Li'l Rena
Part 2
by Christian "Sid" Lang

Renamon is proud of her sister.
Li'l Rena had apologized for her comment and begged Ruki to forgive her.
Well, she has always been very polite. A trickster, but a nice one.
Ruki had finally agreed to forgive Li'l Rena and ruffled her fur playfully.
The morning has been quite nice after this event.
Ruki and Renamon told her about their adventures, making the young Digimon gasp sometimes.
Finally the conversation focuses on Li'l Rena.
"So please tell me how you actually got here." Renamon demands.
"Just like all the others. In a Digital Field."
Renamon blinks.
"I never noticed a Digital Field." she says.
"I kept it small and hidden. A little trick I learned in school."

Ruki gasps.
"In... school?" she asks Li'l Rena.
"Yeah. Kitsu High School." Li'l Rena answers happily.
Ruki gives her Renamon a questioning look. The Digimon only nods.
"Didn't you tell her?" Li'l Rena asks her sister.
Renamon only shrugs.
"But when did they start teaching you stuff like that?" Renamon finally asks.
"A while ago. They're teaching us other neat tricks, too."
"So you're here on vacation?" Renamon asks, and her sister nods.
"I'll depart again today." Li'l Rena announces.
Then she starts to sniff and frowns.

"Something smells funny..." Li'l Rena mutters.
Renamon cocks her head. Then she recognizes the scent.
"Digital Field." she tells Ruki.
The Tamer instantly jumps to her feet and takes her D-Arc and her cards.
"May I join?" Li'l Rena eagerly asks.
"If you stay out of trouble." Renamon answers.
Then the two foxes follow Ruki.

Ruki smiles when she sees that Gogglehead and Lee aren't here yet.
Sensing the two Renamons behind her, she enters the Field.
The Field itself appeared on a small football field surrounded by a small forest.
She smirks when she sees their opponent.
"An Ogremon. Again." Ruki mutters without consulting the D-Arc.
"He looks stronger than the last one." Renamon adds.
"Stronger than you?" Ruki asks and smirks.
Renamon stiffens and gasps.
"Are you losing faith in me?" the golden fox asks her.
Ruki snickers and watches as Renamon charges into the battle.

"Will she be able to beat him?" Li'l Rena asks.
"Of course. Maybe even without a card." Ruki answers.
"But that's a Champion Digimon!"
"So what? Renamon has had worse enemies."
The younger Digimon gasps and watches the fight.
Sis' must be really strong by now! she thinks and smiles.

Renamon decides to use her agility to beat the Ogremon.
Just one or two Wisteria Punches, and then the finishing move!
She circles the slower Digimon and charges.
Coming in low, Renamon manages to hit the Ogremon with an uppercut.
The Ogremon stumbles backwards and rubs his chin.
Growling loudly, it charges at her.
Wow, he doesn't even seem to care much.
Renamon swiftly moves to the Ogremon's left side to avoid the large club.
All of a sudden, the Ogremon takes the club into its left hand and rams it into her stomach.

"Man, she should have seen that coming!" Ruki hisses.
"Not really. An Ogremon rarely uses its weapon with the weak hand." Li'l Rena informs her.
Ruki shrugs and watches Renamon stand up again.
The Digimon gives her a quick signal that she is all right and prepares another attack.
Renamon runs around the Ogremon, slowly closing in on it.
The Ogremon makes some confused sounds, trying to figure out what's going on.
When Renamon is close to him, he jumps and hits Renamon with a jump-kick.
"Renamon!" Ruki shouts.
"Very unusual. Must be a tribe leader or something like that." Li'l Rena suspects.
Ruki watches in horror as the Ogremon hits the now kneeling Renamon with its club.
Li'l Rena curses and starts to run.
"No! Wait! It's too dangerous!" Ruki shouts.
But somehow she is glad to have another Digimon at her side.

