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Summary: Things start to get awfully familiar when Gaara was sent to investigate things personally with his siblings,…. A certain Fairytale book had come in mind from his past 10 years ago.

Temari: Why can't you just send some 3 cell group or the investigation team there instead, Gaara?

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Chapter One: The Beginning of a Story.



Long ago…

There was a time when Heaven's guardians played all around, angels, like the archangels, seraphims and cherubims sang.

It was a beautiful sight to behold, and they sing to thy Lord.

Some even played instruments…

The little ones play in Maria-sama's Rose Garden…. But there is a huge gate there, blocking the angels for no one to cross.

They say, beyond that, there was a very big gap, and beyond that gap was another land that had Blue Roses to it… it was the cliff side of Eden that now is somewhere in Earth.

Angels were prohibited to pass the gate, for they might fall down to the depths, and thus, being titled as a "Fallen Angel".

Fallen Angels, could be either a Good or a Bad one….

Kami-sama never hated his creations, it just so happens they turn to hate him at some way that he was forced to banish them.

Although it was like that, Kami-sama didn't want any more fallen angels, each angel is very strong and rare, unique in their own way, that when they appear on Earth, since they never been there before.

To be used in a bad way for their power…

This was used to tell the little ones. And thus, they stay away from that side of Maria-sama's Rose Garden.

That was when one day, a little angel grew curious.

She long midnight black hair, and bright amber eyes, pale white skin and a pure white lacy English dress.

Her wings were still a bit small since they aren't used for flying yet, she had loved rose.

The little angel's name, is Xirelle.

The playful and curious one slowly slipped away from Maria-sama's eye as she attend to the other younger angels playing around. And little Xirelle had left to venture off to the deepest parts of the Garden.

Till she was stopped by a silver gate, that reveals a view from the otherside.

She could see the beautiful blue roses, that had never seen before, since they were a gift for the Humans, but because of their mistake, was now not anymore created at their soil.

She wanted to touch one, since they only grew at Eden.

And so she spread her wings, and flew over, a feather left on the ground, being the young angel, she was one of the very few who was very strong, enough to be promoted to an Arch, if Kami-sama wanted to.

However when she crossed and touched the blue flowers, something happened.

Her eyes widened, when her dressed turned slightly grayish and she panicked, she slipped and fell off the cliff when she had only landed there minutes ago.

She turned to the gate she had crossed as she tried to spread her wings even further, reaching out to it. But then by touching the roses, it seemed like it had stained her, the pure innocence of the little angel child was now stained by touching the forbidden Land that no one was ever to see, ever again.

She screamed as she reached out, while falling down to who know how deep it was till a flash of bright light made her close her eyes, she could feel the feathers at her wings slowly coming off due to the pressure.

She felt like moisture had hit her, and opened her eyes to see a blue sky and something floating and white around her, her knowledge had told it they were clouds.

The blueness like the ocean, was the Ocean above the Earth, which was the Sky.

The Sky was Heaven's Ocean….

Was she falling from Heaven?

The angel turned around and saw green in such a far away state.

She panicked but soon lost consciousness as she fell to some civilization due to her sadness.

The angel was found by the Elders who were hungry for power.

This was the Angel's punishment for disobeying the rules.

They had used her, experimented with her, and yet she can't run or harm them, since angels were forbidden, and for one, she doesn't know how.

Soon, that angel, little Xirelle had faded away, but the soul was immortal.

The demonic elders took a child, another child, and had the soul implanted there.

The soul somehow changed when combined with the other, and the wings turned black.

It was a failed experiment, and everything was collapsing, their soul was unstable.

They had her into her own vertical coffin. For her not to reck havoc

However, the Village had already had its doomsday, since Kami-sama was very displeased.

However, he still didn't bring the soul out….he can't do that.

Because that would be ripping souls, and the angel's soul with the girl's soul is now one.

If only little Xirelle didn't disobey the warnings and rules.

She was now doomed to be punished, for all eternity.

The place, was called the Cursed Ruins.

