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Chapter 17: Revelations and Planning

A bit later had Kai curled up in the arms of his dominant, both clothed now. In about half an hour Kai had to leave Sev's quarters and meet Hermione and Ron in the library for a study session before dinner. They were going to iron out some planning about the new dueling club, when to start having people sign up for it, and who might be good teachers to help oversee it, due to the Headmaster's stupid rule.

Kai had already asked Severus to help out as one of the teachers last night, and he had consented, but now they were trying to figure out who else would work as a good overseer. He wanted to talk it over with Hermione and Ron before he came to any conclusions, as he valued their opinions. Sirius would be an awesome choice, but Kai didn't know if Sev and his godfather could get along that well dueling. They might use it as an excuse to beat each other to a pulp. And though it might be brilliant to see both sparring, Kai didn't want it to get out of hand.

Severus noted that Kai's brain was elsewhere and started stroking his young mate's silver platinum tresses, wanting to calm his submissive. Finally getting a bit annoyed at not being paid attention to, Severus said softly, "Your dogfather was surprisingly decent in his protection speech to me about you."

That snapped Kai out of his thoughts and back into the present quicker than a moth to a muggle light post. Kai sat up a bit so he could look down into Sev's eyes, trying to search them for any clue as to what happened during the talk with Sirius. He waited patiently though, or as patiently as he could, knowing that Severus would only tell him about the talk at his leisure.

Severus reached up and brushed the palm of his hand against the prince's face, not intentionally trying to distract him. No, the action was meant to calm and reassure Kai that everything was alright. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Severus began to speak about what had happened….

Sirius regarded Severus for a time, not speaking, just regarding the other creature. With surprise, Severus found that the mutt was just sizing him up, as if seeing him as a worthy adversary instead of someone to use as a muggle door mat to be stepped on continuously. Severus, in turn, did the same, noting that Sirius looked a bit less thin, figuring that it must mean that Lupin was either a good cook, or that he took good care of his vampire mate.

With amusement, Severus wondered which of the two mates were dominant. He knew for a fact that werewolves tended to be more aggressive and therefore more dominant over their mates, but then again, Black was a vampire, not just a wizard. And vampires were known to not back down without a fight. Getting his mind out of a dangerous path, he continued to study Black, staying calm and silent, letting the other creature take time to decide what to say, and for once giving Kai's godfather a chance to be civil with him.

After a few tense, silent moments, Black sighed and stated, "I will make this very clear, Sniv-SNAPE… I don't like this one bit. I would rather Kai be mates with a cockroach than with you. But, I know that life usually doesn't work the way we want it to, and the fates are all vengeful bitches."

Severus bit back a very snide retort, and settled for an answering glower. He was starting to feel as though Black couldn't, for once, be mature, even if his life depended on it. Sirius glowered back at him for a moment before growling softly.

"Therefore I can't do anything but accept your and Kai's relationship. HOWEVER…." Sirius' eyes flickered dark red, almost black, causing Severus' eyes to flicker to red as well, "If you so much as harm him in any way shape or form, even if it isn't your intention to do so, by Merlin I will tie you up, tear off your bloody wings, rip off your deplorable skin and feast on your blood. THEN, only then will I kill you, are we clear?"

Severus arched a brow. Was that it?

"Is that all?" He inquired, his voice dripping with loathing sarcasm.

Sirius glowered at him for a moment before relaxing and nodding, to the surprise of his opponent. Severus must have shown his surprise on his face, for Sirius grinned, baring white, gleaming fangs. "Yes, I think that's it, unless you want to say something."

Arching a brow, Severus regarded Black for a moment, noting that this was no trick, and that Sirius was in fact, done threatening him. Feeling a bit cheated about that, considering he had expected more of a threat than what was presented, he shrugged, saying softly, "The only thing I will say is that should I ever harm Kai, even if it was not my intention, it would kill me to do so, therefore it would save you the trouble of torturing me." He then walked over to Sirius and leaned in, making sure to get into Black's personal space, "However, your claim is duly noted."