Renamon looks up at her opponent.
Her body hurts from the club hit. Now the Ogremon is towering above her.
He lifts his club and smiles.
Suddenly he grunts and lowers his arms to hold his side.
When he stumbles out of her sight, Renamon sees her sister.
"Don't worry, I'll keep him occupied and you-"
Li'l Rena's plan is interrupted when the Ogremon's club strikes her down.
Renamon kneels and prepares to stand up again.
She needs me! She doesn't stand a chance against it! Renamon tells herself.
She looks to her side. Li'l Rena stands on shaky legs.
Then the Ogremon's club hits her again.
This time the younger Digimon doesn't stand up again.
"Li'l Rena?" Renamon asks when the Ogremon walks back to her.
She receives no answer.
Cursing, Renamon vanishes from her current position.

Renamon appears next to her sister.
The younger Renamon is lying on the ground, breathing slowly. Weakly.
Oh no...
Carefully, Renamon lifts her sister's head and cradles it in her arm.
"Rena... Speak to me!" she whispers.
Li'l Rena slowly opens her eyes and coughs.
"I-I'm sorry, sis'. I couldn't keep it occupied very long."
Renamon fights back her tears and forces herself to smile.
"Don't say that. You saved my tail." she whispers.
Li'l Rena coughs again and Renamon notices that her body starts to phase out.
No! This isn't true! It can't be!
"I feel so weak..." Li'l Rena groans.
"Stay with me! Please!"
Her sister slowly shakes her head.
"You must be disappointed. I'm such a weakling..."
The young fox is almost transparent by now.
Renamon doesn't fight her tears back anymore.
"I'm proud of you, Renamon. You're so strong." Li'l Rena whispers.
"No. I am proud to be your sister." Renamon answers.

Renamon sees her sister smile and holds her close.
Then Li'l Rena closes her eyes and starts to dissolve.
The fox watches the small golden sparks fade out of existence.
"NOOOOOOOOOO!" she screams at the sky.
Her body is shaking with rage now.
The Digimon that has killed her sister is still alive.
She can sense its presence clearly now. It's not far away. Probably grinning.
Standing up, Renamon clenches her fists.
"YOU'LL PAY!" she yells and turns around.
The Ogremon is indeed grinning. His club is already above his head.
Renamon channels her rage and grief. Then she charges.

Ruki gulps.
She has never seen Renamon attack an enemy with such pure force.
There is no trace left of the fox's grace or agility.
Her only attributes seem to be speed and strength.
Screaming madly, Renamon rapidly punches the Ogremon's stomach.
Ruki cannot even see her Digimon's arms clearly by now.
My God. She is a berserker!
Ruki of course understands her Digimon's feelings.
That... thing has killed Renamon's sister. Her family.
Ruki remembers how happy Renamon had looked during her conversations with her sister.
She feels a tear flow down her face, but doesn't wipe it away.
Her eyes are focused on Renamon now.
The fox keeps beatig up the Ogremon, which already looks as if it is unconscious.
But Renamon keeps punching.
Ruki can see the Ogremon dissolve by now, but Renamon still punches what is left.

The Tamer starts to run now.
When she arrives, the Ogremon is long gone.
But Renamon still punches the place where it had died.
The Digimon is breathing hard, but doesn't seem willing to stop.
Again and again she drives her fist into the ground.
"R-Renamon..." Ruki whispers.
Slowly Renamon turns to face her Tamer.
Ruki gasps. The fox's eyes are full of sorrow and rage.
Tears freely flow down the furred face.
Ruki approaches her slowly, hoping that Renamon recognizes her.
When her hand touches the fox's shoulder, Renamon starts to sob.
"She's dead! DEAD!" the vulpine Digimon cries.
Ruki nods and hugs her.

It takes Renamon more than ten minutes to calm down.
"Come now. Let's leave this place." Ruki whispers.
She helps Renamon to her feet. The fox's body is shaking now.
That berserker run must have drained her. Ruki guesses.
Carefully Ruki supports her Digimon.
A more sober part of her brain notices that Renamon beat it up without a single card.
Then she mentally slaps herself for even thinking such a thing in this situation.
Slowly they walk into the nearby forest.

