Reality Swap

Chapter One

Prompt from Glee Kink Meme: Naya is in love with Heather, but she can't have her. Either through a dream, science fiction or magic Naya takes Santana's place in the Glee universe. Once there she enacts all her wildest fantasies.

A/N: Okay so when I saw this prompt I thought it was a really cool idea! Which is why I decided to turn it into an actually story! Don't worry, there will definitely be smut, that's just not all that is going to be happening!

Naya tried her best to swallow a moan as she felt Heather's soft lips touch hers firmly. She brings her hands up, cupping Heather's face, caressing her cheeks with her fingertips as she feels Heather sigh into the kiss.

"Cut!" They hear Ryan's voice yell, making them pull apart quickly. "Great job girls. We got it!" He compliments, standing up from his seat as other crew members rush around, getting ready for the next scene.

Heather lets out a giggle, and presses her forehead against Naya's who smiles softly at her.

Naya lets her eyes slip closed, enjoying the sensation of Heather's breath on her lips. She wanted so badly to lean in and kiss Heather like there was no tomorrow, but she couldn't. Heather had a boyfriend, and oh yeah she was straight. Naya lets out a whimper and opens her eyes when she feels Heather's forehead leave hers, and suddenly she felt cold.

She watches Heather walk off the set and make her way over to Kevin, Lea and Dianna who were sitting in their chairs off to the side of the stage. Naya lets out a small groan, and walks off set, sitting in her chair next to Kevin who was tapping away on his phone.

"Great scene you guys." Kevin says, shutting the screen off on his phone, and looking up at the two girls, as Lea and Dianna nod in agreement.

"Thanks." They both say in unison, before looking over at each other letting out small giggles. They always seemed to do that; say the same thing at the same time, but it never ceased to amuse them, and everyone else.

They gang continue to talk quietly to one another as a scene with Mercedes and Sam takes place on the stage a few feet away from them. Heather's phone interrupts their conversation and Heather quickly pulls the device out of her bag, smiling when she saw the name Taylor flash across the screen. "Hey babe." She greets as she stands up from her chair, to walk away from the group.

Naya watches her with sad eyes as the blonde makes her way to the other side of the room, talking animatedly to her boyfriend. She couldn't help but feel her heart break even more as she watched her talk to him, with that huge grin of hers. She thought that by now she'd be used to Heather talking to Taylor or talking about him, but still it broke her heart a little more each time.

"Hey, you okay?" Kevin asks, nudging Nay's side with his elbow, snapping her out of her thoughts. She looks over at him, and just nods her head silently, offering him the best smile she could muster up. Trying to convince him and Lea, and Dianna who was now watching her, that she was in fact okay.

Naya turns her attention back to Heather, and Dianna follows the brunette's gaze over to the dancer, making her heart break a little for her friend. "Have you told her how you feel Nay?" Dianna asks, making Naya's head once again snap back around to look at her.

Naya's eyes widen in surprise, and she stares at Dianna like a deer caught in headlights. She knew she was probably more than obvious about her feelings for Heather, but she didn't think any of her friends would ever call her out on it. "N-no." Naya finally stutters out, shaking her head furiously.

"Why not?" Lea asks, making Naya's eyes move over to her, before averting down the floor. "I think she may like you too." Lea adds, and Naya lets out a laugh.

"Heather is painfully straight, and also super in love with Taylor." Naya says with a sigh, moving her eyes back over to the blonde who was pacing the floor as she spoke to him.

"Yeah, that's why she is always all over you." Kevin says with a smirk.

Naya looks over at him, and rolls her eyes, "She is comfortable with her sexuality. She is touchy with everyone, not just me. It's just who she is." Naya says with a shrug; her voice filled with defeat.

"She is way more touchy with you than any of us." Dianna points out, as the other two nod in agreement. "It seems like she always has to be touching you." She adds pointedly, trying to make Naya believe what they all thought to be true. Yes Heather was into her boyfriend, but she also seemed to like Naya, both girls just weren't sure what to do with those feelings.

