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A Little Magic

Tony made his way towards his apartment. He was glad to be back at home. Their last case was pretty grueling and he was happy that they had solved it. He might have done a little magic to help solve the case because it had been going on and on. He still did some magic now and again. He liked using magic and never had a maid because he used magic to help with everything. He wasn't a minor anymore and he was allowed to do magic now in the muggle world. He never did magic in front of anybody that wasn't magical. He did however did magic in front of his parents.

At Hogwarts.

Dumbledore talked to one of the teachers. One that he had trusted. "We need to take Harry Potter and put him somewhere safe. I know a place where we can take him. Remember Anthony DiNozzo? He was one of our best students."

"I agree, we do need to take Harry Potter and keep him safe. You can take him to Anthony DiNozzo."

"Thank you. I will tell Harry now."

Luckily, it wasn't time for their classes and he was happy to get away from the Dursley's. He would have been safe at Hogwarts, but since it wasn't time for school he would have to go to DC. He had never been to the United States before.

Tony had already turned in his paperwork for time off. Dumbledore had already talked to him and told him that Harry wasn't safe in England. They thought that Harry would be safe far, far away. Nobody would come looking for him in the U.S. Dumbledore had told him that Harry was in Griffendore too. Harry was in the same house that he had been in when the sorting hat had told him which house he would go to.

He had written down that he was taking time off for family. He knew Harry wasn't his family, but he was part of his wizarding magical family just by being a wizard. He knew that he had to help anyway he could.

Tony made sure that he had everything in order and then left to go back to his apartment. Luckily he had an extra room that Harry could stay in. He would ask Harry what he wanted to do. See if he would want to go to Disney World and Universal Studios. He would make sure that Harry would have fun while he stayed with him.

Harry didn't believe that he had fun in the U.S. He thought that he would be bored, but he really wasn't. Tony turned out to be a good guy and he liked him. They would stay in touch with each other after he went back to Hogwarts since the Dudley's didn't want him to keep in touch with any of his friends. Normally he would have a boring summer at the Dursley's because they wouldn't allow him to do anything except to do clean the house and cook their food. He didn't have to do that when he was with Tony and he liked that.

The End