And Xirelle, was now called, the Fallen Angel.

Some say to this day, she's still there. Unable to escape as the souls of the Elders had turn into demons that lurks there, and anyone who tries to save her gets eaten or killed and sent to hell.

Xirelle is doomed to be all alone.

With no one with her…

With no one who will come to her.

She is now, a Fallen Angel.

Tears had stained the page from the story book, back somewhere in a building of Sunagakure, a little boy with brick red hair, sat on the smooth floor with the white book at his lap.

Was he crying for the little angel?

It's just fiction after all.


A kind voice had came from a elderly man who had just entered the library of their compound.

Gaara moved his small head up to look, tears in his eyes, his sea-foamed eyes showing the innocence he still had, but at the same time sadness. "Yasha…maru…"

"Why are you crying…?" He tilted his head, crouching beside him as he eyed the book he was reading.

"T-The angel is so sad…" little Gaara cried as he looked down sadly at the book, "It's so sad because she's so alone…"

Yashamaru had his head tilted at this.

"No one wants to save her…and now she's alone in another body…with someone's soul,…no one wants to be with her…" He muttered in his childish tone. "Just because…she wanted to see the blue roses…."

"Gaara…" his eyes softened as he placed his hand on the boy's head, to comfort him as Gaara's eyes looked up at him. "….It's just a Fairytale…..a story….I'm sure it isn't true…"


"Yeah…" he nodded.

"But that's even sadder…" he frowned as he looked back down. "….don't fairytales have happy endings…?—this book.."

"Gaara…" He sighed, shaking his head slightly as the boy looked back at him. "Sometimes…..there are no happy endings…..remember that, ok?"

Gaara though wasn't happy, but he nodded while frowning, he had to know that. "….I wish I met her…"

Yashamaru blinked, "Why is that…?"

Gaara looked at him sadly and innocently, "Because…I am lonely too…." He replied, "….if she's lonely too….then, we can be lonely together…"

Yashamaru, somehow felt confusion from the boy, but he had to smile at his words, in a reason that isn't in his understanding, nevertheless he had nodded, while wiping the boys tears from his little face. "….You're not alone….Gaara…"

The boy slowly gave a big smile….

He walked out, his hand being held by another hand which was bigger and a bit rougher than his.

The nameless white book… stayed there forgotten….that it soon faded away into dust…..

+++ 10 years later, Sunagakure Entrance +++

"Gaara, Gaara!"

"…?" the 16 year old Kazekage blinked, his head moving from deep though that was now broken by the voice of his older sister, Temari. "…I'm sorry….I was thinking…"

Temari gave him a tired look, "You're always like this…" she turned to yell at Kankuro who was far back, still busy adjusting his two huge Puppet Scrolls. The desert sand slightly passing them by the wind. "DAMMIT KANKURO! HURRY UP!"

"I know-I know sheesh!" the purple tattooed faced sand brother yelled back in irritation, "Tch—As if you're the eldest!" he added as he walked faster towards them. Gaara turned his head to just make sure he wasn't that far behind.

Kankuro turned his eyes from the blonde to his red head brother, and wondered why did he suddenly crouch.

That was when he saw the huge fan that swang above the space that used to be where Gaara's head was, and by his, thankfully, shinobi instincts, Kankuro had shifted his feet and dodged swiftly to the side before an oversized fan had slammed him with the air waves it sent.

Which wasn't something he wants to be hit in this hot weather.

"THE HELL TEMARI!" he yelled out to his sister who was—

"Humph…" she snorted, placing the huge fan back to it's hostler at her back as she placed a hand on her shoulder, "If you want to slow us down then go back and send a replacement ninja."

"Damn you…"

"That's enough." Gaara stood up, looking at both of them with meaningful looks, as the two instantly shut it from their superior, yet, younger brother. "…We cannot waste daylight here…." Even though it's just 6 in the morning…

Temari sighed while momentarily closing her eyes, "Gaara's right…let's just go Kankuro…"

"I would have been there faster if you d-"

"Kankuro." Gaara sighed as he closed his eyes, his voice sounded more demanding yet his face showed no emotion.

