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Chapter Eleven: Halcyon.


It was already nearing the evening of the day, Shizune and Mizuumi were outside of the round building, making a fire and doing some cooking like Kiba, Akamaru and Shino looked off to look for some fruits or anything edible, despite the huge deer, stag and boar they killed.

To make sure they didn't go into trouble, Kakashi and Neji set off to help them.

Naruto was helping around with Sakura and Mizuumi, the three of them went off to get some water to where Shino located not long after they killed some prey.

Shizune was watching over the roasting meat, Sai was drawing something nearby the camp fire under a tree.

Inside of the building, Kankuro was doing some adjustments to his puppets as Temari and Gaara talked together regarding the things she had found in the old abandoned cells, and the mystery to where the hell did those metal chakra rods come from, which seems to have stopped appearing or popping out.

Mieihi on the other hand was seated beside Kankuro, watching her feathers floating before her face out of boredom, she turned her eyes to the silent Kaminari who was still guarding his little brother. She moved her eyes to the youngest and eldest sibling across the room, …After that everything seemed to go back to normal—and nobody talked about what happened… she thought as she looked back at her floating black feathers. I'm beginning to wonder if it was a Genjutsu…but of course not. She mentally sighed, I lost all composure and suddenly went off to sound like Hino, and Mizuumi-san….Influence is a very dangerous thing….


She jumped out of her thoughts, turning her head to see Kankuro sucking onto his finger, dropping the kunai he had that he used expertly to rotate the loosened screws and bolts from the fights, "Are you alright, Kankuro?"

"Yeah…I'm fine." He said as he shook his hand, turning back to proceed to his favorite creation, Crow. "ITTE….!" He gasped again, when his finger got cut by its own sharp nylon thread, blood bled out from the small invisible cut from his forefinger and he licked it again.

She wondered about this, watching him do it. "…What does blood taste like?"

"Eh?" he asked, instantly removing the finger from his mouth to face her, "Uh…I guess—Like metal or iron…" he rolled his eyes, "…it doesn't taste good unless you're a vampire."

"Vampire?—Ah, I see, a being who is immortal and sucks on living blood vessels." Her dictionary mind nodded to this, while Kankuro gave a nod to her definition. "Are you a vampire?"

He gave an 'are-you-nuts?' look. "…No…of course not."

"Then why are you licking your own blood?"

"…Well…" he scratched his neck, pushing the black hood off his head, knowing it was just them around. "…I don't know, habit?—instinct?—beats me…." Shrugging, he returned to his puppet as Mieihi nodded.

She returned to her position of watching her feathers float mindlessly on the air by her mind and blank eye, it was better than doing nothing, and if she sees that bloody dead animal there, she might also go nuts or something, although that was completely of an excuse for not wanting to go out.

She had already apologized to Sakura, but she and Temari, who was with her when she found her, were acting all weird and suspicious, but she knew better to ask and decided not to ask anything, she was also grateful that Kankuro pretended like her suddenly popping out of no where was gone untold, even Kakashi.

Thinking back again, she wanted to hit herself for the weirdness she had down, as if she was on high or something, people will start to think if she has a personality disorder, which she will promptly answer with breaking of their bones.


"?" She blinked, turning her head to the slightest word he made, almost hoping for a conversation.

He wasn't looking back but he was still talking to her, "….What do you think…of Gaara?"

She blinked again, and thought on her own for an answer, "….I think Gaara's a good and just person who helps those he cares about…"

"Yeah, yeah I know that….but…is there anything else?"

"He's a straightforward, silent kind of person who rarely talks nor smiles yet has a caring side and likes to cultivate cacti…"


"Not enough?—then he's the Kazekage, he does his duties well and quickly, although he-"

"Agh, forget it…" Kankuro lowered his head to a sigh, "…What I meant is…do you…like Gaara?"


"….Aah." he nodded unsurely, sighing in his mind. I'm sure Gaara's going to kill me for this if she finds out though….but I know that HE won't have the GUTS to ask… Kankuro had to pause to make sure he was still breathing, Gaara had a thing for reading his siblings' expressions, like that time when they were at the air.

"Yeah. I do like him."

His eyes widened.

Almost dropping the kunai for a 3rd time, "…You do?"

"Yeah…" she nodded with a small sigh, "…like you, Temari and everyone else—excluding our new comrades."

He sweat dropped, "N-no, that's not really what I meant by like…." She tilted his head and he knew she was clueless, he sighed as well. "Nah, nevermind—don't mind what I said…" No use…so what if she does?—I'm not some kind of match maker—but I gotta help Gaara somehow…

"Who's this?"

His heart just stopped when he felt her seated beside him, damn she was fast and quiet, her folded knees were brushing against his own as he seemed to freeze, he also felt the heat surging up, Shit. He acted cool, trying not to lose it. "U-Uh this is 'Crow'….!" He said.


He gave a nod, before he knew it, they began talking, behind Kankuro's head, was the conversation he had with his little brother a few hours ago.


"Whaddya mean you won't tell her!" Kankuro yelled out to him, who had his hands still folded before his chest, "…Gaara, if she doesn't know then…..won't that be terrible on your side?-and what if she feels the same?—what then?"

"….I don't know." Gaara mumbled uneasily, looking down.

"Don't tell me you don't know!"

"It's not like that." He shook his head, "…I don't know….how to tell her…" he muttered, "…I don't know…how she feels either…." He felt himself cringe in a slight choice of his words. "….I just…..don't know what to do…"

"Gaara…." Kankuro looked at him worriedly as Gaara never made eye contact since his realization of his 'wanting'. Kankuro was already sitting down on what's left of a concrete wall, facing the Kage who was still remaining uniform under the tree. "So you're saying you'll just let anyone have her?"

He sparked, there was something in Gaara's eyes that sparked and glared back at his brother, "…..That is an entirely different situation…."

"C'mon Gaara….it happens to people….you can't just keep it to yourself….there has to be a time for ya to tell her how you feel!"

"It's too soon….." Gaara mumbled as he looked back. "…It's too fast….too early…." He seemed to be getting even more embarrassed yet his voice showed no clues to his discomfort. "At this rate….it will only scare her…what if she thinks of me is family-"

"-No, Gaara." Kankuro corrected him, "She thinks that you think of her as only a family…..that's why you have to make it clear!—Stop whining like a teenager and take this as a MAN….!"

Gaara broke eye contact as he looked back down on the ground for the 6th time in Kankuro's ground, as if he's spelling something in the dirt or sand for an answer. "…She won't feel the same way." Ignoring the sudden urge to kill him from his 'end' remark at his sentence.

"She does—if not yet—she will!"

"What makes you so sure of that?" he asked him, emotionless in expression, but his voice was still there to hint even a slight chance of worry.

"Well….you do know there are procedures?"

"I do not care….such things are a hassle and does not interest me….neither do I have time for it once we return."

"Oh no you don't…!"


Kankuro stood up and places his hands on his waists, "You're making excuses again!—just be honest with yourself and do what you want!—you ain't a workaholic y'know! Plus, Suna doesn't have that as much paperworks as Konoha, and you just stare at the huge view from your office to pass hours of your time in that place….you have plenty of time!" he sighed at this fact. "….You can't just sit there….and admire her from view, waiting for someone like her to be snatched up." He pointed this out with his finger. "…You love her…don't you?—you finally knew what you are feeling…yet you're a coward to say it to her face!..." he made his voice even louder. "Kazekage pride be damned!-Where's the fearless Gaara we used to know who doesn't give a shit about what others think and does what he wants?...I'm glad you changed and all—but don't let things stop you from what you at least, want to do…!"

