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Dib remembered the very first time that he realized that there was something very unworldly and deeply disturbing about his beloved little sister.

He knew, deep down, that there was something very unsettling about Gaz, even at the young age that they were. He never actually acknowledged it before, for simply reason that he had no desire to. But then, on that day, he saw it with his own eyes. That was the first time he'd even seen that inhuman look in her eyes, a look that he was now used to seeing. As many times as he saw it, it never ceased to deeply disturb him.

He was in the third grade, Gaz in the second. He was nine, she was eight. She had always been a loner, and always very creepy, but before that day, she had never given anyone reason to actually fear her. No one really bothered her, so she had no reason to punish anyone.

Dib remembered, as watched the whole thing through the window. He couldn't hear what was said, but the look in her eyes told him he didn't want to.

Dib was out at the playground for recess. Gaz also had this recess, but it was not uncommon for her to just stay in her classroom and play her Game Slave. Gaz much preferred it inside, where it was cool and quiet, as opposed to the loud, hot, sticky air of the outdoors. Too much yelling, crying, laughing. She really hated the sound of laughter. It wouldn't be so bad if they could just laugh normally, but they all had such shrill, nasally, obnoxious laughter. God, it made her sick. It was like needles in her ears. Inside, away from everybody else, was better.

"What are you doing in here by yourself?"

Gaz glanced up. She didn't recognize the voice, but the tone sounded very judgmental. She established the voice as coming from a new girl, who just transferred into her class only a few days prior. The girl had come into the classroom with a few other girls trailing behind her. Gaz had never spoken to this girl before, but she knew she didn't like her. She didn't like most people, but that was besides the point. This girl had made many friends in the short time since her arrival, because she had established herself as loud, talkative, and a gossiper. People 'befriended' her to avoid her picking on them. They were more minions than companions. Gaz had seen the girl pointing, whispering and giggling at her before, but she didn't care.

"When someone asks you a question, you're supposed to answer." She crossed the room to stand in front of Gaz's desk. Gaz continued to just stare at her. "What's the matter? Do you not have any friends?" Gaz said nothing still. "Why won't you say anything? What's your problem?"

"You ask alot of questions." Gaz said finally. She looked back down at her game and continued to play.

"You haven't answered any of them."

"What I do is none of your business." Gaz said calmly. "Leave me alone."

The girl huffed and put her hands on her hips defiantly. Gaz was trying to ignore her, so she didn't see her hand shoot out until she had grabbed her Game Slave and yanked it away. Gaz shot up in her seat and swiped at her in an attempt to get it back, but the girl took a step out of her reach. "What is this? A game?" She laughed. "Oh, I get it now! You're a video game nerd!"

"Give that back now." Gaz rounded her desk and came at her, but she threw the Game Slave across the room at one of her minions, who caught it. Gaz approached the other girl and tried to snatch it back, but she tossed it again to another girl.

"Hey, Dib, isn't that your sister?"

Dib looked up from the device he was tinkering with. He didn't really have friends, so it confused him that someone would be concerned enough about something to draw his attention to it. He looked where the kid was pointing and saw a window. Through the window, he saw a classroom. Gaz's classroom. He knew that only because Gaz was inside, along with a few other girls. And they were playing keep away with her Game Slave. He saw Gaz go to grab it from one girl, but then that girl threw it over her head to another girl. He set his device down and was about to run inside to her rescue when he saw something that made him stop. The girls continued to throw her game around, laughing and taunting her, but Gaz stopped chasing it. She stood still and looked at one girl, whom Dib could only assume was the ring leader, and her demeanor changed. Her eyes turned red, and held a murderous intent.

"C'mon, freak! Don't you want your game back? It's over here!" The first girl, the one who had originally started taunting her, caught the game and held it up, waving it front of Gaz, not actually paying attention to her face, thereby missing her demonic expression. "What's wrong? Gonna cry?" She closed her eyes and started laughing, so she didn't see Gaz come at her until she was violently kicked in the chest. She made a horrible choking sound and hit the floor with a sickening thud, knocking a few desks to the floor as she did. One of the other girls screamed.

As she was thrown back, the girl lost hold of the Game Slave and it flew into the air. Gaz caught it without missing a beat, and held it sideways in her hand so the hard corner of it faced outward. She stood above the still wheezing girl, and the girl looked up at her, finally seeing the inhuman look in her eyes. Gaz didn't give her the opportunity to reflect on this, however, as she quickly straddled her and raised her game over her head.

