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So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, good night,
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.
So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, adieu,
Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and yieu.

So long, farewell, Au'voir, auf wiedersehen,
I'd like to stay and taste my first champagne
So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye,
I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye,
Good bye

Chapter 7: So Long, Farwell

Quinn sat at her desk as she filed some paperwork quietly. Her class sat in front of her taking a quiz she had came up with an hour before lunch. She originally intended to go over some wedding details quietly but was so behind on grading that she changed her mind. Sam had called her a little before lunch to tell her that he finally decided on a cake, but Quinn was wrapped up in work to think about it. She looked up at the clock which read 2:30, only an hour to go. There was a light knock on the door and Lauren stepped into the room as the kids looked up then back down at their papers.

"Hey Quinn, there is an officer in the teacher's lounge wanting to speak to you." Lauren said with a suspected look on her face. Quinn looked up and nodded with a weird look on her face.

"Jessica, will you keep an eye on everyone until I get back?" Quinn walked out of the classroom and down the hall to the teacher's lounge. She saw a frenzy of teacher's waiting in the hallway, most of them females. Quinn shuffled through them and entered seeing a short man with a brown Afro and thick rimmed black glasses. He was wearing a really tight black cop uniform. He had a cap pinned down to his Afro and he was dangling handcuffs with his fingers.

"Quinn Fabray?" He asked making Quinn nod. "I'm here to arrest you." He said grabbing her arm.

"Excuse me?" Quinn pulled her arm back. "On what charges?"

"Of being to hot to handle." The little man said as he reached for his boombox and started dancing to 'I'm to Sexy' by Right Said Fred. Quinn's face went from angry to completely embarrassed. He torn off his Velcro shirt and she could see his hairy chest which matched the curls on his head. Quinn should have known straight away that he wasn't a real cop. He threw his shirt at her head and when she pulled it off her face, she saw his name tag.

Detective of Hot and Sexiness, Jacob Ben Israel

Lauren was in the corner cheering him on and the other teacher's were shaking their heads in disbelief. As he went to pull of his pants, Quinn reached for the CD player and shut it off.

"Okay, show's over." Quinn said making the teachers file out.

"Ah man, it was just getting good." Lauren pouted.

"Lauren, will you please go check on my class while I escort Mr. Hot Stuff out of the building." Lauren stomped her foot before exiting the room. Jacob was redressing while Quinn pulled the handcuffs off her wrist. "Let's go." She handed him his boombox.

"Was I to your liking?" He asked.

"Truthfully, no."

"My love said you would hate me." He whimpered a little.

"Who hired you?" Quinn asked urgently.

"I promised I wouldn't say. I was told to come here, strip, and leave. No matter how disgusted it would be." Jacob said almost gagging.

"Disgusted? Why would I disgust you?" Quinn said in a king of stuck up attitude.

"I mean you compared to my star, I hate to say this, but your nothing." He said messing with the Velcro on his shirt.

"Your star?" Quinn was only confused for a moment. Star, gold star, Rachel Berry. "Rachel hired you didn't she?"

"Sorry, I cannot disclose that information." He said heading for the door.

"What if I pay you a little extra cash to seduce your little star?" Quinn asked knowing when to do it.

"Anything!" He said in a begging voice. "You don't even have to pay me."

"It would be an honor though." Quinn wrote down her number. "Call me at 5:30 tonight and we will plan it out."

Finn laid on the couch with a remote in his hand. His day had been longer then usual. He picked up more business but nothing he couldn't handle. He thought about his couch, a beer in hand, and Rachel by his side. But Rachel had to work late, it was her month to hold the monthly birthday party for staff members who's birthday's were in October. So, she wouldn't be home until late. She did drop off the wedding book on the table during her lunch break for him to go over. He tried to be as supportive and as involved in the wedding as much as possible, but he was slacking right now. Rachel and Sue had it all on their shoulders and he offered to give his opinion on some things. Rachel outlined what she needed help with. The problem was, he didn't want to get up.

Finn put the remote on the coffee table and rolled to a sitting position placing his beer next to the remote. He stretched before heading to the table and opening the wedding book. Rachel had sticky notes all over the place, but one stuck out. A big pink sticky note with gold stars around it.

