Me- "Okay. So IDK if this will be the last chap. Kind of depends. So enjoy and be happy because I have yet to 'buy' Ben 10 from MoA!"

Ben- "Smoothie. NOW!"

Kevin- "Shut it Tennyson."

Ben- * sticks his tounge out and countines to pout *

Devlins POV

Me and my friends walked into our final class at the same time. We went and sat in the back like always. I looked at the time and it was two o'clock. We listened to the sub give a speech about how he would run class while my dad was gone. We sort of listened to him. I looked at the clock and saw that it was two thirty nine.

Okay guys almost time


YES! They won't know what hit them! I looked at Sam and Ken. They nodded slightly. Then the clock struck two forty. All of the balloons fell down on the whole class. After it all fell down we looked around and saw that everyone was completely covered in the paint water and other items. Everyone looked extremly mad.

"Who did this?" The sub said. No one raised thier hands.

Did he really think that would work?

Yes he did. That is like the dumbest thing to do like some one will admit to it.

Moron. I looked at Sam. She was less talkitive after the incident and rarely took part in our plans to mess with Ben. I hated seeing her like this, but as my mother and paradox have said 'time heals all wounds.'


So my dad was finally home and we knew that they couldn't prove that it was us who pulled the prank. Sam had also started to return to her normal self. So we where just sitting in the living room hanging out and watching TV when my dad walked in.

Kevins POV.

"Hello kids. I hear you had a fun time while I was gone." They looked at each other than at me.

"Really? We didn't do anything." Devlin said. He was the one who could talk his way out of anything in that group. While Ken was the leader. Sam was the one who helped keep them out of trouble.

"Yea I heard about the prank you pulled."

"We didn't do that!"

"Oh of course not, Some one else has an extremely smart alien on thier wrist and has the ability to run super fast and read minds." I said. They looked at me shocked. "Yes I knew it was you because your the only ones who could."

"Ugh. Whats the punishment?" Ken asked.

"DUDE! You just admitted to it! He didn't really know we did it! The cops do that to get a confession of the criminal! I should know!" Devlin said. I shook my head. All of a sudden there was a bright green flash. Ken was on top of me as a Cereglas (I'll explain later). Then it all went black. I sat up quick and looked around. I was in a hospitle. I looked around and saw a teenage Gwen sitting on the chair beside my bed. I reached over and touched her hand. She woke up.

"Oh Kevin! Your okay! I was so worried about you!" She hugged me.

"What happened?" I asked.

"We were fighting an alien and then you got hurt really bad. Ben turned into Jetray and finished them off quick then I teleported us here. You were in surgery for four hours. When you came out you where out for three days."

"Ow, Okay. I had the strangest dream."


"Yea. It was about us having a kid and so did Ben and Julie then our son had a girlfriend and I was thier biology teacher. They pulled this huge prank while I was on a month long off world misson, I caught them but Ken turned into a Cereglas and then I woke up."

"Wow...That is strange."

"Your telling me." I said with a shake of my head.


Me- " Okay a Cereglas is a blue bunny type alien but its ears look like plungers. Cere is the prefix of Cerebellum(brain) while Glas is wiper in Haitian Creole, They have the power to wipe a creaters mind of any thoughts, memories the please. They can erase all of the memory a person has or they can erase a few in bits and pieces."


Me- "NO! Now drink that smoothie!"

Ben- "Fine."

Me- "Okay that is it for this story! Let me know if you like the ending or not, tell me why. Please read my other stories. Review!"