She brought it down on her face. Hard. She raised it again and brought it down hard again. She struck her over and over. She didn't stop. She didn't lose steam. Each hit seemed to get harder and harder. And she didn't stop.

Dib stood, frozen in horror, as he watched from outside the window. He watched his baby sister merciless beat the hell out of another little girl. He couldn't see the other girl. She was on the floor, seeing from his viewpoint was impossible. What he did see, was Gaz's Game Slave come down hard, and then raise up again, with blood on it. He did see the small amount of red splatter hit Gaz's face. But the most unsettling thing. The most unsettling thing was the look in Gaz's eyes. Her face was still twisted into a demonic expression. But her eyes. There was no negative emotion in her eyes. No anger, no sadness, no frustration. She almost looked, and this is what really disturbed him, happy.

Not happy, exactly. Happy wasn't the right word, because anyone could see she was, in fact, very unhappy. But she was calm, relaxed. Content. Poised. There was a gleam in her eyes, not unlike the gleam an artist had when painting a masterpiece, or a dancer had while on stage. The harder she hit, the brighter the gleam got. This motivated her to hit harder and harder, never slowing. The gleam was unaffected by the blood splattering her face, or the cried of the other children for her to stop.

Gaz felt her chest swell with every strike to the bitches face. It was a feeling she had never felt before, so she couldn't explain it. But it was wonderful. The frustration and chagrin she had felt were gone, replaced by this amazing new feeling. This girl was vile. A manipulator. There was nothing good about her. She was a stain on the fabric of society. The world would be better off with this stain bleached out. She made her way in the world by mistreating those she thought were weaker than her, those she thought of as easy targets. She chose wrong today. She deserved this. This was long over due. Too many time had this bitch gotten her way and never been taught a lesson. She would learn today.

She didn't know how many times she had hit the girl before she stopped moving, or how many time after she stopped moving that she continued to hit her. She didn't even know how long it had been. She only stopped when she realized how winded she was. She let her arms hang limply by her sides and she sat atop the girl, drawing in deep breaths. She felt exhilarated. For the first time in her life, she felt peaceful. Refreshed. Totally rejuvenated.

When Gaz stopped, the paralyzing shock of her actions wore off of Dib. He turned to run inside the school, only to realize that every single kid on the playground had stopped whatever they were doing to watch the horror that went on through the window. Even the few adults that supervised had watched. He brushed this off and ran inside anyways.

Gaz slowly rose to her feet, her gaze never leaving the now horribly disfigured face of the girl on the floor, who lay in a growing pool of her own blood. She was still. She didn't twitch. It couldn't even be seen if she was breathing or not. But somehow, Gaz knew she was still alive. And she could tell she was still conscious. She leaned over her, until her face was right above her's.

"The next time you bother me, I won't go easy on you."

She stood and wiped the dripping blood off her Game Slave. She had forgotten about the other girls, and hadn't realized there were more people in the room now. Her teacher, along with three security guards stood in the doorway, but none of them moved. She picked up her back pack and slung it over her shoulder. She approached the adults, giving them the same gaze she gave the bitch before she attacked. She stopped before them when they didn't move. They seemed utterly stunned by what they had seen, and even now, they looked at her like she was the Antichrist. She continued to stare at them, and began wishing they would just fucking move. The harder she thought this, the more she noticed they were acting strange. One man started twitching violently, another started gagging, foam slipping through his lips. The last guard's eyes became red. Very red. So red in fact, that they leaked. A drop of blood rolled down his cheek.

She turned to her teacher, who was visibly fearful. He trembled under her stare. He backed away from her until his back hit the wall. She spoke only four words to him before he fell over into a seizure.

"Forget what you've seen."

Dib ran down the hall as fast as his little legs would take him, towards the direction of his sister's classroom. He didn't know what had happened, what was said to make Gaz snap like that, but his gut told him that obviously, those girls had to have done something to her much worse than just stealing her game. Maybe they'd bullied her before. Maybe this had been going on for a long time, and she just never told anyone. Maybe she was finally pushed past her breaking point and she just lost it. That look in her eye was the most unsettling thing he'd ever witnessed. Those girls must have tortured her for much longer than just today for her to have so much hate for them inside of her. Obviously by now, she'd had a chance to come down from her high of emotions. She'd no doubt be an emotional wreck once she realized what she had done. He had to get to her.

He saw her emerge from her classroom and start down the hall towards him, and he stopped. He took it back. That demonic look in her eyes wasn't the most unsettling thing he'd ever seen. Her face now was the most unsettling thing he'd ever seen.

