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Chapter 16: Desire and Interesting Developments

Feeling very giddy for some odd reason, Kai fell to his knees. So intent was the prince that he did not even wince at the harshness of the dungeon floor.

Severus to his credit just watched, ready to assist just in case his submissive mate needed any instruction. He was curious to see what Kai was capable of, knowing how teenage boys were, having taught so many of them in the past 20 years. Oh, he knew for a fact that Kai had never been touched except for by himself, which made him feel a strange sense of pride and satisfaction. But, he knew that teenage boys had very active and wicked imaginations when it came to any kind of foreplay.

He figured Kai would not be any different when it came to knowledge of foreplay.

Then again, Kai had been sheltered for the better part of his life, so whatever he had learned over the years of being a teen, must have been here at Hogwarts. With that thought in mind, Severus was content to watch his mate flourish as a submissive.

Kai was pretty confident until he started unbuttoning Severus' pants. Did the guy have to wear pants with so many buttons? Ties and zippers he could understand, but buttons? Figuring that it'd be best not to curse at his lover for his choice of style while he was trying to be the epitome of sexiness, he carefully wrestled with the buttons.

He was nervous though and he inwardly cursed his hands for being so shaky. True, this was the first time he ever even thought about doing this with anyone else, but he had learned quite a bit not intentionally in the boys' showers after Qudditch practices. He shivered when an unexpected, but gentle hand caressed his long hair, calming him down some.

Getting down on both knees, so Severus could assist his nervous and heavily aroused mate, he gently cupped Kai's face in his palms and searched his eyes. Kai was silent, not sure what to do, though the dark hooded gaze of his mate made him feel like stripping off his clothes and completely paying homage to his dominant.

However, he refrained.

"Kai, you were supposed to beg first, not try to suck me off yet, remember?" Severus murmured in a soft husky voice.

That slight tilt at the end of his sentence alerted Kai to the fact that Severus wasn't try to berate him, just tease him to get him to calm down. Kai blushed scarlet and bit his lip. Where had his confidence gone? Why was it, that when he was around his mate, all of his senses went out the window screaming like a demented banshee?

Trying to think of how to respond, Severus leaned in and kissed his lips, letting out a soft purr growl as he said, "Just go by instinct, pet."

The way Severus said that made Kai want to lose control even more. Kai closed his eyes and leaned into his mate's face, giving Severus a nuzzle before he let out a soft keen. As he calmed down and let his instincts work their magic, his trilling purr growing louder and more confident. So easy it would be for Kai to let go and just let Severus have his mad way with him. But, he knew for a fact that Sev would hold back, not wanting to give in to desire just yet.

He wished he knew when the time would be right for his body to be ready for Sev, that way he could plan for it. But, life wasn't easy and he had just best live with it. All thoughts fled his brain as Severus lisped out through lengthened fangs, "Good boy."

Kai was about to continue when the floo flared. Nearly smacking their heads together trying to get off the floor, Kai let out a startled snicker when he saw Severus fall back onto his back with a small curse. Kai wanted to help his dominant get back on his feet but he sensed that he had to get into hiding, and fast.

He managed to hide behind a large drapery and use wandless magic to surround himself with an invisibility spell and waited with baited breath. It was a good thing he did, for it was Draco who had come through the floo to talk to Severus. Thank Merlin it hadn't been the Headmaster.

If it had been, then Severus would have been way too embarrassed. Severus quickly billowed his robes around his crotch, not having enough time to button up his pants. Draco paused as he caught sight of his disgruntled godfather.

"Uncle Severus, are you alright?" Draco wandered over to help the dark shade up. As he did so, he sensed someone was watching. A very familiar someone.

What in Merlin's name was Potter… KAI doing here of all places? Was he spying on Severus? He regarded Severus for a minute and then he smelled it. Arousal. Pure and simple. He decided not to comment on this yet, for he needed to talk to Severus. And alone.

Oh, if only his half brother was not there!

Severus sighed softly and straightened himself, pushing back his long demon red and black tresses before flapping his wings in agitation. "You merely caught me unawares, Draco. My wings still bother me when startled."

Bullshit. Something fishy was going on here. Draco wasn't as stupid as some Gryffindors thought. "I apologize." Draco murmured before asking bluntly, "Can we go some where… private?"

"Private? What the devil are you talking about, Draco?" Severus rubbed the bridge of his nose, trying very hard not to curse a blue streak. It wasn't Draco's fault catching them both unawares, and Kai had been very resourceful in making himself invisible. But, it was dangerous to have Draco around him when Severus could still smell the lust and desire rolling off of his submissive.

It would be best to get him to fess up as soon as possible, so that he and Kai could perhaps continue their excursion, or talk about his meeting with Black. Severus regarded Draco and noted that the boy kept looking around, as if he sensed someone was watching. Curse Druid and Veela blood.