Before Naya gets a chance to respond, she feels strong arms wrap around her neck, and a chin on her shoulder. Not even needing to turn around to see who it was, Naya leans back into Heather's embrace, closing her eyes, enjoying the feeling.

After a few seconds, she opens her eyes back up only to be met with the smug looks of her friends, making her roll her eyes. "Naya, let's go get lunch." Heather says, more than asks, before burring her face into Naya's neck.

"Okay." Naya manages to squeak out, as their friends try their best to hold back laughter. Although they felt bad for Naya, they couldn't help but be amused as to how Naya reacted around Heather.


Naya sat at the bar in her house next to Kevin as Telly stood behind, pouring them and himself some drinks. She looked around her living room filled up with her costars, and couldn't help but laugh when she saw Harry in the corner trying to teach Chord and Corey how to dance to no avail.

She turns her chair back around to face Telly who placed a beer in front of her, and she took it with a smile, bringing it up to her lips. "Where is Heather?" Kevin asks carefully, looking over at his best friend.

Naya looked around the house once again, before shrugging, "I don't know. She said she was coming." She replies simply, before taking another drink. She swivels her stool around, and leans back on her elbows on the bar, looking at all of her friends, "Get a room!" She yells over to Dianna and Lea who were making out on her couch.

The two don't stop kissing and Dianna just simply puts her hand up behind Lea's head, flipping Naya off, making her laugh loudly.

"I'm so jealous." She hears Telly's voice say, making her turn to look at him with an eyebrow raised. "Not of them. Of what they have." He says, rolling her eyes, making Naya and Kevin both smirk. "Come on you guys no you are too."

Naya just lets out a breathy sigh and shrugs her shoulders, "Whatever." She says, trying to pass it off as if it didn't get to her. Truth was there relationship got to her a lot. She loved them, and she loved them together but she couldn't help but be extremely jealous of the two of them. They had been in the same situation she is in now, except they both date women, so it worked out for them. She doesn't get her happy ending like them.

A few minutes later the door opened up and Naya's head snapped around quickly as a smile formed on her face waiting to see Heather. But the smile soon disappeared as she saw Jenna and her boyfriend walk through the door. "Nice to see you too nougat." Jenna says playfully, not missing the disappointed look she had seen on Naya's face.

She walks over to them and Naya gives her an apologetic smile, pulling her in for a hug. "I love you crispy." She says in a playfully innocent voice, making Jenna giggle.

The door opens up once again, and Naya quickly pulls away from Jenna to look at the door and Jenna just lets out a laugh, rolling her eyes, as she watches Naya almost run over to the door as Heather walked in. "Yeah she loves me so much." She says sarcastically taking Naya's previous seat next to Kevin, who smirks.

"Hey Nay!" Heather greets cheerfully, pulling her best friend into a bone crushing hug. Naya smiles and closes her eyes, burying her head in Heather's neck, taking in her sweet scent, before pulling back after a few seconds. She opens her eyes and her smile fades when she sees Taylor walk in the door. "Sorry we're late, but Taylor flew over to visit! He surprised me!" She says with a smile, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Hey Naya, it's nice to see you again." He greets, somewhat awkwardly. It wasn't that him and Naya didn't get along, it was just they didn't get along either. Taylor hadn't ever been too found of Naya and her closeness with Heather. And now it was even worse since they were dating on TV.

Naya just nods her head acknowledging him, and Heather pulls him away into the house to greet the others.

A scowl firmly placed on Naya's lips, she makes her way back over to the bar, where Telly already had a shot made for her. She took it gratefully and downed it, slamming the glass back down on the counter, sliding it over to him, for another. "Naya, don't let them get to you. We planned this party so we could all relax and have fun." Telly says softly.

Naya just glares at him, and picks her glass up and slams it back down on the counter, signaling for him to pour her more, and he does, but gives her an disapproving look which she just brushes off.