Finny, I know once you open this book, you'll be lost. So follow the green arrows and if you like what you see, circle it or whatever. Love ya, Rachel

Finn smiled and turned to the arrow that he first saw. It was a page on which song he wanted for their first dance. Rachel had outlined a number of songs ranging from Open Your Heart by Madonna to Faithfully by Journey. As much as he liked to rock out to 80's and 90's rock, he didn't want to choose any of the opinions in front of him. He scribbled a note to 'talk about later' and continued through the book.

For hours, two hours, Rachel had been making him do wedding stuff and she wasn't even around. If she would have been there, the would have been different but she wasn't. How in the hell did Sam like doing this? Finn closed the book just as he heard the door unlock and Rachel come through the door with a tired look on her face.

"Hey sweetie." Rachel said putting her handbag and briefcase on the entryway table. Finn came over and pulled her into a hug and a kiss.

"Rough day?"

"More like night. I was just tired and grouchy. I was extremely tired." Rachel laid her head on his chest smelling his Old Spice body wash. Finn picked her small body up and carried her to the couch. Rachel laughed before he joined her and pulled her into his lap again.

"I worked on some of the wedding stuff." Finn said putting his head on top of hers.

"Yeah? Did you pick our song yet?" Rachel asked.

"No, we need to talk about that. I have a suggestion that wasn't on the list." Finn said as Rachel pulled away and looked up.

"Shoot." Rachel smiled.

"I'm yours." Finn smiled back. "Remember, you were in line ahead of me to get a beer at the ballpark between innings. I was standing behind you and you were behind someone else and you were humming the song quietly. They were playing it for the kiss-cam. And when I heard you sing, I knew I wanted to marry you." Finn smiled rubbing he cheek with his thumb.

"You remember that?" Rachel was slightly in tears.

"Of course, that's our wedding song." Finn kissed her lips and then pulled away smiling. After a few moments of making out, Rachel went to change into her PJ's and Finn went to order a late night Friday night snack from a chic cookie shop that delivered. As soon as he got off the phone he found himself on the couch watching a post game wrap up from the post-season playoffs in baseball. October was always a busy month in the Berry-Hudson household, it was post-season baseball, and the Phillies always, or almost always for the past 4 years, were in the playoffs and this year was no exception. The weekend was ahead of them with the first round.

Rachel came into the living room in a cotton white night gown and her hair in braid pig tails. As she passed by the front door, she heard a knock.

"Honey, could you get that? It's just Daphne's cookies." Finn said. Rachel nodded opening the door, not seeing a delivery person, but a short firefighter with a plastic hose and a plastic hat the was not resting on his head, but his hair. Rachel was so confused, was this a drill?

"Ma'am, there's a fire!" Jacob screamed loudly.

"Oh my god!" Rachel said loudly.

"A fire, in your pants!" Jacob said pushing his way into the apartment. He pulled off the fake coat and started making music, himself. Finn stood up angry. Who was this guy?

"Can I help you?" Finn said towering above him.

"Rachel Berry, my love, is this a rapist?" Jacob said swinging his plastic hose around Finn's face.

"Rachel, who is this quack?" Finn asked making fun of him.

"I hired him for Quinn's bachorlette party awhile ago." Rachel lied partially. "I don't know why he's here."

"Don't lie my shining star. Who is this man?" Jacob asked trying to stroke her hair. Rachel pulled away.

"I'm her fiance you jackass. You have two seconds to get out of our house before I call the police." Finn said grabbing him by the neck. Jacob pulled away and started dancing around Rachel.

"It's raining men! Hallelujah, it's raining men. Amen!" Jacob sang. Rachel felt like puking. He was trying to grind against her.

"Finn, sweetie, do something." Rachel said trying to pull away from Jacob. Finn pulled Rachel away from him and grabbed Jacob by the neck.

"Rachel, call the police." Finn said. Rachel grabbed the phone and called security. After a few minutes, she hung up the phone.

"Did she send you back?" Rachel asked.

"Who? Quinn?" Finn asked confused.

"Yeah, Quinn. I know her. She did, didn't she?" Rachel said as the police came in.

"No! My love! Don't let me go!" The police dragged him out leaving the two alone.

"Is Quinn crazy?" Finn asked reaching in to hug Rachel.

"Yeah, she is." Rachel said slightly laughing knowing she hit her hard at her work.

"They want me to take a sabbatical." Quinn cried loudly into Sam's chest.

"Why would Rachel do that?" Sam asked annoyed.

"Well, Lauren told me to change her flowers and this was retaliation." Quinn said knowing she started this. "So I sent the stripper right back to her and Finn's house." Sam looked at her and laughed.