She was smiling. Not even an evil smile. It was a sweet smile. A content smile. She wasn't unsettled in the least. She was happy. She was happy and smiling and dripping in blood.

She looked up and saw him and smiled wider. "Hi, Dib." She said softly.

He willed his face not to express the utter horror he felt inside as she approached him. As she walked, the lightbulbs above her flickered, as though her very aura was trying to snuff out the light. She came to a stop in front of him and the bulb above them actually burst. Sparks rain down around them, but he was too disturbed to notice and she was too relaxed to care. They stood near a window, so seeing each other wasn't an issue.

"Hey, Gaz." He said. He forced his voice to remain calm. He watch blood drip off her hand and down her face. Some of it had already started to crust around her forehead and in her hair. She casually reached up and wiped her hand across her cheek, but all it did was smear the red substance. She smiled on, despite the splatter across her face.

"You want to go home?" Gaz said. "We could order pizza and watch a movie or something. Let's just leave and go home." Her voice was friendly. This made him all the more nervous.

She was never this chipper. She was never this polite. She never greeted him before when she saw him. The most he'd ever gotten from her was her begrudging tolerance of his presence. He'd be overjoyed of this new change of attitude... under any other circumstance.

"Okay, Gaz." He said, taking her red soaked hand. "Let's go home and get you... cleaned up."

Her smiled widened and a red drop fell down over her eye. She blinked it away. They started towards the exit and she giggled.

"What's so funny?" He inquired, though he questioned whether or not he actually wanted the answer.

"I don't know." She said. "I'm just in a good mood for some reason. "



"Why did you beat that girl up?"

"Because her voice was stupid."

That was the first time that Dib was forced to acknowledge that there was something almost evil about his beloved little sister. That was also, for some reason, the moment the Membrane siblings bonded for the first time.

That girl didn't come back to school again.

... Present Day ...

It didn't taken too terribly long for Gaz's good mood to sour. After parting ways with Zim, she proceeded to class, as per usual. However, it took not one minute before people were pointing a whispering and making an exaggerated effort to be as far away from her as possible. She wasn't a stranger to this, however she quickly discovered that she was in no mood to deal with all the jibber jabber. On her way to class, one student actually tried to get a teacher to haul her away.

"She just beat up her brother! Shouldn't she be in trouble?! She should get suspended or expelled or something! At least call her dad, for God's sake!"

Obviously, this idiot wasn't there to witness her wipe the mind of that security guard. How troublesome. It wasn't hard to erase someone's memories, which is what she did to that teacher and the student, it was just a bother.

She arrived to class with no other interference than that, but the whispering, pointing, all around annoying sounds... maybe she should've just left with Zim. She was beginning to care less and less about this school day. Her good mood was slipping away with each murmur she heard. She soon realized that, even if that girl did try and talk to Zim, she'd have no way of knowing unless Zim told her later. He probably wouldn't even recognize her actions as flirting, and would therefore not feel the need to explain himself. She wasn't worried about Zim, she just wanted to know what the girl would say or do. And she didn't even care enough about that to be putting up with all this finger pointing. Perhaps she should just find Zim and leave.

She stopped to entertain that thought again. Leaving with Zim. Only a few days prior, the idea of leaving school with him under these circumstances was laughable. Being with Zim was something she never couldn't predicted happening, and only a few days ago, the thought never crossed her mind. And now, here she was.

Now that she had a moment to stop and think about it, she could admit that she probably was not taking their 'relationship' as seriously as he was. It's not that she didn't care about him, so much as she simply didn't feel the need to make such a fuss, as he did. He seemed to be borderline stressing himself out over it. He hadn't communicated this to her directly, but she could tell. She understood why, seeing as how he was an alien, and the way he described his peoples' culture told her that they did in fact take things very seriously. She understood it, she just didn't share in his stressing.

And another thing that she had made a point to not think about... she could tell how frustrated Zim was, sexually. She was pretty sure that was the main reason he wanted to leave early. No, she was absolutely sure. He even said so. He had told her the basic gist of how Irken relationships were, but nothing too detailed. She was still curious and felt that was definitely a topic of discussion worth revisiting, for him as well. That aside, she felt a warm tingling feeling in her stomach as she finally allowed herself to actually run the thought through her head. She had gone out of her way to sidestep the thought, simply because she wasn't sure how she should feel about it, but she had to think about it sooner or later.

