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Chapter 1: Teenage Dream

Kurt and Blaine entered the theater giggling and holding hands. It was date night, and Blaine had picked the movie last week, so it was Kurt's turn to choose. He selected a chick flick about prom night because he wanted to critique the dresses that the girls wore. When Kurt had told Blaine about the movie choice, he sighed and shook his head. It was only fair that since Kurt sat through a football movie last week, Blaine should return the favor. Even if it was bound to be dull.

Indeed, the movie was boring for Blaine, who didn't really care about makeup or sparkly dresses. The only reason he stayed was because Kurt wanted him there. He didn't mind this of course, because not only was Blaine crazy about him, but Kurt was also whispering comments about the girls' dresses. Most of these made Blaine laugh out loud, which caused them to be constantly shushed by the females in the theater. The other males didn't mind, as they were either falling asleep or doing things with their girlfriends in the back rows.

Blaine sighed in relief as the movie finally ended. He started to say something to Kurt, but before he could, the background music for the credits changed to a familiar tune. The song brought back so many memories for them both, memories of all that had happened. Blaine gazed into Kurt's deep blue eyes and smiled lovingly. He then started to sing along:

You make me feel like I'm living a teenage dream

The way you turn me on

I can't sleep

Let's run away and don't ever look back.

Kurt beamed as a few remaining moviegoers politely clapped. He said, "Wow. Every time you sing like that, it feels like the first time all over again. I can't believe that this is all happening."

Blaine's heart threatened to jump out of his chest just to be closer to Kurt. Everybody had left the theater except the two of them. Blaine felt like he was about to faint from happiness. He had a sudden rush of courage, so, right there, in the middle of the movie theater, he leaned towards Kurt and kissed him on the lips.

Kurt kissed him back eagerly, as if he had been waiting all of his life for this. They stayed like this for what seemed like hours before they both stopped for a breath. Blaine checked his watch and gasped.

"Wow, it's late. Do you want me to drive you home, or would you prefer we go back to Dalton. I do have a room, after all."

Kurt smiled and said, "Let me call my dad and check. I don't think he'll mind."

Kurt dialed his dad as the couple left the theater, once again holding hands. After a quick conversation, he hung up the phone. Blaine looked at Kurt, waiting for a reply.

"He said yes, as long as there's no 'monkey business' going on." Kurt rolled his eyes as Blaine laughed.

"I don't know if we can promise that. What do you think?" Blaine asked, winking. Kurt giggled and answered, "We'll see."

Blaine opened the car door for Kurt and bowed to him, playing chauffeur. Kurt curtsied back and sat down in Blaine's black Lexus hybrid. Blaine crossed over to the other side of the car and got into the driver's seat. He gave Kurt a quick peck on the cheek before backing out of the parking lot and starting to drive back to school. Blaine took his eyes off the road for a second to steal a glance at the beautiful countertenor sitting next to him and immediately regretted it. Damn it, why did that boy have to be so distractingly hot?

After a short period of silence, Kurt suddenly said, "Pull over, please. I need to tell you something urgent, and I don't want you crashing the car."

Blaine, slightly concerned, pulled the black car to the side of the road. He turned to Kurt and asked, "What's wrong?"

Kurt beamed at him and exclaimed, "Nothing! Quite the opposite, actually! You see..." He stopped, the sudden burst of adrenaline-induced courage now failing. "I-I...I th-think that I very p-possibly c-c-could, I mean, I think that I might be in love, um...I love...I-"

But before he could finish, Blaine, who knew exactly what his boyfriend was trying to say by the look in his eyes and his tone, silenced Kurt and whispered, "I love you too."

With that, the two kissed passionately. This was no ordinary kiss, however. It was their way of proving their affection for each other. The kiss brought their relationship to another, deeper level.

The drive home was silent as the two boys were lost in their romantic fantasies. Blaine was very thankful that Kurt couldn't read minds because otherwise things would be extremely awkward between them.

They arrived at Dalton a while after their talk. Blaine, being a chivalrous gentleman, opened Kurt's door again and was rewarded with a kiss. They crept across the lawn to Blaine's dorm and quietly unlocked the door.

Kurt looked around the common room and sighed. "I miss you all so much. This school is spectacular!"

Blaine grabbed Kurt's hands and looked into his glasz eyes again. "We all miss you too," he said. "Come to our Warblers practice tomorrow. I know it's a Saturday and everything, but everyone would love to see you again, and I'm guessing you'd like it too." Kurt nodded, and Blaine continued. "Here, follow me." With that, he dragged his handsome boyfriend down the hall to his room.

Blaine unlocked the door and motioned for Kurt to enter. Thankfully, Blaine had managed to score a single room, probably because of his parents' status. He crossed his fingers as Kurt stepped through the door, hoping that his beau would appreciate all of the design choices. Blaine's room was decorated with framed posters of both sports greats and musical superstars. He had a red and navy blue colour palette, as those were the Dalton school colours. His bed was against the far wall, a trundle tucked underneath just in case any friends wanted to visit. He had a blue and red striped duvet cover, with red sheets on the bed and navy blue on the trundle.

Kurt nodded in approval. "School spirit, I see," he remarked slowly, his eyes still taking in the room. "Very chic indeed, though I always assumed that your room would be more of a blue and chocolate brown theme."

Blaine giggled and spoke. "Actually, those are the colours of my room at home. I kind of wanted to get away from that, you know? Have an escape from that world?"

"I understand. Anyways, the room looks perfect for your personality. Good job!" Kurt praised.

Blaine sighed in relief. He didn't know why he was so nervous about Kurt seeing his room- he wouldn't break up with Blaine over his dorm room clashing. Or maybe he would. Blaine could never figure out Kurt's thoughts. He's such a girl, Blaine thought, but that's why I love him so much.

Blaine laid down on his bed and motioned for Kurt to join him. The gorgeous countertenor walked across the room and sat down on the edge of the bed. "I suppose you'll want me to sleep on the trundle?" Kurt asked, looking right at Blaine with puppy dog eyes.

"Unless you'd prefer to sleep in my bed," Blaine suggested, winking, "which would be okay with me. Totally."

Kurt kissed Blaine's forehead and whispered, "I'd like that a lot."

He laid down next to Blaine and the two cuddled closer, their curves perfectly fitting together like a puzzle. My missing puzzle piece, they both thought. Blaine finally realized how wonderful they were together. He ran his fingers gently through Kurt's hair and said, "You know that I'd do anything for you, right? That I love you more than I can say?"

Kurt nodded as Blaine's eyes started to drift closed. "Mmm, I had gotten that impression," Kurt joked, and they both laughed softly.

"Well, I'm glad that we both finally figured that out. Makes things so much easier," Blaine whispered into Kurt's ear.

"I love you too," Kurt said quietly as his boyfriend's eyes shut and he went to sleep.

Kurt watched as his boyfriend slept. Blaine was so beautiful, especially when he was asleep. Blaine was peaceful and quiet, his steady breathing the only sound he made. Kurt wondered what Blaine dreamed about. He hoped it was about them. Together.

Dreams were a funny thing, Kurt decided. You couldn't control them; they just happened. If only he could control his dreams. Kurt would make them all about the silent angel sleeping next to him.

Kurt checked his phone for the time. It was later than he thought. He wanted to get his beauty sleep before tomorrow's meeting with the Warblers. He put his phone away, gave Blaine one last kiss on the forehead, and closed his eyes.