When Terriermon suddenly digivolved into Gargomon to resolve a dispute between Takato and Rika, things didn't quite turn out as planned.


Suddenly, Gargomon was thrown into the far wall by a speeding red Blur- Guilmon. The voice that cried out- Takato.

Rika stared at the goggle wearing boy, "You..."

"That's enough," Takato reaffirmed.

Guilmon looked up towards his Tamer from where he was pinning a stunned Gargomon to the ground, "Did I do good?"

"Yeah, boy, you did..." Takato sighed in relief.

*cue American Digimon Tamers theme*

Beat Gorillamon! Tamer's conflict!


"Why did he stop us?" Henry asked aloud, "I could have resolved that."

"Who knows," Gargomon sighed as he stared at his partner, upside down. "How long do I have to stay here again? I think the blood's rushing to my head..."

"Same as last night," Henry remarked to his Digimon partner, doing a handstand to de-digivolve, "until you return back to normal."

Takato sighed as he walked out of the park's entrance. "What a day." He'd just come from leaving Guilmon in his shed for the night and was looking forward to taking a nice and relaxing bath once he got home.


That would have to wait, however.

He glanced over his shoulder, looking back towards the person who had called him out- The girl from before- Renamon's partner, Rika. "What do you want?" he asked, trying not to sound angry, but, honestly, he couldn't keep the sharpness out of his voice. (It really had been a long day, hadn't it?)

"Can we talk?" She asked, as she caught up.

"What's there to talk about?" Takato asked, wincing slightly at his own bitterness.

"I came to say I'm sorry," Rika said, "Renamon's...A bit of a wild card."

"You can say that again," Takato chuckled to himself as he began walking again.

"Look, I just want to let you know that I told Renamon off," She said, starting after him. "If she even so much as attacks a Digimon without my permission again, She's..." She trailed off. "You get the idea."

"Not really," Takato said.

"She lied to me," Rika explained, "she lied and she's been lying. After that Digimon of yours-"

"Guilmon," Takato corrected.

"-Sent Gargomon flying, and everyone left, she broke down." a sigh. "She's been attacking Digimon during school hours when I can't check up on my D-Arc." Rika tried to gauge Takato's reaction, but she didn't really see anything in his eyes other than a lost expression. "When they're freshly Bio-emerged, That's one thing." She continued. "Sure, I'm not happy with her uploading their Data, but..." she shook her head, "Attacking tamed Digimon is something else. I don't like it one bit."

"You seemed pretty into it back at the garage," Takato noted as they reached an intersection. Red Light.

"And I'm sorry for that," Rika apologized, "but when I heard that you were supposedly doing the exact same thing, I just..." She growled as she clenched her fists. "And then that Henry shows up and trumps our progress by being exactly like her when that bunny of his isn't even...!"

"You sound like you've got a bad history with him," Takato said as he glanced up at the street light. Still Red.

"He's exactly like Renamon. Killing for power and for sport," she said. "He even told me that he got Terriermon out of that one Digimon Video Game! Bragged even!"

"Video game?" Takato blinked. "What video game?"

"The one that came out just after Christmas last year."

"Oh. That one."

Silence for a moment. The meter began ticking as it counted down until the light would change.

"My computer has a bad graphics card," Takato said. "Well. Had, I guess."

"Had?" She raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah," he held up his D-Arc, "this made it Digivolve or something."

"You mean like with Gargomon?"

"No. That's more like the 'Flash' stuff in Xros Wars." Takato said, "Henry said he could do it repeatably, right?"

"Yeah," she nodded. The cross section turned yellow, then Red.

"No, it's more like, upgraded, permanently," Takato said as the light they were waiting for turned green.

They resumed walking.

"I haven't even tried to see what it can do now," he admited, "but Henry says his computer's done the same thing, and kept on going as long as he keeps adding new parts to it."

"Somehow that Brainiac has more experience than the rest of us, and yet he acts so immature," Rika commented.

"You should see him normally," Takato commented. "When I first ran into him, Terriermon kept making him act differently just by making jokes and stuff."

"You think it's just an act?" Rika asked, raising an eyebrow. When he nodded, she tilted her head up and stared at the orange skies above, "Some act. Had me fooled."

"So, where's Renamon?" Takato asked after a moment of walking, "Not that you have to answer or anything!" he said immediately after, "I'm just cur-"

"She's off sulking," Rika answered nonchalantly, completely cutting him off mid sentence. "Don't ask me where, though. Once we get a few blocks away, I can't read her anymore."

"Read?" Takato blinked.

"Yeah, Renamon can make Mental Links with their closest friends and family," Rika tapped at her head. "Don't ask me how it works though. I don't have a clue."


