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Days go by
and I grow stronger
It takes time, but I'll never let go
Days go by and I'll try harder to make it mine, I know...
Something special to me
Something special to me
Something special to me

Chapter 1: Something Special

All their lives Rachel and Quinn dreamed of their weddings. They had visions of what color flowers they would have, what type of cake they would choose, and what kind of music they would dance to plus so much more. They grew up marrying dolls, animals, and even each other in their weekly marriage ceremonies. They tried on Quinn's mother wedding dress and their fathers top hats and they played in Quinn's attic dancing to an old boombox full of old classic love songs. It is safe to say that Quinn and Rachel are the best of friends, since birth.

Their lives were completely different yet they still learned to trust and believe in the friendship that they have. Quinn, grew up with two parents who were madly and deeply in love with each other. She was an only child to Russell and Judy Fabray who were both famous real estate agents for the upper Manhattan area in New York City. Russell and Judy were best friend's with Leroy and Hiram Berry, the two had bought an apartment on the upper east side from them and before they knew it the couple was connected at the hip.

Leroy and Hiram's story is a little bit different then the Fabray's. The two of them overcame more then most couples have. They married in Vermont where gay marriages are legal. The two moved to New York City so Leroy and Hiram could open up an successful law firm, they handle a lot of cases for major celebrities through the area. They two of them adopted Rachel and Noah. Neither of them were related to each other, Rachel is actually younger then Noah by a few years, but she could never tell the difference between the two. Noah Puckerman was given up by the previous foster parents that had him when he was 2. He was placed in the same care center as Rachel who was given up by an unknown woman. Leroy and Hiram had been working on a case for the care center when both of them locked eyes on Noah taking care of Rachel. They fell in love and adopted them right away.

Quinn and Rachel grew up together with Noah tagging along. They both went to the same schools, including college which was New York University. They shared a dorm, and then an apartment before the two meet their respected groom to Be's. Quinn, who was 7th grade history teacher, met Sam Evans at a cheer-leading competition where Sam was the event coordinator. Rachel, who was a fashion consultant for Vogue magazine, met Finn Hudson at a Philadelphia Phillies baseball game down in Philly. The two of the bonded over the love of baseball, and eventually fell for each other. Finn is a agent for athletes in the Northeastern part of the country. Quinn and Rachel knew it was only a matter of time before their men proposed to them. It was just a matter of when.

"Rachel, over here." Quinn waved her arm drawing Rachel over to her table at their favorite spot in Upper Manhattan, Cut. Rachel smiled as she threw her phone into her purse and weaved in and out of tables before finding a seat next to Quinn.

"Sorry I'm late, we had a big advertiser in the office today, and I was picked to show them around the office." Rachel said before ordering and afternoon cocktail and relaxing in her seat.

"I just got here. Sam and I had lunch early this afternoon so I had to stay a little bit later then usual for detention." Quinn said looking threw the menu.

"How is Sam?"

"You know, been busy with the winter season coming up. Planning all sorts of parties for those law firms in uptown. You're folks called him actually, want to throw a big shindig at their house on New Years." Quinn smiled.

"Well Sam better be giving them a good price." Rachel smiled back slightly. The two ordered an early dinner and spooned over all the dish about their life.

"Finn just signed a contract with a pretty well know football player, I can't say who but he wants to take me out to dinner later tonight to celebrate." Rachel said smiling hoping that this was Finn's way of proposing.

"Hm, fishy Finn, but I just heard from Sam that he thinks he signed Tom Brady. Finn was texting him all morning about it so I highly doubt its a proposal, I do hate to burst your bubble." Quinn said frowning.

"I didn't think it was going to be because I told him I want it to be way more romantic then a bottle of wine and dessert." Rachel laughed before pulling out her phone and texting back her assistant Kurt. "Sorry, I don't mean to stop our conversation with work, but Paula is working on the new layout for next months edition and I have to be on alert for anything that might go haywire."

"Who's on the cover next month?" Quinn asked getting excited.

"Lady Gaga." Rachel smiled knowing Quinn was a big fan.

"Wow, did you meet her?" She perked up right away wanting Rachel to dish all the info.

"No but I did design the background she stands behind." Rachel said as the waiter brought out some cheese fries for the girls to share.

"You know you shouldn't be eating those." Quinn said taking a fry.

"Well neither should you." Rachel spit back before seeing the waiter bring them some water.

