truth in reflection

my empty shell walked on mirrored water;
I looked again, and he stood there.
he reflected softly and felt like glass.
he asked me,


before I could ask him.
I told him,


but he already knew it.
in his blood stained eyes I saw myself
and wept
to think I'd forgotten my name

* * *

Hime Note:

Anybody who knows me well (which is perhaps maybe one or two of the actual readers/authors ^_^;;) knows that I'm basically obsessed with Zelda, Sheik, Zelda as Sheik, Sheik as his own person, and any possibility of a Zelda/Sheik romance. This is the second poem I've written exploring the relationship between the two (the first one can also be found in my account *cough*hint*cough*).

In keeping with the Z/S theme, when I write poems about the two they usually deal with a blurred line between reality and alternative. The "reality" is that which we all know, as much as we might hate to deny it- that Zelda and Sheik are in fact the same person, and that's that. The alternative is what I see a growing number of Zelda fanfic authors doing- finding ways to make Sheik his own person. In doing so, they recreate Sheik as a separate entity, giving him his own life, his own personality, his own being. These authors influence others to see this new, separate entity, and once that happens, we all recreate him. After all, what is reality but what we perceive? If we all begin to perceive Sheik as his own person, then what does Zelda see? Does she continue to understand that she and Sheik are one person, or does she start to believe in our reality?

Imagine if a character you've created, someone who's a part of you, becomes his or her own person. If there are two entities sharing one body, which one is the "real" person?

Keeping that in mind, the theme of the poem in simplest terms is this: Zelda is looking in a mirror and is unable to tell who's looking back.