Chapter Three

There had to be another way. She wasn't going to explain her new found enthusiasm to Darcy. Jane was on a mission and she couldn't fail.

Whether she had been imagining the whole Thor dream thing or he had actually been there...she wanted to see him again.

Maybe the scientific method she was trying out was wrong. Things had been progressing slowly, even before her little 'break down'. Nick Fury wanted results and he wanted them when he wanted them.


Well, she wanted results, too!

She'd been working at this for longer than S.H.E.I.L.D or so she'd like to think. Whatever. Jane clicked and brought up pictures ranging from their own galaxy to ones she had captured when Thor had first made his presence on Earth.

"Maybe the connection..." Jane murmured.

The connection.

Something clicked in her mind.

A new idea. A new start. They didn't necessarily need to build another Bi-Frost, as Thor called it. The bridge was still there, but not completely. If she could put the broken pieces together...

They didn't need a time machine or an energy force to zap them to Asgard—maybe she could recreate the Bi-Frost.

"Darcy!" Jane started typing furiously into the computer, forming a make-shift view of what she wanted on the screen, rearranging what she was now considering mathematical errors and putting together things in a whole new light. "If I can make contact with their side of the Bi-Frost, then that's all we need. We don't need to build our own way into Asgard. Maybe we've been looking at it all wrong. I mean, we could., but that's taking too long and way too many interruptions and too many errors. If I change the gamma rays and find a point of access—"

"Whoa, you sound like you could be the energizer bunny." Darcy sank into the chair beside her and the wheels creaked as she rolled closer. "Ugh, English please?" She said, popping a red skittle into her mouth.

Jane sighed, pausing for a split second before typed in a few more commands on the screen. She was on to something here. 'We don't have to make our own Portal to get to Asgard. Do you know how hard it is to do something like that, never knowing what the repercussions are going to be? All we need to do is find an opening in their galaxy like all the interruptions I've recorded before...and link into it."

Making a portal had always been the main concern here. That was the only way there, right? No. If she could make the Bi-Frost whole again...

The laptop in front of her slid closed and she was staring at the back of Director Fury's hand lying flat on it. "I'm sorry, Miss. Foster, but that's not what you're being paid to do. I can't allow you to waste so much time and energy on something that's not even remotely possible. From what we know, the Bi-Frost isn't something that can be re-created. It's too powerful and too complicated. Do you know the complications, how dangerous that could be? That's twice as dangerous as what we're attempted. We need you to continue on the Portal—"

"I am." Jane exasperated. "But I think we can do this. I'm telling you, it's—"

"It's unstable for you to try something like that. Trying to connect with the Bi-Frost could cause an unstable reaction. Teleporting there is the safest way of access and transportation."

Really, having this argument years ago, she would have thought it was a little crazy. Teleport?

She'd seen way crazier things.

What did Nick Fury know, anyways? She was the scientist here. And she had the feeling that this was it. "How many attempts have we tried at teleportation? How many failures? Wouldn't that be considered a waste of time?" She retorted.

"No, because you'll get us there. Nothing can ever be gained without a little failure."


"Miss. Foster, I won't let you put yourself in danger like that. Now, I want you to continue or I'll be forced to put you under 'restricted access'."

Jane clenched her teeth. She didn't want that. Any time spent away from the project was time wasted. She needed all the time she could get.

"Are we clear on this, Miss. Foster?" Fury demanded.

Prick, Jane thought again and nodded.

Why the Prick Director didn't see it the way she did, she'd never know. They'd had three failed portal attempts. Not because they'd actually tried to send anything through, but because the Portals had never proved to be stable enough to hold substantial form.

"What are you doing?"

Jane looked up from what she was writing in her Journal. Darcy, the ever questionnaire. "Notes."

"What kind of notes?" Gum popped.

"What I told you earlier." Jane said, the pin scribbling across and down the page.

"What'd you tell me earlier? You told me a lot of things..." Smack. Gum pop.

Jane paused, looking up. Darcy. Questionnaire extraordinaire, nerd, gum popping..."What the Prick doesn't want me to do."


Yes, because Jane wasn't going to give up on what she knew was the only way.

"This just isn't fair." Darcy said suddenly, slumping in her chair.

Jane looked up again. "What's not fair?"

"You have THE God of Thunder pining after you. You're not just a scientist, you are THE scientist." Darcy rambled on a few more things that had Jane laughing. Darcy wasn't biased and she always spoke what was on her mind. Thus, the crap, albeit funny, that always came out. Sometimes weird. But, Darcy was smart, too. Otherwise, she wouldn't be here.

"I want a God. SOMETHING at least." Darcy bummed out and Jane burst out laughing.