Li'l Rena
Part 1
by Christian "Sid" Lang

OK, the boring stuff first:
I don't own Digimon; Digimon is owned by... errrr... some other guys.
This fic plays before the whole Devas pop up.
I've had the idea for this fic while taking a shower.
Maybe it's because of this new shampoo... Oh well...

Wearing nothing but a kimono, Ruki walks into the kitchen.
Yawning, she prepares a sandwich.
"Renamon." she mutters before she takes a bite.
She can hear the subtle sound of her Digimon materializing.
"No need to hide." she says.
Renamon steps out of her shadowy realm and looks around.
"Mom and Grandmother are out for the week."
Her Digimon blinks in surprise.
"They leave you alone just like this?" the fox finally asks.
"Hm. They called a babysitter for me, but I cancelled the order."
One of the advantages of having a young mother whose voice sounds similar to her own.
"And what do you want to do now?" Renamon asks her.
"Vacation. Just enjoy my freedom." Ruki whispers happily.

Renamon has watched Ruki the whole day.
The girl behaves just like every day, but this time she stays calm.
Her calmness seems to be a direct result of Mikino's absence.
It had taken Renamon some time to get used to her new freedom.
She could roam the house freely without worrying about people seeing her.
Now it's night-time and Ruki has finally decided to go to bed.
Renamon has begged the girl to be allowed to sleep next to her.
And although Ruki found this extremely silly, she had finally agreed.
Now Renamon lies next to Ruki's sleeping mat, curled up into a small furry ball.
She is so happy and excited that she doesn't notice the pair of eyes watching her...

"I'll be in the forest, if you don't mind." Renamon announces during lunch.
Ruki simply shrugs and nods.
"What're you going to do there?" she asks the Digimon.
"Just some running. Some jumping. Light training."
The girl smiles and Renamon vanishes.
Some minutes later, she has taken care of the few dishes and starts to leave.
She opens the kitchen door and jumps when she sees Renamon standing right in front of her.
"I thought you went to the forest." she says after recovering from the small shock.
Renamon simply stares at her... and smiles.
Before Ruki can ask why the Digimon is smiling, Renamon wraps her arms around her.
With a start Ruki realizes that the Digimon is hugging her!
She feels Renamon's cold snout at her neck and struggles.
Then the Digimon lickse her cheek, giggles and lets her go.
Even while Ruki stumbles through the kitchen, Renamon vanishes again.

Ruki does not scream. Little girls scream. But not Ruki.
Keeping her rage under control, she takes a frying pan out of a drawer.
She hides it behind her back and growls.
Just as she has expected, the Digimon appeares right in front of her.
"Yes, Ruki? You sounded distu-"
The frying pan hits Renamon's face, sending the Digimon onto the floor.
Ruki is not very strong, and Renamon has survived worse hits.
But she knows that the Digimon is not immune to pain.
Renamon rubs her cheek and looks up at the Tamer.
Ruki can see rage, fear and confusion in the Digimon's eyes.
Then she sighs and starts to clean the pan as if nothing has happened.
She can hear the fox vanish moments later.

Five hours have passed and Ruki starts to feel guilty.
Maybe she just wanted to show her affection.
She sorts her cards to keep herself occupied.
I guess I overreacted. Perhaps I should tell her I'm sorry.
She walks into the kitchen to get herself some water.
When she returns with a glass of water, she sees Renamon pacing through her room.
Before the fox sees her, she hurries back into the kitchen to get another glass.
Holding both glasses in her hands, she enters her room.
Thankfully, Renamon does not vanish. She is relieved to see the Digimon is actually smiling.
Smiling herself, Ruki hands Renamon one of the glasses.
"I thought you could use it." she tells the Digimon and sits down at the low table again.
Long seconds pass until Ruki finally sighs.
"I just wanted to tell you that I feel sorry for what happened." she whispers.
She can hear Renamon slowly approach her, but does not look up.
Just as she wants to continue, Renamon starts to giggle again.
Then a stream of cold water flows down her neck, making Ruki gasp.
She whirls around into a standing position.
The snickering Renamon puts down the now empty glass and vanishes.

Ruki curses at an alarming rate and picks up her own glass.
"Renamon." she growls.
The fox instantly appears in front of her and frowns.
"Ruki, why is your shirt-"
Renamon's words are stopped by a splash of cold water.
Ruki giggles when she sees the wet fox standing in front of her.
The Digimon looks like a young puppy who doesn't understand why it's being punished.
"Thank you, that has been all I wanted." Ruki mutters.
"Bu-bu-bu" Renamon stammers.
"SCRAM!" Ruki shouts and lifts her hand as if to slap the fox's face.
Not wanting more punishment, Renamon vanishes.

Ruki has spent the rest of the day cursing her good-for-nothing Digimon.
This time she wouldn't apologize. No way.
She is still cursing as she lies down on her sleeping mat.