At once Kankuro was beside him, "Yes, sir." He made sure that didn't sound like a mock, since he was now, currently, being surrounded by endless amounts of sand.

He wouldn't really want a death wish right now….it'll be a terrible and embarrassing way of dying seeing that he is utterly defeated by the odds.

Even if the Shukaku within Gaara had now been, literally, sucked out of him by the Akatsuki…

He wasn't an idiot not to notice…that he had improved in his skills


And that, just scares the livin' hell out of him a bit.

And now he's just blaming the fan, for some reason.

Temari was now glaring at him…her hand on the damn over sized fan….


As the three walked off, the guards saluting to their Kazekage and his siblings, they began to discuss.

"So, tell me why again you didn't want to send the investigation team?" Temari had asked for countless times, and at those previous times, Gaara was too busy preparing some papers and adjustments, like the security shinobis around Sunagakure, his secretary in charge of the paper work, the replacement and other things necessary for his leaving.

Gaara's eyes still focused straight ahead, "Even though the forest is very close to the Fire Country, it was still within the Wind Country's territory…our neighboring Villages are no where near the premises into travelling to the Tornado Village's forest…"

Kankuro had his head tilted when turning to interrupt with his words, "Tornado Village?—I thought that Village had-"

"Vanished." Gaara continued, not bothering to look at them, as he continued. "…Tornado Village was named as such because it is the only place that a single Tornado would suddenly form in a plane, which, is the spot where the Village was build, which is also, surrounded by the forest….., without any elements for an ordinary tornado to occur….there was no sea nearby or any body of water, or any kind of air movement that would result in the formation of a tornado….reports say that lightning would strike down to a single pillar which is the "Cross" of their village and then it would appear…."

Temari blinked at this, "…OK, that is weird…sounds almost like some kind of myth if it weren't for the actual reports still being present at our Archives and files stored from the previous Kazekage's orders…..Indeed there are cases of the ex-village…."

Kankuro almost flinched at the word, to think such things really do happen, he was always a skeptic but…. Thinking that such events, and not to mention the things happening around that damn war, it was really something that makes you think that even pigs can fly these days.

"Now, there have been some reports of recent activity….violent activity…" Gaara continued with the explanation, now miles away from their home. Temari and Kankuro both turned their eyes to him, who was now leading their way, for attention. "A village within the territory of the Fire Country had travelers who passes that forest, since in the past, that forest used to be the safest passage for the bandits along the desert not to harm them….the other reason is because it is abundant with fruits from its trees…and idea place to camp…however, we have not received any travelers, merchants or any civilian at that day or the following, even the far neighboring villages, even though it seems unnecessary to ask, haven't had any visitors then…"

"So meaning…" Temari nodded her head, beginning to understand the situation. "…once they pass through the Tornado Village's forest…they went missing?"

"Seems like it…another disappearance case." Kankuro muttered while nodding to himself, although saying it like that sounds like a detective word, well, what they are doing isn't that far from it anyway.

Gaara nodded to their replies, a bit thankful for them being fast at picking things up, but he refused to show it as he continues. "Even one of our Messenger team members have went missing, not being able to deliver the needed message and return….could either be death of the Messenger or capture…..I can't afford to let anyone lose their family members, since they are my people….If I keep on sending those who can't handle it, I rather have myself go there and see what had happened to them."

Temari tilted her head to the side with a slight smile on her face, she knew what he meant clearly, he just doesn't want any Sunagakure citizens hurt for doing his work, so he went there himself. "It's to be natural, since it now affected our people. It's to be expected that we now take action…."

"How about that village….what was the name again…?" He turned to Temari.

She shrugged her shoulders.

"Konohagakure…." Gaara answered them quietly, and they almost jumped, which he knew they would eventually.

"Then why aren't they sending troops? Like Naruto and the others to investigate as well?"

