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"Where are you going?" Sam shouted.

"On a hunt! By myself!" She shouted back at him, and then slammed the door. Sam and I both rushed but Wicca placed himself in front of the door and began to hiss and growl loudly. I backed away from the door, waiting for Sam to, so I could confront him.

Beautiful Contrast

Rein got out of the beat up '65 Mustang she borrowed from Bobby. It was so rusted she didn't even know what color it could have been. "If Dean could paint it for me and fix some of the problems in it, it'd be a real great car.." she thought. Her eyes began to water at the thought of him. She quickly wiped away the forming tears with her mittens. She double-checked around the area to see if anyone was watching her, and taped her fingers on a hand gun she kept tucked in her belt. She started to shiver and wish she'd brought a thicker, coat. The one on her now was just a spring one. Not suitable for winter.

The snow softly landed on her dark hair, not caring how frizzy it'll be when she dries off. She walked down the long, familiar drive-way while memories flashed in her head of when she would go outside with Wicca and make snow angels and he would chase the snowflakes.

Rein's POV:

I wonder if anyone's lived here since my parents were killed.. I knocked on the door, no one answered. No lights were on and the door was locked. Guess I'll have to sneak in. Here's hoping no one locked the back window. I made my way around the house and breathed in the familiar smell of the pine tree, it was still there. It got bigger since I last saw it.. "You got bigger too.." I heard someone say. I glanced around the yard, a little freaked out. No one was there. Maybe I'm just tired. I really need to catch up on my sleep. I attempted to climb to the window but my foot wouldn't hold onto the bricks. It was too icy. I went back to get the tin garbage can in the front yard and tried again. I finally climbed it, and reached over to the window. It wasn't locked! I opened it as far as it could. Before I knew it, the upper half of my body was inside but I felt something tickle my ankle. When I looked back I saw tree roots twisting around them, they hauled me back out and threw me on the ground. I heard a huge thud and realized my head hit the tin garbage can. I turned my head slightly to the side and saw blood in the snow, lots of it. "What a beautiful contrast.." I whispered to myself before everything went black.

Narrator's Pov:

"You son of a bitch!" Dean pushed Sam, after Sam staggered a bit he pushed his brother back. Dean grabbed the dining room chair and threw it at a wall, watching it break in several pieces.

"Well maybe if your slutty girlfriend wasn't so—" Dean cut him off, punching him in the face several times and Sam regret his words. Rein wasn't slutty, she was just confused. Sam spoke out of anger and jealousy that was building up inside him ever since Rein and Dean started going out. No, even before that. He always watched her crushing on him from the sidelines.

"Break it up you two!" Bobby yelled, pulling Dean off of Sam. "This ain't the time or place! I'd be more worried about where Rein is! You boys see how Wicca's acting?"

Both boys looked at the black cat. He was shaking by front door and scratching at it, meowing as loudly as he could, desperately trying to get someone's attention without getting caught up in the fight.

Bobby walked over to the cat and picked him up. "Is something wrong with Rein?" The cat immediately hoped out of Bobby's arms, scratching at the door again.

"We gotta find her." Dean grabbed his keys and picked up Wicca, who surprisingly didn't run away from him.

"I'm going with you." Sam wiped the blood off his nose.

"It'd be better if you stayed behind."

"We'll deal with our problems later, I want to find Rein!"

"Oh, really? Weren't you just calling her names a minute ago? Did those punches knock some sense into you or what?"

"Don't, Dean. I spoke without thinking. You've done that a million times."

"Get in the car, this isn't over."

Rein's Pov:

"Where... Where the hell am I?" I had to blink a couple of times before I could see anything clearly. I was on the ground and could feel rocks beneath me. But wasn't it snowing? Oh shit! Is this a cave? I reached behind me to grab my gun but it was gone.

"You've been practicing.. I can feel it, Rein. I've missed you."

"Who's there? Show yourself!" I stood up.

"My plan worked! It brought you back home!" the voice sounded too joyful and familiar, but I couldn't remember..

"I mean it! Wait, plan? Are you the thing killing people around here?"

"I had to! It was the only way to get you back here! Don't you remember me?"

"Well maybe if I were able to fucking see you!"

"Your cat isn't with you! Good! What an annoying thing that was!"

"Look dude, you're getting me really fuckin' annoyed!"

"Don't you remember the tree that would whisper to you? You'd run to your parents telling them how scared you were, and of course they never believed you. You're stupid feline would block me from getting into your head."

"I..I remember you telling me scary things when I was so little! How you were going to kill everyone I loved! Why did you kill those people to bring me here? What's your deal?"

"You see Rein, the more you practice magic, the more stronger I become. I'm able to extend my roots and kidnap and kill the people in this town. I need your magic to set me free."

The ground started shaking under me, and when I tried to run, the tree roots would hold my feet in place. Something was rising from the ground a few feet away from me, and a body appeared from the ground. Well, more like a skeleton with some flesh and old fashioned clothes still on it.

"Set you free.. Is this you?" Oh my god, I wanted to puke. It was disgusting!

