The plot thickens.


Waking up in the morning was not something that Gaz enjoyed doing. This day was no exception. At the sound of her alarm clock, she groaned and slammed her fist down on the snooze button. Normally she would take this time to have some Gaz-time before her brother woke up, but today felt like a messy bun and sweat pants day. She felt weird this morning. She was sore in her lower regions. Maybe she should just stay in bed today.

She didn't remember falling back asleep, but the next thing she knew, there was a loud pounding at her door and her brother's obnoxiously loud voice telling her it was time to wake up. What day was it? It was Friday, right? Good. Only one more day until the weekend. She didn't want to go to school today. She said that every morning, didn't she?

"Gaz?" Dib yelled through the door. "Are you up?"

She didn't answer. She didn't want to hear his voice so loud, so early. She didn't want to get up. especially not with him there telling her to do it. She turned onto her side, facing the door, and winced. Why was she so sore? What did she do yesterday? Usually when she was sore from excersize, she was sore all over. She was just sore in her thighs and abs. Weird.

Very slowly, she pulled herself up into a sitting position, wincing again at the pain in her lower parts. Was she about to start her period or something? She didn't usually get this kind of soreness around that time of the month.

"Gaz?" Her brother asked again. "You okay?"

Suddenly, her door opened and Dib peeked inside. The sight of his face made everything instantly come back to her. She remembered it all. Sneaking out, yelling, kissing, laughing, rain, showering... other things... and Zim.

Shit. Zim.

Suddenly very awake, she whipped around to throw the blankets over him, as if Dib hadn't already seen him. Of course he saw him. He wasn't blind. Shit. That's it then. The jig was up.

Only Dib didn't see him. Because he wasn't there.

"Gaz, are you okay? You're usually up by now." Dib said, paying no mind to her strange actions. He saw her shorts on the floor, so she was probably just embarrassed and trying to cover herself, which made Dib blush slightly. She had the right to sleep however she wanted. If she wanted to sleep in her underwear, that was her business and no one else's and he shouldn't just barged in like that. "Sorry..." He quickly shut the door and retreated back into his own room.

Zim wasn't there. Why wasn't he there? He was there last night... wasn't he? Did she dream all that? No, she was sure that it wasn't all a dream. He was here. But now he wasn't here. Which means that at some point, he left. Why did he leave? What was going on here?

She wondered if he was still there and was only hiding because he heard her brother coming. But when she saw her window open, wide open, it confirmed her suspicion and she was sure he was gone. He left. Why did he leave?

A million thoughts raced into her mind at once, and quite a few different feelings whaled up in her chest, but the most intense ones were fear and anger.

She knew she should've known better than to get attached to someone. This was so typical, you heard about stuff like this all the time. Guy acts nice and makes all these promises, makes you feel special, gets you in bed, and is never to be seen again. God, how could she be so stupid?

Her chest was suddenly filled with a painfully tight feeling. She didn't know how she was supposed to process these emotions. Emotions in general were not something she was skilled in the art of processing, and if she had thought that the past few days had been a doozy, that was nothing compared to this.

She felt like a fool. Next time she saw him, if she tried to talk to him, ask him why he had left, he'd probably just laugh in her face and call her a stupid human, and then proceed to poke fun at her for being so easily tricked and manipulated. The mere thought was enough to make her want to die. She wondered if she should just stay home today.

No, it was Friday. If she didn't see him today, she'd just go the whole weekend wondering what would've happened. As much as she was afraid of what Zim might do or say to her, there was also the slim possibility of him having some explanation. At the very least, she wanted to see him again to be sure. But wait, what if he wasn't at school? He skipped all the time. What if today was one of those days? God, what was she supposed to do here?

She smacked herself in the face.

Get ahold of yourself, girl! She told herself. She had to keep calm and approach this like a civilized human being, instead of freaking out like some stupid girl.

She might just be completely over thinking it.

Okay, options.

She could just go about her normal routine at school as if nothing had changed, and, assuming he came to school, when she saw him, she could just go up to him and talk to him. Like a normal person would do.

No, that was stupid. No part of that plan made any sense. Neither of them were normal people, so why should she be expected to do things the normal way?