Zim wanted to sleep with her.

Lord, have mercy.

The thought was terrifying and exciting. She had wondered previously what it would be like. Did Irkens and humans do it the same way? If not, how different was it? Were they going to be compatible physically? Was Zim's junk the same, or similar, to a human's?

She had wondered all these things, but decided that there was no point stressing herself out over the answers. Before anything happened, her and Zim would have a long talk about everything. She didn't want to do anything with him until she knew exactly was she was getting herself into. He didn't know anything about human relationships and she didn't know anything about Irken relationships. She didn't know how Irkens had sex, and she could only imagine that Zim didn't know how humans did it either. Assuming it was the same, it'd be an easy, if not a bit awkward conversation, to have. Based on the way Zim acted the previous night, Gaz gathered that it probably was the same. But they had to be sure. They absolutely had to be on the same page with everything before they did something that they couldn't take back.

Lord, see there? She was thinking too hard and starting to get nervous. She needed to just relax. They would figure everything out when the time came. And she trusted that Zim wouldn't do anything that would hurt her. She had entertained the idea of sex before, but she never really thought that hard about it, because she never had a boyfriend, or saw herself getting one. Everyone here was stupid. But now that the prospect was looking her in the face, she found herself very anxious.

She had to admit, she was excited.

She imagined that, when the time came, she would probably be nervous, maybe get shy like she had the previous night, but just sitting there thinking about it, she was very excited. She liked Zim. She really did. It felt good being able to admit that, after such a long time of not allowing herself to feel anything. She felt such hesitation the night before, simply because of her inexperience, but now, there was no second guessing. She wasn't afraid, she wasn't unsure. She was just excited.

Well, as excited as she could be for being so annoyed by the fact that she classmates were STILL FUCKING WHISPERING.

Ugh. She really did have alot to think about. She was excited for the impeding escapade with Zim, but now that she thought about it, he had been running his mouth alot. He did apologize, but he was the cause of that fight.

No. That wasn't a fight. That was a beat down.

Dib could've saved himself alot of pain if he had just minded his own fucking business, but Gaz did feel alittle bad. She really did fuck him up, and she knew he was just trying to protect her. Maybe she could've gone easier on him. She really did love her brother, but Goddamn, he needed to lay off. And the whole thing was Zim's fault anyway, and all she did was slap him.

Well, she couldn't go back and fuck Dib up any less, but she could still punish Zim some more.

She grumbled and laid her head down on her desk. All these conflicting thoughts she had caused her to feel emotional exhausted again. Maybe she should just go get Zim and leave. She had forgotten the reason why she hadn't already, so it obviously wasn't that important. Nothing could be so important that she was putting up with these simpletons and their fearful gossip. Even her teacher was avoiding looking directly at her.

Her phone buzzed.

She pulled it out of her pocket and looked at it, not caring that she was in plain view of the teacher.

1 New Message From Molly:

I just passed by the lunchroom. The bitch is putting the moves on your man.

She typed back.

Thanks girl.


Zim poked the disgustingly mushy human food that sat before him with his fork. He never ate any of it, but he poked it often to give off the illusion that he was. He figured that no one ever looked at him long enough to realize he never actually ate it, save for the Dib, who probably still had yet to regain consciousness after being mercilessly beating by Little Gaz.

He poked at the filth, but what he really wanted to do was pound his fist down on it, take the tray, throw it as hard as he could across the room, break the table in half, and then use the remains to beat to death the next person who looked at him funny.

He was incredibly agitated, board line furious. He was frustrated, anxious, flustered, and quite honestly, hot and bothered. He felt like he was all pint up, but he could do nothing about it. He was insanely frustrated. This frustration was manifesting itself as anger. He was very angry.

Watching Little Gaz viciously attack the Dib thing was like porn to him. Her hostility turned him on so much. When he saw the other worldly red glow in her narrowed eyes, he became instantly aroused. When she destroyed half the hallway in her fury, his pants got tighter. The sound of her voice when she issued him his last warning... he had to have her. He wanted her right there.

He was frustrated because, not only did he not get what he wanted, but Gaz didn't even seem to be taking him seriously. He proclaimed his love and desire to mate with her and she laughed. She refused his offer to leave school, but then she kissed his neck like that and it felt so...

And then she just pulled away. He felt so teased. He couldn't handle this. He wasn't made for this. Irkens never waited this long to mate the first time, and they sure as hell didn't start something if they had no plans on finishing it. If he didn't have her before the end of the day, he might explode.

