Chapter Eight: Two is Better Than One

"Twins?" John, Randy, Mike, Dolph, and Alex asked in disbelief.

Adam nodded. "Yes, twins, as in two babies. As in one more than we planned for. As in more than I'm fucking prepared to handle!"

It had been nearly twenty-four hours since Adam had been told he and Eve would be having twins in six months. The guys and their ladies were at Mike's house, which Layla had just moved into that day. With the five of them—plus Alex— in the front yard, Adam decided to take the opportunity to tell the guys about he and Eve's impending arrivals.

"Good luck, man," Randy offered.

"Oh, it'll take more than luck," said Dolph.

"If I remember correctly, you were ecstatic when you found out Eve was pregnant, but now you're shitting bricks. What happened?" John asked.

"What happened is I'm having twins," shot Adam.

"Just calm down, dude," Mike insisted, "you know they say it takes a village to raise a child. Maybe this is a good thing, since all the girls are due at the same time; remember, we'll all be able to help each other out."

Adam leaned against the door frame of the condo's open front door. "Yeah, I know we'll all have each other's backs but that doesn't change the fact that you guys are all having one kid and I'm having two."

"What does Eve think about it?" Alex asked.

"Exactly what I think," Adam replied, "that we were just wrapping our heads around the idea of becoming parents to one baby, and then we found out we were having two."

"Please tell me you've got names picked out," said Melina, "I don't want to be the only one thinking ahead that far." She was seated at the kitchen table, flipping through an issue of People.

Eve shrugged. "Honestly, we haven't even talked about it yet. It's not like we haven't got plenty of time to decide."

"Six whole months," Layla chimed in.

"Oh, come on," said Mickie, "just because you haven't chosen names doesn't mean you haven't thought about them. We've all thought about them."

Maria smiled. "It's a little hard to choose names if you don't know what you're having yet."

"I mean, I guess that's why you pick one name and one girl name, but you're still right, Ria," said Melina.

"What would you guys prefer: a boy or a girl?" Mickie asked.

Melina shrugged. "Randy's hoping for a girl as far as I know, and, truth be told, I kind of wanted a girl, too."

Eve sat down beside Melina at the table. "All I know is, the suspense is killing me! The second I'm far enough to tell what I'm having, I'm going back to the doctor."

"You don't look forward to being surprised?" Maria asked.

"I think I've already dealt with enough surprises for the next six months," Eve replied, holding up two fingers and pointing to her stomach.

"How did Adam take it?" Layla asked.

Eve laughed. "I think he needs to hear the word 'twins' a few more times before it sinks in."

"Are you still going to help me?" Dolph asked. He and Mike were sitting on the couch and everyone else had gone outside.

"What, with the whole proposal thing? Relax, I haven't even talked to the girls yet," Mike said casually.

"You haven't talked to the girls yet?" asked Dolph, "I thought you said you'd get their advice and help me out!"

"You think I haven't been trying?" Mike asked, "It doesn't help that all five of them are attached at the hip; where you find one, you find the other four. I'm not just gonna blurt it out when they're all together. You don't want Ria to find out, do you?"

Dolph shook his head no. "Well, can you at least talk to Lay tonight once we all leave and then get her to talk to the other girls?"

"Sure," Mike replied, "but I feel as though I have to ask, what type of proposal are you going for?"

Dolph shrugged. "I don't want to do what any of you guys did, though. Adam invited Eve to dinner at the restaurant and put her ring in the champagne flute, John had the band, color guard, and cheer squad spell out the proposal at one of the football games Mickie went to, and Randy kept it pretty simple, he just proposed to Mel at her parents' house in Hesperia when they went to visit."

Mike laughed. "You conveniently left out mine."

Dolph rolled his eyes. "You proposed to Layla out of the blue with no ring at one o'clock in the morning. I really don't wanna copy you."

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