Though Malfoy senior by no means had Veela blood within his veins, Draco's mother had, therefore being an odd but dangerous mix bestowed upon their child. The Veela in Draco's blood probably gave him the sense of smell to rival a vampire.

And that meant he knew Kai was here. He just hadn't pinpointed where.

Draco hissed softly, "Can we go somewhere where I can talk to you without prying ears?"

Severus leveled Draco with a hard stare, weighing the possibilities. On one hand, if he exposed Kai and himself to Draco, then they could very well have a valuable ally and a possible resource when needed for lookouts. Then again, if Draco let his former 'issues' with Kai over load him, he could very well be a thorn in their sides.

What to do… what to do.

He mentally asked Kai what he thought about it.

Kai chewed on his lower lip a bit in concentration before he finally replied It is up to you, Sev. If you want him to know, then it is alright with me. Plus, he might come in handy. If we do have some issues with him later, we can always throw him in with Sagwin for four days in a locked up room.

That would be positively evil, but worth being a fly on the wall if we had to resort to those measures, to be sure. Severus replied before he sighed deeply and snapped his fingers.

Kai nearly fell out of the drapery as it was parted completely. He steadied himself and dropped the invisibility charm. Draco gaped first at him, and then did the same at Severus. After a moment of nothing but this, Kai rolled his eyes, walked over to Draco and snapped his fingers, causing the Druid half breed to blink out of his shock.

The prince sighed and stated, "Now then, before you start ranting and raving, please note that Severus WANTS me to be here."

"Liar!" Draco hissed, turning to look over at Severus.

Severus arched a brow, "Indeed I do want Kai to be here, as he is my mate. Now, do sit down and explain to me what it is that you want." The potions master walked over to perch on the arm of one of the couches near the fireplace. Kai walked over and squeezed Severus' shoulder before going to go make some tea.

He could still hear the conversation in the living room quite clearly, but he knew that if he looked like he was out of the area, then Draco would calm down more. Kai busied himself making some tea and pulling out a few biscuits since it looked like they might be a while.

Severus and Draco watched Kai leave before returning to look at one another. Draco blinked and rubbed his eyes, "How in Merlin's balls… no, no… I don't think I want to know at the moment." He then was silent for a moment, trying hard to come to terms with this new tidbit of information.

Though it was still shocking, Draco figured that it all made sense now. Why Kai and Severus seemed more close now, and not hating one another. It also explained the display of protectiveness Severus showed for Kai in the Great Hall the other day, as well as how secretive the dark shade elf was being.

Severus was content to wait it out. He knew how teenage boys were, especially this one in particular. Finally, he said softly, "There is much you will be told about this, but later. What is it that you wished to speak to me about?"

Draco blushed scarlet, remembering why he came here in the first place, and what he must have walked in on. The Druid hybrid crossed his arms over his middle and hesitated before whispering, "It's about Kai's Incubus, Sagwin."

"Oh?" Severus arched a sardonic eyebrow, curious. "Didn't the package I gave you deter your Veela tendencies?"

Kai nearly choked on his tea at that one. Surprise, surprise, Draco wasn't only just of Druid blood, it seemed.

"Well it did for the most part, but I can't get him out of my head at all. And now I am even having trouble in my classes. I was almost caught day dreaming about him by Pansy… lustful dreams." Draco blushed even more, feeling like a fool being here, knowing that Kai probably was listening to everything they said.

His mortification grew as they both heard a soft snicker coming from the kitchen.

Severus felt his mouth twitch a bit as he felt mirth rolling off of his mate through their bond. That boy really had to be careful about his emotions. The dark shade elf folded his wings up against his back and relaxed a bit. Now that he knew that Draco was going to at least be reasonable, he figured he could concentrate on the problem at hand.

"Hmmm, that is a dilemma, Draco." Severus mused softly before absently twirling a lock of his hair in two of his fingers. He had done that growing up, but once his powers had been sealed up, he had stopped. Now though, he had started it back up unconsciously.

Kai managed to get himself under control before he came out of the kitchen, arms laden with tea mugs and a biscuit tray. He smiled slightly at Draco, causing the Veela side of him to twitch in interest. Damn it all to hell, this was his half brother, not some looker! Draco berated himself mentally as he watched the attractive prince serve tea and then sit down on a backless chaise, munching on a biscuit.


Kai noted that both sets of eyes were on him and he finished swallowing his mouthful before gesturing, "Go on, do not mind me one bit. I promise to be supportive."

Bloody Hell. Draco sighed deeply and face palmed. Why did life have to be so difficult?

Severus sat in silence, pondering the dilemma for a bit. There were several potions he could brew, but that took time of course. What would be a temporary fix? He looked again over at Kai and nearly choked on his tea as the boy finished his biscuit and licked the crumbs off of his fingers, one by one. Merlin he was going to strangle Kai and then make him scream his name in pleasure endlessly after his godson left.

Kai finally grabbed a napkin and dabbed his now wet fingers on it before saying softly, "There might be something I can do to make you to stop thinking about him temporarily until Severus is able to make up some stronger potions."