"I seriously don't want to go to another wedding this weekend. It seems like all of our friends are getting married except us." Quinn said with a depressed monotone voice.

"And of all people it's Santana. Who in the world would want to marry her?" Rachel said laughing.

"What did you get her for a wedding gift?" Quinn asked.

"Finn and I pitched in and got her and Dave a two hour massage at the hotel they are staying for their honeymoon as well as dinner reservations." Rachel said."What about you and Sam?"

"We got her the gold lined vase that she has been begging me for weeks for. It costed me a arm and a leg." Quinn said folding her arms.

"At least they are getting married in the Hampton's. I am actually excited to spend the last weekend of the summer lounging on the beach."

"Amen to that sister." Quinn laughed as the two talked continuously out the wedding. Santana was a high school and college friend of the two of them, as well as Dave. They had been out with the couple every now and again but never understood why they were getting married, they fought worst then most couple who were married for 50 years. Once the two finished their food, they hugged and parted ways knowing that they would see each other in a little under 2 hours for cocktails after Finn and Rachel's dinner.


"Hudson, table for two." Finn stood next to Rachel who was wearing a little black cocktail dress and a pair of cute black heels. Her hair was in a elegant bun and she was wearing a shaw that she put around her shoulders. The hostess at the front of the restaurant told them it would be a few moments and the two of them strolled to the bar and grabbed a seat while they waited.

"So I talked to Quinn about this weekend and she said that she would be fine with riding up with us. Sam is going to be up in the Hampton's the night before for a wedding for a party he is hosting." Rachel said ordering a cosmo while Finn ordered a beer.

"Sounds good, I'm just glad to get a few days off for us." Finn said.

"Really, the summer is almost over and I know its going to be icy cold out soon so I am happy to catch a few rays." She said smiling.

"I will be happy just seeing you in a swimsuit." Finn smiled devilishly. The two were called to their table and sat down ordering their dinner.

"So,what is this big news?" Rachel half heartdly hoped that he was going to propose to her.

"I got Tom Brady." Finn smiled. "For 4 years. He liked my proposal and said that I would be the right agent to manage him and his family so I have a big brand new client." Rachel smiled and leaned in and kissed him before pulling back.

"I'm so proud of you Finn." Rachel smiled before taking a sip of water.

"Well, now that I have him, we are going to be able to hire a few new employee which means, more time for Finn and Rachel time." Finn smiled. Rachel automatically perked up. More time for the two of them meant possibly a proposal.

"Maybe we can finally take the trip down to LA to see Mercedes now." Rachel said excited.

"I know. Tom is coming in tomorrow morning to sign the papers and the day after we will drive up to the Hampton's for the wedding. It should be a easy few days." The two chatted over dinner about the contract, Santana's wedding, and a possible trip to LA. As soon as the two were done with dinner, they met Quinn and Sam down the seat at a bar. They entered the door and saw Sam and Quinn sitting in the back with drinks in hand.

"What's up guys?" Sam asked as the two slid into the booth.

"We just got done with dinner at Les Melius. So good."Rachel said waiting for the waitress to troll over.

"So, was I right? Tom Brady?" Quinn asked.

"Sam, I told you not to tell anyone until it was official." Finn said slightly upset.

"I'm sorry, you know he's my favorite." Sam said feeling bad.

"Well, to answer your question, yes. You were right." Finn said laughing.

"That's great. Congrats Finn." Quinn said.

"We can't stay to late tonight, I have to drive up to the Hampton's in the morning." Sam said before gulping his beer. The four spent the evening chatting, in the girls mind, all that was running threw their heads was the idea of marriage. They wanted to know when, why, if at all. The guys knew that the wedding this weekend would make them wonder more.


"Quinn, Rachel! Wonderful to see you ladies." Santana Lopez stood at the entrance of the hotel greeting all of her wedding guests.

"Santana, what a glowing bride." Quinn said sarcastically.

"Well if it isn't the two old maids." Santana said back.

"We are only 25 Santana, we aren't old." Rachel said defensively.

"Where's Finnegan? Did he dump you?" Santana asked meanly.

"He's parking the car." Rachel said annoyed.

"Quinn, I saw Sam yesterday, he is a very busy man. I saw him for two minutes before he was rushed off." Santana said.

"He's a very busy man. You were at the white party last night?" Quinn asked surprised.