If she was being honest with herself, she really was just afraid of being rejected. The thought that Zim might laugh in her face was horrifying. She felt like she'd need an excuse to talk to him other than asking him why he left. That way, she'd have a scape goat if he tried to talk down to her.

She immediately thought of his glove that he had left at her house. That was a decent excuse. You left this at my house, do you want it back? She sighed. She didn't really want to give it back. She wanted to keep it. But it was the excuse she needed. At least then she could see how he acted towards her. She'd bring it along. That way, at least she had it if she needed it. She slowly pulled herself out of bed and looked at herself in her wall mirror. Her neck and chest were covered in hickies and bite marks. She groaned in annoyance. She'd have to cover those.

Well, one thing was certain. Today was no longer a messy bun and sweat pants day.


Dib found the ride to skool nothing short of unbearable. He shifted uncomfortably in the passenger seat of Gaz's car, attempting to keep his gaze straight forward. The tension in the car was so thick, he could cut it with knife. Gaz was going at least a good ten miles over the speed limit. She was a good driver, Dib wasn't worried about that per say, but he could tell something was wrong. He risked a glance at her. Her head was tilted downward, she stared straight ahead from under thick lashed. Her jaw was clenched and her knuckles were turning white from the grip she had on the steering wheel.

This was his fault. He knew this. He had upset her this morning when he barged in without permission. He really should know better than to have come into a lady's room like that, even if it was his sister. He was a little surprised she didn't break him in half.

Poor Gaz. She probably had so much happening to her in the last few days that she was overwhelmed. It was all too much. First her painting gets ruined that she wanted to show to their father (he remembered how he'd never seen her so excited about something), then Zim breaks into her room, then a rumor starts about them, and then his dumb ass had to go and make it worse. She was probably under so much stress that she didn't know what to do with herself. He could only guess that she was reacting the only way she knew how, which was to get really angry.

"Hey, Gaz..." He said weakly in an attempt to ease the tension. "I'm sorry about barging in this morning."

She grunted in response, her gaze never leaving straight ahead of her.

He tried again. "I know a lot has happened lately, and if you'd ever wanna talk about it-"

"Hey, Dib?"

He perked up at her voice. "Yeah?"

"Be quiet."


They arrived to skool faster than they usually did, thanks to Gaz's speeding. She didn't even realize how fast she was going. She was too consumed in her own thoughts. She realized something on the drive there.

Why the fuck was she so scared of being shot down by Zim? True, no one particularly enjoys being shot down and embarrassed, but this morning when she woke up, she was downright terrified of it. How irrational.

Why should she be the one scared? If Zim did have any plans to laugh in her face, it would him that had to answer to her. She didn't need a reason to go up and talk to him. If he called her easily manipulated, he'd suffer the consequence. He should be smart enough by now to know better than to invoke her wrath. She had to stop looking at this situation as a girl and start looking at it as Gaz Membrane, the scary, violent, hostile, all around bad tempered girl who let no misdoings go unpunished. And a crime of this magnitude was punishable by death.

She could tell herself this all day long, but that didn't change the fact that she was still scared. She wasn't even scared that he might embarrass her in front of her peers, no, that would only lead to everyone anticipating his instant demise. What she was really worried about was, she really did like Zim. Last night, she had convinced herself that he was right for her. He was the one person who looked at her and saw something other that a violent psychopath. She liked having someone who saw past her aggressive exterior. The thought that she could lose that was painful.

She sighed to herself. Dib sat silently next to her s if waiting for her to do something. She simply exited the car without looking at him and he followed suit. The siblings has their schedule down to a T. Neither of them were too big on socializing, so they felt no need to arrive to skool early like many other students did. They always arrived with just enough time to walk to their homerooms before the bell rang. Today was no exception. Without another word to her brother, Gaz set off to her classroom. And just as she did the previous day, her head was on a swivel looking for a certain alien that she knew she wouldn't see.


When Dib saw that Zim wasn't in class, his mind immediately came up with dozens of possible scenarios, most of them involving the alien going after his sister when she least expecting it.

While it wasn't uncommon for Zim to skip class, with all that had been happening in the past few days, it just seems all too suspicious. Maybe he was just being paranoid, but when it came to his little sister and that freak alien, he'd rather be safe than sorry. He suddenly became very anxious. He had to get to Gaz to see if she was okay. Zim could have already gotten to her. He could've snatched her while she was on her way to class, or he could be waiting for her somewhere, he could be watching her right now through the window of her classroom or something or he could be...

