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Rein sat on the tiny chair that matched her hand carved vanity, holding her new black kitten close to her chest, where she stay silent and sniffed her new owner. "I think I shall call you.. Wicca! Do you like that name?" The kitten just tilted his head sideways, looking up at her with its big green eyes. Eyes that looked slightly too human for a cat.
Her parents were overly religious and would not approve of the kitten's name, "We took a black cat off the streets, and now our daughter is already talking about black magic! At only 13 years old!" Her mother would complain.
Rein and her parents never got along, Wicca wasn't too fond of them either, always scratching the antique furniture whenever he had the chance. But the arguments ended when something, a demon, killed her parents and left her orphaned. Wicca had tried protecting her the best he could, clawing at the demon. The demon just shot the cat at the wall across from Rein. She rushed out to make sure her best friend was still alive. Two teenage boys had appeared and killed the demon with some sort of magical knife. "Help..please!" She spat out, the two rushed towards her, lifting her up, "Are you okay?" The shorter one asked. "Yes, but my cat, he's hurt!" "We'll get him to a vet asap, come with us."

Five years later..

Rein's eyes watered at the memory. She loved her parents, even if it didn't seem like it. The Winchester's were like older brothers to her, she hunted and traveled with them ever since they saved her, and Wicca. Wicca was a happy, healthy cat. His injuries weren't too bad, a small concussion and a broken paw, which healed fast. The only thing Wicca hated in the world was Dean. He'd pee on his chair in the Impala every chance he had. The only reason he let Rein keep the cat was because of the bond they had. Wicca followed Rein everywhere. Except on hunts, where he had to keep Bobby company. Bobby didn't mind, he loved Rein and Wicca and took her in as a daughter and taught her how to hunt.

Rein deeply believed Wicca knew every thought that went past her head, but never mentioned it to anyone. She strongly believed Wicca disliked Dean because she had a major crush on him since the brothers saved her. It was as if he was telling her that Dean was no good. She knew she'd get over the crush on him someday, knowing she wasn't his type. She was short, small chested, long black hair and plain old awkward. Dean liked them tall, blonde and had watermellons if you know what I mean. Sam had seemed to notice her more, but she had just shrugged it off, thinking he wasn't as bold as Dean when it came to going out and getting laid.

"Are we there yet?" Rein annoyed Dean, holding the cat in his direction as if it was Wicca speaking instead. "Screw off kitty, I already don't like you!" He joked. They were on their way back to Bobby's, it was the middle of the night after a long hunt, and a long drive. The only reason Wicca attended was because they're intention was to search the haunted building out to see if the legends were true, which it was. They still couldn't believe a serial killer's ghost had still been trying to kill people. Talk about unfinnished business.

"Seriously Dean, are we there yet?" A groggy Sam woke up from his nap.

"Ten more minutes, tops."

"You said that an hour ago! Are we lost?" Rein interrupted.

"No, we're not lost, the GPS says we're close."

Rein glanced over at the GPS screen, which was not moving what-so-ever. "Dean, the damn GPS is froze! We probably already passed it!" Rein sighed in disbelief.

Dean stopped the car and shot the GPS out the window, making sure it smashed. "Piece of junk technology.. I blame Sam for this! He made me get it!"


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