Black squirmed slightly under Sev's scrutiny and crowding his personal space, but he did not back down once. Severus grunted after a moment before pulling away from Sirius and boldly turning away from the mutt, making sure that Black knew he was being dismissed. Black however, chuckled with satirical mirth, "I do believe Kai has his hands full with you. Prickly thorns and all. Then again, where am I to talk? I have Moony to deal with."

"More like Lupin has to deal with you." Severus grumbled under his breath.

Unfortunately, Black heard him. Damn vampire sensitive hearing. "That's correct. However, if you think I am letting you off easy, which in case I AM, just wait until Moony gets his hands on you in two weeks time. I never was one good with words, but as you well know, Remus knows just where to hit people where they hurt most." And with that, Black smirked and walked out of the classroom, not even bothering to close the door.

Severus snorted. Threatening him with Lupin? Then again, he figured Black had the gist of it. Lupin always was smarter than Black, the werewolf usually just didn't get a chance to show his true ire or wit when he was a young teen, always overshadowed by Potter and Black.

Still, what was this about having to meet Lupin in two weeks time?

"So there you have it." Severus murmured, watching the emotions play across his submissive's fey like face.

Kai scowled slightly before muttering, "I think he did let you off easy, but to threaten you with Remus, that was rather a low blow." He sighed and looked down at his lover, feeling a bit of guilt riding on his shoulders. "Um, anyways, about the two weeks time thing…." Suddenly faltering, he took a deep breath.

"As articulate as ever, Kai." Sev teased lightly before kissing Kai on the lips gently. "Calm down and spit it out."

Kai snorted a bit in amusement before he said softly, "Sirius wants us to have dinner with Remus and him in a fortnight." He then flushed slightly under Severus' stare.

"Relax, Kai, I was expecting it was something like that." Severus then shrugged, "Though I do not plan on enjoying being in the presence of Lupin or Black, two weeks gives me ample time to prepare for their joyous company."

Oh yea, that made Kai feel loads better.

Half an hour later, Kai made his way to the library, feeling a bit better than he had all day. Plus, feeding from Severus was like getting yourself on a caffeine high from way too much coffee. So, with a spring in his step, Kai went up the stairs to the main floor, feeling high on life in general. He even flashed a few passing Slytherins a smile, causing a few girls and even some other boys to do a double take at his actions.

Despite feeling so spritely, Kai was not an idiot, and he kept a careful eye out for the vampire stalker Tristen Alexandr. Feeling elated that he didn't see the young student anywhere, he entered the library and quickly homed in on Hermione and Ron. He flashed them both a very bright smile and took note that both of his servants and Icarus were keeping Hermione and Ron company. That didn't seem peculiar in the least, since Kai was aware that his servants knew when to leave him and his mate alone. So, he sat down in a vacant seat next to Sagwin and said cheerily, "Hi guys."

Ron arched a brow, "What has you so bright and shiny?"

Hermione calmly nudged Ron under the table with her foot, and smiled at Kai, noticing that their buddy looked happier and had less of a pale complexion than what he had had in class earlier. If she wasn't mistaken, then Kai had gotten much needed attention from Severus after class. At Ron's questioning look, she shrugged, "Who cares if Kai is happy? For all we know he is just happy the first day of class is over. I, for one, am glad that he is happy."

"Too right you are, Hermione." Kai said, giving her a small relieved smile. Hermione sure knew when to get him out of uncomfortable situations. Still, if he had to be honest, he would have answered Ron with some really sappy, mushy statement about Severus that would have ended up probably horrifying his friends into thinking he had gone terribly mental. Even so, he was glad he didn't have to say anything about that. He looked over at his servants as Icarus came over for a cuddle. Sagwin and Hasajji both looked absolutely bored and miserable. Hasajji's ears were drooped as he irritably looked around at some passing students. Sagwin looked tired as he had his chin propped up with one hand, staring off into space, a glazed look in his eye.