He sighed, dropping his fork and holding his head in his hands. Part of him wanted to just steal her away, but he already knew that wouldn't work. Number one, they were "involved" now, and as such, there was a level of respect that he needed to maintain. And number two...

Zim was almighty and superior and amazing and all around better than all other's. Which is why he had great difficulty admitting, even to just himself, inside his head where no one could hear him, that he... might not be the dominate one in his relationship.

Up until that day, he'd always thought that Gaz was stronger, smarter, and more powerful than all the other humans, which was why it was okay for him to like her. She was a superior human. Not as outstanding as an Irken, but hey, she couldn't help being born human. He always thought that she was still no match for him, despite her superiority within her own race. It wasn't a bad thing, certainly not. It was no easy task, being as amazing and almighty as he was. He didn't mind that she wasn't as strong as him, he was plenty amazing enough for them both. He loved her regardless. Not being the dominate was not a bad thing. However, after seeing her wrath firsthand, he knew he was no match for her.

Within Irken relationships, one was always dominate. Whether it was the male or the female didn't matter, either one could be. And really, it didn't even matter. It's not like the other one did was the dominate told them to do or anything. Irkens were very equal and loving to their mates. The dominate was just stronger. And usually had control in the bedroom. But other than that, no difference. Sometimes, they would even take turns being dominate if they were both equally as strong.

So why, then, was Zim having such a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that Gaz was stronger than him, and therefore the dominate one? Was it because she was human? Was it because of his ego? Maybe because, for the first time in his life, he was actually alittle bit aroused by the thought of someone else being more powerful than him.

He sighed again. While they were always very loving to each other, it was not unheard of for mates to fight each other. Why not? They were a hostile race, and fighting was sexy. Fighting for dominance was the most common reason, either they didn't know who was dominate or one of them was challenging the other one. For example, if the male wanted dominance, he would challenge the female. Sometimes one would even pretend to lose the fight just for the thrill of being dominated. It was all common practice. Zim was vaguely aware that this was true to some animals on Earth, but not the humans. Had he not witnesses the sheer horror of Gaz's power firsthand, he absolutely would've challenged her for dominance. He still might, even despite the fact that he knew what she was capable of.

Gaz really was amazing. Anyone who cause such destruction and devastation so quickly, truly was incredibly, and worthy of the great honor of being Zim's mate. He'd never submitted to anyone before, save for his Almighty Tallests, but she made him want to just drop to his knees and kiss whatever skin of her's he could get to. She had reduced the Almighty Zim to a lovestruck fool who wanted nothing more than to have her. And he HAD to have her. Today. Soon. If he had watch another display of power from her like the one he'd already seen, and not get his way again, he would lose it. God, she was just so-


He looked up, annoyed his daydreaming had been so rudely interrupted. A blonde female sat across from him, apparently she had taken a seat whilst he was distracted. She smell very strongly of artificial berry, and it stung Zim's nose. People never interacted with him. They certainly never sat near him. What was this?

"What do you want, dirt child?"

"Dirt child?" She questioned. She seemed thrown off, for some reason. She gave a small chuckle. "Um, rude much?"

Zim was trying to figure out what in the world this human could want, what was her motivation for approaching him? He examined her, trying to see if perhaps she was hiding something, like weapons or some kind of listening device. Was she sent here by the Dib? Was she planning on doing something to try and embarrass him? Steal his wig? What did she want?

He noted that she was leaning forwards more than the amount required. One shoulder was dropped, the other raised up towards her face. She had one hand under her chin delicately, and the other was tracing patterns on the table before her. The only conclusion he could reach based on this data... was that she looked like she would be uncomfortable. Such a posture would no doubt put extra stress on the spine and joints over time. She should learn to sit properly. This was, however, not his problem.

He held his hand out and flicked it up slightly in a shooing motion. "Be gone with you, female."

"Excuse me?" She said, and leaned forward some more, which put her rather large breasts in plan sight. He didn't pay this much mind. "Simmer down, hot shot."

"Why?" He narrowed his eyes suspiciously. "What motive do you have for seeking an audience with Zim?"

The female's expression could be explained as... confused. "I just couldn't help be notice that you were sitting here, alone. And I thought maybe you wouldn't mind someone to talk to. My name's Bethany." She said. She smiled, her eyes half lidded. "You can call me Beth. What's your's?"

"I just said my name, I am Zim." He was unconvinced that she simply wanted to exchange titles. Clearly, she had some ulterior motive, he just couldn't decipher what it was. But he didn't like it.