A few more moments of silence ensued before Takato broke it once more.

"So, uh, I don't think we got properly introduced." He turned to face her, hand outstretched, "I'm Takato."

"Rika," she met his hand and shook it, "and it's a pleasure to finally meet someone who's sane in this whole Taming business."

"Glad to make your acquaintance," Takato nodded with a smile.

"So, what's your story?" Rika asked, "With the Goggles?"

"Oh," he reached up for his own goggles, "these? Just something I had lying around actually. I've been hiding 'em away for years, hoping that Digimon were actually real, and then..." He laughed. "Guess I lucked out."

"You're lucky," she laughed. "You hardly ever see a girl wearing goggles in the Anime. Akari was the first leader."

"Don't say that in front of Kazu," Takato replied with a laugh. "He'll give you a lecture on how Taiki set everything in motion in every episode even though you know he's going on about his own fanfiction ideas instead of the actual show." He frowned, "He's actually pretty thick headed in what he wants to believe, actally."

"Really?" Rika scowled, "Reminds me someone I know."

"Henry again?" came the question.

"No," was the reply, "just some looser I beat in a card tournament a while back. You would not believe how much he protested to the judges about how I must have cheated with rigged cards." she scoffed, "Like that's even possible. Card's don't just magically appear in your deck like that."

Takato stopped walking, "Uh..."

"What is it?" Rika looked back.

"Did Renamon tell you how I beat her?" he asked hesitantly.

"Something with a modify card," she replied, "I'd actually like to see the combo in person one day."

"Well..." Takato looked to the sky, "Lemme ask you something first."

"Sure," Rika replied.

"How did you get your Digivice?"


As the boy slipped into his room, and exhausted Terriermon resting in his arms, he scowled. 'What kind of digimon is that Guilmon anyways?' with a care you wouldn't expect from him with the 'cool' persona he always seemed to wear, Henry put Terriermon down on his bed and stepped over towards his computer. 'I've never seen anyone be able to take out Gargomon like that...Just pushing him down into the ground?'

He moved the mouse and brought the computer out of it's sleep state back to the log in screen, which had a screen shot from the character selection page of a Digimon computer game as it's background. 'Terriermon...'


"Merry Christmas!"


"Henry! Here!" Jarrin, his older sister, handed him a rectangular box wrapped in festive packaging.


"Oh Wow!" Henry's eyes widened as he stared at the revealed box art, "Digimon Generator 5?! This isn't even supposed to be out for another month!"

"I pulled some strings with my company," His dad replied with a smile. "They managed to get one of the first issues from the pre-shipping stockpile."

"Thanks dad!"


"Now let's install this puppy..." Henry said to himself as he pried open the box...


"It uses Modify Cards?" Henry stared at the included card scanner, "So that's what they meant!"


"Let's see now...Agumon...Biyomon..." Henry scrolled through the many, many Rookie level Digimon. "Oh hey, they've even got some of the Xros Wars Digimon in here!" he kept scrolling. "Is that...?" he moused over the icon of a certain bunny dog and watched as it started dancing to an unseen rythm. "A Terriermon!"


"Run Terriermon!" Henry was panicking. Why was this video game so Real? Why were there no status bars? Why was Gorillamon attacking during the middle of Terriermon's turn? "Digi-Modify!" He slashed a Speed card through the included card reader. "Speed Activate!"

Terriermon began running faster, but it still wasn't enough to put him out of Gorillamon's range.


The attack that followed was nothing like the pre-rendered attacks in the previous games, or in any of the cards. It was almost like this Gorillamon had specialized putting more negative energy into his weapon during leveling or something.

Poor Terriermon went flying "GAH!"

"This game...This game is...!" Henry stared wide eyed as his partner landed in a pond, submerging entirely, leaving Gorillamon with the satisfaction of having defeated his target. "This game is too real!"

Moments after Gorillamon had left, Terriermon burst out of the pond, taking in a deep breath. "Man! That was too close for comfort!" he exclaimed in his squeaky voice.

"You're telling me..."


"Dad?" Henry asked, "Why is the game this close to release when it has glitches in it?"

"Glitches?" His father looked up from his newspaper. "What do you mean?"

"The Enemy digimon attack outside of their turns, and there aren't any pick up items like in the last game," Henry explained. "Only loading a defeated Digimon's data gives you any stat upgrades."

"That's how it's designed, Henry." His father shrugged, "The Designers wanted to push the boundaries of how Online Games work. Remember, this is just the offline portion. Once the game goes live, you'll be fighting other Tamers and their Digimon as well."

"But it's too real!" Henry protested. "I almost lost Terriermon last night!"