His thoughts were interrupted when his own classroom door swung open. Speak of the Devil...

"Sorry I'm late, Ms. Bitters!" Zim said in his usual loud, attention grabbing way. Something was different today though. He wore a smug smile and had a very egotistical air about him.

Ms. Bitters turned her head towards him in a very uninterested fashion. "How kind of you to join us."

"Isn't it?" Zim said as he strutted to his seat. "I would've been on time..." He sat down and turned his smug toward Dib. "But I was up late last night with my girly friend."

Dib's face lit up with the deepest shade of red, his jaw clenched tightly. Zim's smirk widened as Dib anger was very apparent on his face, the two still had their eyes locked on each other. Dib was only vaguely aware of his classmates whispering to each other things like, "Oh my God, so it's true!", "I can't believe those two are dating!" and "I heard it was Dib's sister."

No. He's lying. Gaz said so herself, it was just a rumor. Zim was just using said rumor to stir up trouble and get under his skin. It was typical Zim behavior. Besides, if Zim had been with Gaz last night, he would've known.

"You are so full of shit." Dib piped up. The whispering stopped. Zim's smirk fell and twisting into a look of annoyance. Even Ms. Bitters said nothing to stop impeding confrontation, out of mild amusement, or perhaps an unwillingness to continue a lecture that she had no interest in.

Before Zim could respond, Dib continued. "You don't have a 'girlfriend', I bet you don't even know what that is!"

Zim's smirk slowly resurfaced. "Oh, but I do, Dib-beast. Although, I don't see what business it is of your's." Zim turned away from him and faced forward, folding his hand together in front of him in a mock attempt to look like a good student.

This was all too perfect. Not only did he have Little Gaz as his Love-Pig, but it seemed that the fact caused the Dib much discomfort. The pure anger on his face when Zim said girly friend was just delicious. He chuckled. This was most certainly a win for Zim.

He felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see one of his male classmates. One of the ones in fact that had questioned his normality only a few days prior. "What do you want, dirt child?"

"So it's true then?" The boy asked. "Are you really going out with Dib's sister?"

Zim didn't know what 'going out' was. Based on context clues, he could only assume that the child was referring to their recently developed relationship, in which case, he could've simply just said so. The term 'going out' was strange to him, but he didn't want to risk appearing foolish by questioning it. "...Yes, Little Gaz is Zim's love-pig." Luckily for Zim, the majority of his classmates blamed his strange manor of speech to the fact that he was 'foreign' and therefore, english was not his native tongue. So no one questioned his use of the term 'love-pig' instead of 'girlfriend'.

"Holy shit, dude!" The male said to him, smiling. A number of other males were also interested, it seemed, because they were also listening in. "She is smokin' hot, but she's scary as hell. I didn't know she dated at all!" The other males around them chimed in with agreement at his comments.

"She's fucking sexy." Another one added. "You ever seen her in gym class? She wears those really tight shorts."

"Hey!" The group turned around to see Dib, red in the face, looking back at them, anger once again clear in his expression. "That's my little sister you're talking about."

The first boy who spoke laughed awkwardly. "Sorry bro, but... your sister is hot."

"She's especially lovely without her clothes on."

Practically the whole room, save for Ms. Bitters, who had turned her attention to an old scrapbook, turned to stare wide eyed at Zim.

He rested his chin in his hand, propped up on his elbow lazily, his eyes half lidded, the same smug smirk once again on his face. Quite the opposite of Dib, who looked on the verge of a heart attack.

The group of males around Zim burst into a chorus of jeers and "Ohh!"s.

After a moment, Zim laughed. "Actually, I'm sorry, that was disrespectful." His voice held a certain mock tone and Dib couldn't tell if he was being genuine or just jerking his chain. "Zim is sorry, Dib."

Okay, that last part was most definitely a joke.

"But, seriously," Zim added, turning back to the group of males. "She is absolutely beautiful."

