Lost Time

Submitted for: The Seductively Sexy Contest

Bella sat on the squeaky plastic air mattress frustrated and sad-much like she had done for the last five days of her summer break. She was at the Black's house in her best friend Rachel's room listening to Rachel sob from the heartbreak caused by her long-time boyfriend Paul. Two days before graduation Paul had called Rachel and told her that their four-year relationship was over; that it was getting too serious and he really just wanted to take a break. Just as Bella had suspected, Rachel was broken and pissed off by the news and the only thing that was keeping her from slipping into depression, or from slipping into the darkness to kill Paul, was Bella. At least that's what Billy had told Charlie when he thought no one was listening.

It didn't really help matters that Rachel's twin sister was no longer there for her. She had met a guy while on spring break in Hawaii and never came back. She was eighteen after all, and only had two credits left to graduate, so she opted for finishing high school there and really hadn't ever looked back-or called for that matter. Rachel had been a mess since March, and Paul breaking up with her in May, only months before the two were meant to go to U-Dub in Seattle, had left her completely lost.

As Bella sat holding her best friend who cried into her shoulder, she couldn't help but wonder just what the hell Paul had been thinking. These two were connected at the hip-literally-since freshman year and everyone knew Rachel had meant everything to Paul. Sure, he was a bad boy with a short temper and got in trouble a lot. Her dad had actually held him in the Forks jail for a night or two at some point, but Paul had never ever done anything to hurt Rachel,. If anything the two were slightly sickening. Since the break up though, Paul hadn't really been seen by many on the rez, Bella had caught a glimpse of him running along the edge of the woods shirtless with Sam Uley and Jared a couple of days ago and just as she had yelled his name, hoping to gain his attention, the three disappeared into the woods like nothing had even happened.

When the hiccuping sobs slowly ebbed Rachel lifted her head and gave Bella a shy smile, feverishly rubbing the tears away, trying to prevent them from streaking down her face. Bella just smiled back at her and patted her back in the most comforting manner she could. She wanted to tell her friend that it was going to be OK, that Paul would come to his senses and that everything would be fine; that it would work out. Just as she opened her mouth to do so there was a pounding on her door and both heads snapped up.

When the door swung open Bella bit her lip to keep from both saying something she really knew she shouldn't and gasping at the sight of his naked and slightly grease smeared torso. Jacob Black stood holding the door slightly ajar with a smile on his face. Why would he be smiling now, he knew that Rachel was upset?

"Rach, you have a visitor. You want me to let 'em in?"

Once again rubbing the tears away, Bella unwrapped herself from Rachel. With a quick nod of her head Jake backed into the small hall and made his way toward the back of the house. Bella knew he was going to his room, and not long after it was confirmed when she heard the deep bass of a song drifting through the paper thin walls of the house.

Paul slowly slid into the room, his hands limp at his sides, his eyes downcast. He wasn't wearing a shirt-or shoes for that matter. Rachel's gasp had his eyes snapping to hers and then they were frozen, looking at each other like nothing else in the world mattered. Bella was looking at Rachel's face and she could see her friends eyes grow wider and shinier the longer she looked at Paul. Then, slowly, her eyes made their way from his eyes down his body. When Rachel's eyes stopped again Bella couldn't help but look at what Rachel was looking at; her mouth had dropped open. Paul's stomach was so tight she could count the new eight pack that he was sporting. She shook her head to break the spell his naked gleaming torso had on her and her eyes shot back to her friend. In the mean time, Rachel's eyes had slid lower and Bella knew now what they were fixed on. She didn't dare look.

Then, Rachel's cheeks flushed red, not from embarrassment but from anger. Bella could tell because her eyes had turned into slits and her jaw was locked tight. Without a word she shot up from the air mattress and shoved Paul in the chest, screaming at him to get out. When Rachel went to shove at him again he caught her wrists in his large hands and pulled her into his chest, growling. If Bella wasn't mistaken, Paul had grown taller in the few weeks since she had seen him. His cheek was resting on the top of Rachel's head as she sobbed into his chest. She couldn't make out what her friend was saying, but apparently Paul could. His hands slowly wrapped around her and when they came to a halt the one hand that Bella could see was wrapped all the way around Rachel and was resting just below her breast, his thumb rubbing tight circles there.