"…." Gaara made no response to this but a blank expression was enough to make Kankuro know that he was listening at least.

"Look…..I'm seeing what you mean here." He shook his head like he could read minds, "Ya scared!"

Gaara's eyes squinted into a glaring form, "…What?"

"Scared I tell ya!" Kankuro pulled up his courage to even repeat it again, "…You're scared of tellin' her and her knowin'—cause you think she'll reject you and go to someone else!"

He felt something inside snap as his hands tightened their grip to his arms, "….That would be utterly impossible."

Kankuro, who was slowly going on with his plan, had faltered and blinked to Gaara's venomous words.

"I will destroy those who try to steal what I want….I will protect those who I deem important…"


Gaara's expression darkened. "….I will kill those who try to take what is mine….." there was a black aura suddenly around him,

Kankuro had paled. This wasn't looking good, and THAT wasn't the reaction he was looking for.

The darkness was growing, and he was turning blue at the sudden protectiveness of his younger brother. I knew I wasn't the type for some kind of love advice….!

What had he done?

+End of flash back+

What have I done….?He mentally sighed to himself, I have a bad feeling that the Sadistic Gaara will come back….and I released him….FUCK!



"Why is your thumb bleeding?"

"What?—I am n—ohmyfuckin'kami-samamythumbisbleeding!" To the puppeteer's own surprise, he must have faded into thought and forgot the fact he was holding one of Crow's arms which was a long blade, he was putting a fresh dose of poison, it had somehow slipped further into his thought that it had cut his thumb, and now it's burning. "Shit!" he used his good hand to go through his pouch, finding the antidote he had made and pouring onto the wound. "How long was it there!"

"Just now…"

He gave a sigh of relief, "….Ugh…thanks." if it was any longer, he would have died without even knowing. "This poison reacts fast—Just within an hour your whole body will grow numb and die if only a tab of it….but if you get stabbed anywhere in your body with large amounts of poison—you'll die instantly."

"I see." She nodded, while staring at his long cut wound on his thumb, it was still bleeding, some bubbles on it from his antidote he frantically poured on, it wasn't closing yet. "…Does it stop your fast healing process?"

"Fast what now?" He asked her, turning to her in a what-the-hell-does-that-mean face.

"Look…" Mieihi began to take out her kunai she had hidden in the sleeves of her long coat jacket and showed her other hand, the same hand that Kankuro's bleeding thumb was at, the right. She bit the cloth of the glove just at the tip of her finger and pulled it off, showing the bare porcelain skin which was her hand.

"Oy!" before he stopped her, he saw her tear the flesh, forming almost the similar cut wound he had, "What are you!—cra—z—y….!" he stopped mid way.

His eyes widened when he suddenly saw the wound slowly closing at the ends, slowly and surely healing until it finally closes, "….See?" she compared it with his. "Why doesn't yours heal like mine?"

He blinked, "….Well…" he sighed, trying to find the right words. "We're—different….I think…you're the only one who can heal instantly…"

"…?" Mieihi blinked, looking around and back at his thumb.

"We can heal it—but, we need to use our chakra…'re like…uhh…it's like your body does that whether you like it or not."

"…Oh…I see…I understand."

Then he asked, "But wait…..why didn't your wings heal instantly?"

Mieihi looked suddenly back at him, her eye was razor sharp, as if she didn't want him to say that and he gulped, her left eye soon softened. "….Don't tell anyone ok?"

"Eh?" he paused for a moment, noting the whisper like voice she used and nodded. "…Got it." He said in the same volume.

She beckoned her hand for him to lean closer, and he followed. "….My weak point…..are my wings."

His eyes widened.

"My wings are mainly used in attacking and defending—but they do that only for me—If I extend them…..and do not spike them in time….it weakens when hit." Her let eye softened as she looked at him seriously, "….When you cut of my wings…'s like cutting half of my body….In other words….if someone rips them off…."

"What are you two whispering about?"

Both Kankuro and Mieihi recoiled, leaning back when they heard a familiar voice, they turned their heads to see Gaara standing before them. "G—G-Gaara!" Kankuro sweat dropped, CRAP.

He was looking very deadly at his brother, "…..Well?"

"I was telling Kankuro a secret."

SHIT MIEIHI!—THIS ISN'T TIME TO BE YOUR HONEST SELF! Kankuro paled when he felt his little brother grow even darker.

Gaara turned his eyes to her, "…..And that is…?"

Mieihi was blank, perhaps she really shouldn't have been honest.

The pause from her wasn't helping at all.

"SHE WAS SAYING THAT SHE WANTED ALL OF US TO GO TO KONOHAGAKURE'S HOTARU MATSURI!" Kankuro blurted out instantly for almost everyone to hear, which was just Temari and the uninterested Kaminari at the center.

Temari blinked, "OH!—I've forgotten about that! I heard it's at the end of Next Week!"

"Hotaru Matsuri…..?" Gaara was skeptical.

And she sensed this, "Y-Yes!—I'm very interested to go!" she nodded along with Kankuro who was nodding with her, almost desperately, using Crow's head to make it three nodding heads at the Kazekage. "Sakura-san had told me that it is a very interesting festival! She even said that there are fireworks at night and lots of games and stalls…and…and"

"Fireflies!" Kankuro added.

"Yes!—Fireflies…..?" she looked back at Kankuro, "…What are fireflies?"

Kankuro sweat dropped, "Uh—Some kind of insect that has a glowing butt."


Gaara gave no comment at this, as he diverted his attention into noticing 4 flying insects suddenly coming from a side, and soon there were more, and more, and more that Gaara took a step back and prepared himself for Kankuro's screams of terror, which came on later.

"WHAT THE HELL I—S—THIS!" He yelled out almost getting engulfed by them, threatening to squish them all, that was when someone came in.

"Do not underestimate my insects…they have a unique ability to understand human speech—and for you to be take off guard is something unacceptable…for you may not know who are lurking in the shadows."

"DAMN YOU KONOHA-BRAT!" Kankuro yelled out.

Shino was standing just beside Mieihi, and he crouched down, "Mieihi-san….a firefly is a beautiful and magnificent insect that glows in the dark and lurks near bodies of water…it is also said to bring good luck and fortune."

"I see." Mieihi nodded, storing that information into the blank part of her brain, perhaps the scientists didn't do a very good job in putting an encyclopedia in her head, because she sure didn't know what it was. Perhaps that's why they also called be a 'fail'…? She wondered in a not-that-so-depressing way.

"Heeh~….so Ojou-san wants to attend the Hotaru Festival?" a polite voice came from the door way, turning their heads to see Sai there, walking in with the stretching Kiba and the silent Neji. "I read that it is a festival popular for those fireflies to swarm all around Konoha…"

"Sai-san…" Mieihi blinked, noting his presence as he walked towards the small group, while Kankuro and Shino were arguing, the puppeteer being overwhelmed by bees when he did a finger to the bug man.

Gaara gave a sharp look but still didn't say anything as he walked closer.

"Have you attended one yet?" she asked him,

He shook his head, "I only came to know everyone a few months ago….it's already nearing the end of Spring…." He gave a smile at the end.