"Oh, right." She let out a horribly fake high pitch giggle that made him draw back. She swayed her body slightly, and it almost seemed like she was attempting to draw attention to her chest. She slide her hand across the table towards him and lightly traced the edge of his tray with her finger. "I saw the way you fought that big headed kid this morning." She said, there was a tone in her voice that Zim couldn't recognize. "That was really cool."

Is that what she wanted? To offer praises of his fighting skills? While he couldn't disagree that his duel with the Dib was quite impressive, he questioned why this female felt the need to approach him now. He and the Dib fought all the time.

"You were so aggressive." She continued. She leaned forward some more. "It was kind of hot."

"What do you waaaant?" He said, alittle louder than he had been speaking previously.

This, once again, seemed to throw her off. "Jesus, I already said, I just wanted to talk to you!"

"Why though? For what purpose? What do you want, human?"

She scoffed. He could tell she was losing her patience with him, but he didn't really care. "I was going to ask you if you wanted to hang out sometime." She said confidently. "You seem pretty cool. So how bout it?"

Oh Lord, is that what she was doing? She was pea-cocking? She was trying to get his attention in a flirtatious manor. He understood now. That's why she was trying to draw attention to her body, and flatter him with praises of his combat skills. It made sense. He was very desirable after all. He could recognize that the female was attractive to earth standards, he just didn't care, as he only had eyes for one.

"Well?" She said, impatiently.

"Well, what?"

"Would you want to hang out sometime!" She repeated.

"Oh, no, that sounds awful." He said without missing a beat. He expected the female to accept his answer and leave, but she just stared at him, mouth agape slightly.

"Excuse me?" She seemed to be legitimately baffled by his response.

"I am already spoken for." He said very matter of factly. He said nothing else, as he thought this to be plenty enough of an excuse. Obliviously, if he was already with someone, it was a given that he wouldn't be interested in anyone else.

She didn't leave though. She smiled, her eyes lidded and the joint stressing posture returned to her body. She got up and sashayed around the table, taking a seat beside him, much too close for his comfort. The way she swayed her body reminded him of a cobra about to attack it's prey and it unsettled him greatly. She brought a hand to lay on his chest and trailed her fingers downward before laying it lightly on his thigh. She leaned in close to his face and he felt her breath on his lips and it smelled like cheap bubblegum.

"I won't tell if you don't."

He shoved her away roughly, his eyes bore into her with a threatening glare. "Do not touch me." He lowered his voice to communicate displeasure. Clearly, this human had rocks in her head where her brain should be, so he would have to be very clear. And also speak slowly. "I am spoken for. And as such, there is only one female who can touch me."

She sat wide eyed, hand against the spot on her shoulder where he had shoved her. She seemed to be, yet again, surprised by his actions, as if she was expecting him to do or say something completely different. She quickly recomposed herself and chuckled lowly.

"Yeah, listen, your girlfriend seems... nice, I guess, but-"

He cut her off. "Lies. She is not nice." He said factually. "Nothing she does would give anyone the impression that she is nice."

The girl scoffed. "Yeah, like I don't know that, she's a total bitch! Why would you even want someone like that?"

"What business is that of your's?"

"Because I don't get it! She's a freak!" She leaned in again and tilted her head to look up at him through her lashed, and her voice adopted a seductive tone. Neither of them noticed the lights above their heads flicker. "She's a little girl who probably has no idea how to treat a man. Not like a real woman." She attempted to lean into him again, but he shrank back from her. "C'mon, hot stuff. Don't you want a real woman?"

She reached out to touch his face, despite the fact that he was visibly backing away, and a hand shot out to grab her wrist before she could get any closer to him. Zim looked to his savior and felt an icy wave of fear wash over him for the second time that day as he took in the sight of the black, smokey mass that surrounded his love-pig. "Gaz..."

Gaz looked to the other female with narrowed glowing eyes and spoke in a low, threatening voice.

"I warned you."


My dog got put down today. I've had her since I was 5 years old and she was a newborn. She had all kinds of health problems that always come with old age. She couldn't get up by herself and fell over whenever she tried. She was a 16 year old golden retriever. Making the decision to put her down was hard. But I just didn't want her to suffer anymore. She had a good life, and I was with her until the very end.

Usually how I write is I'll sit and just write everything as it comes to me, and then I'll go back later and edit everything until it's nice. I'm not going to do that today, so if this chapter seems really 'word vomit' ish, that's why.