"Babe, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it, I never wanted to break up I don't…. I just… Rach, I love you."

A strangled sob made its way out of Rachel's mouth and she sobbed harder. Paul clutched her tighter, kissing her head now. "I'm so fucking stupid, I don't… god I shouldn't have cared what he said, Rach. I shouldn't… fuck… you can't hate me Rach, you're my everything."

Bella could see Rachel's head bob up and down in agreement to everything. He was pulling her head from his chest. Bella could see that Rachel's anger was back and she was trying to untangle herself from Paul's grip, but he wasn't having it. Bella smiled at that. She knew that Paul was head over heals when it came to Rachel. The reason for the break up was still unclear, but Rachel wanted the explanation that in Bella's mind she rightfully deserved. Drawing her head back into Paul's chest she rubbed her nose across it which caused him to chuckle and then sigh. Bella could see Paul's muscles relax and he almost slumped into her.

"We need to talk." Rachel mumbled into his bare chest.

"I know."

"Now, Paul we need to talk now. I've felt like I've been drowning since your call." Rachel spat the words with venom.

Bella and Rachel both gasped when a growl ripped from Paul's throat. Backing away with wide eyes, Rachel bumped into the mattress and fell onto it causing them both to bounce up and down until it settled. The girls looked at Paul,. As he walked forward, his entire body shaking, he squatted down in front of Rachel. Putting his hands on her knees, he lowered his head and took in a deep breath. When he looked back up at Rachel his eyes were black and fierce, they could see the anger in them.

"I will never hurt you like that again Rach, I was stupid to think that I could even live one second without you, stupid to let someone tell me not to see you. It won't happen again. I'm not going anywhere ever again. Ever." he snarled while gripping her knees.

"Who told you not to see me, Paul? Why would you listen to them if you loved me so much?"

"I can't tell you right now, Rach but I will; you'll know when the time is right."

Bella could see Rachel grab the worn sheet that was thrown over the mattress, her knuckles turning white. As Bella's eyes traveled up her friends arm she could see that her biceps were tight and her chest was heaving. When she got to her face, Rachel's lips were once again in a tight line, "Leave." Rachel spat while pushing at Paul's hands which were still clenching her knees.

Bella could see the grip on Rachel's knees tighten further and then she could see her friend wince slightly. Just then Paul blew out a hard breath and dropped his hands.

"I'm not leaving."

"I said leave!" Rachel shouted, pointing to the door.

"NO!" Paul roared back, jumping to his feet.

Rachel jumped to her feet and shoved at his chest. He didn't move an inch while Rachel tried to push and shove at his chest.

"Get out, get out, get out, I don't want you here! If you can't be honest with me I don't want you!"

Paul grabbed Rachel's arms and jerked her forward, her body slamming into his naked chest. His lips crashed to hers and she moaned. Bella thought Paul was going dropping his grip on Rachel's arms, but then his hands roughly made their way down her body and then to her butt. With a squeeze and a pull Rachel's legs were wrapping around his waist. Paul turned to the side and slammed Rachel into the wall, running his hands all over her body.

Bella couldn't look away ,although she knew that she should. Paul was trying to rip Rachel's shirt off and she was clutching his short cropped hair in return. Bella watched as he detached his lips from Rachel's and then his mouth slowly started working down her neck and across her collarbone, when he pulled her shirt down further and began kissing and licking down her chest her eyes popped open and that's when she noticed Bella slowly trying to make her way across the room to the door.

Rachel stilled and squeaked out in surprise at her friend who was now frozen stock-still in the room. Paul must have noticed, because he followed Rachel's eyes to Bella. He didn't look embarrassed at all for what had just happened; he looked smug if anything. "Sorry," was all he said before turning his head back to Rachel who was still wrapped around him. Bella saw him push his hips forward, heard the small groan out of Rachel and then he was walking out of the room, Rachel still wrapped around his waist.