A dog soon came over and started wagging his tail the moment Mieihi acknowledges him and pets his head, Kiba came in with a grin almost similar to Naruto's own. "Hehehe, it seems like Akamaru really does like you, Mieihi-chan!"

"You think so?" Mieihi blinked while ruffling Akamaru's think coat, and him licking her hands.

"Yup!" Kiba grinned while Gaara said nothing.

"Oy Kiba!"

"Eh?" the fanged shinobi turned his head to the Hyuuga who was calling out from the doorway. "What is it, Neji?"

"That prey you brought in…!"

"…Uh-huh…so what?"



Neji sighed when Mizuumi's screams came out.

Sakura was next followed by their screams all together and trying to wake up Shizune who had probably fainted.

"What the hell!" Kiba gasped running out of the door.

Sai followed in alert, along with Shino, Kankuro and Temari, all of them ran out except for Kaminari and Gaara, Mieihi was about to run before he blocked her way and shook his head.







"Well…isn't this very interesting?—so that's what it looks like when a-" (Sai)


"I followed my good instincts…to not put-my-book-down…A fellow Jonin is always prepared." (Kakashi)

"DAMN YOU OLD GEEZER!" (Sakura and Naruto)

Mieihi blinked three times at this. "…." She was somehow glad Gaara had stopped her from looking what was outside. "…I don't think I'm hungry anymore…."

Gaara didn't say anything, but he had agreed with her.

Even Kaminari sighed, the 3 of them completely losing their appetite.


After the most uncomfortable dinner they ever had, everyone decided to go to sleep, excluding those who are at watch, which was Shino, Kakashi and Gaara.

Kaminari was unknown, no one dared to go near him, except for Mizuumi who had poked him and screamed when he lifted his head to her, the expression was unknown because of that hood, and so Mizuumi had gone to her emo corner and cried herself to sleep from fear, Sakura sighed for her friend as she slept beside her. Naruto had moved his sleeping bag far, far away from Sai, who was wondering why and attempted to go nearer, resulting to their usual fight till Sai gave up and just slept where Naruto had told him to, which was at the opposite corner, which was across the room, which was the girl's side.

Shizune was still unconscious from it, but still slept after they dragged her, noting the drag part, inside and beside Sakura.

Kiba was sleeping not so far from Naruto, using Akamaru's belly as a pillow, Neji wasn't far from him either and neither was Kankuro.

Temari was the only one nearest to the doorway, sleeping while sitting down with her fan beside her, she was suppose to guard the entrance, which was now broken for those who had forgotten to put the metal door back up, but had fallen into sleep after a few minutes.

Mieihi was the only one who got enough guts to sleep nearby the center of the room, which was were the little boy that maybe 12 years old or something.

Kakashi was outside, on the roof of that round building reading his infamous book at the same style when he had used to avoid the sight of an…well, leave that to your imagination.

At the opposite side, which was VERY far off, was Shino, standing and letting his insects go and scatter around the place for them to rest, find food or help him navigate the whole area.

Gaara was somewhere nearby the building, his gourd at his back, and walking through the trees, again, he found himself restless and unable to sleep, something that he had already gotten used to.

It had already been an hour, and he had assumed everyone but Kakashi and Shino were sleep, moving his spindrift eyes, he had located the same tree he had leaned on early this afternoon, when he had dragged his brother out to confide in him.

Although he still wasn't used to it, he had done it anyway.

And it turned out to be something entirely unexpected, but yet it was satisfying him.

He crossed his arms, Now I know what caused my unusual behavior… he nodded to himself, …I will take more precautions…. His eyes softened while looking down, finding himself back in the old position of him realizing it. …I…love her… his eyes squinted. …Something that has been infront of me this whole time, yet I could not see it…it was even on my forehead. Realizing as well, his own stupidity. …But. He looked back to the round building, blinking, realizing that it was actually lower, he had actually climbed up a branch during his thoughts, he cursed inwardly, taking note that he should control his body some more, he didn't even notice it and yet here he was. Those she really do this to people?

He shook his head, It's still very confusing…. And he knew it was something he still can't fully understand.

His eyes hardened, but….I know that….she is mine. The grip of his hands to his other arm tightened from his crossed arm position, …No one…must become too familiar with her….no one must take her away from me….his face suddenly darkened, rivaling the own darkness around the night sky. She…is….mine.


"!" his eyes widened when he suddenly felt something below him break a twig, he paused, remaining perfectly still, his eyes moved to see the Jonin and shinobi on the roof of the round building not moving an inch, so it was just him. His eagle eyes sharpening as he crouched down on the branch, placing his hands on it and transferring his chakra to his feet, planting them firmly on the huge lumber below him, the person beneath me is masking his presence perfectly….he doesn't seem to notice me….nor is he moving. He thought, as he made a final decision to surprise the person, he let himself slide to his left, his chakra glowing feet allowing him to still be on the branch without falling off, he stood there inverted and before he had attacked.

His eyes widened, and he doesn't think the blood rushing to his head was the reason why his face was red.

The girl blinked in surprise, tilting her head from the sudden image of an upside down Kazekage before her, "Gaara…?"

"!" he blinked, but remaining perfectly still, "…Mieihi…?" the light from the moon finally gave in, showing her image before him, although it was a bit hard to see her fully from being upside down, he was dangerously, again, close to her face.

"I didn't know you can do that…." Mieihi smiled softly.

Gaara regained his composure, only his hair was being affected by gravity, his clothes weren't. "…It is because of chakra." He managed to say, kneeling from where he was and grabbed hold of the branch, cutting the chakra flow from his feet and now landing on the ground before her. "Why are you here?—I thought you were already asleep…."

"…Well….I'm not….anymore." she mumbled, scratching her head slightly, "….Um…sorry, am I disturbing you?"

"No…" he said, blinking as he tried to focus his eyes on her without warming up, "…Was there something you wanted to talk about?"

"…." Mieihi uneasily shifted her hands from her front to her back, "…Nothing…" she felt herself glow a bit pink at a cheek. "…Um…well….th-this afternoon….I'm sorry about…how I acted."

He blinked, recalling the time she had suddenly appeared of no where mumbling numerous things and finally running away. "…No…it's fine." He reassured her.

"…But…I just wanted to let you know that….you didn't scare me or harm me in a way." She added, "…I'm sorry….for invading personal space….I will try to be more sensitive in other people's spaces."

He blinked again, shaking his head slightly, "….It's not like that…"


"…I didn't…." he looked away, somehow blurting out words he wasn't paying attention to. "I wouldn't…mind if you were to get closer to me."

She suddenly felt herself heat up, for reasons she couldn't point out, but she knew, that she was blushing, W—why am I blushing? "W-what…are…you."

He got taken back at his own words, "….Forget it." He muttered, hiding the embarrassment. "….Anyhow….let us not talk about it…"

She nodded slightly, slightly because she did it in a fast motion that she can't consider it a full nod. "…" she decided to try and change topics, "How about you….can't sleep?"

"I'm on guard duty as well."

"Oh…I see…" well that wasn't really what she had in mind, blinking she slightly scratched her head, a gesture that she had seen to those who were without words. "…About before—what did you mean when you can't sleep?"

He blinked, looking back at her and replaying the moment he did tell her that. His eye softened as they were casted down to the ground, "…There was a monster sealed inside of me that would take control of me once I sleep…" recalling the times when he never slept a wink, always staring up at the night sky in murderous thinking. His sand gourd suddenly felt heavier on his back. "But now….it was taken….that monster was the cause of my insomnia, but it was taken from me by the Akatsuki…."