"Maybe you should take a break from it then, and come back when you're able to think things through better?"


"'It is just a game, after all.'" Henry quoted as he booted up the game, "It's just a game. It's just a game."

"It's just a game." He reminded himself as he sent Terriermon on a stealth attack on the Gorillamon that had attacked him earlier. "It's just. A. Game."

But it wasn't just a game.

Gorillamon saw his attack coming, Terriermon went flying again.

Even as Henry slashed card after card, hoping to get the advantage, he was crying as he tried to keep his emotions in check.


"GAH!" Terriermon cried out as Gorrilamon stepped down on him.


He didn't notice it, but the card he was slashing through his card reader had turned blue.

E_V_O_L_U_T_I_O_N_ _ _|

Suddenly, Terriermon exploded in a burst of light, throwing the Gorillamon high into the air as Terriermon...As Terriermon...!



This time, Gorillamon was the one running for his life as Gargomon got some well deserved revenge upon the furry ape.

"Yeah! Get him!" Henry grinned as the Ape ran. "That's it Gargomon!"

But then, the unthinkable happened...

Gargomon glowed brightly, and shrunk back down into Terriermon, much to both his and Henry's confusion, "Huh? What happened?"

Gorillamon, however, noticed, and used it to his advantage, turning around and preparing an energy cannon attack...

That was when the computer screen went purple, then blue as a series of error messages scrolled through the square frame.

"It...Crashed?" Henry blinked, looking down towards the card reader, still hooked up to the computer...

And somehow having changed shape!

"What the..?" Henry stared at the device.

The Screen of the Green trimmed D-Arc beeped as a cloud of white fog filled the room.

"Ugh...My head..."

Henry froze at the familiar, squeaky voice behind him.

He turned around, slowly, to see Terriermon- His Terriermon- standing in the middle of his room and looking very confused.



Henry sighed as his internet search yielded another blank search page, 'Just what is Guilmon anyways?'


"Yaaawn!" Tally yawned as she and Riley rotated around the spherical room, "Not a single thing to do today."

"Speak for yourself," Riley replied to her companion, "I prefer the quiet days."

Not even a second later, Klaxons blared as a Digimon entered the Mid-World- The Digital Plane between the Digital and Human worlds.

"Damn it," The red head cursed. "Tracking emergence, sending tracer."

"Ultimate Level, guessing by initial energy scan." Tally reported aloud, "Visual Confirmation in five...Four..."

"Tracer destroyed." Riley growled, "Damn that's powerful."

"Should we launch the Yugoth program?"

"Go for it."

"Launching Yugoth, coupled with secondary tracer. Visual Contact in Three, two..."

On the spherical, visual wall around them, a small section turned into a video geed from the Digital Plane... Showing a Gorillamon aiming his cannon arm right at the cam-



"Damn it double damn it triple damn it!" Riley swore. "Yugoth Program AND Tracer destroyed with one hit."

"Visual Confirmation made, at least." Tally sighed as she pulled off her visual goggles. "Gorillamon, Champion Level, with an attack and power rating of an Ultimate Level."

"The boss isn't going to like this."


The school bells chimed as the end of the rare half-day ringed in, allowing the students free reign for the rest of the afternoon.

"Wahooo!" Kazu grinned as he threw his arms into the air, "I love the teacher's meeting days!"

"You just like it 'cause you don't have to go to school for the rest of the day," Kenta remarked as he adjusted his glasses.

"Can ya blame me?" The visor wearing boy said with glee as he shot to his feet, "The Digimon Adventure marathon starts in an hour!"

"Digimon this, Digimon that." A girl from their class with blond hair, named Ayaka, said as she put her hands on her hips. "Don't you boys have anything better to do than watch cartoons all day?"

"Well," Takato inserted himself into the conversation at this point, "We could play the card game, but Kazu know's he'd lose- for the tenth time this week was it?"

"Oh stuff into a card reader." Kazu scowled at the boy, "I still don't buy that whole 'tamer' business, anyhow."

"Huh?" Another girl, with brown hair, Miki, blinked at this. "What's that mean?"

"Chumley over there seems to think he's got a real live digimon and Digivice." Kazu jabbed his thumb at Takato- Who, at that moment, was putting his goggles back on. "I ain't ever seen the thing-"

At that moment, a sharp series of beeps cut through the class room, drawing everyone's attention towards Takato, not that it hadn't been there already.

"Uhh..." He smiled apologetically as he fished his D-Arc out of his backpack. "Sorry about that!"

Kazu just stared as the goggle-boy pulled out the red and white digivice that was sending up an alarm of concern.

"What the heck is that?" one student asked to Another.

