Chapter One: Accidentally in Love

May 14, 2010

It was a picturesque Los Angeles morning and Randy Orton was in the elevator of Devlin Tower, rapidly ascending toward his destination: the twentieth floor. The young IT technician had grudgingly accepted the job when his boss, Paul Levesque, said no one else was close enough to take it. Randy suspected the only reason Paul was so anxious to get someone over there was because it was his wife's family's law firm whose computers were in question. Randy accepted on one condition: he got a longer lunch break.

The doors of the elevator opened on the twentieth floor and Randy stepped out. He checked the plaque on the wall—"McMahon, McMahon, & Levesque Law Firm". Randy had heard of these people, everyone in L.A. had. If you were famous and most likely guilty, you could hire a McMahon attorney and walk away free.

"Are you here to fix the computers?"

A female voice startled Randy from his thoughts. Randy turned to face the direction the voice was coming from, hand outstretched. "Yeah, I am. My name's Randy…"

But that was a far as he got. The woman Randy saw standing there made him completely forget everything else he was about to say. Long black hair, brown eyes, and a curvaceous frame her skirt suit did little to hide; it was like she'd jumped right from his dreams and into reality.

The woman smiled and shook Randy's hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm Melina Perez."

Randy smiled nervously. "Nice to meet you, too. So, where am I going?"

"My boss' office is right this way," said Melina, "I guess she can tell you exactly what's going on. Follow me." Melina gestured for Randy to follow her and lead him down a hallway. They soon arrived at a door with a nameplate on the outside that said "Stephanie McMahon-Levesque". Randy knew right away that this was Paul's wife's office.

Melina knocked on the door, to which a female voice responded, "Who is it?"

"It's Melina, Mrs. Levesque," said Melina, "I'm here with Randy, the IT technician your husband sent."

A second later, a woman opened the door. Randy recognized the lovely brunette from pictures in Paul's wallet and on his phone. She had two manila folders in each hand, with a Blackberry balanced on top of one stack.

"You're right on time," Stephanie said with a smile, "I'm sorry, Randy, but I can't really elaborate much on what's going on with the computer. I'm really no good with these kinds of things! What's more, I've got to head to a meeting with my dad and brother, so just have Melina call me when you're done, okay?"

Melina nodded and she and Randy stepped into the office.

"Are you here to watch me?" Randy asked, taking a seat behind Stephanie's desk.

Melina smiled and shrugged. "It's kind of standard, really. It kind of just comes with being her assistant."

Randy laughed and shook his head. "I still can't believe you work here."

"Why?" Melina asked.

"This is probably gonna sound like sexual harassment," Randy began, unplugging the CPU, "but you're far too beautiful to be working in Devlin Tower all day. You seem more like a model to me."

Melina laughed. "Thanks, but is that what you say to all the girls in the offices you get called to?"

"Not by a long shot," Randy replied, plugging the CPU back up. He turned the computer back on and used the mouse to rapidly open and close a series of windows before turning the computer off. He stood up. "Done."

Melina's eyes widened. "Already? How did you…?"

Randy stopped her. "Can I ask a question really fast?"

"Sure, I guess," Melina replied.

"What time does your lunch break start?" Randy asked.

Melina checked the clock on the wall; it was eleven-fifty-six. "In four minutes, why?"

"Let's just say my boss owes me big time for even taking this call," said Randy, "so I've got a little extra time on my hands. Would you like to have lunch with me?"

Melina smiled. "I'd love to."

The lunch rush had just started at Jay's Grill and Adam Copeland was filling orders left and right. His concentration had yet to be broken…

"Dude!" Adam's best friend and owner of the restaurant, Jay Reso, slapped a hand down on Adam's shoulder.

"Yeah?" Adam asked, sliding two more plates onto the ledge in front of him for servers to take.

"I've got a friend that wants to meet you," said Jay.

"Meet me?" Adam asked.

"Yep," said Jay, "she and some of her friends just finished eating, and she said the food was so good that she had to tell you in person, so I told her that was fine."

Adam shrugged. "Sounds good. Who is it?"

"Her name's Eve," Jay began, as the two of them left the kitchen, "and she works down the street as a secretary at Hart International."

"Okay," Adam said absentmindedly. He just wanted to get this over with so he could get back to work.

Jay navigated the two of them through the maze of lunchtime patrons and stopped just short of a woman sitting on a bar stool. She turned to face them and her emerald eyes lit up.

"Jay! Back already?" she asked.

"You act like I had to go far," Jay joked. He gestured to Adam. "Eve, this is the man you wanted to thank, my best friend slash head chef, Adam Copeland. Adam, this is Eve Torres."

