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Author's Note: This is my first non-magic SBRL Fic, so… yeah. Hope you enjoy. I know it's short, but it's a prologue. They're usually not that long. Anyway, enjoy. Hope you like it.

Chapter One: Prologue

Two little boys ran along the shores of Hufflepuff beach, feeling the bright sun beat down on them. The black-haired, blue-eyed boy picked up a wet sand as he ran and threw it at the boy with messy black hair and round glasses behind him. The boy stopped running to wipe the mud off his face, ignoring his friend's insane laughter.

A little girl with fiery red hair and piercing green eyes walked up to them with her hands on her hips and shaking her head slowly at the boys' act of immaturity. The messy-haired boy's eyes lit up at the sight of her. "Hello, Lily!" he said brightly.

The little girl, Lily, smiled warmly at him. "Hello James. How are you?" she replied.

The messy-haired boy, James, smiled even more. "I'm doning fine." he assured. "And what about you?"

"Actually, I came here to-"

"Lily! Think fast!" The other boy in the group shouted. Before Lily could even blink, a ball of wet sand came hurtling toward her face. She moved to duck, but she was too late. The ball hit her splat in the face. She started coughing and spluttering all the mud out of her mouth.

"SIRIUS!" Lily and James both shouted. The third boy, Sirius, burst out laughing again. He was laughing so hard he fell to the ground and started rolling around in the sand.

All of a sudden, a bell rang in the distance. The laughing and shouting from the kids stopped abruptly. "Oh no." James muttered in horror. "the warning bell. Pirates!" the kids started to back away slowly until someone grabbed their shoulders from behind to keep them in place.

"Where do you think you're goin'?" The man holding Lily asked. He smiled evilly, revealing black and yellow broken teeth.

The kids screamed and started to struggle and squirm around. Around them, more pirates ran toward the village with swords, pistols, and bombs. Explosions, swords clanging together, screaming; all could be heard so clearly. A particularly loud explosion shook the the ground and the smell of ash and blood spread with the air.

The pirate holding Lily, looked down at her struggling form and smirked. "You're pretty feisty for a little girl, now ain't ya'?" he asked. "You could be of use to us."

James stopped his struggling upon hearing the pirate's words. He turned towards Lily's pirate, anger written all over his face. "Hey!" he shouted over another explosion and a scream. "You leave Lily alone!" He instantly regretted his words when all three pirates turned towards him. He shrunk back down in fright from his bold stance he had before. The pirates noticed and laughed at his cowardice. The ones holding Lily and Sirius dropped them to the ground to advance on poor James.

"You can talk the talk but walk the walk, eh?" One pirate said, punctuating each verb with a stomp of his foot as he stepped forward. "Well you could at least be useful for cleanin' the ship!" he raised his fist behind him, ready to strike little James, but just before he could swing his arm down, he felt a hard thump on the back of his head and heard a shout of, "Hey! Quit picking on my best friend!" The three pirates simultaneously turned on their heels to see Sirius holding a rock in his hand behind his head ready to launch it again with his eyes narrowed viciously.

One pirate laughed loudly. "This kid thinks he can take us! What a laugh!"

Another pirate laughed also. "What do you think boss?" he asked. "Should we just hit him, or kill him completely?" Sirius gulped and clutched his rock tighter, but did not back down.

The last pirate, the boss pirate, Sirius assumed, slowly approached him with his eyes squinted as he studied Sirius carefully. "Well," the boss said as he began to circle Sirius who remained motionless. "this one isn't backing down. He seems very brave for such a young age." the pirate came face to face with Sirius, so he would be right in the rocks path if it was thrown. "What's your name, boy?" he asked, his voice dangerously low and curious.

Sirius narrowed his eyes more and spat out, "Sirius Black!" and clutched his rock so hard his knuckles were white. All three pirates' eyes widened and looked at him with awe and shock. "What?" Sirius demanded. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Boss," one pirate muttered, his gaze unmoving. "is it him? Is this the boy from the prophecy?"

"What prophecy? What are you talking about?" Sirius demanded once again.

"Aye, he has to be..." the boss replied to the pirate, ignoring Sirius' words. "He is the one that will sail with the Savior of the Seas..."

"Savior of the Seas?" Sirius asked. "What are you talking about? ARG!" Sirius felt himself get grabbed around the waist and hoisted over someone's shoulder.

"We'll take your friends too. They'll be useful to the crew." Sirius struggled and beat against the parts of the pirate he could reach. The boss just laughed and muttered over all the noise, "Oh ho, the Captain will be pleased with this!" and with a gleeful smile, he climbed aboard the ship ignoring Sirius' screaming fit.