Zim was starting to get the hang of the way these humans interacted. Apparently, when someone acquired an exceptionally desirable mate, the norm was to talk about it. Praises were given by the other males. He could get used to this. It seemed that having a 'girlfriend' was in fact considered, not only socially acceptable, but also greatly smiled upon. He thought immediately of his mission. This would be easier than he thought.

It was in that moment that Dib recovered from his shock. Before anyone had time to realize what he was doing, he was in front of Zim's desk and had punched him in the face. He grabbed Zim by the collar and yanked him up to his eye level, his chair flying out from beneath him. "You listen to me, you piece of alien shit!" His voice wasn't like Zim had ever heard it before. It was low and threatening. "I already told you to stay the fuck away from my sister. Now, keep telling your perverted lies about her, and see what I do!"

Zim harshly shoved Dib backward, a feat that was almost difficult given the death grip he had on his collar. He brought his hand up to massage the front of his neck. "I can assure you, Dib-beast, Zim tells no lies. However, I doubt that Little Gaz would very much like me to be discussing our private, intimate matters with her brother."

Dib drew his fist back to punch him again, but Zim was faster, his own fist colliding with Dib's jaw. As he stumbled backward, Zim threw his desk to the side and pounced, and within seconds the two were violently wrestling on the floor. The other students expect this to be the point when Ms. Bitters would finally step in, but they soon discovered that she had become so wrapped up in her scrapbook, she now wore earbuds to block out her class entirely.

The scrabble seemed to be very much a stalemate, as they both were doing no more than trying to gain dominance over the other one. A few students in the front row had to quickly jump up, as the two boys fighting knocked over their desks. Their fight was met with much encouragement from the other students, who jeered and whooped and shouted things like, "Fuck him up!" But this noise was near muted by the volume of the two screaming profanities at each other.

Dib straddled Zim, trying to gain control of the fight. Zim had his wrists in his hands so any attempt him made to grab at him was thwarted. "I swear Zim, if you do anything to my sister-!"

He was cut short when Zim released his wrist just long enough to deliver a painful jab to his stomach. He doubled over in pain, giving Zim the opportunity to flip there positions. Him now on top, he leaned in so only Dib could hear him, and Dib took notice of how his natural eyes were so bright with evil that his contacts were tinted pink. "I did many things to your sister already, Dib. I tried to be gentle, but it was difficult to hold back with the way she was moaning."

At that point, he was just trying to make Dib even angrier. He realized that everything he said would eventually reach Little Gaz's ears, and he'd no doubt have hell to pay for it, but the horrified look in Dib's eyes was just too rich.

Dib was about to respond, but just then the skool bell rang and Zim was off of Dib and out the door. It took Dib a moment to compose himself, but he quickly jumped up and ran after the alien when he realized that he was probably going to go find his little sister.


When the bell rang, Gaz didn't get up to leave right away like she usually did. She took several deep breaths in an attempt to calm her rapid beating heart. The tight feeling had returned to her chest. She fucking hated this.

It was now or never though. If she didn't see Zim now, then he probably wasn't here. And even if he was, she wouldn't get the chance to see him again today. Their might not be anything to worry about. But just in case, she'd be ready. She was already in a sour mood. Scarring people was easy. Hurting people was easier. Making people wish they'd never gotten out of bed was her specialty.

She slowly gathered her things and exited her homeroom. As soon as she was out the door, she noticed something odd. People were checking their phones and then running off in the direction she was headed. She thought it a little strange, but paid it no more thought than that. What got her attention was the chatter she heard.

"Oh my God, there's a fight!"

"It's that freak with the big head and the green kid."

"They fight all the time, but this is a fucking brawl!"

The one that really perked her interest was, "Shh! That girl right there! With the purple hair! I heard they're fighting over her!"

She whipped her head around in the direction of the last voice, the source being a small group of girls who quickly turned away to avoid eye contact.

Hmm. So Zim and Dib were fighting. Well, that's nothing new. But fighting over her? The immediate response she came up with was the clearly, something was said between the two that pissed Dib off, and she had a bad feeling that something involved her.

Great. Fucking perfect. Leave it to Zim to brag. Of course he would take what had happened last night and rub it in Dib's face for the pure purpose of getting under his skin. That was so true to his personality. She wondered what exactly he said. She wondered if he said it out loud in front of other people. She suddenly didn't want to see Zim anymore. She didn't want to see anyone. She wanted to go home.