Almost an hour later, and too many drinks to count later, Naya was still sat on her barstool, which she had only left a few times to go and talk to Amber and Jenna. She was swaying slightly, and Kevin walked over to her, placing his hands on her hips steadying her, "Hey, don't fall off." He says playfully, although he knew right now that was a possibility.

"Naya!" The brunette hears Heather shout her name from behind her. She ignores the blonde and takes another sip from her beer, but then feels slender arms wrap around her waist. "Come dance with me." The blonde whispers huskily, making Naya almost moan.

Naya just nods at the question, not trusting her voice to speak at the moment, and get up off the stool, as Heather drags her into the middle of the living room. Heather puts guides Naya's hands up placing them around her neck, before sliding her own hands down, wrapping them around Naya's waist, holding her close as they swayed with the music.

After a few minutes, Heather spun around and began grinding into Naya's crotch with her backside, making Naya groan at the contact. She lets her hands move down, placing them on Heathers hips as she tries best to keep her breathing steady, but the her hormones, and the alcohol were definitely not helping her case.

Heather reaches behind her and pulls Naya's head down resting it on her shoulder as she tangles her fingers in dark locks, continuing to dance to the music. Naya buries her head in the nape of Heather's neck, inhaling the sweet smell of Heather mixed with a little bit of sweat. She felt as if she was going to combust at any moment, she couldn't take it anymore.

Suddenly the Latina lets go of Heather and backs away, making Heather turn to look at her confused, "I can't." Naya whispers, backing away even more. She turns on her heel, and makes a beeline for the kitchen, confusing Heather.

"She's drunk, don't worry about her." Telly says, placing a comforting hand on Heather's shoulder who was still staring at the kitchen door Naya had just escaped too.

"I should go check on her." She says, determined, as she heads for the kitchen only to be pulled back by Telly.

He shakes his head and her frown deepens, "Don't worry about it. I got her." He says with a smile, "Go spend time with Taylor." He says, nodding over to the boy who was sitting in Naya's recliner looking around the room awkwardly. He wasn't friends with any of these people, and he felt completely out of place.

Heather just nods her head and sighs, making her way over to her boyfriend.

Telly walks into the kitchen where he sees Naya, trying to get a bottle of beer opened with her bare hands, and Kevin standing next to her, giving her an annoyed look. He watches as Kevin tries to take the bottle to help her, but the Latina snatches it away, "I can do it!" She shouts angrily, making Tell laugh, and roll his eyes.

He walks further into the kitchen approaching the two, and places a hand on Kevin's shoulder. "Don't try." He says, making Kevin just nod in response, "She doesn't need anymore anyways." He adds, and Kevin couldn't help but agree.

"Why is he here?" Naya shouts out suddenly, making both boys grab her, Kevin placing a hand over her mouth to get her to shut up.

"Naya, be quiet, they're going to hear you." Kevin says gently, removing his hand slowly, making sure she wasn't going to shout out something she shouldn't again. He knew she had plenty to say, and he didn't want her doing anything she was going to regret in the morning.

"Good!" Naya shouts, flailing her arms all about, "Let them hear me! I don't care!" She says, stumbling towards the kitchen door.

Telly quickly reaches for her, grabbing her just as she was about to walk out and pulls her back, causing her to let out a small squeal. "Hey, you need to stay here." He says, pushing her gently until she landed on the chair at the kitchen table. "Sit." He commands, pointing a finger in her face, backing up slowly, making sure she wasn't going anywhere. He walks over to the fridge and pulls out a bottle of water, and brings it back to her, and places it on the table in front of her. "Drink this." He says, in a gentler tone, sitting in the chair next to her.

"I'm not thirsty." She says, folding her arms over her chest, stubbornly.

"Hey is she okay?" They hear a voice ask, making them all look up to see Heather standing in the doorway, looking at Naya in concern. She walks over to them and Naya smiles, reaching out for the blonde.