Renamon stares up at the moon.
Then she sneaks over the roof, trying to figure out the best way to fool the girl again.
The door looks most promising, but she'd have to be quiet.
It's almost impossible to hear her padded feet on the roof.
As soon as the girl would be fast asleep, she would strike.
"I should have known it from the start." somebody whispers behind her.
Renamon whirls around and sees... Renamon.
Grinning wildly, she assumes a fighting position.

Ruki wakes up with a start.
Her clock tells her that it's four in the morning.
Maybe the late night snack has been too exotic.
She shakes her head as she tries to remember what she had stuffed into that sandwich.
Some of those things should have been cooked before usage, but she had not cared.
The Tamer decides that she needs some water.
Or else I will have some weird dreams again.
Still groaning, Ruki leaves her room.
She walks along the outside of the house, her path illuminated by the moonlight.
"I'll get you for that!"
Ruki blinks and looks around. She thought she heard Renamon's voice.
As if on cue, Renamon crashes down next to her, having fallen off the roof.
Then another Renamon lands on the ground.
Renamon starts strangling Renamon.
Renamon breaks free and jumps onto the roof, followed by Renamon.
Memo to self: If the food should be cooked, cook it.
Darn food experiments.
Giving her bad dreams again.

Yawning loudly, Ruki wakes up.
She sits on her sleeping mat and yawns again.
"Good morning, Ruki." Renamon whispers softly.
Ruki turns her head and sees Renamon kneeling next to her.
Next to Renamon is... Renamon.
Impossible. Ruki thinks and rubs her eyes.
The image doesn't change.
Two Renamons are kneeling next to her.
Their furs look ruffled, but at different places.
"I believe there have been some misunderstandings yesterday." the left Renamon says.
The right Renamon grins innocently.
"Allow me to introduce you to my younger sister."
The left Renamon points at the grinning Renamon.
"Your... sister?" Ruki asks and blinks.
"Heya!" the sister Renamon greets Ruki merrily.
"Somebody please pinch me." Ruki mutters.
Renamon's sister grins and pinches Ruki's right arm with her claws.
"OUCH!" Ruki yelps, rubbing the reddened skin.
Renamon instantly slaps her giggling sister's head.

While Ruki eats a sandwich, Renamon starts to explain things to her.
"She is my youngest sister. That's why we call her Li'l Rena."
Ruki snickers when she hears the name.
Renamon just rolls her eyes and sighs.
"Well, Li'l Rena here has always been known to be little trickster."
Ruki nods. Then she starts to figure out what has happened yesterday.
"Then she did all this? The hugging, the licking, the water?" she asks.
Li'l Rena nods her head happily.
"Oh. and who did I smack with the pan?" she carefully asks.
Renamon simply snarls in reply, making Ruki laugh nervously.
"Oh boy. I-I'm sorry. Really." Ruki stammers and strokes Renamon's fur.
The mood is disturbed by Li'l Rena's laughter.

"This is the mean kick-ass Tamer you have told me about?"
Renamon frowns and grabs her sister's chest fur.
"She's just on vacation!" Renamon hisses.
"Sis', I can still remember what you said during your last day..." Li'l Rena laughs.
Renamon's eyes widen, and Ruki can see the Digimon gulp.
"You wouldn't!"
"What did she say?" Ruki asks Li'l Rena.
"She described you as a really heartless, hostile girl. A tomboy! A mean and-"
Renamon's paws are now locked around Li'l Rena's neck.
Ruki simply stares at the floor.
"I'll be right back." Renamon whispers to Ruki before she drags her sister out of the room.

Renamon's paw strikes Li'l Rena down, sending her to the lawn.
The younger Digimon looks up and gulps.
"How dare you!" Renamon hisses, flexing her claws.
"Ruki has changed. She had once been exactly as you described her!"
Li'l Rena frowns and cocks her head.
"How did that happen?"
"I've been there for her. Cared for her. I became her partner."
There is a long pause.
"Do you think she's mad at you now?" Li'l Rena finally asks.
"I don't think so. But I think she feels pretty bad."
"Sorry, sis'." Li'l Rena finally whispers and stands up.

Feeling that her sister really means it, Renamon gives her a hug.
"I know you didn't want to hurt her." she whispers into Li'l Rena's ear.
Renamon has forgotten how good it actually feels to have her sister around.
She has been away from home for more than an year now.
Ruki had treated her like a fighting machine most of the time, making things even harder.
Gently stroking her sister's fur, she somehow feels home again.
"I didn't mean to punch you so hard." she whispers.
"Tsk, you know that I don't want you to hold back." Li'l Rena reminds her.
Renamon smiles as she remembers how she has often sparred with her sister.
One day, Li'l Rena has asked her not to hold back with her attacks anymore.
It had taken her sister three days to recover after the fight.
But Li'l Rena has resumed her training, wishing to become as strong as her sister.
Her fight last night has shown her that Li'l Rena has become quite strong.
Only Ruki's fierce training has prevented her from losing.
"Come on. Ruki is waiting." she finally mutters.
"Yeah. But you have to tell me everything you have experienced!"
Renamon laughs softly and gently nuzzles Li'l Rena's fur as they head for the house.