Author's Note:

To avoid confusion, you might wanna read the first part of this A/N at least. This is an AU that Cheyenne (A Darker Heaven and Hell) was originally going to write but didn't have time for, so she gave me the honor of writing this lovely little idea. Dean and Sam are in middleschool. The whole gang is here, some are students, some are teachers, some will arrive in later chapters. And I have bent things a little: Sam and Dean are only two years apart instead of four, making Dean 13/14ish and Sam 11/12ish; Gabriel is actually younger than Cas in this because I wanted him in Sam's class (remember this is also a Sabriel fic) and Cas in Dean's, so yeah. And yes this will be OOC, but can we please remember they are in middle school? This would be before/during Dean hits his "OMG me, gay? NEVER!" stage, so there won't be any homophobic preamble. Just fluff to help me recover from the finale. And yes, characters like Crowley and Ruby will be in here as students, but that's what I love about AUs - there are noooo boundaries. Cas and Gabe are still angels and the demons are still demons, but other than that, everything else is pretty much different.

Thanks for reading :D

"I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare

I'm just a kid, I know that it's not fair

Nobody cares, 'cause I'm alone and

The world is having more fun than me."

~I'm Just a Kid by Simple Plan

It was a miserable day in the Winchester house.

Dean sighed and listened to his father and younger brother fight like cats and dogs. John had announced they were moving, again, and Sam, who had made several friends at his school, was throwing a fit. Mary was worriedly listening to her son and husband but knew it was best to just let them get the rage out of their systems. She'd learned the hard way that getting in the middle of their arguments only made matters worse. Every time John got a new job, all hell broke loose.

"But my friends are here, Dad! You can't make us move!" Sam yelled.

John was yelling too. "Don't you give me lip, boy!"

They shot back into their heated argument, and Dean went up to his room. He had no interest in hearing his brother and father spit venom at one another. Knowing there was no use in caring because he didn't have any friends anyway, he started organizing things to be packed. As always, Mary would go get boxes, and the boys would spend the day packing. It was like clockwork.

An hour later, Sam stormed into Dean's room and threw himself onto the bed. "Dean, you can't let Dad do this, it's not fair!"

They had this discussion every single time, and like always, Dean said, "We don't have a choice, Sammy. It'll be okay. You'll make new friends."

"Not like these friends!" Again, it was the same reply as usual.

"You don't know that."

Sam stubbornly folded his arms. "Yes I do."


"The new school won't have Jess!" Ouch. Sam's first love. Well, even though Dean hated seeing his little brother upset, it didn't change anything.

"Who knows, maybe you'll meet even better friends."

If they only knew just how right Dean was…

Dean took a deep breath, refusing to be nervous, and walked into his classroom. All eyes immediately went to him. Well, all eyes except for those of the boy in the back corner. He had unruly dark brown hair, blue eyes so bright that Dean could see them even from across the room, and was just generally gorgeous. Dude, you're straight, you're not allowed to think another guy is gorgeous! his mind screamed at him. But he ignored it, because there was really no denying how beautiful, even for only thirteen years old, the boy in the corner was.

"Class, I would like you to meet our new student, Dean Winchester," introduced the gruff old teacher, who had reddish colored but graying hair and matching beard.

Cocky as ever, he strode to the front of the class and caught the eye of a pretty blond, giving her a flirty wink. The teacher (Mr. Singer, if memory served from his schedule) muttered something that sounded like "Idjit." He pointed at the empty seat next to the pretty blue eyed boy, so Dean took the hint and placed himself in it. So much for the epic introduction speech he'd had planned.

"Hey. What's up?" he casually asked the boy next to him.

Blue eyes flicked over to him, looking at him from underneath long black lashes, but he didn't say anything.

Dean sighed. "Right. Well, um, I guess I'll leave you alone forever now."

The dark haired, blue eyed boy missed the sarcasm and simply returned to doodling in his notebook without offering a reply.

Meanwhile, Sam had slunk off to the back corner, and was sitting between not one but two blonds. One was a brown eyed blond girl making eyes at him, and the other was a blond haired boy with amber colored eyes that was simply watching him. Sam wanted a large hole to open up and swallow him. He hated this school already, an opinion based on his longing for his old friends and his hatred for the biology teacher, Mr. Lucifer. He was the meanest teacher Sam had ever had.

"It's okay kiddo, he hates everyone, it's not just you," reassured the blond boy to his left as if he'd read Sam's mind.

"Awesome," Sam said sarcastically.

The blond boy smiled and held out his hand. "I'm Gabriel Novak."

"Sam Winchester," he said, shaking the outstretched hand.

"And I'm Becky Rosen," added the girl to his right.

"Um, hi," he said, looking over.

She winked at him and wrote her phone number on the back of his hand. Gabriel laughed quietly and returned to taking notes. Mr. Lucifer scolded Becky for fraternizing with the new student, and she shrunk back at his harsh tone. Gabriel continued snickering under his breath. Sam, who was determined to hate the school, couldn't help but take a begrudging liking to this Gabriel Novak.

"Well this day has officially sucked," Dean muttered to himself as he left the cafeteria.

He'd sat with a few pretty girls that all offered their phone numbers, but his gaze kept straying to the handsome, dark haired boy sitting by himself. The same boy that had refused to speak to him but still managed to hypnotize him with those azure blue eyes. Dean Winchester, mini womanizer to the stars, had it bad. For a guy. Unbelievable.

Dean was still lost in his thoughts when he rounded the corner, going into the hallway, and ran straight into a pretty blond, the same one he'd winked at earlier. She had large brown eyes, wavy blond hair, and a guy standing to either side of her. One was oddly immaculately dressed for a thirteen year old, from his perfectly combed dark brown hair to his black suit, and the other was just nerdy, with spectacle reading glasses and short brown hair.

"Sorry 'bout that," he apologized.

She shrugged. "Don't worry about it. I'm Jo, by the way, and these are my friends Crowley and Chuck."

Dean shook her hand, and then Crowley's - the one in the suit, and Chuck's - the nerdy one. Usually he would be flirting with Jo, but after being ignored by (he still didn't know the guy's name) the pretty blue eyed one, he wasn't really up to flirting. On the other hand, he made fast friends with the unlikely trio, and he found himself asking the question that had been on his mind for most of the day.

"So…what's up with the really quiet guy that sits in the corner? Blue eyes, brown hair?" he asked.

Jo smiled. "Castiel Novak. He doesn't mean to be rude, he's just painfully shy."


Dean didn't think that was adorable, of course. Not a bit. Well…maybe a little.

To Be Continued