When Bella heard the front door slam she flopped back onto the air mattress. Her body was nearly on fire, she had never seen anything like that before. The closest Bella had gotten to that was the cold hands on her face and the frantic kiss that Edward Cullen had dropped onto her lips before he pulled himself away almost looking like he had gotten socked in the gut. Bella suddenly found herself jealous of her friend. She knew that Rachel and Paul had sex, she had known since the night Rachel called her giddy with excitement after the freshman formal.

But she had never witnessed anything so intense between the two. Sure there were the ass grabs from Paul and the butt slaps from Rachel, a tickle match here and there that may have gotten a little heated, but nothing compared to Paul's gleaming nearly naked body pressing the body of her best friend against the wall, openly devouring her like the last piece of steak on his dinner plate. It was hot, and Bella couldn't stop thinking about it.

It didn't really help that she could still hear Rachel's groans through the open window that was blowing the curtains into the room. Apparently Paul and Rachel hadn't gotten too far before he decided that he couldn't wait. She could hear them like they were right outside the window and the more the two groaned, moaned-and now grunted-Bella felt her body once again start to heat up and even tingle just a little. The noises they were making were seducing her. Enticing her to do something that she never dared do anywhere but behind her locked bedroom door.

She could hear Paul whisper yell that Rachel had too many clothes on, and Rachel tell him to just take them off already. When Bella heard a rip and another moan slip from her friend's lips she laid back on the air mattress. Bella's eyes were wide, and as she continued to listen she found herself slowly scooting further back on the mattress nearer to the window. When she heard them both moan at the same time the hand that was laying on her stomach twitched and she didn't stop it when she felt it slowly making it's way down into her loose and tattered pajama bottoms. Just as her fingers met top of her soft curls she heard their skin slap together. Bella's breath caught at the sound and her hand slipped further down.

The more they moaned, the more their skin slapped together, the faster Bella felt her finger working that oh so precious spot between her legs. She was biting her lip with fervor, fighting to keep her own moans silent. As she could feel the tingle in her lower belly start, her index finger was replaced by her thumb as one of her fingers slipped in between her now wet folds. She pumped her finger in and out as she focused once again on the slapping skin right outside the window.

Just when Bella's toes began to curl she felt two hot hands on her hips and she jerked up in surprise, her orgasm forgotten as she let out a squeak of surprise.

His eyes were boring into hers. His face not far from hers, now that she was sitting up. His hands were still on her hips, but he slowly began working them down so his thumbs were hooking into the top hem of her pants.

When he slowly started to pull them down she gasped out in surprise, but the feeling of the side of his thumbs just touching her hips had her heart hammering in her chest. When he gave a quick jerk Bella's hips rose off the air mattress on their own accord. His thumbs, still hooked into the top of her pants, slowly traced down her outer thigh, knee and then calves as the pants followed. When he got them down far enough he just ripped them off. Slowly then, he lifted his body to hover over hers. He was taller than her, her eyes were straight in line with his chest. When his hips dropped in between her legs and his erection rubbed into her wet aching core, her head fell back onto the air mattress. More of his weight fell onto her body as he raised one hand out and she could hear the slow scraping of wood. He was closing the window. The slapping noises, long since forgotten, were louder now, more frenzied, but the lower the window got the more muffled they became. When the window finally slid completely closed, Bella couldn't hear them anymore. Then he jerked his hips forward, grinding his erection into her center once again, causing her to moan just like she had heard her friend do just moments ago. It was deep and throaty and Bella was surprised that the sound had come from her.