"You do know this…don't you?" he turned his eyes to look back at her.

She showed nothing in her expression, "…I was forced to contain information that may be valuable to any superiors-including the Jinchuurikis and the history of the whole Shinobi World….including every forbidden Jutsu….it was forced into my mind at the age of 3…." She muttered, "….I did know….that it was you, and Naruto….and the other Jinchuurikis…however, I am not updated with the events after I was shut down." She pointed to her head. "….Because of my "Coffin Rest"…..I've lost some memory… the information about the world, but what is important still remains." She looked back at him, and her eye softened. "…..But yes….I do know about it…"

Gaara nodded, "…But even when my demon was removed—it seems like I find it hard to sleep."

"But you slept back then, didn't you?"

"….: Gaara looked away then back, "….I did."

"Why can't you do it now?"

"…" In all honesty, he didn't know as well, and decided to ask her the same question. "…Why can't you?"

"…." She tried to think of a possible reason, "….Aah…I kept on talking to you before I sleep." She looked back at him and smiled. "Maybe I should talk to you everytime before I sleep then….like now."

He was unsure of what that meant, but he felt like smiling, which he didn't in the end of the thought. "….When you do sleep…you had nightmares."

She paused, and nodded to it, sitting down due process as she sighed, "….Nightmares…..huh?" she mumbled, hugging her knees as she heard him take a step closer to where she sat. "….I never once dreamed anything else….and if I do sleep without being frightened every morning, it's just a blank sleep with nothing happening…."

Gaara folded his arms, "Blank sleep?"

"…It is when you fall asleep, with no dreams at all…and wake up as if you just closed your eyes…" she explained, raising her head to look at him, but found it no use when he had knelt infront of her, and they had eye contact.

"….Those nightmares…..I heard from a friend that when you had a bad dream….it is best to share it with another friend…" He muttered, his face unreadable but in the inside, he was caring.

And she smiled at this, knowing who that friend was, "….That's Naruto-san…isn't it?"

He blinked before giving a slow nod.

"…..If it's you…then I can say it…" she mumbled as she leaned her chin on her knees, as the Kazekage prepared to listen. "…I always see myself either running in that forest…when I was younger…I had a grey lab dress, and my hair was longer than before that I could barely see my face…." She startled, her left eye softening. "….I was running to find a way out….and that soon I did and ran into a desert like place….."

He blinked, "…That desert…"

She nodded slightly, "Yes….that is the Desert of Sunagakure." She muttered, "…what I dream of…are my memories that were lost during my sleep…but I was soon caught and pulled back to my cell—where my nightmares vary…." She took out one finger to make it clear, "…One….is my fear of rain….it is because there are no windows in my cell, and the only source of light was the ceiling's opening with bars, which was a sewage like thing on the village's ground….when it rains it pours into my cell…flooding it….when someone is killed the blood pours into my cell…..I'm lucky to even survive in it when a storm comes in because the electricity makes it worst."

Gaara stared at those eyes, imagining those half open eyes to be open wide in fear when she was younger, it was something even more horrifying than his own.

"….I dream at times….when the scientists would strap me down to examine me….sometimes to see if the wings on my back were growing well…..they let me play outside, only to have people attack me for tests of surprise attacks and how I would react….When I was an infant….I was taken….and my soul was merged with something else…..that all started for me." From behind her shadow grew, and a small flap was what it took for him to notice it was her pure black wings. "…These wings here bursted out in blood….first grey, then it turned to pure black… something that they didn't seem to like."


The black raven wings soon shrunk, coming back into her back as the pocket covers snapped back, "…I have 3 pairs of these wings….another thing that they didn't expect…and it was also a reason why they didn't exterminate me yet." She sighed looking down. "….Instead of becoming a product on mixing Xirelle's D.N.A. to a human's D.N.A….I was made as her incarnate….and now… ultimate weapon that would even bring down the Bijuus if they were to all combine again….." she looked at her hand, "…at age 5…I ran out of control and Xirelle screamed within my body."

His eyes widened slightly by the terms she used.

"She took over me….and my eye color changed…." She returned her hand to touch her bandaged one, "…Half of my control was lost….and we were soon fighting each other till I was able to calm her down…..but with that….she had cried….and cried…making it the tears of pain, sorrow…and blood." She moved some parts of her bangs to touch the bandage's fabric. "…Xirelle wanted to see the human world for what it really is…..but from what she saw she didn't want to see it anymore….and blinded herself."

Blinded…? Gaara took note of it, but didn't question her yet.

She answered him anyway, "…She blinded my right eye with the blood she had shed before I was born….in an attempt to save me from seeing everything…..but she didn't want to blind me at the sametime….so my vision in this eye is different."

"How different?" he had asked her without knowing, and was about to apologize before she smiled at him, making him pause.

"…I can see souls…." She said.

His eyes widened at this, "…Souls…?"

"…Yes." She nodded as she looked down, removing her hand, "…And deep into people's hearts….I can go within their world….and do terrible things if needed….if my right eye is covered, I can only sense people's Soul Pulses…." She looked back up at him. "…I can kill people with just looking at them….but I didn't want that….so I let them put the seal on my eye….and I let her slightly injure it….even though the injury healed….." she sighed while looking at him, deeply to his spindrift eyes. "...When all of those things happened….the next day, after putting the seal at my eye, when I opened it everyone screamed and tried to strike me down…" she cringed at the memory. "… 'The eye of Death'….a terrible eye that makes people afraid of me…"

"Is that the reason why, you still hide your eye?" Gaara asked, and she nodded to him.

"I'm afraid that when people see it….they'll get scared of me…..and run away or try to kill me…if I don't kill them…..When I asked them 'Why do you hate my eye?' they just yell out that they never ever want to see it and prefers to destroy it…." painfully, she looked down, not wanting to see pity from the Kazekage, till she felt his hand on her elbow, and looked back to see him.

"…I want to see it."

Her eyes widened, shaking her head instantly.

His expression softens, "….It's alright….trust me…."

She shivered at the thought, "B-but…Gaara…"

He shook his head, "….I used to be a person who had lived on with killing those who threatens to get in my way…no one, not even my siblings would look at me in the eye….expect for a person who knew my pain so well….that he said it hurts…" she swore it, she wore that somewhere in his face, behind his armor he had a smile, but the light was too dim.

She hesitated. And finally sighed. "…..If it's only you….then….alright…." her hand trembled as she put her knees down to fold them into a Japanese sit, she heaved another heavy sigh, as she began to remove the bandages she had around her right eye.

Gaara waited patiently as she finally undid it's last wrap, and let the bandage fall off her head, resting at her neck.

She pushed her long bangs up, for him to have a good view before opening it, "….I won't do this again….so I will give you only 10 seconds."

He nodded, "Nn." Making a sound at his voice to indicate this since she had closed both of her eyes when she removed it.

And then, her long eye lashes fluttered, and both eyes were open.

His eyes widened at it, at the sight.

Her right eye, was almost in the color of silver like the moon, but it had a hint of light green, and there were circles, white glowing rings surrounding the pupil which had the same color as the rings, he could make out the small crosses looking like sword surrounding the pupil as well, and crosses, above, below, left and right of the pupil.

But the color of it, was.