"Heather!" She shouts happily, pulling Heather into her lap. Heather lets out a giggle, but doesn't resist, and leans in to Naya's hold, wrapping her arms around the Latina's neck. "I love you." Naya mumbles, burying her face into the blonde's next once again.

Heather lets out another giggle, and turns her head to look down at Naya, "I love you too." She replies sincerely, but Naya just groans at the response.

"No you don't." She whines, making Heather frown. Why would she think she didn't love her? Of course she loved her. She was her best friend.

Heather turns in Naya's arms and places her hands on both Naya's cheeks, lifting her face up to look at her, "I love you Naya, don't ever doubt that." She says, seriously, looking deep into Naya's eyes.

Naya was about to respond when Taylor pops his head in the door, "You ready?" He asks, making them all look over at him.

"Yeah sorry." Heather says, standing up off of Naya's lap, who groans in response, and lets her head drop onto the table. "Naya, we're going to go okay? Get some sleep." She says, before leaning down placing a kiss on the top of Naya's head. "Make sure she gets to bed okay?" She asks, looking over at Telly and Kevin, who nod in response.

Heather looks back down at Naya who was shaking her head back and forth, her forehead still pressed against the wood of the table, and she was groaning slightly. Heather had to heavily resist the urge to tell her boyfriend to go with out her that she wanted to stay with Naya, but her boyfriend was only in town for a few days, and she needed to spend time with him.

She gives the guys a wave, before walking out of the kitchen with Taylor, leaving the two boys to tend to her drunk best friend.


Naya walked back into her empty house later that night, after telling everyone goodnight. Telly and Kevin had argued with her forever on staying over, but she had insisted that she wanted to be alone. They wouldn't have agreed, but she had seemed to sober up slightly, so they had let it go, and eventually left.

She makes her way into the kitchen, dragging her feet the whole way, and opens up the refrigerator grabbing a bottle of water. She walks over to her medicine cabinet and pulls out the bottle of Excedrin, popping two into her mouth, swallowing with a gulp of water.

She keeps the bottle of pills in her hand, and walks up the stairs to her room, knowing she'd need them in morning. She walks over to her dresser and pulls out a tshirt and some shorts, before slipping out of her dress.

Once in her Pjs, she throws herself onto her bed with a groan, and curls up under the covers letting out a sigh of contentment as she got comfortable. She reaches over and grabs the television remote off of her nightstand, and flips the television on.

She scrolls through everything she had recorded on her tiro, stopping when she gets to a few episodes of Glee. She knew she was just going to be torturing herself if she watched this, but she couldn't seem to stop herself.

She hits play, and puts the remote back onto the nightstand, before settling back into bed.

A few hours later and almost 3 episodes of Glee later, Naya was drifting in and out of sleep, when her phone started ringing from its place on her bedside table. She opens her eyes back up and grabs it, opening up the text message.

Heather (1:13) Night NayNay! I love you more than anything! :)

Naya couldn't help the smile from forming on her face as she read over the text message. Heather sent her a text message each night before she went to sleep, telling her goodnight, and it never failed to make Naya smile.

She couldn't help but frown at the last part though, I love you more than anything. "Not more than your boyfriend." She mumbles to herself before typing out her reply.

Sent (1:14) I love you too Hemo. Night!

Naya shuts the screen off on her phone and places it back on the table with a sigh. She knew her I love you's meant way more than Heather thought they did, and that Heather's meant. She just wished Heather meant it in the same way she did.

Naya looks back up at the TV just in time to see a scene with her and Heather. They were at Rachel's birthday party at her house, and Brittany was sitting on Santana's lap, kissing her sweetly as the other's danced around the room, not paying them any mind.

Naya let out a sigh, and rolled over onto her bed, "I wish I could just be Santana." She says defeatedly, closing her eyes, trying to let sleep overtake her body. At least she could have Heather in her dreams.


Naya rolls over in her bed with a groan, pulling the covers closer to her body. The sunlight shone brightly in through the window, forcing her to open her eyes, before slamming them shut once again as the brightness invades her senses.