"Think of it this way honey, more time to help me plan the wedding." Sam added with a smile. Quinn smiled back at him before pulling away to turn on Project Runway. Usually she recorded it on Thursday nights and Rachel wold come over on Friday's and watch it, but not anymore. She missed Rachel and despised her at the same time.

"Project Runway time?" Same asked cuddling into Quinn with a beer in hand. As much as Quinn loved Sam, she hated how he tried to like everything she liked. What straight man watched Project Runway?

"Um, yeah." Quinn said lightly. Was she marrying a gay man? He did like planning parties and weddings.

"Heidi Klum is so hot." Sam said and Quinn stopped panicking. Thank god, he wasn't gay, just really flamboyant. Halfway through the show, Sam received a phone call from Sue stating that something was going on with the cake and they set a time to meet up on Saturday. Quinn was still so upset from the whole stripper thing at work. Principal Figgins told her to take a paid break, finish the wedding and come back fresh. Thank god she didn't lose her job. As she watched Project Runway though, she felt herself missing Rachel more. The friendship's between Michael and Mondo were growing on the show and when Michael got kicked off, she saw Mondo crying.

"I'm sorry Michael, your out." Heidi echoed on the TV. Quinn was sheading tears. "Auf wiedersehen."

"Auf wiedersehen Michael." Quinn said through tears. She was really emotional without Rachel. She missed her friendship. She wiped her eyes as she heard Same enter the room.

"Hey Quinny, I think I have a way to get Rachel back." Sam said.

"We are stopping this feud right this instant. I don't have the strength." Quinn said.

"Come on, she sent a stripper to your work, almost got you fired. We need to retaliate." Sam had the hunger in his eyes.

"No!" Quinn stopped talking to him, but Sam didn't care. He would get Rachel back, one way or another.

Finn and Rachel sat in a dance studio that Sue gave them a clue about. Well, she got a text from who she assumed was Becky. St. James Dance and Music. She had never heard of him before. Finn really didn't want to take dance lessons, but he also didn't want to step on Rachel's tiny feet, so he would grin and bear it. She was wearing a cute leotard and dance skirt with her hair up in a bun. Finn was feeling under dressed wearing his sweatpants and hoodie.

"I know you don't wanna do this, but I promise that it will go by fast." Rachel leaned in to hug Finn.

"I'm doing this for you. So, don't say I don't do anything." Finn laughed kissing her. In the far corner, Finns saw a slightly curly haired man. He was wearing leather pants and a matching black sweater vest with a cashmere scarf.

"Which one of you is Rachel Berry?" His voice seemed to have a musical tone following it. Finn looked at him with a weird expression. Was he dumb, did he look like a Rachel Berry? Rachel pulled away from Finn and nodded toward him. "I'm Jesse St. James, the dance instructor."

"Hi, I'm Rachel, this is my fiance Finn." Rachel gestured to Finn but Jesse didn't seem to care.

"You seem like a skilled dancer." Jesse grabbed her hand lightly, Rachel pulled it away.

"Finn and I just want to learn the standard waltz and possibly the foxtrot." Rachel was disgusted by him. Why were all the freaky men following her?

"How am I suppose to show you if your dancing with him?" Jesse asked trying to pull her into a twirl.

"Oh, I already know how to do it. Finn needs the help." Rachel said moving away from Jesse.

"Thanks Rachel." Finn said jokingly.

"Excuse me, but Finn is a man." Jesse said confused.

"And? I have two gay dad's. I know men dance together." Rachel said.

"It's not that Miss Berry. You strictly signed up for Women's Pole dancing 101." Jesse said making her and Finn's eyes pop out of their sockets.

"No I didn't." Rachel said as Finn had a kind of goofy smile before it turned into a frown. "Finn I swear I didn't."

"Here is the sheet, look for yourself." Rachel looked at the paper knowing it wasn't her signature.

"This isn't my handwriting. It looks a lot like Quinn's." Rachel said annoyingly. "She sabotaged me again."

"Why doesn't she stop?" Finn asked puzzled.

"Because, she thinks she can win." Rachel gave the paper back to Jesse. "Is there any way we can switch to ballroom dancing?" Jesse looked upset.

"I guess." Jesse muttered.

"Question." Finn interrupted.

"Yeah Bigfoot?"

"Why are you teaching Women's pole dancing?" Finn asked.

"Because the ladies love it." Jesse said smiling at Rachel. She rolled her eyes. She need to get Quinn back, and bad.