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Chapter 3: Walking Strong

Philip and Syrena laid on the sandy beach that once lived Captain Jack Sparrow, when the cruel and most-evil Barbossa had thrown him on, Rumrunner's Island, so it was. Syrena's beautiful beastly pink tail was transformed into two porcelain coloured, soft legs. Philip was beside her. His tousled dirty-blonde hair was most handsome, as Syrena had thought.

"Are you sure?", Philip asked.

"Of course, my sailor," Syrena replied.

"Okay. Grab my arms, and just try to get up."

Syrena stumbled as she tried to get up. She held on to Philip's strong arms for support, as he held her small, delicate ones. Syrena took a step...then fell. "Syrena!" Philip cried as he she fell into him.

"I've got you..." He reassured.

"Oh, Philip...It's hopeless...I've been swimming all my life. And to just suddenly walk on these..," She said pointing to her two newly reformed legs, "Is useless."

"No, Syrena. You can do it. Baby steps..." Philip stroked the side of her soft face.

"I'll do it...," She said finally. "For you."

Syrena tried and tried again, but it was too much. Her legs were covered in the hot sand, and she was tired. But none the less, Syrena would not give up. She knew that she needed to learn to walk, to live with Philip.

" look tired. I can always live with you under the-"

"NO!" She protested. "It's too dangerous for you here! Our love is sisters-"

"Your sisters aren't the problem right now. You'll always be safe." He put a hand on her shoulder.

"Just because you can breathe underwater doesn't mean you can live underwater. You wouldn't know how to wouldn't-"

"I'd do anything to be with you." Philip put a finger to her soft lips.

Syrena leaned in to kiss Philip, as their lips moulded around one another's. Her lips were soft, like two perfect flower petals. Philip only knew that this couldn't be one of the hell-damned creatures that God had created. She was too kind, too beautiful, on the inside and outside. And she was different. She never backstabbed Philip, nor did she kill him.

Syrena...The only name that seemed to fit this beautiful girl. The only name I knew that was fit for a mermaid. But now I know that she isn't just a mermaid. She's a wonderful girl that's full Of kindness.

In Syrena's mind, only wondrous thoughts formed about Philip.

A human...they all seemed so stupid. So cruel, so evil. But this one...he was always different. He believed that every soul could be saved, that we could all live peacefully. He didn't care whether I was mermaid, or human, he believed in me as a person...Maybe thats why I love him so much.

"Oh Philip...Maybe that's why I want to walk. So I can be with you."

"You don't have to walk to be with me. I'd be with you wherever."

"Then I will try. I will try to walk." Syrena made her final decision as she used Philip's strong body to get up. Her legs wobbled as she tried to take another step.

And she succeded. Her first step.


"I walked Philip!"

"I love you."

"I love you too. I need more practice though."

"Of course. But I'm still proud of you."

She laughed as she used Philip to take another step, then another. And soon enough...she was walking. And after a few more hours...she was walking without Philip. And she was happy.

The two settled in a small make-shift hut that Philip had worked on during the day for some shelter. Syrena liked the feel of the warm sand on her legs, it was comforting, like the smell of Philip's hair.

"Oh Syrena...I feel like I've been waiting for you, all my life." Philip told her as he caressed her long, flowy hair.

"Philip. Will we stay like this forever?"

"If that's what you want. I know I do. God put you here for me. To love me, as I love you."

Syrena pulled him into a kiss. His rough lips touched her soft ones, as though she were the only thing in the world right now. "I want to be with you. But I don't want you in danger either."

"There is no danger for you on land. As long as you don't reveal what you are."

"Do you think so? But I can't help what I am."

"Of course not. You're perfect the way you are. I just...I don't want anything, like Blackbeard to hurt you again. Nothing is worth that." He told her.

"Blackbeard is dead. Jack Sparrow rules the Caribbean now, Philip. He is a good man."

"He won't be there all the time to protect you." Philip interjected.

"But you will. Won't you?" Syrena asked him with sparkling eyes.

"Of course I will."