So before I upload the next chapter, it has been requested, by HappyDaysAreHereAgain amongst others, that I provide you guys with a little summary of the last few chapters.

I myself had forgotten a fair amount, so here you go, here is a brief roundup done in the lamest form and the simplest language, making it all sound a little silly and suited for an 11 year old but pfft:

We left off with Kurt and Blaine having a little personal time ;) after Blaine came offstage from his runway warm-ups. Blaine, being the precious little cupcake he is, hadn't quite realised what a tiring job this whole modelling shindig would be and was in dire need of comfort from his lovely boyfriend.

A boyfriend whom, is not known to actually be his boyfriend...well...And this is where it gets confusing up in here...

Kurt and Blaine are telling the press that they are in fact a couple to try and fool them and provide Blaine with publicity (as many celebs do). However, those close to them are aware that the whole 'couple for the media' thing is a fraud.

Well supposedly a fraud, because actually since then, the boys have become a real couple – which of course just makes them seem like very good actors to everyone else, but ;)

Mel and Steph, the intrepid accomplices for our boys, are still desperately trying to get them together...little do they know, eh?

Blaine however, is a little wary of the whole thing as he was accosted by some rather nasty men one night who told him to stay away from Kurt – suspicious!

We will return in the next chapter to the first actual fashion show of Kurt's 'tour', during which one of Blaine's original songs will be broadcast - in an attempt to get him back on the road to recording success – which will hopefully work out for him now he has contacts with Finn's recording studio (where he dissed that flirt India who was hitting on him real bad) Though then again, as witnessed in my other fics, I am a bitch when it comes to my characters, so I may well decide to ruin his life again. We shall see *cackle*.

Phewph, so is that ok for a summary? I won't sum up the whole thing, if you like, do go and re-read parts of it. Something I would highly recommend as even I find myself getting lost sometimes.

Yada Yada Yada, thank you for sticking with me, I hope the next chapter (hopefully to be released within the next week) makes up for it :D

Much love, your failsome fanficcer, Effy xx

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