"Beautiful…." His eyes widened at his own voice and words, and she widened to this, his face suddenly turning red. But tried not to shake, "….I don't think….it's terrifying to look at…."

Both of her odd eyes softened, and for the first time, he saw a full fledge smile, both of her eyes were something that seems to make you go deeper and deeper.

"...You're the first person to say that." She smiled at him, closing her eyes momentarily, and that's when he saw it.

There was another cross as the corner of her right eye, but dared not to ask what it was.

"…It takes a lot of energy to keep it in lock…" she began to say, opening her eyes again, "….but when all of my wings are present, the seal shatters…."

"Is that why….you only use one pair?"

She gave him a nod. "….I don't like using my powers….because when I do….memories flash in my mind making me unable to fully focus…thus I cannot hold back….even on small enemies like bandits." She closed her right eye in a wince of that, "….I can't be stopped….even though I would like to train normally….back then with Neji-kun….that spar won't end unless he had hit all my vital points to make my body not move…..and I had allowed it…..but if he didn't…I would go on and on."

"Then….you should be stopped."


He looked back at her, "….If you just needed someone there to stop you…..then I, myself….will stop you…" his face, despite the low light, she could see his determination. "…I won't kill you…..but I will stop you…." He added, sensing that she might ask him to one day, and he didn't want to hear that now.

She opened both of her eyes in shock, and she saw it.

She saw his soul.

His soul that had traces of black flames were making it's way to a pure white soul.

It had proved that his past was a dark one, but he was a good person.

Even if I didn't see his soul small tears began to flow out from her eyes, and this time, her right eye gave clear water. Not thick bloody tears, …He is different… she looked down, hiding her tears. "…S-sorry…..w-why am I suddenly…?"

"…." Gaara looked at her softly, smiling for a moment as he did, he felt his shoulders relax, and everything did as he placed his sand gourd down to stand behind him, and leaned closer. "…May I invade your personal space for a moment?" he had a small smirk that was gone unseen by anyone, not even her.

"!" she had noticed her shadow being overlapped, and before she knew it, she had felt something embracing her.

Or rather, someone. "Gaa….ra…?" both of her eyes widened. Her face against his shoulder, and his arms were around her, his body heat was welcoming, and his scent was mesmerizing making her eyes soften. "….." she felt herself sigh from the warmth.

"…With these arms…and hands….I will stop you." He began to say, not caring if he did say it out loud, he didn't care in what position he was in, or the face that his knees were hurting, what matters is, that he had to make sure she believed in him. "…and I will….Protect you with my life…."

Her eyes widened again at his words, the moon's light reflecting upon them, his voice being so clear and deep, it sounded like music in the night.

"…As the Kazekage." He mutters softly, "And as myself…..I swear at this…." His eyes hardens at this.

"I will… never betray you."

"I will… never betray you."

His words… she thought, as her memory then, and the moment now, had both echoed and burned into her soul and mind, impossible to be erased. Are so warm…that I don't know what to do…. Slowly, her arms went up to hug back, clutching onto his frabric, a hand holding onto the back straps of his vest.

This warmth….her eyes softens, and closes. Aah…I see…that's why. "…Hey….Gaara…."

"?" He blinked when she finally spoke.

"….I just….found out…" she mutters, her voice slowly fading away. "….Why….I can sleep…when you're around…." She smiles on his shoulder, her hands' grip now weakening. She leaned onto his body weight, the last of her consciousness slipping away. "….You're soul…is so warm…." And with that, she had felt her gone into a sleep.

Gaara's eyes looked at her back, lowering to his emotions inside as he held her closely to him, he pulled away, gently laying her down the grass below them, her sleeping head tilting to a side, as he took her bandage, and began to slowly wrap it over her right eye, he didn't even notice he had memorized the way she did it, being a keen observer was a good thing after all.

And when it was nearing its end, it had blend with the rest of the bandages, moving her bangs back to it, as he sighed.

The moon's light had casted down on them, and mostly on her porcelain skin, making her illuminate.

He balanced himself above her as he looked down on her face, wanting to get off after he had wrapped the bandage back at her right eye, but found himself freezing on the spot.

He blinked, memorizing her image, before his face moved back down, closer, and closer.

His lips slightly parted and his eyes were nearing to its close as he closed them halfway, her lips and his were just one movement apart from touching.

But he had stopped before he did, and closed his lips, blinking again as he pulled away, sitting to the side as he sighed, face palming. What am I doing? He asked himself that question over and over again.

His hand transferring to his chest, gripping onto the frabric of his coat. It won't…..stop beating…

+The Next Day+

"What's…going on?"

The voice of a worried brother was heard when everyone looked to see the younger sibling suddenly having cold sweat and panting.

Kaminari's teeth grit, "…You said he would be just fine!" he suddenly advanced to grab Sakura's neck, and Naruto's eyes widened from this.

Before anyone knew it, Mieihi had grabbed Kaminari's wrist before it reached Sakura, who only noticed the situation now, behind Kaminari was a nearby open sand claw formed by the Kazekage who was behind the sand itself.

"She did…." Mieihi muttered.

"Why you!—don't go attacking Sakura-chan like that!" Naruto snapped at him, Mizuumi placing her hand on his shoulder and shook her head, a gesture for him to calm down as his shoulders relaxed in tension.

The Jonin gave an uneasy smile, "Calm down—Calm down everyone!" he said, feeling the atmosphere weighing down on them.

Shizune knelt down beside the boy, and placed her glowing chakra hand at his neck and forehead. "…He's fever is now returning….it'll get worst since the days are turning warmer and warmer…" she announced.

"Oh no!" Mizuumi gasped, "But it takes only 2 days to return to Konohagakure!" everyone began to sweat, the situation turning into a problem suddenly in the morning.

Gaara, seeing this as well had lowered his sand, but making no comment in this situation, neither did Shino and Kiba, Akamaru on the other hand had whines echoing the place, Mieihi looking back at them when Kaminari jerked her hand off his wrist.

"We need to hurry then…." Neji began to say.

Kakashi nodded tot his, "…I agree….let's just hope he will make it."

"Can't anyone perform a teleportation Jutsu!" Shizune turned her head to them, "That way….."

Kakashi shook his head, "….I can only teleport one person…..and that given will bring them straight to the storage or messenger rooms."

"No way….so we really have to hurry!" Temari nodded as she turned to Kankuro who nodded back as everyone seemed to agree.

Kaminari gritted his teeth, and threw kunais to Shizune before she ever touched him making her fumble back in surprise, "Only I will get to carry Sakkaku…not you…!"

"A-ah…a-alright…" Shizune sweats, while standing up in slight fear, if she weren't a kunoichi, that kunais were literally thrown to kill her.

Kaminari glared at her, while everyone turned their guard up, to him. The hooded older sibling began to carry his brother close to him, "Let's not waste any time." He told them as took a step.


Everyone paused before turning to the door way, Kaminari included as Gaara blinked, looking at the owner of the voice. "….Mieihi?" he muttered.

They all looked back at her, "…I can teleport everyone there…" she began to say quietly, as their eyes widened.

"What!—you can!" Kiba's eyes widened as well as Akamaru's bark being heard beside him.

"That's wonderful!" Shizune smiled together with Sakura's voice while Mizuumi clapped, Kakashi sighing of relief while Sai grinned.

However Mieihi wasn't smiling, and Kaminari had noticed this. "….You sound confident…but your face says the opposite." He noted, making everyone blink.