Draco straightened in his chair and warily looked at Kai appraisingly. He didn't dare to hope that Kai would be so agreeable about this sort of thing. This was Kai's servant they were discussing.

Severus took a sip of his tea and asked Kai pleasantly, "Do tell us what you are thinking of, Kai, before I force it out of you."

Kai arched a delicate eyebrow at Sev's humor that was going sour fast for some odd reason and shrugged. "If you wish. What I suggest you do is this….."

A bit later, they made Draco do a blood oath not to betray them to anyone, unless that person already knew about them being mates. Severus really did not wish to do this to his godson, but it was safer than doing an unbreakable vow, plus it would keep his job secure and Kai safe.

Speaking of Kai, Severus was debating what he should do to punish his submissive for being so naughty during their 'tea' with Draco. Kai was oblivious of course, putting the dishes away and tidying up a bit before coming to sit down on the rug by the fire. Sev was already sitting there, just watching the flames.

"Well I am glad that is settled." Kai murmured, looking over at Severus, noting how beautiful his mate looked in the dim firelight. Since when had it gotten dark outside? Sure, this place was down in the dungeons, but there was one window near the hearth that showed the darkening of the day.

It wasn't yet five o'clock.

"Storm is coming." Severus murmured, as if reading Kai's mind.

"Mmmm good thing I have you to keep me warm, then." The prince said softly, leaning in and snuggling next to his mate.

For a few minutes Severus didn't do anything, and Kai wondered if he did something wrong. Finally, Severus turned and looked in Kai's eyes, noting the desire there, and a bit of uncertainty. The dark shade elf reached up and stroked his submissive's long silvery hair, smirking slightly when Kai started to trill and purr.

Oh, Merlin that felt good! Kai let his head fall back and let his eyes close, just enjoying the attention. Severus took that as an invitation and leaned in to sniff his mate's scent. It was exotic and rich, spicy, and made him harder than a rock. As his lips touched the pale soft skin of Kai's throat, Severus reveled in his mate's hitched breath and strengthened arousal.

It was intoxicating, it was almost too intense. But, Severus didn't mind one single bit.

And then he took of Kai's clothes, piece by piece, smirking when he pinned the boy's wrists above his head. Kai struggled for a few seconds before mewling in defeat, wishing he could take off Severus' clothes.

"This is kinky, Sev, but why won't you let me touch you?" He inquired softly, growing serious at the dark glint in Severus' eyes.

"Because you need to be punished. You licked your fingers during tea deliberately, didn't you?" Severus lisped, reaching down with his free hand to flick one of Kai's nipples.

Kai let out a gasp and tried to think. But it was so hard to think when Severus was teasing him like this.

"Yes… I mean… NO NOT really?" He let out a squeak as Sev's tongue took place of his hand.

Merlin's bags he was going to burst if his cock didn't get any attention. He thrust up against Severus' hips, trying to get any friction at all. Severus however had other plans, reaching down and grazing his fingers against Kai's hip, making the boy let out a frustrated keen.

Kai then burst out laughing, making Severus' assumption that the boy was ticklish turn golden. Smirking evilly, Severus went in for the kill, freeing Kai's hands but unmercifully tickling the boy's sides. Kai let out an embarrassing squeal and tried to fend his mate off.

"OK! I get it! I won't do it again! I swear." Kai laughed so hard he had tears coming down his cheeks.

Severus stopped and pulled himself up to look down at his mate, who was now breathless, but grinning stupidly. Kai sobered as he looked up into his dominant's eyes, feeling as if he'd drown forever in their black golden depths. Severus' eyes glinted and got into a reddish hue before he collapsed onto his mate and kissed him heatedly.

Kai moaned out a, "Fuck yes!" before succumbing to desire, the feel of Severus' clothed body sensitizing his already burning skin.

He let out a hitched cry as Severus' clever hands found his length, stroking it firmly and quickly, with lustful intent. Kai mewled and arched his hips, knowing he wouldn't last long. "Sev!" He gasped out as Severus magicked his clothes off of him in a blink of an eye.

Severus scooted down to where he was near Kai's abdomen, not taking his eyes off of his mate's flushed face or burning green eyes. And when he took Kai into his mouth, he had to fight himself to keep in control. Kai screamed out as Sev's tongue found his pleasure spot right below the head of his cock. He flailed, trying to find any form of fabric to hold on to.

Finally settling on gripping Severus' hair, had tugged it as gently as he could, not wanting to damage the dominant too much. Severus took it in stride, continuing to please his submissive. It was so erotic, so much more intense than in their previous excursions in the real world, that Kai couldn't handle it. He arched his back and screamed out his ecstasy.

Severus drank him all in before moving up to kiss his mate, who was still shuddering from his release. Kai mewled, feeling as if his whole body was on fire, pulsating, and energized. He shivered and whimpered as Severus kissed him, murmuring, "It's ok, Kai… I've got you…."

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