Kuroshitsuji High School Dayze

The Kuro Krazy Club

Episode 1: Sebastian's kitty: Sebastian finds a cat on his doorstep and turns motherly to take care of the kitten.

Episode 2: The Report: Sebastian's school report gets eaten by his sister and the Klub needs to sneak into Sebastian's house and hijack a teacher's laptop to print it out again.

Episode 3: Grell has laryngitis: Due to choking on a taco, Grell loses his voice and the Klub attempts to decode what he's saying all day long.

Episode 4: The Dog: Since his parents are on vacation, Ciel has to take his dog to school.

Episode 5: Alois' family problems: Alois steals his brother's (Mello) clothes, so he comes to the Skool to get them back.

MOVIE! The Ransom for Hannah Annafellows: Hannah (Sebby's sister) gets kidnapped by a jealous Angela because Sebastian won't go out with her and she holds Hannah for ransom, so the Klub goes to get her back.

Episode 6: The Flu: Will gets the flu, so the Klub goes to Will's house to take care of him and Pluto falls in love with Sebastian's dog.

Episode 7: Grell's brotherly love: Grell's brother, Matt comes to the Skool for a day and Will gets jealous because Grell is focusing all of his attention on Matt.

Episode 8: Claude's mental trauma: The Klub sends Claude to spy on the "normal world" and Claude comes back mentally scarred.

Episode 9: Will's in detention: Will somehow gets stuck in detention, and the Klub takes drastic measures to rescue him before he gets beat up or goes insane.

Episode 10: POPTARTS?: Ciel has lost his poptarts and is about to go insane, so the Klub has to run to the store and buy Ciel some more, all in-between classes.

MOVIE! The Ghosts of Girlfriends past: Will takes a trip up to Germany where he used to live, and is attacked by his vicious former girlfriends, so the Klub has to come and get him back.

Episode 11: The Newbie: Grell finds someone who he thinks that would be perfect for the Klub, so the Klub takes him through the initiation.

Episode 12: Ronald's trouble: Ronald can't get a girlfriend, so the Klub attempts to help him.

Episode 13: Spaghetti sauce: Ciel gets spaghetti sauce on his new shirt, and the Klub attempts to get it off before Ciel goes home.

Episode 14: The Report Cards: Grell gets a bad grade on his report card, and he and the Klub hack into the school system to try and change the grade.

Episode 15: Field trip: The Klub goes on a field trip; but it can't be a normal field trip when the Klub are there.

MOVIE! The Valentine Dance: The Valentine Dance is coming up, and Alois wants to go with Claude, but Claude can't dance, so Grell gets him to take tap-dancing lessons; meanwhile, Sebastian is trying to figure out how to impress Ciel while planning the best Valentine's ever for Will and Grell.

Episode 16: Happy Birthday, Claude: Claude hates celebrating his birthday, but the Klub wants to throw one for him anyway.

Episode 17: Yearbook signing: It's yearbook signing day and Ronald doesn't have a yearbook, so the Klub goes to get one for him.

Episode 18: Camping: The Skool biology class goes on a camping trip, but Grell has an innate fear of the outdoors, so the Klub uses it as an opportunity to cure him.

Episode 19: The Science fair: Ronald wants to make the best science fair project ever, because if he doesn't he's going to fail science, so he decides to study the subject of "love" and chemistry between students.

Episode 20: Claude's baby: Claude finds an abandoned baby and uses the help of the Klub to attempt to find its parents; meanwhile, Alois wants to use it for "training" with Claude for when they get older.

MOVIE! The Klub's Christmas: The Klub celebrates Christmas together, and Sebastian searches for the true meaning of Christmas.

Episode 21: Will needs his sleep: Will stays up all night perfecting a model for his Mechanics class, and on Saturday he wants to sleep in; however, the Klub has different plans.

Episode 22: Ronald's hair: Ronald's hair gets accidentally dyed green, so he and the Klub have to run to Wal-Mart before school starts to find a suitable hat for Ronald, which is much harder than it appears.

Episode 23: New Year's sleepover: The Klub have a New Year's sleepover party at Ciel's mansion.

Episode 24: The Klub goes to America: The Klub visits some of Ronald's family in America and they meet a crazed fangirl who just might be the mastermind behind something big.

Episode 25: Babysitting: The Klub has one of the worst jobs imaginable, having to babysit Hannah, who drags them into a game of "King and Queen"; things only get harder when the evil "Wizard Ash" appears.

MOVIE! Meet the Families: The Death Note side of the Klub's families are revealed in one big huge family gathering.

MOVIE! In real life: The Klub gets transported to "real life" and have to face crazed fangirls, hobos that want to destroy the world, an army of gingers trying to steal Grell's chainsaw, and the Taliban.

Episode 26: A visit from Lizzy: Lizzy is one of the few students taken from her high-class prestigious high school to go to the Skool for a week, and she causes a lot of problems within the Klub, including making Sebastian jealous and stealing Will's work.

Episode 27: Will gets an F: Will gets an F on a quiz and goes into a state of depression, so the Klub tries to draw him out of it.

Episode 28: Sebastian loses his meds: Sebastian loses his medication and goes off the hook crazy, so the Klub tries to calm him down.

Episode 29: Grell's lightning bolt: Grell gets struck by lightning and turns incredibly smart and starts to break away from the Klub, so they try to get him back to normal.

Episode 30: Will catches the dog: Will catches "the dog" after getting bitten by Pluto and acts like a dog for a day.

MOVIE! My Big Fat Fake Wedding: In preparation for the real thing, the Klub set up a fake wedding for Will and Grell, complete with family and friends.

Episode 31: Yes, my Prince: An Indian prince Soma and his butler Agni come to the Skool after moving to England, and the Klub decides to take them in.

Episode 32: Disney World: The Klub gets to go to Disney World; chaos ensues when they again meet up with Liz.

Episode 33: Facebook: The Klub discovers Facebook and use it to plan their own events; until they get hacked by Ash and Angela, of course, and their equally crazy families start pestering them about Facebook.

Episode 34: Piggybank: Sebastian's piggybank gets stolen and he goes crazy trying to get it back.

Episode 35: Who framed Agni?: Agni gets framed for something in the Skool that he didn't do, so the head-class students form a Kangaroo Court to try and convict him in front of the Judge (the Principal, Undertaker), but Agni's lawyer Soma gets the Klub's help to help him collect enough evidence to prove him not guilty.

MOVIE! School's out: It's summertime, and the Klub reminisce on the first day of summer and plan what they're going to do for the summer.