A/N: This piece was written for a dear friend, although I'll admit, it's probably high time I wrote Fenris-smut.

Description: Act 3, post-reconcile summery-themed sexy times.

Warnings: Smut. Sensuality and sexual content.


The soft breeze caressed Hawke's skin, firing her blood as she looked into intense green eyes. She inhaled deeply, breathing in an intoxicating blend of Fenris and traces of embriums as he brushed lingering kisses over her lips.

The wine bottle sat uncorked and forgotten next to their makeshift nest of blankets and pillows, cushions and bedding they'd brought out onto the roof of the elf's Hightown mansion. The Kirkwall evening surrounded them, the night sky alight with a million stars. They were high enough to see the entire city, she'd murmured more than one whimsical "I can see my house from here" into the delicious skin at his throat as they'd stood looking down on the view these past few months.

An abandoned book lay beside a plate of fruit and cheese, with a single unlit candle to read the pages by, as brief touches and smiles turn to something more.

The wind kept them company, offering relief from the summer heat. It touched her brow, gently playing through her hair as his mouth wandered over her face, and down to her neck. Strong hands followed the lines of her body through her clothing, loosening ties and buttons, freeing her flesh to the air and his gaze.

Their attraction wasn't something that had grown over time, it was innate, an instinctual force that drew them together.

Her thumbs traced dark eyebrows, moving down over defined cheekbones. She cupped his head in her hands, reaching to touch his pointed ears with her fingers. Her touch was like a whisper, gentle and sure, discarding armor and smallclothes until they had nothing between them.

His swarthy skin contrasted sharply with hers, so pale, like his hair and markings, the whiteness nearly glowing in the darkness.

The wind was there, teasing their fevered flesh as his kisses grew deeper, making her feel shaky and weak, his calloused hands touching her everywhere she needed them to. He pushed her breasts together, his mouth moving down to lick then bite with sharp white teeth before drawing her in, his sucks sending ripples all throughout her being until she felt it in her toes.

She softly trailed over his brands, the lines running over his arms and across his shoulders.

He shuddered in pleasure-pain, his grip so firm and wonderful on her bottom as he pulled her into the cradle of his hips. The straining muscles in his chest and belly quivered under her touch as his hands moved over her, caressing her intimately, a soft exploration of everything she was.

She felt her mouth fall open as he pushed a finger inside her. Blindly, she reached for the hardest part of him, squeezing him in answer as she lost herself in his kiss.

He lifted her knees, making room for himself as he swept into her.

She cried out against his mouth, clutching at his shoulders as he set a frenzied rhythm, driving her into the blankets with his strokes. His groans were deep and animalistic, rumbling in his chest, the sounds filling her ears before the world slipped away entirely. She clenched around him, her body humming as her nails sank into his back.

His hand came up to her throat, clenching just under her chin as answering pulses moved from his body to hers.

She gasped for breath, watching his teeth clench around a grunt of satisfaction.

Then, the soft air was there, cooling them both as they enjoyed the afterglow, whispering words of love as they looked to the future, and he held her like he'd never let go.