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Summary: Kurt and Blaine never met. New directions thrashed the warblers at regionals and the groups never competed together again. After that taste of success Kurt was inspired to achieve his dream and now owns his own designer label. Blaine, well he's not doing well. It's hard to get people in the music industry to notice you when your résumé says you were beaten in high school singing show by a bunch of losers from the local freak school. Could a chance encounter in NY change all that for both men.


Kurt Hummel. You've probably heard the name. Most people have. It's becoming almost household. Now, when anyone says Kurt, they no longer think of The Sound Of Music, even saying Hummel will get people talking.

'Kurt Hummel, he's that fashion designer isn't he. The Pavarotti guy. Man, his stuff is awesome.'


'I loved his autumn range last year. The models were H.O.T'

Everyone knows the name, but nearly no one knows the person. You probably wouldn't even notice him if you were standing face to face with the man. He is beautiful, there is no doubting that. And should you be either a woman or a gay man, then you would definitely find him attractive, but after living in Ohio all those years, he learnt how to sneak through the crowds without drawing attention to himself.

He has only ever had three photo's of himself published. First, in a news paper article about Rachel Berry, Broadway star's wedding to his step brother in which he designed the dress. (refusing to let his Sister in law walk down the aisle in the meringue she suggested)

Second, when his label, Pavarotti, opened its first store in Manhattan and the NY times did a small article on him.

Finally, when Vogue asked him to be in a feature piece with his of his Spring-Summer collection pieces.

But apart from that, no one would ever suspect they were even in the same room as Kurt. It was often a relief; he wasn't being mugged by paparazzi everyday like Rachel had been in the first year of her Broadway production, but then again, it was sad, seeing people adore your clothing but never take a second glance at you.

Kurt was determined to make sure other people didn't have the same problem. You WOULD be seen in these outfits. His pieces were beautiful, eye catching and downright magnificent. Anyone who wore them would draw your attention like a magnet. His ranges were designed to make even the most outcast of people look amazing and attractive.

This was why he had become famous. Unlike your average designer, his designs weren't made for the mannequin. He had many different ranges to suit all types of people. Three years ago he had launched his 'Tall' range, for people (like Finn) who couldn't find decent fashionable clothes because of his height. A year later saw the release of his 'voluptuous' collection. Mercedes had always told him about her troubles with fashion for plus sized women, and when he launched this, he honoured his best friend with a particularly stunning purple number being named after her. 'Mercedes.J' was one of his most popular designs and she never let him forget it.

This year, he was going to launch his new collection. This time it was for...the shorter man.

Kurt had once dated a guy in college who was short and who had a similar problem to 'Cedes and Finn. And who was Kurt to pass off an opportunity to design more clothes. (He was sure Adam would be downright mad that he had dumped superstar Kurt Hummel, whose clothes he would almost certainly have bought.)

So now, 23 items later, he was mere weeks away from his new range hitting stores nationwide.

But his buzz factor was a humongous...zero.

He was stressed, tired, and just generally mad with the world. His assistant Melissa had had to send him home on multiple occasions just so he could sleep. Which he didn't. He would pull out a sketch book and begin to draw up new ideas or re arrange his wardrobe or get out the sewing machine and bring his designs to life. He couldn't handle it all, but he couldn't seem to stop either. He was bored with an apartment all to himself, he was too busy to date, and with no one but Mellissa there beside him, everything seemed to be falling apart.

And to top it all off, his main model for today's publicity shoot had cancelled last minute.

Kurt was in hysterics, he was ringing up all the agencies he could think of, but all their male models were at least 5ft 11". It was insane. He had tried everyone he could think off, even a few college friends, but all were either too busy themselves or were too self conscious.

No one could help him, every call just added to the number of negative responses and Kurt was at his wits end.

Finally, after much doubt and persuasion, he had been forced to let Mellissa scout the streets of downtown Manhattan in search of potential models.


Kurt had been pacing up and down the studio for at least twenty minutes when his phone rang. Incoming call from Mel.

He quickly silenced the ringing tones of the latest Broadway Blockbuster and answered the call frantically.

'MELISSA! Hi. Did you find anyo- OH THANK GAGA... My idol that's who...yes...Don't tell me...he is short right...good...i was worried...dark haired yeah that's perfect...TAN?... NO he should be a ghost like me...i appreciate the compliment but...well if that's the best we can get...i know...shut up and get your size two butt back here NOW.'

He hung up the phone with a harsh stab from his finger. If phones could feel pain. It would be bleeding right now.

Ok, so he had a guy. A shortish guy. 5ft 8" Mel had said, which was pretty much perfect to fit the clothes. He had the dark hair like the previous model had had, it was curly, but it could probably be tamed with a little gel. But the problem. The problem was he was tanned.

Kurt, well, Kurt was pale. Not, I'm a sparkly vampire creeper, pale, but he was certainly pretty fair. His cheerleading coach had called him porcelain for most of his youth and it was a name that stuck with him all the way through NYU.

But this meant he had grown to love colours that suited his skin tone. So those colours were almost always the ones he used for his designs. There was no point in pouring your heart into something if you couldn't have it right?

So now, having a tan model would almost certainly be a huge problem. What if his skin clashed with the outfit, or it drowned the colours out or it flushed him out or...he could list many more difficulties the skin may pose, but decided to stop and carefully prepare the studio.

He called the other two models out from their changing rooms where they had been waiting for at least three hours, he beckoned them into their new outfits and sent them over to hair and makeup. He called the photographer, telling him the shoot was back on and that he better get his ass back to the studio as soon as physically possible before he was forced to lay down the you-cross-me-you-will-never-work-again rule., and then he called Mel again, demanding to know where she was. He kept her on the line right up until she and her new model stepped out of the taxi and entered the building.


'Kurt, we're back. I got you a guy.'

The loud clacking of Mellissa's stilettos could be heard from the other end of the corridor she was currently marching up.

She slipped her phone back into her handbag and looked up to see Kurt half running towards her. She held out her arms and let the man engulf her in a tight hug.

'I'm a genius..i know. You can thank me later.'

'Oh my Miu Miu Mel, you have no idea how grateful I am right now. I called Brad and he should be back down here with the camera any minute. We have just enough time to get this new guy into hair and makeup before we have to start shooting and then we can finally get this over and done with and I can spend one stress free evening relaxing and watch the catch up of miss America and-'

He was silenced by a poke in the side from Mel.

'Kurt Dear, your babbling.'

Kurt released his friend and smiled warmly up at her. She was tall to start with, but the three inch heels made for a pretty awkward height difference between her and Kurt.

He glanced around for a moment, realising that he couldn't see anyone accompanying the young woman. He stepped back for a second, before subduing his panic long enough to ask a question.

'err...Mel?' Kurt said hesitantly. 'Where is he?'

Suddenly a short man stepped out from behind Mellissa. His dark curly hair was resting elegantly on his ears, what should have been an unruly scrawl looked angelic and serene. His clothing left much to be desired, but his smile made up for that. A nervous grin was plastered on the man's gorgeous face as he extended his hand to Kurt.

'Hi there. I'm Blaine. I guess I'm your guy.'