"Because I told them not to." Gaara said not minding their even more confused looks. "…It may be a Akatsuki doing, using the Forest as a fortress or hide out….it is possible….the forest is very close to Konohagakure, since Naruto and the rest do pass there to get to us at times…"

Temari and Kankuro instantly stopped when the Kazekage stopped as well, before his foot took step on the green grass that was slightly covered in sand, the entrance of the forest as the three of them looked at the high trees now covering the sun, making them a cool shade.

Gaara looked down to the grass and sand, almost like seeing their villages side by side, very near each other as their alliance. "…I do not want him to be troubled, nor to be involved, especially if this could be an Akatsuki doing…"

Temari stepped forward, "But Gaara…don't forget, they thought you died when they extracted the Shukaku out of your body, who knows what will happen when they find you still alive?—I will not allow my little brother to sacrifice himself like that!—Either way, by capturing you…it's the same with capturing Naruto!"

Kankuro sighed at this, the sister's temper getting higher by seconds from her overprotective feelings. "I have to agree Gaara….We should turn back…I bet their Hokage will do something."

Gaara gave them a sharp look as he turned to them stubbornly. "…It is an insult to me when I let another Kage do my duties…"

"!" Both of them shut their mouths, the sand at Gaara's feet was beginning to move away, like ripples, signaling his temper which rivaled that of his sister's.

He looked at them firmly, before turn away. "…I assure you Temari, that won't happen…" he began to say in a calmer tone, making them look back at him. "….I won't allow them to capture Naruto…nor myself in that matter…." Twice. He added in his mind.

The two older siblings looked at each other, and smiled slightly at each other while Kankuro closed his eyes and shook his head.

They were always amused.

When Gaara shows a side they've never thought they will ever see….

His protectiveness and honor.

Or was it because he wanted to get back at those bastards for killing him in the first place…?

"..Besides….those Akatsuki should never walk this earth…" his voice full of venom had answered.

I KNEW IT! The both of them said in their minds, not knowing it was both in exact unison.

"Let's go." Gaara began to walk forward into the forest, the two siblings following as they watched the Gourd behind his back to gather a few more particles of sand into it. He was already being cautious about his surroundings, or was it because of the Shukaku that his defenses were increasing because of now slowly dropping temperature.

It wasn't long before they finally fully entered the forest that they began to skip tree branch to tree branch.

****Hours later****


"You're right, Kankuro" Temari sighed as they still continued to skip from tree to tree, the forest was getting deeper and deeper, as if there wasn't any end. "It looks like this forest is very vast…huh Gaara?"

She waited for a reply, but Gaara didn't say anything as he picked up his pace.

Temari and Kankuro noticed, and wondered if something was wrong as they didn't fail to follow him, picking up the same speed as well.

Then they suddenly thought it went too fast, they saw the red head's hand flicked, like he was signaling them, and it was the signal to move or dodge in an opposite direction this once as he jumped up.

Both of them stomped onto the next branch and jumped to opposite sides just before huge water dragons had came and crushed every part of a tree the three had touched only moments ago.

The huge twin dragons seemed to be like the twins of ice and water, one seemed to be a rushing tsunami wave in a shape of a dragon, the other one was made out of ice as they entwined together and went up to go for Gaara.

Gaara's eyes widened as he flicked his hand, the sound now covering him into a ball as the dragons slammed onto it. The tsunami one had dispersed into rain.

"Shit!" Kankuro's eyes widened when he saw the raindrops turn into steel stakes, that was when the huge fan came before his sight and Temari was already beside him. "Temari!"

"Happy about my fan now huh are you Kankuro?" she was speaking too fast that he just-

"Hmph—whatever!" Kankuro muttered as Temari twirled her now opened fan, "move back!" she added to her brother as he felt him jump back, she slammed it down to the tree branches as the rising water below them moved away, and then maneuvering it to hit upright and side ways, blowing the stakes away in an instant, she then looked up, seeing the ice dragon's mouth biting the sand ball which was Gaara inside of it. "GAARA!" she screamed out loud.