"Some kind of pager?" Another replied.

"Doesn't look like one though," One student frowned.

And the whole room went silent along with the device as a holographic compass popped up in front of the D-Arc's screen.

"Aw Nuts," Takato frowned at the arrow that was pointing somewhere into down-town Shinjuku.

And cue the distant explosions.

"What was that?" Ayaka asked as she ran over to the window.

"Was it a bomb?" Miki replied.

And through the chaos of everyone running to the windows, only Kazu and Kenta saw Takato rush out the classroom doors with a determined look on his face.

"Go get 'im, Takato!" Kenta called out while giving a thumbs up.

Kazu just stared on flatly as he said, equally flatly, "What the hell."

Takato felt a rush of energy he hadn't felt before as he rushed down the streets as fast as he could.

This would be his first live bio-emerged digimon! Just like in the show...!

With a hop and a skip- Takato ran past the park entrance, where he was joined by a large cardboard box that had none-other-than Guilmon hiding inside.

"I smell a Digimon!" Guilmon said, "Powerful too!"

"I know!" Takato laughed just a little as they rounded a corner, startling some confused pedestrians, "I saw the explosion from school!"

"A really big one then!" Guilmon laughed.

The exploded building was conspicuously absent of any Digimon, Henry noted with a frown.

All anyone had seen was a massive fog descending upon the abandoned building and created an explosion inside of the building before the fog floated off.

"This sounds like ol' stinky's work to me," Terriermon muttered from his place on Henry's shoulder, "I just betcha he's taunting us."

"Terriermon," Henry whispered, "I doubt he's come back to taunt us."

But it was.

It was a taunt.

As Henry stood there trying to figure out what to do next...

"Hey, Henry!" Takato came running up, with a cardboard box containing Guilmon trailing behind him.

Henry sighed. "Hello, Takato," he greeted.

"You investigating the explosion too?" Takato asked.

"Yeah, something like that," Henry frowned as he spotted a strangely shaped cloud in the sky...It was Gorillamon's face. "Actually, I think I might need your help on this one, Takato..."


"Come on, follow me," Henry said before taking off.

If Guilmon was powerful enough to take down Gargomon, then Gorillamon wouldn't stand a chance.

The cloud moved after them.

It was definitely a taunt... "You choose the board, I'll 'play' your game."

So Henry lead the Digital Field on to an empty construction yard, as safe of a place as any.

"ALRIGHT!" he shouted, "We're here, Gorillamon! Come on out and face us!"

"Gorillamon...?" Takato glanced around in confusion, "Where? I don't see any-?"

And then the Digital Field condensed around them as a deep, raspy voice laughed at them.

"Uh, Henry?" Terriermon gulped, "I think you made him mad!"

Guilmon discarded the cardboard box then- his eyes narrowed dangerously as he growled at what was coming through the Digital Field...

"Guilmon?" Takato glanced over at his partner in worry, then back towards the center of the field. Without even realizing it, he'd drawn his D-Arc and a set of cards in preparation for a fight...

"I wasn't sure you'd actually show up..." the voice said from the fog as a shadow raced from side to side- never in the same place twice. "My...Employer thought you'd chicken out!"

"Employer?" Terriermon asked, "Since when to Gorillas have employers?"

"Not now, Terriermon," Henry scolded. "Look, we came here to end this, Gorillamon. Peaceably if we can..."

"HAH!" A shadow rushed past them- so close that a faint breeze blew past- "Peaceably? The moment you stepped in here, you had no intentions of ending this 'pecably'!"

"Okay, that's true I'll admit it," Henry frowned, "but I still don't want this to end badly..."

"Too Bad!" the voice snarled as the shadow stopped moving fast, and instead slowed down as it walked forwards into the light, "Because I DO!"

It was a Gorillamon alright...but bizarrely, it had a green hourglass inside of a red circle on its chest.

"My employer has given me the power I desire!"Gorillamon shouted, "The Power to kill you where you stand, puny HUMAN!" And with that, he aimed his arm cannon at Terriermon and Henry, completely ignoring Takato and Guilmon.


Big mistake.

Gorillamon's aim was knocked off course by Guilmon ramming into the cannon from the side- sending the energy blast flying far and wide, where it impacted the ground and- SHWAPPO! -utterly vaporized a large crater into existence without so much as an explosion.

"RUN!" Terriermon roared as he took to the air.

"No argument's here!" Henry shouted as he began running in the opposite direction.

"FIRE BALL!" Guilmon let loose a fireball against Gorillamon's face- and the Gorilla roared in dismay.

