How long had it been? Months? When you lost your one and true love, life could seem endless. Day to day of nothing…By God that was how she felt. But for some reason, she just had to keep torturing herself. She was torturing herself with the memory of him—Thor. Torturing herself with failed attempts at contact to his world. As if she knew what she was doing in that area of work. She knew enough to get the measurements right, to time the symbolic signs that she had seen almost a year ago. They were faint but every now and then there would be glimpses of the familiar settings on the screen. Even knowing they were useless, she would hope for the impossible and look for any loophole.

"Come on, Jane. Keep looking. You've missed something…I had to." Jane muttered, running a hand through her hair, frustration riding her hard. Why didn't she just give up?

"Why don't you just give up?"

Why didn't she? Why didn't she just give up? It was useless. Too many failed attempts at communication. Too many useless nights off trying to open portals which in itself seemed certifiably insane and impossible. That is, to most humans. Most humans hadn't witnessed the bad ass, sex as hell—Thor himself—come to life before their very eyes. They hadn't witnessed the battle he'd fought, the power of the Legendary Hammer itself.

She jerked her head up, frowning as she met Darcy's eyes over the tables filled with computers, scanners—all manners of networks. No, that hadn't been her thoughts. She would never give up. That had been Darcy speaking out loud.

"I can't. I won't. I can do this. I just need a little more time. I'm close, I swear it. I can feel it…"

Jane was rambling. She might not realize it, but Darcy did. When Jane rambled, it meant she was nervous. Darcy could only imagine that Jane was nervous about the fact that Thor was not coming back. For almost a year now she had denied the inevitable. Darcy didn't want to believe it herself. She had seen the chemistry between the two and against all odds, she had believed it. Jane had fallen hard—quick. She still believed that Thor had cared about Jane. But hell, it had been a year. If he had intended on coming back, he would have come back. Darcy could only come to two conclusions.

One: He hadn't wanted to come back.

Two: Something had happened to stop him from returning.

She opted for the latter. The whole thing was, though, that he wasn't coming back. Her heart-broke friend would have to come to grips with that. Darcy leaned over the table pressed the laptop closed with a soft click. "Come on, Jane. You do this every day. You need a break." It's time to stop, were the unspoken words. It wasn't healthy. "You're going out whether you want to or not. Whether we go get something to eat or we sit in front of the computer not doing what you're doing now."

"You're am…amazing, do you know that?" Jane slurred the words out, staring up at the starlit sky.

"Yea, now you tell me. It's taken you how many years to realize this?" Darcy shook her head and deftly removed the bottle of liquor from Jane's outstretched hand. She should have known getting Jane away from the computer analysis would take a little alcohol. After that, it had been easy. Get her outside and away from everything. It was well after midnight, the sky was clear of clouds and there were millions of stars overhead.

"I remember…the sky was like this the night Thor came…"

"Don't say it." Darcy threw out softly.

"I love him, did you know that?"

"Be quiet, Jane." She didn't want Jane thinking about him. Thor had already caused her enough pain. Just getting her away from her study was one step forward. And that one step would lead to another. Soon—Darcy jerked her head to the side at the gurgled sob that came from beside her.

"I really want to hate him. It's just not—" Jane hiccupped. "—f-fair. People don't just fall in love, you know?" She lifted her right hand towards the sky; her voice lowering to a mere whisper but Darcy could hear it none the less. The pain and agony. "But God, I miss him…so…much…even after all this time…"

Ok, so maybe she should have re-thought the alcohol, Darcy thought. The drink sometimes made you state your true intentions, realize your true feelings. But seeing Jane now, crying like this, hurt her more than anything. She wanted to tell her to stop but she knew she couldn't. Jane had to cry.

She had to.

And from the sounds, the soul wrenching sobs that came, she was crying. "Shhh." Darcy sat up and pulled Jane up into a sitting position, wrapping her arms around Jane's shaking form. "Cry, Jane. It's alright. Let it out. He's gone—you know it. Just cry…I'm here." She wasn't sure how long she held Jane but she did know it wasn't long until Jane went slack in her arms, her tear stained face pressed against her neck.