The sand suddenly turned into spikes, almost stabbing the head, but that was when the ice suddenly extended.

Kuso! Gaara cursed in his mind as he made an opening and he jumped out before the whole sand was now engulfed with the ever growing ice. He began to place his hands below him as the sound from his gourd rushes out. "Desert Suspension." He mutters as a complete sand platform had formed beneath his feet.

At the very moment he saw Temari go before him and brings about her fan, "HAAAAH!"


A great sound was heard as it made it's impact on the ice dragon, crushing it as the crystals float everywhere.

Her eyes widened, "Shimatta!" realizing her mistake, the ice crystals began to go towards them. She closed her eyes and throwing her fan before her as a shield.

That was when she didn't feel anything at all was when she opened her eyes to see Gaara before her, both of them being surrounded by sand. "Sheild of Sand." He muttered as he focused.

"GAARA!" she realized, as the outside began to get louder, now she was feeling the temperature lowering, "What th…!" she paused by the moment she saw her breath before her.


Both of their eyes widened when they heard a sudden explosion after the sound of clashing wood and gears, the heat from the explosion had taken over the coldness of the air surrounding them.

Gaara let apart of the sand wall falter, to see one of Kankuro's puppets infront of them and Kankuro now standing ontop of the sand ball they were in. "You all right?—Gaara, Temari!"

"Kankuro!" Temari's eyes widened to see him and also slightly relieved.

Gaara though wasn't in the mood for that, he looked straight, passed the puppets as the two followed his gaze.

They all saw a girl, about 15 in age, her reddish born hair seems to be long at the front, but it descends from the back, so the back of her head had a shorter cut like a bob, her eyes were deep oceanic blue and turquoise, it seemed like there were waves in them, and the sun reflecting on it made it even more beautiful.

She had a blue necklace on that had a silver coin, but they weren't that near to see the symbols engraved on it, she had a black sleeveless turtle neck inside, made seen by the gambler's kimono, a kind of kimono that is opened for the neck and shoulders and half of the bust to be seen instead of a closed kimono, the sleeves of the kimono was long, and the color was ocean blue, with a white sash for the belt. She wore a black mini skirt and long black stockings with white strapped sandals.

Her metal head protector was at her right shoulder.

Gaara blinked at the sight, a metal head protector? "Stand down." He told his siblings as he stood up, making the sand below them float, extending the sand platform for the three of them to stand on as Kankuro jumped off the sand ball before he fell on Temari, who was now standing but still all guards were up.

The girl though was blinking, she didn't seem to be at a serious face. "AH!" she blinked almost chibily. "No black robes….with red clouds….no mysterious looks." Although she stared at Kankuro.

He was going to snap but decided not to.

"So you're not from the Akatsuki?" she tilted her head to them.

Temari and Kankuro finally snapped. "WHO SAID WE WERE AND WHAT MAKES US LOOK LIKE ONE HUH GIRL!"

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!" she screamed from their suddenly flames. "I'm sorry! Sorry! So sorry!—you see you guys suddenly came, and well, I was—I was surpi—UAAAHH! I'M SORRY!" she panicked again when she turned to see Gaara and got scared even more.

Although Gaara's face was emotionless….

**A few more ridiculous comedy moments later**

The girl was now sitting ontop of the ice dragon, that seems to be now be clearly have been controlled by her as the three settled on a tree branch while the dragon set it's head at the same level as them.

"Sorry about that, really am, I'm very bad at recognizing people through pictures, Kazekage-sama." She bowed her head politely to him, and he nodded back to her.

"It's alright…" although he was still wary of this, now strange bubbly girl. He eyed her head protector with the tilt of his head, "…Are you…from…?"

"Aah, I'm from the Water Country!" she smiled as she saluted, "The Glacier Village….Hino, Mizuumi desu, at your service!" there was an illusion of flowers playing on their imaginations for some reason. "I'm the one that is currently assigned to prevent people from entering…."