In his mind, Adam took back every bit of indifference he'd initially had about someone wanting to meet him. Eve was gorgeous, with oodles of curly brown hair and green eyes. At a loss for words, Adam extended his hand, and Eve shook it.

"Lunch was so good!" Eve gushed, "My friends would tell you the same thing, but they had to head back to the office."

Adam smiled. "Well, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed everything." Mentally, Adam wanted to slap himself. Really? Is that the best you could respond with? He thought.

Jay put a hand on each of their shoulders. "I figure I'll let you two chat it up for a while. I've got some business to take care of." His best friend gave Adam one last pat on the back before disappearing.

"You don't really say much, do you?" Eve laughed.

Adam shrugged. "That depends on who you ask." Being nearly silent wasn't by choice at the moment. Adam wanted to talk to Eve, he really did, but coming into unexpected contact with that type of beauty is bound to throw a man off his A-game.

Eve smiled as she pulled her vibrating phone from her purse. "Looks like they need me back at the office," she said, "you know, you're cute, so that definetly makes up for the lack of time we had to talk to each other." She laughed and grabbed a napkin from one of the nearby tables and pulled a pen from her purse. She leaned on the bar and wrote on it. Eve handed Adam the napkin. "Here's my number."

"So you're hoping you can get me to talk over the phone?" Adam joked.

"I'll take what I can get as of now," Eve replied, "I'll, hopefully, talk to you soon." She gave Adam one last look before heading for the restaurant's doors. Adam tucked the napkin into his pocket. He'd definetly be calling Eve later on.

That afternoon, Dolph Ziggler was in the employee locker room of 24 Hour Fitness, awaiting the start of his break when his co-worker Ted DiBiase poked his head in the door.

"Hey, I've got a training session about to start. Can you handle something for me at the front desk?" Ted asked.

Dolph raised an eyebrow. "Where's Kelly? Isn't she supposed to be working the front desk?"

"She didn't come in today," Ted replied, "look, it's really standard. This lady just wants to sign up for a membership, that's all. It'll be really quick."

Dolph smiled and stood up. "You owe me for this one, Teddy."

Dolph navigated his way through treadmills, ellipticals, stair-steppers, and more on his way to the front desk. When he got there, he almost regretted not wanting to do Ted this favor.

The beautiful woman standing on the opposite side of the counter smiled. "I take it you're here to sign me up?"

Dolph nodded and extended his hand. "And you'd be right. I'm Dolph, by the way."

The woman shook Dolph's hand. "Nice to meet you, Dolph. I'm Maria."

Dolph smiled and took in the woman's features, from her long, deep red hair to her green eyes to her willowy frame. He didn't just stare because Maria was beautiful, but because he swore he'd seen her somewhere before.

Dolph handed Maria the membership forms. "This is gonna sound kind of stupid," he prefaced, "but do I know you from somewhere?"

Maria laughed. "Maybe. Do you watch the channel four news?"

"Sometimes," Dolph replied.

"Well, there you go. I do the weather for the morning newscast," Maria replied.

Dolph smiled. "I knew I'd seen you somewhere!"

"I bet most of L.A. could say that, too," Maria joked. She handed Dolph the papers back. "Is there anything else I have to fill out?"

Dolph inspected them for a moment. "Nope, everything looks fine. I'll be making a copy of this one, though." He smiled and flashed the form where Maria had written down all her personal information.

Maria grinned. "What for?"

"Well, your phone number's on this page," said Dolph.

"And I'm guessing this is the part where you say you'd love to take me on a date sometime?" Maria asked.

Dolph nodded. "And this is the part where you say yes."

"And this is the part where I'd tell you that you were right," Maria began, "and to pick me up at eight."

John Cena jumped out of the driver's seat as soon as he parked in front of the dentist's office. It was only the first spring practice of the season and one of his players had already lost a tooth. Wonderful.

John opened the driver's side back door and let two of the players from Vista High's football team, Evan Bourne (who was now minus a tooth) and his best friend who insisted on coming along, AJ Styles, out.

"Still have your tooth, Bourne?" he asked.

Evan pulled the tooth from his back pocket and showed it to John. "When is my mom getting here, Coach?"

"Soon, hopefully," John replied, leading the two of them into the dentist's office, "I just called her."

AJ laughed. "Man, I can't believe Ken knocked your tooth out this early in the season!"

"Neither can I," John snorted.

"I say you leave it out," said AJ, "I think it looks pretty badass."

Evan raised an eyebrow at his best friend. "You're kidding me, right?"

John shook his head as the three of them walked up to the front desk. The look on the blonde girl's face was all the validation John needed that this was one of the most ridiculous situations he'd ever been in.

