Me- "Okay so this evil little plot bunny hopped into my head and wont leave! Thank you to Skylark Evanson for writing ' If Kevin were a Biology Teacher' which caused this little bunny to jump into my head. This is my first BT story so please no flames or ...mmmmm... SHIP, all of Bens sumo slammers his jacket and Kevins car will roast!" ( using my schools class line up)

Ben, Kevin, Julie- " She owns nothing!"

Kevin L. = 41 year old Honors Biology teacher, Kenny T. = 15 years old ( just like Ben at that age) and Devlin L. = 16 years old ( kennys partner in crime)

Kevins POV.

'Finally 7th hour.' I thought as the victums walked in. It was the first day of school. The other classes had been okay. 'At least I don't have Kenneth or Devlin.' I thought. The final bell rang. I stood up.

"I am Mr. Levin and you are my new vic-class for this who can tell me what cellular resperation is?" I asked. No hands shot up. ' Figures.' I was about to go on and explain when a loud nosie caught my attion. I looked over to the door. "You, yellow tank top texting in jeans get the door." The girl looked up clearly shocked I had caught her. She nodded and went over and opened it. In walked my worset night mare. A short but well built teen with brown hair, green eyes and a green jacket and a taller also well built teen with black hair, dark eyes and a black tee shirt on and both wearing jeans walked in.

"Dude, Kenny how did you do that so quick?" asked the older teen with long black hair. Kenny rolled his eyes.

"How do you think I did it so fast Dev?"

"Oh...Duh." At this point the boys where at my desk not having payed attion to whose room they where in. They looked up.

"Oh. ! Dude we are in your dads class! YOUR DADS CLASS!" Kenny yelled at Devlin.

"ohmygosh ohmygosh! NO! WE HAVE TO TALK TO THE PRINCEPAL NOW!" Devlin yelled back. Every one had their eyes glued to the boys and me.

"KENNETH, DEVLIN!" I yelled. Both boys looked at me. "Go sit in the back of the room and be quick and quiet about it or so help me I will call your father Kenneth and your mother Devlin." I said in the quietest yet most threatning voice I could muster. Both boys went and sat down at the back. A very shaky hand went up. "Yes?" I asked the girl with red hair, brown eyes, green tee that had a ten on it and black jeans. 'Figures i get one of Bens little fangirls'

" Are you Kevin Levin? As in Ben 10,00s best friend and Gwen tennesons husband?" I looked down thinking of different ways to kill the two boys at the back of the room.

"Okay. I am Kevin Levin, Devlin Levin is my son, Ben Tenneson is my friend and his cousin is my wife now, no more questions about that...EVER! Back to cellular resperation. Does any one know what it is?" The only hand to go up was at the very back of the room. "Yes Kenny?"

"Cellular resperation is the set of the metabolic reactions and processes that take place in the cells of organisms to convert biochemical energy from nutrients into ATP, and then release waste products. "

"Correct. You clearly didn't get your brains from your father so thank goodness for Julie." I muttered. Him and Devlin high fived. This was going to be a long year.