Her attention was caught by a loud crash. She had just turned down a hallway and the first thing she saw was her brother's face slammed into a locker, courtesy of Zim. They were being followed by quite the crowd of on lookers, and as the two continued to throw punches, she saw what the gossiper she heard had meant when they said brawl. She knew the two fought constantly, but today it was different. There was blood. It was violent. She could do worse.

The fight seemed to be moving. It was like they were racing somewhere and the both were trying to slow to other one down. As they came closer, she moved to stand near the wall so as not to get in their way. Any other girl might've been distraught to see their brother and love interest punching each other in the face, but considering pain was right up her alley, the only thought she really had about it was that she could've done worse.

Dib saw her first. "Gaz!" He shouted and quickly ran towards her. Her eyes widened and she braced for an unwanted impact. An impact that never came. Zim had grabbed Dib by the ankles, which caused him to fall flat on his face.

When Gaz realized what was happening, she quickly backed away. This brawl was coming right for her and she didn't like it one bit. She had absolutely no desire to be involved in one of their fights. She turned to get away, but was grabbed from behind. She didn't know by who, but she was immediately spun around and the grabbed again by the other person. She really couldn't keep up with what they were doing, but they seemed to having some kind of bizarre tug of war over her, all the while yelling at each other at the top of their lungs. And she was not happy about it. She'd put a stop to this right now.

She slapped both their hands away, brought her elbow back to strike whoever was behind her, now realizing it was Zim, while simultaneously jabbing her fist to connect with Dib's face. She then grabbed them both by their throats and slammed them against the wall. All yelling instantly stopped as they both clutched her wrists, her hands tightening around their necks to ensure she had their attention.

"The fuck are you two doing?!" She demanded.

She regretted asking immediately because she was instantly answered by both of them quickly blaming the other in an attempt to convince her they were innocent. She hardened her glare, lowering her head to stare up at them through thick lashes, and both quickly got the message that she wasn't actually interested in their answer. Dib shifted uncomfortably. He knew that look in his little sister's eyes. That was the look she wore when she wanted nothing more than to destroy everything, kill everyone, drink the blood of the innocent, snack on the bones of those who oppose her... he wasn't really sure what evil went on inside her head, all he knew was that he wanted no part of.

Zim's thoughts were quite the opposite of Dib's. He found himself incredibly turned on by her murderous gaze. He probably shouldn't have been, but he couldn't help it. He was attracted to power. He gripped her wrist with both of his hands in an attempt to make her loosen her hold on his throat, but it only caused her to choke him tighter. The reminder of what she was capable of was just sexy to him.

As she stared up at them and took in their faces, she could've almost laughed at the fact that just this morning, she was scared to face one of them. The same green alien that she now how pinned to the wall by his neck. She took a moment to observe their appearances. They were both a mess. Dib's glasses were broken and a black eye was starting to form, as well as blood dripping down from his nose. Zim also had blood trickling down form his mouth, but no more visible injury than that.

"How many times do I have to say it before it becomes perfectly clear? I have absolutely no desire to be involved in your little quarrels."

It was at that moment that two security guards, accompanied by a member of administration, decided it was safe to step in. "Thank you, young lady, for breaking that up. We can take it from here."

Gaz released both of them, and they slumped to the floor, clutching their necks and wheezing.

The security guards hoisted them up to their feet. "C'mon, you boys are in serious trouble!" One of them said, and Zim and Dib were dragged down the hall in the direction of the principles office.

"I like your Earth-attire outfit today, Little Gaz!" Zim yelled over his shoulder before they turned down another hallway.

Gaz blushed. She had worn this outfit for the soul intent of getting his attention. She wore a thin black shirt that hugged her curves and showed off a little more cleavage than she usually did. Atop it, she wore a black blazer that come down to her elbows. She also had on some black and white vertical striped shorts and the same black boots she had worn the day before.

Goal achieved, it seemed.

She had completely forgotten about the crowd of onlookers. She only remembered them when she turned to go to her classroom and they parted for her like the Red Sea. She paid no mind to any of them and simply hurried along to class.

Alright, maybe she'd stick around skool just to see what happened next.


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