"Yes, in my human form. I need you to put my soul back into it!"

"I don't.. I don't know how to do that!"

"Your ancestors put me here and I've been trying to preserve myself as best I could! If the rest of the flesh comes off, I won't be able to turn back into myself!"

"I don't understand why I have to do this, hell, I just told you I didn't know how!"

"Don't kid yourself! Your ancestors were necromancers and the strongest of witches! Put my soul back!"

"How…How do you know all of this?" I screamed.

"Because I am one of your ancestors, you stupid girl! My own family put me here! They wouldn't listen to my plans of raising an army of the dead! Our family could have had absolute power! I knew someone would try to kill me, so I placed part of my soul in this tree many years ago so they couldn't completely kill me. All I needed was a member of the same family to bring me back!"

"And why should I help you!"

"Because I will kill you if you don't."

"You're bluffing, If you kill me, then you'll be stuck here forever! Everyone in my family is dead!"

"Then I'll kill the two boys who just pulled into the yard. I think they are looking for you. Listen carefully."

I could hear Dean and Sam calling out my name, the rest of what they were saying was muffled except the word "blood", and I remembered my head had been split open. I touched the back of my head, then looked at my hand. I was still bleeding, a lot.

"I remember when they found you, Rein. You were so young when all of that happened… Now, which one do you want to die first? I saw it in your head when you came here that you care for them deeply. Not just one of them either, you really do love both of them."

"Don't hurt either of them! Just tell me what I need to do!"

Tree roots began to write something in the ground near the body. It was at least paragraph long, and the roots around my ankles were loosened so I could walk closer to it.

"Read this out loud three times then put your blood in the eye sockets."

"It's in a foreign language, I don't know how to pronounce it…"

"It will come naturally to you! Do it or I will kill them right now!"

I read the words and like he said, I was able to pronounce them the second time I read it. It was like something was taking over me. Nothing like the magic I had done before. Without even thinking, halfway through the third time I read it, I had taken the blood from my head, into my hands and put it in the eye sockets like he said. The body was starting to regenerate itself. I could hear hysterical laughter all around me. The body opened its eyes, they were brown. Just like mine. His hair was dark like mine too. You could easily tell we were related, he looked like he could have been my older brother.

"Before I put another piece of my soul back into the tree, I'm going to kill them, and you're stupid cat too .Then you will help me raise an army of the dead. "

"You said you weren't going to kill them!"

"I lied! You really are stupid." He laughed.

I tore the roots off my ankles, he didn't have control over them anymore and followed him, when I went to knock him over he used magic that threw me against the cave walls. Which I could feel getting really small. He was going to trap me until I agreed to help him.

"Sam! Dean! Wicca!" I screamed over and over, praying they could hear me. And apparently, Wicca did! I could see him running towards the man, trying to attack him. But the man pushed him off like it was nothing. I could hear Wicca meowing in pain and my heart felt like a million pieces were shattering. My eyesight went fuzzy, but I could make out that Sam and Dean were running in.

"Save Wicca!" I yelled before I blacked out.

When I woke up, Sam and Dean were hovering over me. "She's waking up, Bobby!" Sam yelled. He, and an unfamiliar face walked up to me. The room was starting to spin. "Don't let her pass out again!" The unfamiliar guy said. He was really cute. He was pale, had no shirt and was also bandaged up. He ran his hands through his medium length black hair like he was real nervous. His green eyes wouldn't stop looking into mine… Wow, was this guy ever hot. One of those tall, dark and mysterious types.

"What happened? Why is everything spinning?" Dean helped me sit up.

"You lost a lot of blood, and you're on some heavy medication. Please try to stay awake." Mr. Sexy said.

Then I remembered, "How'd I get here? Oh my god, is Wicca okay? Are you guys okay? Did that guy do anything? I'll kill him! I swear I'll –"

"Hold you're horses, Rein," Dean laughed. "Don't you remember?"

"All I remember is blacking out, Wicca was hurt and you guys were running.."

"You blacked out when we were running in to get you?" Sam asked, looking confused.

"Yeah, I couldn't do anything to help you, Wicca getting hurt, it did something to me, along with the blood loss and too much magic I think.."

They all looked confused, especially Mr. Sexy .. I really got to ask him what his name is after I figure everything out.

I tried to get off the bed but my body wouldn't let me, but Mr. Sexy was there to catch me before I fell on the ground, he laughed.

"Take it easy, you shouldn't be moving around too much." I just noticed his slight English accent now. That made him even sexier.

"Can someone please tell me what happened?"

"Um.. Rein, when we went to get you, you were out of control and this blue light was shining all around you. You attacked and killed the guy with the magic. And Wicca, well.."

"Don't you dare tell me he's dead, he better be at the vet!" I could feel the tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Shhh.. Calm down, I'm right here." Mr. Sexy was smiling at me and running his hand through my hair.

"WICCA IS MR. SEXY?" I yelled out, sitting up and scaring everyone.

"Uh.. Mr. Sexy?" Sam and Dean said in unison. Oops.

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