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AN: This is a continuation of the life of Syrena and Philip after Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. I've seen quite a few Philip/Syrena fics since the release of the fourth movie, but I hope that this one is different and that you'll like it!

Chapter 1: The End

"Philip, I can heal you. You need only ask." The beautiful ungodly creature asked. Only in the missionary's eyes, she wasn't just a creature...she was Syrena, the most interesting girl he had ever met. The most kindhearted person. A serene mermaid, to be exact.

"I seek only one thing." Philip said. His blood was slowly pouring across the rock and into the water as he had his hand to the wound. If it was God's will that my life is to be taken in order to save Syrena's, then so be it, he thought.

"What is that?" Syrena asked.

"Forgiveness. If it weren't for me you would have never been captured." He said to her.

"Ask." Her voice, her mysterious voice, the one that Philip wanted to hear.

"Forgive me?" He pleaded. Philip knew, that these words were truly sincere, that he wanted to be forgiven by her. She saved his life, even when she thought he was just another monsterous sailor, hungry for the magic of the mermaids.

Please...Syrena...You are everything to me now. I don't want you to hate me, I never meant for you to end up this way. I never wanted to hurt you, to hurt anything. I see beyond your beauty, I see...you. The beautiful girl on the inside.

The girl, who was neither beast nor woman, leaned close, and put a soft hand to Philip's scratched face. She then pulled him into a kiss, claiming his heart. Philip kissed her back, knowing that it was God's fate for him to be this way. The kiss was more than he had ever imagined. It was nothing like what he had experienced before...it was like she was destined to be with him. His soulmate.

He didn't need to breathe, only a kiss from a mermaid could prevent a sailor from ever drowning. Syrena pulled Philip close, as her hands surrounded his waist, and pulled him under the water.

No, she wouldn't take him back to her sisters, it was too dangerous. But then again, Syrena never fit in with the other mermaids. She was the youngest, and she hadn't even been given a name by them yet. Syrena was all she was. She hadn't even killed any sailors...she never wanted to...that was mostly Tamara, Aquila, and Moveren's job. She had always been shy, and small for a mermaid. But Philip had made her feel special, like she was...different.

Her sisters had always looked down on her for being the littlest, not even having been given a name. Tamara laughed, as "Syrena" would swim away to another place, in exile. Aquila loved to drag down the helpless sailors, and Moveren liked the pure flesh of them. And petite Coral, liked to play with her food. Syrena would just eat the food given to her, not wanting to think about what she was doing.

But when the tables turned, and instead it was a mermaid headed for death, she didn't know what to think. Do I deserve this?

But now...she only wanted Philip. She wanted to start a new life with him, under...and above the sea.

Philip could feel the water encircle him as he passed out in the watery darkness. Syrena panicked as she knew he didn't have much time left. Syrena took him to an underground grotto nearby and laid him on the rocky surface.

She then gathered up all of the things she needed to heal his wounds. Seaweed. And a single drop of mermaid blood. Syrena dived to the bottom of the sea as she grabbed a handful of glossy seaweed. She returned to the grotto as quickly as she could, as every minute was precious to saving Philip's life.

"Philip...no!" Syrena cried.

She grabbed a jagged rock nearby and cut her delicate wrist, leaving a trail of reddish-purple blood. Then she let it slowly trickle into his wound, healing it up immediately, like magic.

Please...you have to wake up...Philip!

Syrena prayed to Calypso that he would be healed. He was the only thing worth living for now. Her sisters didn't care, they didn't even come back for her when she was going to be the lamb headed to slaughter. No, she loved him...and it wasn't a love like any other.