It was then that his body slowly started to slide down her own; his naked, hot chest pulled at the front of her tank top. There was no room between them when she felt the heat of his body touching that spot on her stomach that was bare between the bottom of her shirt and the top of her underwear. She arched her back just to feel more of it. Then his chest was touching her there and then his mouth was on that sliver of skin slowly working from one side to the other, open-mouthed kisses placed along that skin. His teeth nipped at her bellybutton causing her to whimper and the muscles of her lower abs to jump. When his lips met the side of her stomach they slowly made their way to the other side and then his eyes met hers asking, but not really caring if she wanted him to continue. He couldn't stop now, he had wanted this for to long. His bottom lip met the white cotton fabric of her bikini underwear. As he stared into her eyes, he kissed the fabric and the ever so slowly he began kissing his way back to the middle. He could see her eyes grow wider the closer he got to that little yellow bow in the center of her panties that was just calling to him. When he got there he opened his mouth just enough for the bow to slip between his teeth. He then bit down on it and pulled back, Bella could see right down to her dark brown curls. When his mouth opened the band snapped back against her stomach causing her to moan. He then slowly worked his way to the other side. He dropped a hot kiss to her left hip bone before lowering his body once more.

Bella's eyes grew wide; if he swept across her again he would be right over the wet spot she knew was bound to be there from her earlier activities. His eyes still hadn't left hers and when he slowly began making his way back across her, now at her pelvic bone, she brought herself up onto her elbows. "Jake?" she asked.

He stilled and rose to his knees, his eyes still on hers, rocking forward. His chest was hovering over her lower belly, "I have never wanted anything more in my entire life, Bells,"

He could see the question in her eyes. He didn't blame her; the way that he had treated her these last six years, there was no wonder it was there.

When he was eleven and Bella was twelve they were best friends, they had been since they were little enough to eat mud pies together. That summer, Quil and Embry wouldn't stop making fun of Jake for having a girl as a best friend. There was no one else he wanted as a best friend, though and to be honest he was starting to have strange feelings for Bella. After Embry and Quil had caught Bella and Jake dancing to a slow song in the worn-down garage, they wouldn't let him live it down. It was a constant nagging for weeks, and when Bella had gotten home from attending her mother and Phil's wedding in Arizona; the reason for the slow dancing, he told Bella that she was a stupid girl, and that he was a guy, and that he could never be friends with her again, that he didn't want to, and that she just couldn't do the guy things that he and his other friends could do.

He remembered her crying as she ran away, he remembered hitting the wall of the garage for hurting her, but most of all he remembered that when she came back with Charlie she never spoke a word to him, and it hurt. He knew it was his fault, but his pride and his now two best friends got in the way. The more Bella came over to hang out with Rachel and didn't speak to him, the more she was in his house not even looking in his direction, the angrier he got. So he began to be mean to her. He would push her in the mud, call her names, and dump water on her because the other boys thought it was funny. He just wanted her to say something to him, even if it meant she was screaming at him. Bella would just cry or slink away and his sister would make him pay later.

As the years grew on the mean acts dropped off and he overall ignored her as much as she would him. He would shoot glares in her direction when he knew she was looking, but when she wasn't he couldn't stop looking at her. How much she had grown, how beautiful she had gotten. When he answered the phone and she was on the other line he found himself being nasty to her, but the yearning was still there, he just wanted his Bells back. Deep down he knew he had messed it up, and it didn't help things when Embry and Quil hit on her when they would all end up at the Black's together. The idiots, it was all their fault that he and Bella were the way they were now.

Jake kissed the side of Bella's cheek, almost near the corner of her mouth, before he lowered himself back down between her legs. Instead of starting back over to the side he brushed his mouth over her mound. She could see the intensity of his eyes as he did so; his lingering lips set her skin ablaze through the soft cotton of her panties. Without removing his mouth, the hand that was on the side of her knee slowly slid up her thigh. Bella could feel his finger moving in small circles right beside the top of her underwear. When his index finger slipped under the band she sucked in a breath. His eyes still on hers, his lips still on her covered mound, ever so slowly he began running his finger down the V of her panties while pulling them to the side.