Her left eye grew even more serious. "…With so many people with me….it's going to use at least almost all of my energy….but it will only cover one day."

Before anyone said anything, Mieihi held up her gloved hand for them to be quiet, "….that is…without my right eye…" before anyone said anything, her hand reached for her bandages. "…I want everyone to close their eyes and remain perfectly still….I do not guarantee us landing on land, we might even fall from the sky….but either way...use all your senses excluding your eyes to see what's around you."

"Eh!" Naruto called out to complain, but Kakashi went infront of him.

"OK!" he grinned with a sweatdrop, as everyone looked troubled.

"You heard her." A voice came from behind them, which was the person closest to the door way, Kaminari. "…Close your eyes….that faster she does this the better….."

Sakura and Mizuumi looked at each other and nodded, both closing their eyes, Kankuro, Temari, Neji and Shizune gone to do the samething, as Naruto closed his right eye then left eye while scratching his head, Kakashi closing his left eye, Kiba knelt down to cover Akamaru's eye and his own, even though there was no need for him to cover the dog's eye though.

Kaminari's eyes were long closed, and Mieihi looked at Sai straight in the eye, he held out his hand as a sign of 'ok-ok' and finally closed his eyes.

She stared at Shino, not knowing if he had did or not, Shino, feeling this, turned around, although this gave an impression that he didn't close his eyes at all.

Gaara was about to close his own, when he saw Mieihi at the corner of his eye, shaking her head. Her mouth formed words,

Ex-cept-you. Was what he could read from her lips as she removed the bandaged, wrapping the bandaged around her neck for it not to be blow anywhere else.

She closed her left eye as her black wings had bursts out, and his eyes widened when her second pair of black wings came out, recalling what she had said before.

The black feathers began to surround the whole room, as he heard her mumble unknown words.

"Mysterious Wings Technique…" she began to mutter, extending her arms out as she moved her head to face up and tilting it to the side as she bowed it back down, "….Flight of Choirs….." she opened her eyes, both glowing in a blinding color as the wind below in different directions.

At once the very ground before them had shined into a bright blinding light, and her wings extended even further, the light was so blinding that Gaara's eyes winced from the light. He put his arms before him because of the wind, and then he saw, when he opened his eyes again, black feathers surrounding everyone like mists, that it was hard for him to see anyone.

Then he heard a sound.

A sound of a snapping finger.

He blinked again as everything seemed to shatter before him, and felt the wind from below blow hard, an impression that he was falling, his eyes widened when he found two hands holding onto his face, and made him look up to see the inverted Mieihi looking down on him from above, as if he was going to fall off and she wanted him to know that, his sea foamed eyes stared at those eyes, those sapphire eyes, and the hidden eye that was beyond description, it was all white from behind her even though he could see only her face, it was like that night when he had appeared to her inverted while standing below the branch, he blinked to see he black wings flapping, making him look beyond her face, and see clouds being pushed away and revealing the deep blue sky.

In his mind, something flashed, a memory of ten years ago.

The blueness like the ocean, was the Ocean above the Earth, which was the Sky.

"!" his eyes widened as he looked into her eyes, already feeling the ground beneath his feet slowly disappearing as the wind below him blew harder and harder.

The Sky was Heaven's Ocean….

He saw her smile at him, her full perpetual face, as the wind blew her hair, giving him a full look of her face, all he saw was her, all he felt were the wind and her hands on either side of his face, looking directly up, ignoring the ache at his nape or the rush of gusty winds that was now blowing in different directions.

Was she falling from Heaven?

Falling… he noted in his mind as he felt her hands weaken in their grip, and soon she was slowly going away.

Or was it him?

His eyes widened when he felt his body fall back to lie on the ground that was replaced by air.

He wasn't landing.

He was falling.

But his eyes looked up to see her still there with a smile, then she pointed at him.

He blinked twice as he saw black feathers suddenly surrounding him.

"AAAHHH!" a panicked scream was heard and he moved his head to see, it was Naruto. "WE'RE FALLIN'!" he cried out, and that's when he snapped out of it, he looked around himself to see everyone was falling, the hooded young man was holding onto his brother ever so closely as he did.

"GAARA!" two voices were heard when his eyes widened to look above him, he didn't see her, but he saw his siblings reaching out to him, making him freeze at their expressions.

They were worried…

They were worried….for him….

They were reaching out…. For him.

The siblings that he had tried so much to kill in the past, those who were the only blood family he had, the ones who he didn't accept as his siblings.

Nevertheless, they were reaching out to him, the two of them.

His hands were before him due the pressure, and he could do was to stare at his siblings desperately swimming in the air to go towards him, even having argument of one another pushing the other.

"EEYAAAHHH!" the high pitch tone was heard but instantly lost due to the air, Mizuumi was twirling and twirling as she tried to think of a way to at least make her stop, her oceanic blue eyes widened at the blank sky as memories flooded her memory, terrifying the girl.

She froze into a stop as she felt fear.

That was when she suddenly saw two lavender eyes at the corner of her eye, she snapped out of it and looked to her left to see Neji falling beside her, almost coming into a sit calmly as one eye closed from the pressure.

"NEJI!" she called out in surprise as he grabbed hold of her waist, she felt another hand wrapped at her right arm, and turned her head. "NARUTO!"

"Gh-She really wasn't kidding for a landing!" Naruto gritted his teeth, but it was a grin to her and she smiled back, he looked back at her, "I panicked for awhile but this is nothing for Naruto Uzumaki!" then he spotted the other arm wrapped around her waist. "OY TEMEE! WHADDYA DOING HERE!"

"Can't you see that I am also falling?"


"Can't you see then that I am trying to help HER."

"Um…guys…?" Mizuumi mumbled as the Jinchuuriki and the Hyuga began to do a glaring match while she panicked in her mind. THIS ISN'T THE TIME TO BE HAVING A GLARING MATCH!

"WOAH BOY—WOAH—HOLY SHIT!" Kiba cried out while holding onto Akamaru's neck, while the dog's tongue was out of its mouth. "OY…YOU SEEM TO ENJOY THIS…" he paled.

Sakura and Shizune were holding their hands together, both panicking as they fell, Kakashi was above them, his eyes were wide open but he dared not to scream as Shino was well, frozen as he fell beside him.

"Well isn't this a unique way to travel…?" Sai chuckled, not looking very cool either.

That was when their eyes widened for the sudden black feathers appearing around them, they almost look like a kaleidoscope of black butterflies, then began to surround everyone, each one of them as they saw a flash of a black tail coat, everyone turned to see it was Kaminari falling faster, his head first into a dive as he held onto his brother.

"WHAT IS-AA—AAHH! LAND! GREEN!-FOREST!—EARTH!" Naruto began to blurt out unable to speak well.

In the other words they were going to land soon.

"GAARA!—GAARA USE YOUR SAND!" Temari yelled out to him as she managed to grab his right arm, his eyes squinted when he turned to look over his shoulder.

"GAARA-NOW'S THE TIME Y'KNOW!—OR ELSE' WE'LL ALL DIE!" Kankuro paled holding onto his left wrist tightly.

The Kazekage shook his head, "…I trust her…!" he said out loud that makes everyone's eyes widen and turning their heads to him, who was the second one ahead of them falling, the black feathers mostly now covering everyone.

