Jaina Solo had been attending the Jedi Academy for a little over a year now. Although she had more of a mechanical inclination than her brother, Jacen, Jaina was still very still very strong in the force. Her life was going well, better than ever in fact. No one was trying to kill her or her family; she had just turned fifteen and was in the classes for advanced lightsaber training.

Jaina hurried towards her room, cursing in frustration as she stubbed her toe on part of a power generator. She had once again lost track of time and was in danger of being late for dinner with her aunt and uncle. Since her uncle, the famous Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, had gotten married five years ago he had started a tradition of inviting his niece and nephews over for dinner once a week. Jaina had been late for the past two weeks and was not looking forward to making a repeat performance this week. In her quarters, she quickly showered and pulled on a clean jumpsuit. She and her brothers were expected for dinner anytime up to six o clock Yavin time.

"Sith," Jaina thought," the turbo lifts are offline and I have to go down three floors. I guess I had better forget the dignity and decorum and start running."

She stopped and just stood there catching her breath in front of the door. Using the force she could feel Luke, Mara and Jacen inside, but surprisingly she didn't feel Anakin.

"Well," she mused," I guess he just lost track of time like I did."

Then she raised her hand, knocked on the door waited a few seconds, and then palmed the keypad to enter.

"Oh there you are, Jaina," Luke said, "I was beginning to wonder if you were going to be late again. I was hoping the three of you would get here well before dinner because I need to talk to all of you, but I guess it can wait until after dinner."

"Oh," Jaina said, "sorry I didn't mean to hold you up Uncle Luke."

"No, no Jaina, Anakin still isn't here so we couldn't begin yet anyway."

About that time the heard a muffled curse from the bedroom and a streak of red flew into the kitchen cursing loudly. That suddenly gave Jaina a great excuse to go help her aunt in the kitchen, because she definitely didn't want to be around when the next philosophical conversation got started. However the scene that greeted her when she walked into the kitchen mad her wish she had arrived late. Her aunt stood holding a pan full of what appeared to be thoroughly charred gornt casserole. This appeared not to have been her aunt's first cooking disaster of the day because the kitchen was strewn with dirty pots and pans.

"Hello Jaina," Mara said in a frustrated voice, "As you can see I've once again burnt supper, and on top of everything else that's been going on today…" she trailed off in exasperation. Then she added raising her voice in exasperation, "And I swear if Farmboy makes one of his dumb jokes I will reconsider my position on killing him."

Luke quickly walked in the kitchen and tried to begin to calm down his irate wife. Fortunately for everyone Anakin choose that moment to make his entrance.