The lower his fingers got the more he pulled the fabric. When tips of his fingers touched the skin just above her mound she could see the fabric bunching around his lips, but they weren't moving. His breath grew hotter as his finger made the slow journey downward. He stilled for a second before he let the pads of his fingers run over the very top of her lips, then he pushed and it made contact with her swollen nub. "Jake," it was whispered on an exhaled breath she hadn't realized she was holding. His finger rubbed down and then back up again, making contact with the swollen nub, and her body shuddered. When his finger made contact the forth time Bella's entire body jerked. Then she felt the fabric quickly pulled all the way to the side and his hot, wet lips met her wet folds. Her eyes were still locked on his, but what he did next was in slow motion; his tongue darted out parting her lips, and then flicked the nub that he had just been teasing with his finger.

"Oh my god," Bella moaned out as her head fell back between her shoulder blades. This was the best feeling in the world. No one had ever touched her here but her, and even then it wasn't something that Bella had done that often, but it didn't even compare to what she was feeling now.

She could feel his tongue dart out a couple more times, then circle her nub. With her head thrown back, her mouth had popped open. She was taking in the feeling of it all when it stopped suddenly. Her head snapped forward to see Jake's blazing eyes on hers once again; when he drew his face away from her mound enough to speak she could see his lips already glistening with her juices. "Bells, watch me."

She didn't have to do anything before his tongue darted out and flicked her again, his right hand still holding her panties off to the side. She watched intently as his tongue darted in and out, flicking her. She watched as it passed his lips and swirled around. His head was moving from side to side and then sliding up and down her mound, his tongue getting closer and closer to just where she wanted it, but was afraid for it to go.

She felt the stubble of his chin lowering and then his tongue dipped into her tight walls and she fisted the sheets as her hips jerked off the bed. Her head fell back only long enough to feel his tongue start its escape and then she forced it back up so her eyes could meet his. She could feel as he smiled against her and then his tongue darted back in. When her hips jerked up again, the thumb that was holding the panties to the side dug into her and the rest of his fingers flattened across her hips. His hand was so big that his fingers were touching her lower belly. It was then she realized the pressure he was using was holding her there as he allowed his tongue to dip in and out of her deeper each time. Bella wanted so badly to thrash around in the bed and throw her head back in ecstasy, but she knew that if her eyes left his he would stop and she really didn't want him to stop.

She simply spread her legs a little further. The more he worked, she felt her stomach jumping up and down. Her fingers were digging through the sheet and into her palms, her legs were shaking, her body felt like it was going to give out, yet explode at the same time. When the tingle started up in her lower belly it was like he knew, and his tongue began thrusting faster and deeper, if at all possible, in and out of her body. His other thumb was working her nub. She was close so close. She let out a whimper just to let him know what he was doing to her.

It was then she saw his other hand begin to move down as his face began to move up. She whimpered at the loss of his tongue in her body, but cried out when a hot finger was pressed where his tongue had been, and his tongue were that finger had been. His tongue was lapping at her now. He was barely blinking, her chest was heaving, she felt like she was having a seizure because of how bad the rest of her was shaking. She could feel him turn his hand and then curl his finger and-oh god-he hit something.

"Again" was all she was able to manage and his eyes seemed to shine, so he did it again over and over push in, curl and pull out. When she was on the very brink, she felt another finger push in and then all she saw was bright white splotches in her vision. She knew her eyes were still open, yet the only things she could see was white. The tingling sensation that was rushing through her body made her wonder if this is what it felt like to do drugs. She could feel her walls clenching around his fingers as they slowed, but were still pumping in and out of her. His tongue was no longer working, but was just hovering over her wet, overly sensitive mound; hot puffs of his warm breath caressed her naked skin causing little spasms to rock through her. Bella could have been embarrassed by the scream of Jake's name that escaped her the moment her body gave in, she could have been embarrassed that her hands had let go of the sheets and shot to his short hair, she could have been embarrassed that this was Jacob Black, the guy that had broken her tiny heart all those years ago, but instead Bella was happy.

When his fingers slowly slipped from her body and his breath slowly left her skin, she whimpered at the loss. One word echoed in her mind as she felt his body slowly slide up hers.