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Pairing: Ciel/Kagome(Sebastian)

Rated: T

"Awww, Kagome looks soooo cute!" Elizabeth squealed, hugging herself and twirling around, "Don't you agree, Ciel?" Her sparkling green eyes looked expectantly towards her finance as he sighed and almost felt pity for his head maid.

Kagome looked amused and not irritated at all at the French maid uniform she had practically been forced into by the young blond fashion-obsessed girl, "Thank you for thinking about me, Lady Elizabeth," She said gratefully, tugging on the rather short black skirt for the time period, "I think it is very cute."

"It's the latest style from France!" Elizabeth said happily, "Oh, and call me Lizzie!" She insisted, fawning over Kagome's rather devious clothes, "Ciel, what do you think?" She asked again, pouting as the Phantomhive looked away.

"Yes, Bocchan," Kagome smiled teasingly, using her native language to refer to her Master, "What do you think? Don't I look cute?" She asked, stepping closer to the younger boy as he nervously stepped back.

"Kagome, stop this behaviour at onc–!" Ciel stiffened and struggled weakly as Kagome abruptly wrapped her arms around him, unknowingly smashing his face into her ample chest and cleavage, "Kagome!" His voice was muffled and his face lit on fire.

The miko laughed, happy to feel that the darkness always surrounding the boy was slowly ebbing away. She promised herself that she would do everything within her power to save Ciel and stop Sebastian from stealing his soul.

'I won't let that demon win...'

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