I'm sorry, Li'l Rena. I should have helped you just like you helped me.
Renamon shakes her head, letting Ruki guide her.
"If you wish, we can pray at the shrine for her." Ruki whispers.
"Really?" Renamon asks weakly.
"Of course. I liked her, too."
Ruki's words give Renamon some strength back.
She manages to walk alone now, letting her Tamer save her strength.
"I wish I could thank her for everything." Renamon whispers.
"REALLY?" Li'l Rena shouts and appears in front of them, hanging upside-down from a branch.

Ruki screams and faints instantly.
Renamon jumps back and blinks.
"L-L-Li'l Rena? Is that YOU?" Renamon asks the Renamon imitating a sleeping bat.
"Of course, sis'!" Li'l Rena cheers and lets herself fall to the ground.
She lands on her feet and smiles.
"You're alive?" Renamon asks and touches the figure standing in front of her.
"What else?" her sister asks playfully.
"B-B-But you vanished! Dissolved! DIED!" Renamon shouts frantically.
Li'l Rena suddenly sinks to her knees and groans.
"Oh yessss! I feel sooo weak! Ohhhhh..."
Renamon blinks when she sees her sister die again. This time more rapidly.
The fox's body becomes translucent again, then it dissolves into tiny golden sparks.
Suddenly, Li'l Rena appears again, standing at her starting spot.
"I got an A+ for this trick! I call it 'Death of a Fox'. Cool, eh?"

Renamon gasps.
"That was a trick?" she asks.
"Sure! Like I said, we learn lots of cool stuff at school!"
Li'l Rena gasps when Renamon holds her tight.
Ruki's partner hugs her sister and cries.
"Never do that again! Please!" she sobs.
Li'l Rena gulps.
"D-Did I scare you?" the young Digimon asks.
Renamon holds her at arm's length, tears again flowing down her face.
"I thought I lost you forever!" she sobs.
Li'l Rena bites her lower lip.
"Geez, sorry. I didn't know you'd worry so much about it."
"You're my sister! I love you! And I couldn't stand losing you!"
Now Li'l Rena hugs her sister.
"Thanks. That's the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me." she whispers.
Renamon just smlies and strokes her sister's fur.
"Now come on. We've got to carry Ruki home." she finally says.

Ruki wakes up lying on her sleeping mat.
"Good afternoon." Renamon greets her politely.
Ruki blinks and remembers the past events.
"Li'l Rena!" she yelps.
"You called?" a voice next to her asks.
With a scream, Ruki jumps up and faces the two Digimon.
"YOU'RE ALIVE?" she yells.
"Calm down. She fooled all of us with her little trick." Renamon tells her.
Ruki tries to steady her breathing.
The she kneels and hugs both foxes.

Suddenly Li'l Rena sighs.
"Almost forgot the time. I've got to go." she mutteers.
"Already?" Ruki asks and frowns.
"I could visit you again sometime." Li'l Rena offers.
Ruki and Renamon nod eagerly.
That would be really nice. Renamon thinks.
"Well then, I'll go- No wait. One more thing..."
Renamon cocks her head. Then she gasps.
Li'l Rena gives Ruki a passionate kiss right on the lips.
"Bu-Bu-Bu-" Renamon stammers.
Swiftly Li'l Rena ends the kiss and smirks at Renamon.
"Bye, sis'!" she whispers and vanishes.
Renamon blinks, then smiles.
Still the happy-go-lucky trickster...
She gives Ruki a look. The Tamer looks startled, but somehow happy.
"You all right?" Renamon asks.
"Oh yeah..." Ruki mutters.
"That looked nice, could I try that, too?" Renamon asks playfully.
"Only if you wish to kiss the frying pan again." Ruki replies and laughs.
Renamon smiles and actually hopes that her sister will return soon.
Ruki has never looked this happy before...
The fox nods.
I am proud to be your sister...

The End.