That was when the feathers had increased in numbers, entirely engulfing them, the feathers were moving so fast before their faces that they had to close their eyes, fearing that the feathers might poke their eyes. They felt as if they were inside a ball of feathers, and all they could hear were each other's gasps, winces and panic voices.

"WE'RE GONNA CRASH!" an unknown voice from among them was heard.


Everyone's eyes squinted even though it was tightly closed shut.

That was when they all felt a thud, like they did land but they bounced back like they were on a bed, and the wind had ceased to threateningly rip their skins from their bodies.

It was a normal feeling.

Gaara's eyes instantly open from shock, as he panted from the experiences, he was lying down, on a bed of black feathers, he could see the whole the feathery sphere formed, reminding him of the Sand Sphere he usual uses, the two older siblings beside him was stirring, at the same time sitting up, their free hands holding onto their heads as the other hands were tightly clutching onto his arm and wrist.

Their eyes widened as they both called out to him worriedly, "Are you alright—Gaara!"

"…" it took him time to finally make his eyes back to their original size and blinked slowly while nodding, sitting up as he observed the surroundings.

"It seems like the black feathers around us broke our fall…." Temari muttered, noting that the walls were made of feathers, and even below them.

Kankuro grinned at his brother, "….Look's like you were right to trust her."

The red headed teen began to stand up, when his head bumped onto one of the feathers, it faltered, in a swift wind the feathery wall had collapsed revealing the woods around them, and the feathery spheres around him were slowly falling a part as well.

"Um…guys." from another sphere, not far from all of them, Mizuumi muttered once again, feeling the weight on her body. "You're crushing me."

The Hyuuga, as well as the Uzumaki's eyes widened, finally making attention that they were both onto of her sides, before making out to what was the 'soft' thing their hands were holding onto, they both fell back.

"I'M SORRY!" Both of them cried out in embarrassment, Naruto had more of the shock as his face reddened, falling to the feather wall that had broke and resulted to the shinobi falling on the soiled path. "Areh…?" he blinked, seeing the familiar green grass, tree roots and a beetle walking, minding its own business. "AH!" he finally rolled on his stomach to sit up and stand up while looking all around, seeing the black feathery spheres breaking. "IS EVERYONE ALRIGHT!" he called out to them.

The one next to them showed Shino and Kakashi, both holding their head, "We're fine…" Kakashi was able to mutter, a howl from beside them revealed Akamaru's urge to go again while Kiba was at the opposite, ENTIRELY.

"Ugh….she wasn't really joking about the no landing guarantee…." Sakura said while Shizune helped her up, ahead of them was Sai who was holding his head.

"Well it sure is a very unique way…." Sai chuckled as Naruto rushed to him in a flash and grabbed his shirt to strangle him.


Sai blinked, confused. "But we weren't…..didn't you trust Ojou-san's word?" this made Naruto's eyes widened as he stopped his antics. Sai smiled back again. "….She was protecting us…..if she didn't—then we would be…what you all say, 'like-humpty-dumpty'?"

"…Uh…yeah…I guess…" Naruto muttered guilty as he let him go, "Which reminds me…where's Mieihi-chan?"

He turned around to see if anybody knew and they all shook his head.

He looked before him to ask Gaara, that was when, after he paused and pointed. "AH!KONOHAGAKURE'S GATE!!"


Everyone turned to see he was right, the huge painted hiragana 'A and 'N at each side of the woodened gates, and the shocked expressions of Izumo and Kotetsu to their arrival.

"Stop gaping."

Naruto blinked as he moved his eyes up, and saw a black cape being blown dramatically in the wind, and 2 pairs of black wings flapping, HUGE black wings flapping and finally dispersing into feathers as a white long coat jacket's coat tails fluttered at the wind. "YOU!—AND MIEIHI-CHAN!"

Kaminari looked back and landed on the ground before the two gate guardians and Gaara who was already standing with his siblings beside him, Mieihi also landed beside Kaminari, making the two guards almost losing balance to shock.

Kaminari turned around, still holding onto his brother, "…Bring us to the hospital…NOW."

"E-eh!" Kotetsu and Izumo both blinked while Shizune ran up to them.

"YOU HEARD THE MAN! BRING US THERE STAT!" She yelled out, snapping the two back and they both nodded.

"UN-UNDERSTOOD!!—THIS WAY!" they both said at the sametime as the 4 of them run off into the village.

"HEY WAIT UP!" Naruto yelled out as he was the next one to run in. Sakura who called his name in her surprise followed, along with Mizuumi and Neji, Akamaru followed up with Kiba as everyone else began to run pass Mieihi, Gaara, Temari and Kankuro, into their village, until it was only the four of them left.

"Taku…(Geez…)" Temari sighed, placing a hand on her hip while looking at Mieihi, "…You're full of surprises…!"

Mieihi blinked at her in surprise, and began to smile, the three of them finally realizing that her right eye was back to being covered by her bandage.

"That's not fair—I wanted to see your right eye!" Kankuro finally complained, both knuckles resting on his hips as Mieihi gave an uneasy smile.

"Sorry….can't do that." She grinned as he gave another yell of complaint, the grin hiding the dark secret it held, Only Gaara though…I'm sorry Kankuro!

The Kazekage's hands were folded as he looked back at the place where they landed, and back at her. "…Shall we enter?" he began to say.

"Yeah guys, I'm stravin'—that falling made me feel like…" Temari began to pale. "…Ugh….now that I think of it…..I'm going in ahead…" she began to walk passed them.

"Eh?—Why?" Kankuro asked her, and before he knew it she had darted off in the village, leaving them in the dust. She's going to vomit…isn't she? He thought.

"It seems like everyone isn't used to teleportation…." Mieihi noted as blue streaks came across Kankuro's temple, sighing, he began to walk ahead, gesturing for them to follow him and they did, walking back inside the busy gates of Konoha.


When they entered to the Hokage's Residence, the Kazekage went on in to report about the mission to Tsunade, Kakashi later on coming inside with Shizune as well, Mieihi and Kankuro were out of the door then, Shizune stopping by to tell them at the boy, Sakkaku was already doing fine and would be staying in the hospital till he wakes up, his brother, Kaminari, was still unmoveable even when the nurses and doctors told me to do so, which she gave an uneasy smile to the memory of him giving her a 'death glare' when she tried to talk to him. Sakura was also assisting in the boy's condition to recheck everything, Neji had lend a helping hand to see if he's chakra reserve channels were fine. Mizuumi and Naruto were also in the hospital, both worried for the boy, although Naruto wouldn't openly admit that he was worried though.

Shino and Kiba both went back to their apartments, resting from the day, both entirely exhausted, and well, they met Temari again when she came by after Shizune's explanation and went in along with her to report.

Kankuro, seeing that his siblings were all in the office, stood up from the bench that he and Mieihi sat, "Mieihi….I'm going instead too ok?"

"Ah…" Mieihi blinked from the deep thought she had, nothing in her face clued to what she thought. "Ok…"

He scrunched his eyes brows, uneasy to leaving her alone, "…Do you want to go in?"

She thought about it, but then she gave a smile and shook her head. "….There's no need….."

"Oh…ok…" he muttered, scratching his head to his discomfort, "…We'll get something to eat while we're done ok?—so go get ready and I'll see ya around." He added, smiling back at her, and finally adding something again. "W-with G-Gaara and Temari!"