"Oh, well, I could definitely see the logic in that. The first day of school is always murder." Ron agreed, though he narrowed his eyes at his girlfriend. "We must be getting to be a bad influence on you or something, Hermione. I'd never thought I'd see the day that you would feel worn out by the first day of school."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Honestly Ron, just because I said that Kai might feel happy that the first day of school is over does not mean that I feel the same way. I am excited about getting on to my homework for class."

Ron pouted slightly, but soon got over his disappointment as Kai broke the subject, "That's very well and good, Hermione, but I think we need to discuss the dueling club before we do any studying and homework."

Ron mouthed a 'thank you' at Kai before they launched into a vivid discussion about the dueling club, where they all should meet, when and where the sign-up sheets be put up, etcetera. Finally, Kai mentioned, "Well as for teachers, I went ahead and got Professor Snape to be one. I just can't figure out the other. I mean, I would love to have Sirius be the second one, but you know how those two get along."

"That would be bloody brilliant still, mate." Ron snickered. "It would be amusing to see them both go at it, but I see your point that those two wouldn't be able to teach anything if they were fighting all the time."

"Exactly." Kai thought for a moment and regarded Hermione.

Hermione screwed up her face a bit in concentration. "Did Professor Dumbledore say that we could only have teachers?"

Kai chewed on his lip, not liking where this conversation was going. They all knew that the next best choice that wasn't a teacher would be Remus. But, Remus might kill Severus, so while Kai was trying to wrestle around not having that come in to play, someone else spoke up.

"Sorry to break in, but I heard about you all trying to set up a dueling club. If you needed someone who teaches, you could ask my father, if you'd like?" Draco said softly, coming over to sit next to Kai to the shock of Hermione and Ron.

Despite those two gaping like fish, Kai truly thought it over. Draco added, not aware that both Hermione and Ron were aware that Lucius was both Kai and Draco's father, "My father teaches private lessons in weapons training. He would be delighted to help. He's naturally the best duelist out there besides Professor Snape."

Ron turned red in the face, but before he could say something stupid, Hermione said softly, "That actually might work."

"I've got a better idea." Kai calmly patted Ron's shoulder, causing him to lose some of his bluster, "Why don't we ask Professor Dumbledore to allow four adults to help."

At everyone's questioning glance. "If I left Remi and Siri out of the loop they'd be upset, and I've already kind of made them upset at me enough for one school year, by not telling them about my inheritance." And about Severus, he mentally added. "So, why don't we go ahead and ask them as well as Malfoy Sr."

Ron thought about it and nodded. "That would be great, having two former Slytherins to offset two Gryffindors. That would make things fair."

Hermione agreed. "Plus, with all of the extra students around this year, it might be better for more adults to help out."

Draco rubbed the bridge of his nose thoughtfully before he nodded. "Very well. I will owl father for you, Kai. What date were you thinking to start the sign-up?"

Kai regarded Draco for a bit, taking note that Sagwin was covertly watching him hungrily. Kai fought to contain a snicker and settled for a soft cough. Sobering his mirth, he nodded, "We were thinking in about two weeks time. Once the Inheritance Tournament champions have been selected next week, I think everyone would be more in tune to sign up for it. We could even have the champions be a part of the dueling club to help them practice and prepare."

"You say that almost like you will not be trying out for the tournament." Hermione gave Kai a quizzical look.

"More like he wants to, but Dumbledore might not let him be a champion in this one." Draco wisely stated.

Kai appraised his half-brother with understanding eyes. Draco was giving him a hint, and he might as well take it and file it into the back of his brain to analyze later. "Oh, it doesn't really matter what the Headmaster thinks. If I am chosen, I am chosen because I put my name into the cup, not by his manipulations, or anyone else's."

Hasajji and Sagwin both grunted in agreement. The more they heard about the headmaster of the school and his manipulations, the more they really did not want to have to deal with him at all.