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prompts: Bulletproof, Soldier, Mask

pairing: LilyTeddy

for the Pairing Request, over at the NextGen Fanatics Forum.

requested by Aiiimy.


you're no soldier

you're not [[bulletproof]]

you can't avoid his low blows,

or the hard hits.

they knock the wind out of you,

making it harder and harder to b r e at h e,

you feel like your drowning,

caught up in an anchor,

holding you under,


you fight like hell,

you try to swim back up to the surface,

you need to breathe,

but you can't.

thoughts of what used to be taunt you,

"remember when he actually wanted you?

when he'd actually look at you

without disgust in his eyes? "

n i g h t m a r e s plague you,

you can't escape them,

you can't escape him,

(your trapped).

he's not who he used to be,

you've lost the old him,

it's like he's wearing a horrible mask,

one he's forgotten how to take off.

how do you leave him,

the person you thought you'd be with forever,

(forever's a long time, honey)

the one guy you'd marry and have kids with,

how do you throw that away?

you have hope,

it'll go back to normal,

he's not his self tonight,

just give it a little time.

that's all you need,


because, time heals all wounds,

right? right?


d a r l i n g ,

you're so far into denial,

it's not even funny.

he doesn't love you,

and it's so obvious,

he'll never want you again.

you're just a ((puppet)),

someone to jerk around,

he sure likes tugging on your heartstrings,

doesn't he?

but, you l o v e him,

how do you just give up something like that,

something so special?

sure, you fight a lot more than normal,

but you love him,

and he loves you,

(he just has a hard time showing it).

so, when things get tough,

you think back to when you were just two kids,

without a c a r ein the world,

just two kids head over heals for each other.

you remember the fleeting glances,

the stolen kisses,

the hugs that always lasted a bit longer than normal,

you remember the way you used to feel,

the way you've always felt.

you hit the surface,

breathing like never before,


All you need is a memory,

one to remind you,

you're in l o v e with him,

that no one will every make you feel the way he makes you feel.

It rids you off every single doubt you've ever had,

because, this love may be a battlefield,

but darling,

it's worth fighting for.

in the end, that's all you really need,

s o m e t h i n g | w o r t h | f i g h t i n g | f o r .

and, in your eyes,

{{that something is Teddy John Lupin }}

so, baby, fight like h e l l,

because, you may be losing the battle,

but, darling, you're winning the war.