Temari blinked, lowering her fan down, "…So you mean you are assigned to prevent people from entering huh?—At least some other village tries to do something…" she rolled her eyes with a sigh, half relieved that they aren't the only ones doing the job.

Gaara nodded to her, "I thank you for your Village's support and for your efforts…Hino-san."

"No need to thank me, but what are you doing here, Kazekage-sama?"

"I am here to investigate the disappearance…..have you noticed anything…?"

That was when the girl suddenly made a bit of a sad face at them, looking down as she shifted. "…."

"What is it? SPIT IT OUT!" both Kankuro and Temari yelled out.

She jolted while Gaara gave them a sharp look, knowing his siblings, they still find it trust to others, and even wait in patience.

"During my stay here….I've ventured into, what it looks like, to be the remains of the Tornado Village…." She said nervously while looking down, "It's unusual….because…"

There was silence among them as they waited for her to continue, but she gave a sigh while standing up. "It's better for you guys to see it yourself…..Please follow me."

Temari and Kankuro looked at each other, as if wondering if it was the best way to go.

"Very well then." They turned their heads to see Gaara agreeing, preparing to leave. "…As you may…" he added when he nodded to her, and turned to his siblings, as if it was a kind of gesture to tell them it's alright.

The two siblings gave each one last look before they sighed and nodded back.

"LET'S GOOO! TSUKISHIRO~!" She began to cry out while on the head of her ice dragon, pointing to the direction with such enthusiasm, below it were water turning into Ice in a face rate for the Dragon to continue moving on forward.

Gaara was beside it, jumping and skipping from branch to branch as he eyed at the dragon, he spoke before he thought back about it. "..Tsukishiro…?"

The girl looked back at him with shiny eyes, "It's my Dragon's name….you can say he's a Guardian of my Blood Limit."

From behind Temari had taken a huge leap, leaving Kankuro, so she could join in the starting conversation. "Blood Limit?—And also, isn't your Chakra going to run dry at that action?"

She waved a hand carefreely, "Our Blood Limit doesn't rely on chakra… can say it's our special 'power' before we even learn how to use chakra."

What! Temari's eyes widened slightly from the information as Kankuro followed up behind her, hearing that part of the sentence.

So there are people who are like that….Blood Limits sure are freaky. Kankuro thought to himself, keeping his in mind comment to himself.

Gaara simply blinked at this while looking straight ahead. However, that power is suppose to have its own source…an eye looking below and back at the girl who was now doing a weird cry of leadership like the active youthful talking Jonin of Konohagakure, what was his name again? Oh yeah, Gai Might. Could it come from her life force then…?

Temari shrugged her shoulders slightly, trying not to be confused in her own distant thoughts at Water Shinobi's words. "Anyhow….about the Tornado Village ruins…?"

The girl blinked as she looked back at her, "I was assigned here yesterday and was also ordered to inspect the Tornado Village's ruins… is only natural that the village would be located at the a huge grass field, that used to be the biggest bald spot of the Forest…It was suppose to be flat but…" she started to pout while crossing her arms. "…It, lifted."

The Kazekage turned his head to her a bit more at her word, "…Lifted?"

Temari was puzzled, Kankuro wasn't far from that as well. "….Like, off the ground?"

Mizuumi sweat dropped, "…You'll see it and understand better…I'm not good in describing…" she sighed, blue lines streaked partially at her head, a sign that she was disappointed of herself. Then she looked up ahead, "…..There…"

She suddenly she and her dragon made a faster run, slightly being ahead of Gaara and the two, she placed her hand on the Dragon's head gently, and her oceanic eyes glowed. "Sleep…!" she called out as the dragon literally froze in place, making the others behind her stop at the branches around her.

She took a breath and slammed her other hand on the dragon, making a seal. "…Within my Current…!" a huge burst came from the dragon, and the ice particles had surrounded her and glowed like glitter, she extended a sharp leg down, as the ice shards encircled her and disappeared once she landed gracefully, the end of her ribbon sash following as the three appeared behind her.

