Haruhi's Goals

Haruhi just found out that she won a scholarship to a prestigious school called Ouran High School Academy. This is a dream come true for her. She decides to write down all of her goals in her diary. This is because she wants to succeed at being at the top of her classes.

Haruhi's Dear Diary

My goals for attending Ouran Academy.

Goal # 1: Spend at least one hour after class. (To always be two steps ahead of lessons in each of my classes.)

Goal # 2: Find a quiet place to study after class.

Goal # 3: Don't bring to much attention to myself. (Lay low.)

Goal # 4: Keep a minimum of a few friends.

Goal # 5: No boyfriends. (I like intelligent and handsome guys, but romance can wait until I'm a successful lawyer.)

These 5 goals will help remind me how I maintained flawless grades in public school. So I will succeed at Ouran High School Academy.

Little does Haruhi know. She is about to break each and every one of her goals. Because of time and unforeseen occurrence and human nature.