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Author's Note: Since I think it was said on the show that Tony's Mom was from England I thought that I would write a story where he was at Hogwarts. Sorry if things are wrong since I only watched the movies and have never read the books.

A Little Magic

Owl Tony DiNozzo watched as his Mom and Dad drove him to the train station. He was happy to be going to the school where his parents had gone to and he was excited. He had an Owl that he had gotten from the Alley and a wand and whatever else he would need for this semester. His parents had gone with him and had brought everything.

They parked in front of the train station and got everything out and the made it to platform 9 3/4 . He hugged and kissed his parents goodbye and made his way towards the portal. His parents had told him that he would have to go through the sorting process where a hat would be placed on his head and it would tell him which House he would be in. He hoped that it wasn't Slithering.

He watched in wonder as the boats made their way towards Hogwarts. He looked at the huge building that was going to be his home away from home. He would have regular communication by his owl. He loved watching the Quiddich games, but he wasn't good at playing it, but he didn't mind watching them. He had met a lot of friends and he was having a great time. His classes were hard, but not that hard and he was good at all the subjects.

Tony had written a letter to his parents and had sent his owl to deliver it and the next day a response was brought back. Although he couldn't use magic when he went back home doesn't mean his own parents couldn't use it.

He loved when his parents used magic because sometimes it made things easier. During the break he had even kept in touch with his friends that he had met. He couldn't wait until school starts again. He had talked about his friends and what he was studying with his parents. He loved his Mom and Dad and they loved him. He had let his owl out every now and then letting him spread his wings.

Once again it was time to go back to Hogwarts. He had gotten his letter on what to buy for his classes and Tony and his parents made their way towards Diagon Alley and got the magical items on his list. They had stopped to get a bitter beer and have something to eat.

They had walked around and had even gone into the candy store where he brought some candy. He ate some and took some to eat later. He had made his way towards the train station with his parents and said goodbye to them. He made his way towards the portal and walked through it. He talked to his friends while they made their way towards Hogwarts. Their things were taken to their rooms and they made their way towards the dining hall. They watched as Dumbeldore make a speech and then they finally got to eat.

He was happy because he was graduation from Hogwarts. He had passed all his classes. His Mom and Dad were in attendance and smiling at his son. He talked to his friends and then walked towards his parents who congratulated him.

He was happy, but sad because he was going to miss seeing his friends. They said that they would keep in touch and he hoped so.