She lets out a sigh, and flutters her eyes open once again, blinking them repeatedly trying to adjust to the new light. She stares up at the ceiling for a second before her eyes scrunch up in confusion, looking around the room.

She sits up quickly, looking frantically around the place, trying to figure out where she was. "Santana's room?" She questions, looking around at the dark walls. She lies back down onto the bed, trying to calm the fury of thoughts racing around in her mind. Had she fallen asleep on set? Why hadn't anybody woken her?

She hears the door open, thawing her from her thoughts, and she looks up to see Heather walking through the door in just some boyshorts and a wife beater. Naya feels her heart race pick up, and arousal shoot straight down her body in between her thighs as she watches Heather saunter over to the bed.

"Where are your clothes?" Naya asks hurriedly, looking around the room for anybody else who may be there. Although she loved seeing Heather like this, she didn't want anyone else to walk in while she was dressed like this.

Heather lets out a giggle and sits down on the bed next to Naya, "Everywhere." She says with a shrug, and another giggle as she looks around the room where her clothes were strewn all over the room.

Naya looks around confused, and turns back to Heather who was now leaning in, pressing her lips against Naya's before Naya could even respond, causing her to stiffen with shock. "What are you doing?" Naya asks, pulling away, after regaining some control in her actions.

"Kissing you." Heather says with a smile, before pressing her lips against Naya's one more time.

Naya can't help but moan into the kiss when she feels Heather's tongue run over her bottom lip, requesting access, which is soon granted, and their tongues begin battling for dominance. Heather pushes Naya back onto the bed and crawls onto of her, straddling her waist, not breaking their heated kiss. "W-wait." Naya stutters, pulling away from Heather, only to have the blonde's lips attach to her neck, making her moan embarrassingly loud.

"What?" Heather asks, as she nips at the carmel skin of Naya's flesh, before soothing it with her tongue.

Naya squeezes her eyes shut, trying to gain some control over her feelings, but it was oh so hard with Heather's lips feverishly attacking her. "Stop." She finally breaths out, making Heather pull back, looking at her confused.

"What's wrong baby?" Heather asks, looking down at the Latina in concern, stroking her cheek with her thumb.

Naya forces herself to sit up, making Heather sit up also, looking at her confused. Naya looks deep into Heather's eyes, searching them, trying to get the answer to some of the questions that were running through her mind. Something was off with Heather, she wasn't sure what, but she wasn't being herself, and it wasn't just the kissing.

Naya slides out from under Heather and gets off the bed, looking around the room. She was just now realizing this room wasn't a set, it was an actual room with four walls and a ceiling, instead of beams and lights. "Where are the camera's?" Naya asks, looking back at Heather who was sitting on the bed watching her.

Heather lets out a giggle and crawls to the end of the bed, reaching out for Naya's hand, "Cameras? That sounds kinky, San." She says before placing a quick kiss to naya's lips, "I like it." She adds with a smirk.

Naya pulls away from the blonde, and looks at her with a confused, and slightly terrified face. She didn't know what was going, but it was really starting to freak her out. "Did you just call me San, Heather?" Naya asks, shaking her head confused.

"Heather? Who is Heather?" The blonde asks, making Naya's eyebrows scrunch up even more, as she takes a few steps back away from the blonde. "Santana you're scaring me."

"Santana?" Naya whispers confused, looking down at the ground, trying to process her thoughts.

Naya closes her eyes, and sits down on the bed carefully, trying her best to put the pieces together and try and figure out what was going on. She immediately brought her thoughts back the previous night. She had remembered going to sleep in her own, bed and now she was here in Santana's bed. Was she dreaming?

"I wish I could just be Santana."

"Oh my god." Naya finally whispers, coming to realization. She looks beside her where she sees the blonde sitting next to her watching her with scared eyes. "Brittany?" She asks carefully, only to have the other girl nod her head, slightly unsure.

Okay so let me know if you guys would be interested in me continuing! I think it has some great potential, so i'm hoping you guys enjoyed it! :)