open your eyes and fall asleep again

Are you trembling?

Are you shaking?

Are you (trying) to be brave?

It's no use

not here

Not against me

Everyone fears something


I just let it out

You try and face me

You say

"I'm not scared of you"

Oh, not of me

But you are scared

You pretend

You try not to believe

I hear your mantra

"It's just a dream"


Why would you fear the impossible?

Oh your fears can come true

so easily

Just tilt the dice a bit

and you have a nightmare

What if I told you waking

was a dream?

You sink into it

You let it consume you

reality blurs with make believe

?What was reality anyway?

You open your eyes with one last stand

"This isn't real!"

Your ignorance

Because this isn't a dream