reapplied itself, two massive gauntlets replaced his hands, a pair of pants and an ammo belt formed around the new Digimon's torso, and finally, the Sphere of data exploded away with the new name: "GARGOMON!"

"What the!" Renamon's eyes widened as, suddenly, Gargomon rushed forward from the light of Evolution towards her.

"Gargomon, The Champion form of Terriermon. His primary attack is 'Gargo Laser' and is followed by 'Bunny Pummel' to send his opponents flying." Henry recited from memory. "Tell her the Truth, Renamon." he declared. "Or Gargomon will make sure you will."

"Since when could the bunny Digivolve?" Rika asked.

"Oh, just since last night." Henry smirked. "Repeatably, that is. Otherwise...?" He laughed. "Always."

"What?" Rika gasped.

As it stood, none of them noticed that Culumon was watching them sadly. "I thought people here were better than this, Culu..."

"I AM telling the truth." Renamon insisted as she hopped away from the laser blasts. "You are the ones telling lies!"

"Will you just stop this stupid charade already!" Gargomon growled at her. "Nobody's buying it, and you're just digging yourself into a deeper hole by saying it over and over!"

"Why you..!" Renamon started.

"Let me talk!" Gargomon swung a gauntlet fist. "BUNNY PUMMEL!"

Renamon went flying backwards into a wall with a SMACK.

"There, now let me speak!" Gargomon narrowed his eyes. "Look, it's like this, you're so afraid that your little slip up might cost you your partner, that you try to cover it up, and it's that covering up that makes things go down hill!" Gargomon turned towards Rika. "And since it's your life that you're not afraid of losing, I'll just have to make sure that something you do care about is!" He leveled his arm at her. "No offense or anything."

"What are you...!" Rika froze as she stared down the barrel.

"Tell the truth." Henry finalized. "Do it Renamon."

"You wouldn't kill her." Renamon sneered as she forced herself to stand. "It goes against your morals..."

Henry narrowed his eyes. "If I had to bring myself to her level to bring her actions to light, what does that tell you, Rika?"

"I..." She stared at the smoking laser cannon aimed at her. What did it tell her...?


Suddenly, Gargomon was thrown into the far wall by a speeding red Blur- Guilmon. The voice that cried out- Takato.

Rika stared at the goggle wearing boy. "You..."

"That's enough." Takato reaffirmed, determination filling his voice.

Guilmon looked up from where he was pinning a stunned Gargomon to the ground, and looked at his tamer. "Did I do good?"

"Yeah, boy, you did..." Takato sighed in relief.