Cats POV

I just woke up getting ready for another day in school, so I got dressed and got my stuff and headed out the front door.

But I noticed a car approaching me.

"Need a ride" Beck says with a smile.

"Sure" I told him as I entered his car. We were on are way to school and beck and I were just talking about some crazy ideas that I had about making a play.

"So Beck how are you and Jade doing" I asked him.

Becks POV

I told Cat that me and Jade broke up because she thinks that just because I hang out with other girls doesn"t mean that I want to break up with her.

"Im so sorry" Cat says to me.

"It's not your fault I didn't even like her anyway" I told her as we approached Holywood Arts.

Soon we got off the car and went to our seperate classes.

Cats POV

OMG I couldn't believe what Beck just told me, I have to tell Tori about this.

I walked into my classroom and I saw Tori and I sat down next to her.

"Hi Tori" I told her with excitement.

"Hi why are you so happy" Tori asked me with a wierd expression.

Tori's POV

I was just sitting until Cat came all excited and I was really confused.

But then she told me about what happened with Beck and Jade and I couldn't believe it.

OMG I said to Cat with a surprised feeling.

"Tori can you keep a secret" Cat asked me.

Sure I said to Cat.

"Well please don't tell anyone,but I really like Beck" Cat says whispering to my ear.

I was so surprised at what Cat just said to me.

"What do you think I should do" Cat asked me with a worried look on her face.

I told her that she shouldn't be shy and to tell beck how she really feels about him.

Cats POV

Tori told me what I should do, but to me it's not that simple I mean I like Beck alot.

It's just that I can't just walk up to him and say Beck I like you, he will go crazy.

Soon the bell rang and we all left for lunch. then I saw Beck walking by with Andre.

"Whats up Cat" Beck said to me when I aproached him.