That was when sand siblings' eyes widened at the sight. "That's what I meant…" she pointed out.

She was right, the whole ruins had lifted, with the ground beneath it, floating in mid air.

And they could see it all right from where they were standing, it was like a floating fortress, on the huge land was the old walls, broken towers, abandoned buildings of the now instinct village, wasn't that big, but it was good enough for at least 100 citizens to settle in.

Around it, were metal fences that were taller than the standard houses, and webbed together with metal wiring, there was a huge welcome stand with the Japanese hiragana "Yokoso" meaning "Welcome", to the travelers who would have passed there long ago.

From the view, they can see tall pillars, perhaps not far from the village's gate, perhaps that was the plaza of the village.

But then, Mizuumi said lifted, not floated.

Because there was a huge mass of land below it that was just supporting the middle like the neck of a table.

"And also…the so called Grass Field: Bald Spot… now gone…" she told them, moving her head back to see them.

"?—what do you mean?" Temari asked her.

Mizuumi began to walk forward, the 3 siblings decided to follow as they were now out of the shady and shadowy part of the forest.

"!" Gaara's eyes widened when he felt his feet hit the land out of the trees behind them.

Kankuro knelt down, "What's with this ground!" he ripped the grass off, and saw metal, with some linings and markings, some bolts here and there. "It's metal…!"

Temari stared at it as well, the grass wasn't real, not anymore, it seemed to be just alive, but the truth is that some kind of source made the fake ones look incredibly real, even the touch and this twilight's dew was still visible. She turned to Mizuumi who was playing with the now, floating dew water balls around her fingers. "Oy…what's with this place…!"

She turned to her, "…If I knew, I would have told you, but when I came here, it was like this…" with a snap of her fingers, the water had evaporated while Gaara knelt down, placing his hand on the metal.

…It was vibrating…

It was hard to notice for his siblings, but being an earth bound person who practically uses the soil and break down its minerals to create sand just in case his sand had ran out.

"This placed wasn't like this in the hay day of the Village…there was fertile soil around this field, and real grass….some parts are still soil, but it's just to small…" she shook her head at this, "As if the metal ground is growing and stretching…."

"Then, the remaining soil part, is that where the Village is perched on?" Kankuro asked, now standing up and stepping closer to them while Gaara did the same moments later after the Water Shinobi had nodded her head.

"I want to see the village…" Gaara began to say as she turned to his presence.

"…Well, it's now called by a different name." She said while rolling her eyes, a back note was wondering if that was offending. "…It's now called the "Cursed Ruins"…"

"Cursed? Why?"

"Well for obvious reason around you….There were rumors about the village having experiments and also annihilating the forest around them because the electricity needed to operate them, they get it by the earth's magnetic field or in other words, they suck the life force from the trees and plants around it." She began to explain, walking towards it while the others followed her, "…Once one fertile spot has been sucked dry….it turns into their facilities."

Kankuro tilted his head, "Wai-wha?"

"She means, like the old soil around here that was now sucked up dry from moisture….it had turned into metal…and I presume that the 'facilities' means, there's an underground lab?" Temari explained, ignoring the urge to hit the slow brother beside her.

"But that's a theory mixed with rumors and supported by rumors…..there was no reports of this metal ground ever being present once the Village was gone or living….it only happened once the disappearance of last, last week's victims were reported, was when the metal had shown." The girl nodded to her as they looked up at the village above them, with one powerful stomp, they all appeared, landing before the gates.

She brought her hand out, not for a hand shake but as a welcome, "Welcome…to the now "Cursed Ruins"…." A part of it was a joke, because she felt sympathy for this village that was now beyond repair.

Gaara seemed to flinch, and this wasn't the second time.

"..It's now called the "Cursed Ruins"…"

He replayed it in his mind. It somehow kicked something within the depths of his memory, and went even deeper that it disturbed him. Cursed…Ruins…


His eyes squinted as he was now in deep thought. It can't be….



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