*Cue SLASH!*

Takato spun a card- and then brought it up over his head to slash it through his D-Arc: "CARD SLASH!" he shouted: "HYPER WINGS ACTIVATE!"

"GET BACK HERE!" Gorillamon shouted as Guilmon backflipped away- and kicked into the air as a set of angleic wings sprouted from his back.

"NUH UH!" Guilmon stuck his tongue out at the Gorilla.

While Guilmon taunted the large Gorilla, Takato, Henry, and Terriermon regrouped on an overlooking stairway.

"What'd you do to tick this guy off?" Takato asked.

"I just taunted him a few times in the Digital World," Terriermon said even as a sweat drop formed on his forehead. "Not sure why he's so mad at Henry though!"

"Because I rescued you, probably," Henry frowned, "but that doesn't explain why he's got some 'employer' who wants us both dead, nor that weird mark on his chest!"

"The Hourglass?" Takato asked, staring at the enraged Gorillamon for a moment, "You mean he didn't have that on before?"

"No, he didn't," Henry frowned, watching as Guilmon dodged another energy blast that obliterated a chunk of the building. "His attacks never did that before either!"

"How the heck are we supposed to take ol' stinky down when he could gas us in a second?" Terriermon asked.

"We'll have to restrain him first," Takato narrowed his eyes and shifted through his card deck, then handed over a certain card to Henry, "when I give a signal, use this card on Terriermon and have Terriermon attack Gorillamon with it!"

"You want me to use THAT?" Terriermon gasped when he read the card description, "There's no way that's going to hold him!"

"It will long enough for Guilmon to get a good attack in on Gorillamon's cannon," Takato said.

"Alright then..." Henry turned the card over, smiling internally, 'I had a feeling Takato would come up with something...'

With a spin- both Tamers readied their cards and went to slash them through their D-Arcs- Takato used the same over the head motion, and Henry used his vertical slash infront of him.

"CARD SLASH!" they shouted:

"TRAINING GRIPS ACTIVATE!" Henry called out.

"SHOUTMON'S 'ROCK SOUL' ACTIVATE!" Takato called out.

"HEY STINKY!" Terriermon shouted- drawing Gorillamon's attention to them both from the Card Slash and the sudden glow across the bunny-dog's ears, "Come and get some!" And with that, Terriermon spun up into his "TERRIER TORNADO!" attack- launching off the still forming Training Grips at Gorillamon.

"What are you-GRK!" Gorillamon was caught off guard as the restraints hit him and suddenly compressed his arms against his sides.

"NOW GUILMON!" Takato shouted, "Aim for his chest!"

"His chest-?" Henry glanced at Takato in confusion. 'I thought you said the cannon-?'

"ROCK SOUL BREAKER!" Guilmon roared as he flew in towards Gorillamon's chest, his right claw pulled back into a punch as a giant musical note made out of fire formed around it.

"Wait No! What are you-!?" Gorillamon was cut off as Guilmon's claw broke through the chest restraints and clawed through the hourglass on his chest.

And then it was over- Gorillamon's body pulsed, almost looking to burst into data, only to fall apart into gelatinous cubes of varying colors.

"W...What the heck?" Terriermon gasped at the sight.

"That answers that question," Takato said with a grimace, "the hourglass was the weak spot."

"How could you possibly have known that?" Henry asked, even as the Digital Field around them began to disperse to the winds.

"Lucky guess?" Takato offered with a shrug.

As they went their separate ways, Takato sighed to himself, 'That was definitely not a lucky guess.'

It had all been the facts, in reality. A Digimon with a serious power-up with a new mark on it's body? That mark had to be the source of it's suddenly gained powers...Plus all the talk of an employer from Gorillamon? That meant someone had sent that Digimon to attack them.

'Why though?' Takato frowned, 'Why would someone want to hurt Henry and Terriermon like that?'

The goggle wearing boy looked to the cardboard box that hid Guilmon inside as they walked back to the park.

'It's a good thing Guilmon was able to keep dodging though. Those attacks were way over-powered for a Champion level.' Takato frowned. 'Ultimate, maybe even Mega. How could someone even power up a Digimon like that?'

As they went their separate ways, Henry could only sigh in relief. 'I'm glad Takato came along when he did. I'm not sure what we would have done...'

"Hey, Momentai, Henry!" Terriermon said with a grin, "We beat ol' Stinky, and now he's watering grass somewhere!"

"Maybe," Henry frowned, "but I'm worried. Why would a Digimon just melt like that? It's completely different from how Digimon usually die."

"Good point," Terriermon muttered, "that was pretty freaky..."


An Astamon watched the proceedings on the Earth Below with little amusement. "So..." He said finally, "it looks like I'll have to play it tough with this world..."