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"And you still don't have the right look

And you don't have the right friends

Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends

High school never ends."

~High School Never Ends by Bowling For Soup

"Here goes nothing," Dean sighed.

Castiel smiled and took his human's hand. They walked through the doors of their high school, their stride considerably more confident than they felt. Actually, they were nervous as hell. They didn't have any of the same teachers, and even though they'd already been shown around, the school felt new and alien. Of course they still got mocked for being gay, and Cas still put the fear of God in them. Dean couldn't have asked for a more badass boyfriend.

The teachers weren't all that bad, but they weren't Bobby. The boys missed their gruff old history teacher. After their first period class, they split up briefly to find their lockers. Cas looked at the swarm of students in the crowded hallway and teased Dean that he wouldn't be able to find him once they split up. Dean chuckled and pushed into the throng of people, waving to Crowley and Aziraphale when he saw them together. Crowley was cussing out his schedule for some reason, but the platinum haired angel smiled and waved back at him.

Ruby, Meg, and Lilith still ran in the same group and hadn't changed a bit over the summer. They still fixed everyone that dared to cross their path with death glares, only softening when they caught the eye of an attractive man. Speaking of which, they didn't even recognize Cas. He'd developed and changed over the summer, and freshman or not, he was gorgeous. Meg made the very bad mistake of hitting on him, though you'd think the trench coat getup would give away who it was.

"Hey there handsome," she greeted when she saw him pushing through the people.

He sighed and looked over at her. "What do you want, Meg?" he asked in a deep, throaty voice.

"Well you know my name but I don't know yours, that's not fair," she teased.

"You've known me since I started middle school, what the hell have you been sniffing?" Yeah, he'd been spending way too much time with Dean.

She looked at him, totally lost, so he said, "Doesn't the name Castiel Novak ring any metaphorical bells? You know, the one you mocked for being gay?"

"Castiel?" she croaked, her jaw dropping. "You look…um…different?"

"I'm still gay, and I'm still with Dean. Find someone else to hit on."

With that, he pushed past her and made his way to his locker. He could practically feel her dark eyes staring holes in his back, though he didn't know if her shock came from not recognizing him or the blatant, rude rejection. Quite possibly a combination of both. Jo had been walking down the hall as the conversation had went down and gave Castiel an approving smirk. He smiled back before putting his combination in so he could open is locker.

Suddenly someone was spinning him around and pressing him against it, kissing him hard and deep before leaning in to his ear and whispering, "Found you."

"Dean," he scolded half heartedly.

Against locker doors were hardly where they should be making out, but he found himself melting in Dean's arms as his human sucked a hickey onto his neck. They'd gotten around to some more "experimenting" over the summer, and instead of their desire for each other lessening, it only got worse and worse over time. Castiel was panting weakly by the time Dean finally released him and stood back.

"Something wrong?" the hunter teased.

Turning the tables, Cas grabbed Dean and turned him around so his back was against the locker. The angel, being the tease that he was, starting probing around in Dean's mouth with his tongue and slid his leg in between the humans thighs, moving it just so and hitting a sweet spot. Dean moaned and moved against that leg, but Cas smirked and pulled away, leaving his boyfriend…oh, what was the human saying? High and dry, he believed was the idiom.

"Dammit Cas," Dean growled, reaching out to take a hold of his angel.

Castiel simply smiled, slid out of reach, pulled his needed books from his locker, and said, "Sorry, I'm late for class."

Dean glared after him as he strutted down the hall, his walk reeking of amused triumph. Damn him.

Their years in high school seemed to pass in a blur. The same went for Sam and Gabriel, who started there two years after Dean and Cas. And for the record, Dean later in life became a hunter, but Cas simply followed him and they returned home to their families after each and every hunt. The hunter and the angel never got any less brave with their adventures in lust, but they also didn't get any less awkward. The attempts, while pleasurable, were made with the clumsy inexperience that they'd had since they were thirteen. However, they did learn a few new tricks along the way.

One of the most embarrassing encounters they had was during the summer after freshman year. Anna had been out with her boyfriend, Gabriel had been over at Sam's, Balthazar had left to go help Lucifer with something, and Cas had gotten the bright idea to invite Dean over. And of course just like any teenagers would, they took advantage of the absence of siblings and parental figures for sex. Not actual sex, but that didn't mean it was any less humiliating when Balthazar walked in to find Cas on the couch, dry humping Dean. Cas hadn't been able to look his uncle in the eyes for a solid two weeks afterwards.

Not all of their time alone was spent engaging in physical pleasure, though. On many occasions the two of them would go down to the lake and spread a blanket out, laying in each other's arms and staring up at the starlit sky. It was in these moments that their defenses were down (they weren't quite as openly, naively affectionate as they were when they were in middle school) and they would whisper "I love you" to the other. They'd matured since those days when they were two thirteen year olds with nothing to lose, but they hadn't become any less in love. If anything, they were more in love than ever.

When they were sixteen, Dean pulled the ultimate card. He shocked their classmates, infuriated their parents, set the worst example possible for their siblings, and almost made Cas cry when he played this old fashioned little card that you only hear about in small towns like the one they were in. It had been the craziest thing he'd ever done in his life, but since when had his relationship with his angel been traditional? Well it wasn't and didn't look like it would become that way any time soon.

Dean led Castiel to their lake, and the pier was been adorned with none other than a plastic table and chairs, along with dinner packed into the backpack he'd carried in middle school. Cas looked around, awestruck, before turning back to Dean with the widest smile that the human had ever seen him wear. That moment alone was beautiful enough to frame, but that was paled in comparison to what Dean had planned.

As they sat down, Dean took Castiel's hand on the table. "Three years ago exactly, it's been three years as of today, you and I had our first date here. And our first kiss. Cas, you were the first person I ever fell in love with, and I never wanna love anyone but you," Dean said softly, rubbing his thumb along the top of his boyfriend's hand. Castiel watched him with a warm smile.

"What I guess I'm trying to say is…I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Cas' breath caught in his throat. "And I you, Dean."

Dean slid a small circlet from his pocket and held it out, the moonlight catching the small but beautiful jewels. It was one of the most unique rings either of them had seen, with a band that was both silver and gold. One side was silver, the other was gold, and in the center of the ring were two hearts; one silver, one gold, both with small diamonds in the center as well as on either side.

"Castiel Novak, when we turn eighteen, will you marry me?"

Tears were in the angel's eyes as he leaned across the table and kissed Dean with so much tenderness and passion that it nearly unraveled them both. "Oh, Dean…of course."

Call it clichéd, call it what you will, but that was the first time they made love. Soon Castiel was wearing only his engagement ring, and then Dean was laying him out on the blanket that was still spread out on the ground from their last visit there. They made sensual, sweet love under the moon and stars, Dean taking Castiel's left hand and lacing it with his own, pinning it down beside the angel's head and pressing a soft kiss to it. For all of their groping and awkward fondling they'd done over the years, their first time was slow and perfect and anything but clumsy. They fit together like the two halves of a whole that they were.

That night proved something. As Sam and Gabriel stayed at home watching movies, feeding each other chocolate, and Dean and Cas made love long into the night with the beautiful knowledge that they would be married within twenty-four months, a fact was silently stated. Because years later, after countless half arguments and tender makeup kisses, after a few failed attempts of their parents trying to break them up, it all led back to the root of where it all started, and that was why one simple thing was made clear beyond any need of doubt or further proof.

Middle school never ends.

The End