A/N: This fic was only born to accompany the picture I drew today, written in about fifteen minutes, so please excuse the lameness. The last line occurred to me as I was uploading the picture and I just had to go from there. Epic fluff.

What a crazy random happenstance that the two of them would run into one another in the ever-inviting locker room. Come to think of it, it had happened rather often, but then again, every employee whose nametag was glued onto something in the room had to pass through here at least twice a day. Given their similar shifts, the probability of Thirteen meeting Cameron was steadily attacking the green area of the scale.

Thirteen didn't think much of it, too lost in her own world to acknowledge the other woman's presence aside from a few sudden unintentional whispers along the lines of 'she's hot' in her mind, which had always been quickly shunned, until this one moment.

"Hi!" Thirteen heard from the other side of the room and turned to see Allison Cameron closing her locker.

"Hi," she replied nonchalantly.

"How was your day?"

"Meh, you know the drill, saved a few lives, got verbally molested a few times, nothing out of the ordinary."

A mutual impish smile ensued, followed by an unsettling change in Cameron's expression from 'I know the feeling' to what Thirteen thought must have been 'You saying the word 'molest' makes me sad.'

"We need to talk." Or maybe not.

"We, uh, are talking right now?" she said, raising her voice in a pitch towards the end of the sentence.

"Right, um, we, I, I suppose we are..."

Thirteen watched in silent amusement as the other doctor walked over to her, desperately trying to avoid eye contact. They had never before gone past the what's-up routine, since there had been no reason to. Plus hearing the infamous any kind of relationship-ending or by a lesson in morals followed sentence from the blonde caught her attention. "Figured it only counts face to face?"

She watched as Allison's gaze nervously darted from one place to another while she was trying to come up with a coherent reply. Finally, her eyes settled on Thirteen's and she spoke up. "Thirteen has always been my favorite number."

She honestly thought she was better at reading people, but when the only thing that came to her mind upon seeing the mixture of innocence, slight sadness and infinite adorableness on Cameron's face was 'I want a puppy', she realized she had probably been overestimating herself. Before she knew it, Cameron decided to launch a vicious attack on Remy's lips; not that she was objecting. After all, she did have a soft spot for the ER head (the main topic of many of House's insults - God, that man never misses a thing), but never approached her due to her illness, Allison's general straightness and the world. Well, now it was clear that the blonde was sick of the wall between them. Offense is the best defense, they say.

She couldn't help but smirk into the kiss. This was by far the best excuse any girl had ever had.

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