"I am invited every year. Dave's family grew up around here." Santana said in a stuck up kind of attitude. Rachel turned around and saw Finn heading up the side walk as a bell boy followed with their bags.

"Finnegan! Wonderful to see you again." She went in for a hug but he just placed his hand out for a handshake.

"Hey." He said before putting his arm around Rachel.

"Well, its wonderful to know you guys made it. I have some other guest to attend to so see you guys later." Santana walked off.

"Does she seem to get meaner with everyday that goes by?" Finn said laughing.

"No she is just that mean." Quinn said as they trudged into the hotel to the counter. Finn checked in to both the rooms and handed Quinn her key while Rachel followed him to the elevators. Quinn was on the 2nd floor and Rachel and Finn were on the 7th floor so they wouldn't see much of each other as far as bedtime went. Quinn waved goodbye to the two as she got off on her floor and headed to her room with Finn and Rachel got off on the 7th floor and already saw the bellboy waiting for them. They tipped him and headed into the king size room they requested.

"This is a nice place." Finn said setting his keys on the desk.

"Santana actually has some class." Rachel said smiling.

"You have way more class then her." Finn said coming over to hug her.

"Thank you." Rachel kissed him before heading over to her bag.

"What time is the dinner?" Finn said. By now he was use to all these parties. He attended a wedding almost every other weekend in the summertime and at least once a month in the winter and spring months.

"7:15pm." Rachel blurted out heading to the bathroom.

"That gives me time to take a nap." Finn said laying down on the firm king size bed.

"Napping? Are you seriously going to lay in that bed when the sun is shining and the beautiful ocean is right there?" Rachel asked.

"Well, its either that or watch the baseball game that we could have gone to." Finn said with a pouty lip.

"Hey, Quinn was the one who RSVP'ed for us. I frankly didn't want to come. I wanted to go to the baseball game." Rachel said turning on the TV for him so he could find some sports.

"Don't lie Rach, you love weddings. I know even though Santana is your worst enemy that you would have killed to come to the wedding." Finn laughed putting his arms behind his head.

"I do love weddings that is no lie." Rachel smiled before laying next to him. "Maybe I can nap with you."

"The more the merrier." Finn said smiling as she snuggled up to him.


Sam and Quinn met Finn and Rachel downstairs for the pre-dinner party before the actual rehearsal dinner. Neither Quinn nor Rachel were in the wedding party but Santana liked having her closest friends near her. Sam and Finn honestly didn't know what to do. Dave really wasn't the nicest guy, he worked for someone's law firm who worked for someone who worked for someone who worked for Donald Trump. He didn't really enjoy big parties but since it was his wedding, he had to endure it. The girls friends, which included Tina, who was married to top fitness trainer in the northeastern region of the country, Mike Chang, Brittney, who was married to Artie Abrams who was a production manager for America's Next Top Model, and Lauren, who wasn't married at all. Lauren actually had a thing with Rachel's brother, Puck for awhile. Finn and Sam were lucky enough to spend the evening talking to them.

"What is this the fifth wedding this month we've been to?" Sam asked downing his beer.

"Seventh for me. Rachel knows a lot of people in the fashion industry so I am dragged to those weddings as well." Finn said seeing Mike, Artie, and Puck heading their way.

"You guys going stag tonight?" Artie called as he rolled up next to him.

"Very funny." Finn said laughing. Sam and Finn not only were getting pressure from the girls for a proposal, the guys were giving it to them to. Mike and Artie were tired of being stuck with ball and chains while Finn and Sam got by with just being their boyfriends.

"You don't know how bad Rachel's wants a ring bro. She tells me and our folks every time she sees us." Puck said who was usually always stag at these events. Finn was surprised that Puck was invited to the wedding, word is that he had sex with Santana all throughout her Senior year at NYU, and then dumped her on their anniversary. Of course Puck said that the rumors were true.

"Dude don't even remind me." Finn said rolling his eyes.

"Don't you love Rachel?" Mike asked.

"I do, but she won't let me propose to her my own way. She gets the slightest hint that I might be planning something and bursts it all to pieces." Finn said annoyed.

"Quinn is the same way, but she has toned down a little bit. I know this wedding is gonna put the thought back in to her head though." Sam said seeing all the girls chatting.

"You guys better step to it. If I know Quinn and Rachel as well as you guys do, they are gonna jump ship soon. Neither of them like waiting." Puck said as the girls rejoined them and they all headed to dinner.


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