Raising a skeptical eyebrow, the girl behind the counter asked, "How can I help you?"

"I'm John Cena, and this is one of my players, Evan Bourne," John began, "it says here in his file from the nurse's office that his family's insurance says he's covered here. He got a tooth knocked out a practice today."

The blonde girl, whose nametag read 'Maryse' looked at them crazy again. "There's no guarantee we'll get that thing put back in today," she said, "but you'll have to go to the back anyway for the standard stuff—you know, x-rays and whatnot. You can head on back; I'll let the assistant know you're coming."

John nodded. "Thanks." He led Evan and AJ through some French doors and on to the back. The trio made a quick right and arrived at the x-ray room. When they got there, a female employee had her back to them and was prepping the x-ray machine.

The petite brunette turned around and smiled at the three of them. AJ and Evan thought they'd have to pick their coach's jaw up off of the floor.

The lady turned her attention to Evan first. "So you're Evan, huh?"

Evan nodded.

"Are these two your dad and brother?" she asked gesturing to John and AJ.

"Oh, no," John said, "I'm nowhere near old enough to have a sixteen-year-old kid. I'm his football coach."

"I see," the woman replied, gesturing for Evan to sit in the chair. "Well, just the same, it's nice to meet you, Coach…"

"Cena, but you can call me John," John replied.

The woman removed the latex glove from one of her hands and reached out to shake John's hand. "Nice to meet you, John. I'm Mickie."

AJ leaned over to Evan. "Dude, what's up with your dentist's office?" he whispered, "Every chick who works here is smokin' hot! First that blonde girl at the front desk, now her?"

Evan elbowed his best friend. "Shut up!" he demanded, "Say it a little louder, why don't you? And I think you should lay off of Miss X-Ray—it looks like Coach already has his eye on her."

"Are your players always losing teeth, or is this an isolated incident?" Mickie teased.

"I promise this doesn't happen all the time," John replied, "I'm a damn good coach, if I do say so myself."

Mickie smiled. "Oh yeah? How good?"

"Too good to elaborate here and now," said John, "but I think we'd have plenty of time to talk about it over dinner tonight."

Mickie grinned. "You're on." She pulled a pen from the pocket of her scrubs and reached for John's hand. She wrote her number on his palm. She opened her mouth to say something, but her name being called over the PA system cut her off.

"Leaving so soon?" John asked.

"Unfortunately," Mickie sighed, "now that I've got Evan here all ready for his x-rays, I've gotta go help prep some unlucky guy for a root canal. I guess the job of a dental assistant is never done."

John laughed. "I guess not. So, I'll pick you up at eight?"

Mickie smiled. "And not a second later."

From the moment he walked into the Mercedes dealership with his best friend Alex Riley, Mike Mizanin just felt richer. Maybe, he thought, it was because he was richer. He and Alex had just gotten their first big paychecks from the radio station, their first since getting their own radio show, which was growing more popular by the day. Now, after having saved up for a while, they were ready to splurge on brand-new Benzes.

Mike thought he was seeing things when a gorgeous saleswoman made her way toward him and Alex from across the showroom.

"That chick works here?" Alex whispered to Mike.

"I guess so," Mike replied absentmindedly, watching the woman get closer.

Alex looked the woman up and down. "She can sell me whatever the hell she wants," he breathed.

Mike and Alex were both equally enthralled with the woman, a beauty with tanned skin, long brown hair, and an hourglass shape. She smiled broadly at Mike and Alex.

"Hi, I'm Layla," she beamed, "how can I help you guys today?"

"We're looking to buy," Mike said as confidently as he possibly could. Her impeccably hot British accent was making it hard to concentrate.

The woman looked impressed. "Ooh, impressive. First time buyers, I'm guessing?"

"Lucky guess," said Alex.

"Do you guys have a certain model in mind? Anything you've got your eye on?" Layla asked.

"You," Alex mumbled.

Mike shot Alex an icy look. "Not really," he said, "but something fast, preferably."

"Something to help you avoid this God-forsaken L.A. traffic, huh?" Layla asked, "You two have got good taste. Right this way, boys." Layla sashayed, with Mike and Alex following close behind, over to a black CLK 500. Mike was sold already.

"This is it," Mike said, eyeing the car.

"Really? You're sure already?" Layla asked.

"This is the type of car I'd look good in," Mike said confidently, "the type of car I'd look even better taking you to dinner in."

Layla beamed. "A sale and a dinner date all in one afternoon?" she asked, "I'd love to take you up on your offer, Mr.—"

"Mizanin. Mike Mizanin," Mike replied, "And I'll see you at seven."

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