"Ok…." She said with the same smile, nodding at him as he nodded back, he turned around from her with a raised hand as he knocked on the door, and entered the Hokage's office.

She pause for a moment before standing up and walked away, seeing that there was no use on sitting there.

+Hokage's Office+

A few seconds after Kankuro came in, Gaara had his eyes on the door, sensing her leave as he looked back to the Hokage as she sighed. "…I see…so everything were the fault of those siblings?"

"Well…fault is such a strong word." Kakashi muttered while searching in his brain, "…His little brother's defensive mode seems to be absolute when he's in a weakened state….the result, according to Karasu-kun, the older sibling, is that when he tried to defend his brother, his coat had helped in the illusion of those who were using that path…."

"So it was caused by a deep and absolute Genjutsu?" she blonde elderly replied and they all nodded. "….Judging from the condition of your clothes and shortage of your shuriken and kunai count…..those Illusions were almost like that of the Sharingan… I assume this also gave another point in the illusion that Itachi Uchiha was in there." She held her head at their reports. "And?—they're condition?" turning to her raven haired assistant who nodded.

"Sakkaku Karasu-kun's condition is now stable, his fever is lowering as we speak but his body still exhausted from the usage of his chakra and blood limit….so it may take some days for him to recover….the older sibling, Kaminari Karasu-kun, is on guard with his brother….he had refused any help when they notice his chakra had been depleted quite a lot….Sakura-chan and Mizuumi-chan will be assisting the nurses and doctors, as well as trying to convince Kaminari-kun to at least eat…Naruto-kun is with them as well." Shizune explained as the Hokage slumped in her chair with that last sentence.

"Naruto?—I'm worried that those two wouldn't destroy the peace of the other patients within that hospital…" she held her head due process. "….Well…seeing that my God Child and Sakura there…..I just hope it doesn't get any worst….." her eyes turned to the siblings and Kakashi. "…I thank you for your help, Kazekage."

"It's nothing…." Gaara said while closing his eyes momentarily. "Seeing that the Akatsuki activity were a false….we still should not lower our guard."

Temari agreed with her younger brother. "…We should also inform the other villages nearby the area and those who were affected…"

"But the Cursed Forest is at the middle of the Wind Country and the Fire Country though…." Kakashi began to state, "…And because of the rumors of Akatsuki being in there prevents anybody else from passing through."

The Hokage moved her brown eyes to the Jonin, "…True… does prevent anyone else to enter….and with those two siblings out of there….the only harm that forest could do are the 'animals' they described….and bandits…." She entwined her fingers together in thought, "To add in…Kakashi has a point." She looked down. "…Recalling, those two were really sentenced to be exiled in our Forests...seeing that no one will accept them. I am willing to accept them in this village, in exchange for them to serve under us."

Shizune grinned, "...At least they would have a decent living in this Village….the condition in they were in…was a bit…" she discontinued, recalling the round building that makes them look like they were treated as caged animals.

"We shouldn't inform any of the Kages….excluding the ones who knows. Which is myself and you." Gaara began to speak out, "…If word goes to the Raikage….it would be as if we are going under his commands. Despite who foolish it may sound, it might cause a war for just that reason…..the Prison was created not only for the Fire Country's criminals….but for any of the Nations that deems exile as punishment for their own citizens."

Kankuro sighed, "…So in other words…this is between the Land of the Wind and the Land of Fire's business?—the Kazekage and the Hokage, as well as everyone who had witnessed this mission…am I correct then?" a part of his head was throbbing from this political crap he hated so much.

Temari was indifferent, as their Ambassador she didn't mind it. "We have our alliance to this….and so I do not object to this idea." Her younger brother nodding in agreement as Kakashi did as well.

The Hokage nodded back to all of them, "Then it is settled….their identity will remain secret….we will have to make them under our supervision….thus, we need to confiscate their head protectors."

"Eh?" Shizune blinked, a head protector is a shinobi's own pride, but to that, she was still unsure despite those siblings giving it up, the younger one was still reluctant to let it go.

"It's for them not to be recognized as Kumogakure Ninjas…and from the Lighting Country." Temari sighed at this, "…I guess it had to be done."

"We will be exchanging them with our own head protectors….and I shall be appointing them under the ANBU membership."

Kankuro's eyes widened, "Say what?—Why ANBU?"

"The members of the Root, such as Sai, are given privacy of their own identities and is protected against Law for that." Kakashi began to explain, "Being an old member…your whole Identity will be covered….although some of the true ANBU members, which was Sai, who posses no name, had to be named…when you put those siblings under the status as the an ANBU member, no one will question their identity….nor their powers/blood limits…..since the ROOT is consisted of numerous shinobis with strange powers as well." he gave a small grin beneath his mask. "…Even though it's just a thing to fill in the blank for their Status…. I wonder if they will be wiling to also work as an ANBU member?"

"That is under their own decision." The Hokage mumbled behind her entwined fingers, "….What they do as an ANBU is up to them…whether they obey their leaders, the ROOT or even Danzo is entirely up to them. I cannot decide how they will live their lives."

Kakashi cringed at the name slightly, he wasn't a big fan of Danzo, and neither was Tsunade and Gaara.

"I will inform Sai about this as well…" Tsunade said as she lift her head, "…setting that aside, how were you all able to appear here in such a fast rate?—When I'd asked Kotetsu and Izumo…they were paling." Remembering their white figures.

They looked at one another, as the sand siblings turned their eyes to Kakashi, and him to Gaara, who finally gave up. "…Mieihi had volunteered in teleporting us here with the use of her powers…." He began to explain, "…We fell from the sky…but was saved by her feathers….thus, appearing before the Gates of Konohagakure unharmed."

"Hmm…..that's a very peculiar Jutsu."

"It's no Jutsu." Kakashi began to speak up, "From my own experience of using Teleportation Jutsu to bring packages and messages to the Storage and Messenger Room… is used by entirely, her own power…like a Blood Limit but with a more complicated name to it…..apparently, when she needs to teleport a large amount of people, over a great distance, she will need to use her right eye…like my left eye when I need to use my Sharingan." Smiling at this, he chuckled slightly. "She almost sounds like me…!"

Gaara though didn't like it, and Kankuro coughed at his fist for this. "What?" He asked them as there was a pause in the scene.

"…Anyhow, has anyone seen her right eye?"

There was silence, as Gaara too kept quiet at this, "Well?" she was still awaiting an answer.

The Kazekage shook his head, "No one did."

"Ugh…." She sighed, "…Although curiosity is killing me….from your explanation, her power is halved when her right eye is not active." She shrugged her shoulders from her slouching on her chair, finally leaning back again. "…Well then….that is all….thank you for all of your cooperation….especially to the Sand Siblings."

"Ii ya…(it's nothing)…" Gaara said coolly as Kankuro grinned.

She smirked, "We're just repaying every favor….we'll be leaving soon as well."

Shizune blinked, "Aren't you going to attend the Hotaru Festival at Next Week's End?" asking them, wondering if they forgot.

Temari turned her head to her, "Yeah we are…..But we need to check up our village and get ourselves ready…."

He nodded to this, "Indeed…We have been gone for quite some time now." Kankuro sighed at this.

"Yeah….I need to also tune my puppets back in good shape as well."

"Then it is decided….we shall leave by tomorrow morning." Gaara decided, seeing that no one else objected to this.

Lady Hokage nodded, "…Alright then…." She made a hand gesture, "Dismissed!"



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